lubot_[telegram] <teward001> hi, do you have a question?02:48
snowfalconhey there02:55
lubot_[telegram] <Frosty197> https://matterbridge.lubuntu.me/8e7f9e0f/file_4018.jpg06:00
lubot_[telegram] <Frosty197> Can anyone help figure how to get the Ethernet connected i don't know it's not connecting to internet automatically when I plug in ethernet06:01
lubot_[telegram] <Frosty197> Hi, how to check for updates and drivers , I've finally been able to connect to ethernet06:04
lubot_[telegram] <Frosty197> Driver's specific to the laptop06:06
kc2bez[m]hallo: HI, do you have a support question?22:30

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