guivercjailbreak, use today's lubuntu daily & you'll get both (oops); we'll fix that though00:19
jailbreakdamn.... not what I wanted to hear. snap is cancer00:19
jailbreakMaik: yeah makes no sense00:19
jailbreakI guess I'll be trying debian or mint then :-S00:20
guivercsnap browsers provide greater security protection though; as browser is confined with limited access to your / fs00:20
jailbreakyeah but slow down, not a good thing00:20
jailbreakyou tried opening chromium after a reboot with snap? even on quick systems it's long00:21
guivercslower to start yeah, but having used chromium as snap since mid-2019 it's about equal speed wise 00:21
jailbreakI use this: #!/bin/bash /snap/chromium/current/usr/lib/chromium-browser/chrome $* && exit00:21
jailbreakopens instantly, hopefully there's a way to do something like that with FF00:22
guivercthe initial run of a snap is slower (it's got a confined space to setup; ie. added security cost), but as stated once it's running I find it about equal; and I'm on a 2009 dell desktop here (ie. hardly a modern box; pre-intel-i series era; ie. c2q, but I find same on i5 etc)00:28
lotuspsychjeanyone got a bug ID handy of system problem detected on ubuntu-advantage-desktop-deamon?04:37
lotuspsychjesecond day it popups for me on -desktop04:37
alkisgjailbreak: you can get firefox.deb from the PPA: https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/ppa06:40
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JanCalkisg: is that supposed to stay?23:04
JanCsounds like Firefox are really planning to force people to use old insecure versions (not just this snap thing but also the fission changes that eat all your RAM)23:10
JanCUbuntu should just rename Firefox to Ubuntu Browser and see if Mozilla really prefer that more...23:28

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