penguin42hmph, my /boot is just too small - that's a pain12:30
penguin42lets see, resized swap lv, resized pv down12:38
penguin42right, that's better, upgraded to jammy after a fight with partitionning14:50
penguin42I had to enlarge /boot, which meant shrinking my lvm pv, but then I screwed that up and had to rescue it14:53
davefFor the first time in two years, I went out with friends and heavy drinking was involved. I was not prepared for the magnitude of hangover this morning. I'm so out of practice. {{{(>_<)}}}16:59
penguin42you're 2 years older as well :-)18:40
davefthat and i entered decade 4 end of last year18:54
davefI mean decade 5.. i just completed decade 418:55
davefor 38.5B kilometers around the sun18:56
zxmpilooks lower if you use hexadecimal :-)18:56
davefyeah.. I'm just 28 years old18:57
daftykinsdavef: rubbish, this is at least the second time you've gotten rat-assed! presumably you mean this was the first _planned_ instance? ;D22:51
davefthis one was indeed planned23:05

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