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lotuspsychjewelcome giu-- 17:30
giu--hi lotuspsychje 17:30
giu--im new of ubuntu server channel...17:46
giu--u know of installation?....17:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:36
masongiu--: ^18:37
giu--hi mason 18:37
giu--hi ubottu 18:38
giu--scuse me but now resole18:38
giu--someone know something of insallaion18:39
tomreyngiu--: if you have a more concrete question on ubuntu server installation than "soemone know something", feel free to ask it. if you need general help with ubuntu, you could also start in #ubuntu20:19
giu--well first hi tomreyn 20:21
giu--question network configuration.20:21
giu--on installation find a network card.20:22
giu--well but the fields must be filled in  for configure20:23
giu--1 ip 2 gatway and 3 dhcp20:24
giu--ip is the ip of the server to hostpc that connect20:25
giu--gatway is a address for connect he server to external20:26
giu--and auomatic dhcp is a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol for the hostpc20:27
giu--???? scuse me but this passage is complex when install ubuntu server...but the is foudamental for a server... 20:28
giu--I know I have prolonged the request, but it is a bit complicated to explain it.20:29
tomreyngiu--: sorry, i got distracted, let me catch up quickly20:44
giu--it s ok20:46
tomreyngiu--: i think you have understood these options properly. and those are standard configurations you need to make for every server20:46
giu--or another option to continue to insallation is jump all network configuration...20:46
giu--ok now test this anyway this operation can wil modification in a fuure, because a server without network is useless20:48
giu--well now i closed he connecion for test this  see afther or see u later.....I will let you know    thank's20:54
fooSetting up postgres for the first time on 20.04. Should I go postgresl server 12 (what's in the repo) or the latest 14? 21:54
fooI imagine I want postgres 14? I can add the repo https://citizix.com/how-to-install-and-configure-postgres-14-ubuntu-20-04/ 21:58
andolfoo: Do you know/susepect that there are features in PostgreSQL 14 you would benefit from? If not I'd probably make things easier for myself by using the version provided by the default repos.21:58
fooandol: highly doubt it22:00
fooandol: no idea on the difference, I'm fine with 12 22:00
JanCyeah, just use what's in the Ubuntu repos, unless you need a feature/compatibility with an older/newer version, then use the PostgreSQL repositories22:03
fooJanC: thanks22:03
fooIn a service file, if an ExecStart python script crashes or has an error, if I want it to reboot - I set Restart=always - corrcet? 22:23
foocorrect* 22:23
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