kn100I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I'm having a strange problem with rsync. I've got DirA locally, and DirB on a NAS, which I have mounted using CIFS. When I run rsync, no matter what, it copies ALL the files from DirA to DirB, and sets the 'modified' time of the files in DirB to the current time.00:46
kn100The command I am using is `rsync -av /home/kn100/DirA/ /media/DirB/`but I have tried using --ignore-times and --checksum and get the same result.00:47
rfmkn100, first thing I'd check is that the clocks are set right on both the local system and the NAS00:49
sarnoldkn100: copying *all* the data from source to destination may make sense over a network filesystem, there's not a whole lot of point in copying all the data from the NAS to the local machine just to checksum it...00:51
sarnoldkn100: normally when moving data between two machines you'd rather use ssh or something similar, so an rsync process can run on the remote system, and do checksums over there, etc00:52
kn100sarnold, the --checksum flag was purely just me experimenting, I'm aware it's crazy to do that normally. I was just getting rather frustrated00:52
sarnoldkn100: ah, okay :)00:52
kn100rfm I think you may actually have hit the nail on the head there: https://kn100.me/Random-files/loltime.png . I'm definitely not in Beijing!00:54
kn100so, times now match up on client and server, going to let rsync copy all the files once more and see whether now maybe the issue is resolved!00:59
EriC^^kn100: it likely won't, i think it has to do with what 'modify' means and its relation to cross-filesystem copying01:01
EriC^^actually nevermind01:02
kn100It's a consumer grade NAS with an ext4 filesystem, and the client is also on ext4 - but I wonder if the CIFS stuff in the middle or some crappy software on the NAS is causing the problem. Know of any alternatives to rsync/other avenues of exploration - assuming this problem persists?01:03
kn100The use case is I use Shotwell on my Ubuntu box to sync photos to my local library on my desktop, and then run rsync nightly to copy them to my NAS, where they're accessed by a home server and indexed for Photoprism01:04
EriC^^it should work, i confused ctime with mtime01:04
kn100should I be expecting the ctime to match across the files?01:04
EriC^^ctime will be different cause it depends on the inode, but mtime should match01:05
kn100because it appears to be setting that to the current time too, mtime is 1 second later than ctime for the files after rsync has finished with them01:05
kn100yeah, so on the client, the file was created sometime in feb, but has a modified time in 2020, but on the NAS it has a ctime of march 5th, along with a modified time of march the 5th :(01:07
EriC^^this seems relevant kn100 https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19896701:08
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 198967 in File System "Modification times not preserved correctly" [Normal, Resolved: Code_fix]01:08
EriC^^the guy fixed it with rsync -avP though01:08
kn100I am running with -av currently, and -P is just progress - I wonder if this is something to do with how I've mounted the NAS or something01:09
EriC^^kn100: if you do rsync -avP file ...file1 && stat file1 does it show the correct time?01:11
tomfI just ran an update and initramfs said it will attempt to resume from /dev/sdb2, which is my /swap --- is that normal?01:11
hacksif i have a server with a single network card and I create a network bridge using netplan(I'm trying to enable bridge networking for kvm guests), how am i supposed to connect to the host if I have to disable dhcp4 for the card to enable the bridge?01:17
sarnolddhcp4 on the bridge01:18
hacksI tried that and didn't get an address, so I assumed since multiple articles show dhcp4: false and dhcp6: false it seemed to be no coincidence01:19
sarnoldah, possible. the clear majority of setups I've seen documented were similar, people seem to like static configs for their infrastructure things01:20
kn100EriC^^: apologies for how long this took: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dM4j2f3mw4/01:20
kn100same output with `cp -p` too01:22
oingoboingohello, i am trying to use a low latency kernel for my system. however when I build the kernel from the focal git repo, it is not setting the kernel configuration option, and builds the dpkg w/o kernel preemption enabled. how do i enable low latency kernel from debian configs?01:22
EriC^^kn100: it seems here that setting the gid and uid in the mount options fixed it for this guy, https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/281491/prevent-updates-to-modified-time-when-copying-files-to-a-mounted-samba-folder01:25
kn100the uid and gid I expect need to match the user using the mount on the client right? As in, I am kn100 on my computer, my uid and gid are 1000, an therefore in the cifs mounting options in fstab I should set uid=1000,gid=100001:27
sarnoldoingoboingo: if you're building the kernels yourself rather than using packaged kernels, it's probably easier to just skip the ubuntu-supplied sources entirely01:27
EriC^^yeah kn100 i think that's right01:27
kn100if so, that's how it's currently configured. In fact, `credentials=<blanked-out>,cache=strict,uid=1000,gid=1000,file_mode=0664,dir_mode=0775,iocharset=utf8` are the mounting options I am currently using, if that's helpful to know01:27
EriC^^kn100: maybe playing with the cache option might help?01:28
EriC^^kn100: try cache=none just to see01:28
kn100I'll try removing it altogether. I previously had it set to cache=none a while ago, but that obviously kills performance - but I suppose right is better than fast!01:29
EriC^^sorry im just guessing at this point, never really used cifs01:29
kn100I really appreciate you helping!01:29
EriC^^no problem01:29
kn100because your guesses are far better than mine so far. I keep suspecting my crappy NAS, given the software it is running is terrifyingly insecure...01:29
oingoboingosarnold: i already tried on latest stable (5.16.12) but I have kernel panic w/ the identical boot config. but I will most likely try the same HWE version and build it from kernel src tree. thx will give it a try01:34
sarnoldoingoboingo: aww :(01:34
kn100same problem with cache=none, and also with no configuration change to cache at all. Let me try from a different client, perhaps the behaviour is different there01:35
kn100same behaviour on a different linux client. NotsurewhatIwasexpecting.jpg01:37
kn100at this point i am half tempted to just give up the encryption feature on my NAS and just mount the damn thing via NFS and hope that works better lol01:39
EriC^^kn100: this isnt a great solution, but you could do 2 runs, the 2nd being rsync --size-only -t file ..file1, it should not copy the file, but only the mtime01:41
kn100hey, interestingly, that DOES actually set the modified time correctly01:46
kn100that's so strange, must be a bug in rsync right01:47
kn100https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/TNdJM4YCJP/ - how strange01:48
EriC^^try to do 'while true; do stat file1 2>/dev/null && break; done'01:53
EriC^^then rsync -av file ..file101:53
EriC^^that should show the stat when its still barely started copying01:53
EriC^^i think it must be as you said something to do with the nas01:55
kn100I think I found something... rsync --itemize-changes tells you WHY rsync wants to change the file, and every time it says `.f...p.....` - which as far as I can tell means the permissions are different, and assumedly it wants to replicate the permissions between the two, which it probably isn't able to01:55
yolognome-shell: Failed to resolve address for stun.services.mozilla.com., why is gnome-shell still using the obsolete stun.service from mozilla01:56
kn100yep, think I got it! THe solution is --no-o - which means no-owner. Seems to now set the modify time, and I don't actually care about replicating the owner info in the NAS :D01:57
EriC^^ah great!01:57
kn100now to copy 50+gb across a 1gbit network for the fifth time tonight :D01:58
kn100hope this works01:58
kn100god damn it nope01:59
EriC^^you dont need to recopy them, if you want you could do rsync -vrt --size-only and have it only copy permissions01:59
EriC^^it did work for 1 file though right? the -no-o02:02
kn100it may have... honestly it's 2 in the morning here and I'm struggling to think straight. -vrt --size-only ALMOST works to set the times for all files, except for 8 (out of 20k...) which is mega strange.02:04
kn100oooh even more interesting. the files it's failing on for some reason are perfectly duplicated, but one is called file.jpg, the other is called file.JPG...02:07
sarnolddecisions from the 90s strike again!02:08
kn100whatever, this works well enough. Thanks again everyone. I think I'll investigate this more deeply in the future and write something up on it, some funky business going on here for sure02:10
EriC^^yup, pretty odd02:11
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oscurochuim trying to use autokey. im not sure which channel to ask for help in so here i am. i set my hotkey and the command. it works from the notification bar but not when i use the hotkey.03:50
sarnoldoscurochu: try running journalctl -f  in a terminal when trying it out; also maybe tail -f ~/.xsession-errors  -- one of those might have handy error messages03:55
oscurochunope. nothing useful03:59
oscurochui get warnings only for discord. nothing happens when i press my hotkey04:00
oscurochuplus when i use the notification icon to do my macro, the pasted text gets scrambled. its really weird04:02
llanhmod /j #python04:05
sarnoldoscurochu: dang :(04:07
sarnoldNull_A: any chance you can fix your connection?04:07
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lotuspsychje!ask | mint__08:24
ubottumint__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:24
mint__i am using mint in a live usb of 32 gig wha games can i run?08:25
lotuspsychjewe only support ubuntu and its official flavours mint__08:26
lotuspsychje!mint | mint__08:26
ubottumint__: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)08:26
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mohaTo create a template for  VMWare vCenter, should I delete the file  `/etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml`?09:05
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mohaTo create an Ubuntu template for VMWare, should I delete the file  `/etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml`? (based on the advice given here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cloud-adoption-framework/manage/hybrid/server/best-practices/vmware-ubuntu-template )12:28
oerheksif they say so ?12:29
scortalvmware is it free?12:55
oerheksehm, no.12:56
coconutscortal, no but there is virt-manager, virtualbox or gnome-boxes, all free13:00
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KolusionAnyone know why Ubuntu shits itself when I plug a second WiFi adapter into my computer?13:36
KolusionCrappy FOSS drivers?13:38
lotuspsychjelets keep the language polie please Kolusion13:38
Kolusionlotuspsychje shut the fuck up you little pansy bitch13:39
MaikKolusion: please stop it13:39
KolusionMaik: Please mind your own business.13:39
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK DJones el Flannel genii hggdh ikonia krytarik mneptok mwsb nhandler Pici popey sarnold tomreyn Unit193 wgrant13:40
KolusionBack. I got disconnected. My network equipment is garbage.13:43
KolusionSo why could Ubuntu be shitting itself over a network adapter? Terminal locks up until remove it from the USB port.13:45
KolusionThis suggests a driver issue.13:45
Kolusion'sudo bash' just hangs and won't prompt me for a password until I remove the device from the USB port.13:46
KolusionAll network activity freezes as well. It's like the kernel is stuck with the driver.13:47
ledeniKolusion, could you reboot with usb wifi adapter on and see how is going on13:47
KolusionIs this that great open source community I hear about that are here to help. Oh okay.13:49
KolusionWindows users don't know what they're missing.13:49
Kolusionledeni. If I plug in the WiFi adapter by itself, its fine. If I insert it after an existing on is plugged in, the problem happens. But had them both working at the same time earlier today. I am going to try plugging them in reverse order now.....13:49
KolusionIt made no difference. I am going to close down the virtual machine now and try again.13:51
ledeniKolusion, what i asking is turn off pc and plug in both adapters boot up like that13:53
KolusionSame problem. I am now going to remove the device and plug it in again. I have seen WiFi adapters pack up like this before.13:53
KolusionOh hang on, it has unfrozen.13:54
KolusionSuccess. If I plug in the troublesome one first, then the better one after, it works.13:55
ledeniKolusion, great 👍 and be patience sometimes13:56
Kolusionledeni. I was?13:57
ledeniKolusion, yes but language ...13:57
Kolusionledeni what about it?13:58
ledeniKolusion i will not discuss about it13:59
Kolusionledeni its better you don't. You would only be wasting your life. :)13:59
KolusionThanks for your time in assisting.13:59
KolusionIt seems the bad driver was causing a denial of service with kernel I/O.14:00
KolusionIt is a community driver.14:01
KolusionBut in saying that, official Tp-Link drivers are terrible.14:01
KolusionWhen I am using aircrack-ng, I run out of memory and Ubuntu starts killing apps before the host virtual machine VirtualBox crashes. Will running 'sync' at the end of my loop script fix that?14:03
KolusionWhat's up with everyone being so offended by the swearing? Do you guys realise this is the internet, right? If you talk like this on a Windows forum or something, people will laugh at you.14:05
Maiksee the rule and guidelines14:06
KolusionThat won't be happening.14:06
Maikthen just behave :)14:07
KolusionI am.14:07
KolusionExpecting zero swearing in a support chat just isn't going to happen. Especially when it is related to Linux.14:08
KolusionPeople get frustrated.14:08
KolusionWell, I am going now. Bye all.14:09
BluesKajHi all14:10
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lokitap tap this thing on?18:03
ejfhello guys18:06
ejfim creating a shell script18:07
ejfand wanted some help on ot18:07
shuckType your question18:21
enigma9o7[m]You may need to be a little more specific.18:21
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Paddy_NII am unable to access any websites via Firefox or Google Chrome on my Ubuntu MATE install.  I am able to ping but cannot ping www.google.com.  I have also noticed that apt cannot access the internet either.  I have a feeling that somehow the ProtonVPN Client might have corrupted something.19:40
JoeBkPaddy_NI, does dns work?19:41
Paddy_NIWhen I do "ip addr" I noticed a connection called "ipv6leakintrf0".19:41
Paddy_NIJoeBk: How do I test that?19:41
JoeBkalso, get a real vpn19:41
JoeBknslookup google.com19:42
Paddy_NIJoeBk: I used PIA for years which worked just fine and recently switched to Proton19:42
JoeBkI used to have PIA19:42
JoeBkI switched to expressvpn19:42
JoeBkdoes nslookup work?19:43
Paddy_NInslookup google.com tells me that the connection times out, no servers could be reached19:43
JoeBknot good19:43
Paddy_NII use pihole running on a RPi3b plugged in to my router, every other device on my network works perfectly19:44
JoeBknslookup google.com
Paddy_NIThat instantly returned a result19:45
JoeBkPaddy_NI, see if you can configure DNS.19:47
JoeBkI've never had to do it on ubuntu.19:47
Paddy_NIYeah I tried manually using and and it's still the same.19:49
JoeBkPaddy_NI, what is the same? working?19:52
Paddy_NINot working19:52
JoeBkdid you configure DNS with
Paddy_NIYes I also tried
JoeBkI don't know, I'm far from being an expert on Ubuntu.19:53
Paddy_NINo worries, I have a feeling that either Pi-Hole suddenly does not like my PC for some reason or that ProtonVPNs client software has left some dodgy config on my system to do with leak protection or kill switch.19:54
Paddy_NIThe client wont load now that I cannot properly access the internet so that option is out the window19:55
Paddy_NIFun times19:55
jpmhso, I have a NEW install of 20 when I try and apt install tor I get the errors shown at https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bbbjdqPJ5w/ - how do I fix this.  All my other Ubuntu 20s install it with NO issues19:57
jpmhapt install has always worked so well19:57
rfmthat phoenixnap link looks totally bogus to me, on ubuntu one does not configure stuff in netplan if NetworkManager is in use19:58
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Miles8of9looks like that libevent thing is not installable.. try to install it and see what's the error20:06
Miles8of9maybe you have a newer version and that program wants an older one20:07
BASHitupIf all else fails and you have more than one kernel, you could always try the alternate kernel. This isn't always a fix but will sometimes work.20:09
jhutchinsjpmh: It's useful to show the whole version number, ie. 20.04 or 20.10.20:09
jhutchinsjpmh: I would suspect that you have some incompatible repos/PPAs configured.20:10
oerheksjpmh, did you fully upgrade before installing tor?20:14
oerheksalso, ubuntu recommends the tor package from their site20:14
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en20:14
scortalTOR is rort20:16
jpmhoerheks: if you mean did I do apt update; apt upgrade; the answer is YES!20:16
Maikscortal: please stop that20:16
oerheks2.0.10 libevent is such old package, are you sure you run 20.04?20:16
oerheks20s seems like you mean 20.04, right?20:16
jhutchinsAre the official tor packages a smooth upgrade from the Canonical packages, or do you have to uninstall the Canonical stuff before you install from tor sources?20:16
Maikscortal: if you have a Ubuntu support question please ask and wait for someone to respond :)20:16
jpmhjhutchins: OK -so if incompatible, why on this ONE machine and not others and how do I fix it20:16
jhutchinsjpmh: You have different packages on the different machines, possibly from different sources.20:18
jpmhjhutchins: they are ALL on KVM instances installed from the  same ISO20:19
oerhekslibevent-2.0-5 is from the 16.04 era20:20
oerheksso, your bug suggests you are on 16.0420:20
jpmhoerheks: YES - so why does the official repo reference it20:20
oerheks16.04 is dead, eol20:20
jpmhoerheks: I am not, at least according to what I installed from, what lsb_release, uname -a etc all tell me20:21
Maikunless you use ESMn oerheks20:21
oerhekscould be esm, but we do not support that.20:21
oerheksand he claims 20s .. no, he is joking20:22
jpmhoerheks: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xRkRmx2ZY3/20:22
jpmhoerheks: and uname provied: Linux another9 5.4.0-100-generic #113-Ubuntu SMP Thu Feb 3 18:43:29 UTC 2022 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:23
oerheksSuch a weird error, file a bug against that tor package? also, use the package from their site20:30
jhutchinsIt might be interesting to see sources.list and sources.list.d/*20:31
rfmyes, when I look at tor in focal/universe it depends on libevent-2,1-7 so I don't know where jpmh is getting tor20:34
rfmjpmh, besides the sources.list, show us "apt-cache policy tor"20:35
jpmhjhutchins: there are no entries in the .d directory20:35
jpmhhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/942WBZkFcs/  - the cache output20:37
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jpmhrfm: what do you mean?20:38
oerheksdebian/ubuntu mix?20:38
jpmhoerheks: not consciously - but I MAY have done something, although I have no idea what20:39
rfmjpmh, you have specified the torproject repo to get tor from, which is fine, but you're pointing to the stretch release which is Debian.  you want focal not stretch.  (I assume tor has a focal repo)20:41
jpmhrfm - where did I do that - and how do I undo that, if I did it?20:42
oerheksTor on ubuntu is the universe package20:43
oerheks!info tor focal20:43
ubottutor (, focal): anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Built by tor. Size 1,377 kB / 4,958 kB20:43
oerheks!info tor bionic20:44
ubottu'bionic' is not a valid release20:44
oerhekssure it is, ubottu20:44
jpmhLOL - at you arguing with the bot20:45
rfmjpmh, edit /etc/sources.list.  You can either remove the torproject line and use the ubuntu universe version, or change stretch to focal to use the torproject version20:46
jpmhrfm: TY SO MUCH - that did it - really appreciated - this is why I LOVE Ubuntu20:48
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olspookishmagusis there a way to check which UBUNTU version offers up to WHICH version of a package?21:05
olspookishmagussay python3 or postgresql-client21:05
jhutchins!info postgresql21:06
ubottupostgresql (13+226, impish): object-relational SQL database (supported version). In component main, is optional. Built by postgresql-common. Size 5 kB / 69 kB21:06
jhutchinsolspookishmagus: What version are you looking for?21:07
olspookishmagusthat's the server version right?21:08
olspookishmagusI have a postgresql server v12 running on a 18.04.06 LTS server and it's incompatible with the postgresql-client (v10)21:09
olspookishmagusit produces an error with the \d command, namely: ERROR:  column c.relhasoids does not exist21:10
jhutchinsolspookishmagus: That can be a real mess, I've had to deal with old MySQL databases that weren't upgraded as the versions changed.21:11
oerheksi usually search launchpad with +source21:14
oerheksso, you would have added a source to get 12?21:16
oerheksapt-cache policy postgresql21:17
olspookishmagusit's really a mess21:19
olspookishmagusI'm currently making a dot diagram as to the situation21:20
olspookishmagusit involves python, virtualenvs, pip modules, postgresql, postgresql-client, matlab21:20
oerhekswhy 18.04?21:25
jhutchinsoerheks: Probably the same reason as RHEL521:26
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_KaszpiR_anyone knows if netplan allows to set static/predictable mac address in netplan (long story short, I have some hosts with multiple interfaces and I want to make a predictable netplan config for each host)21:40
ogra_KaszpiR_, there shoudl be examples for such stuff on the netplan.io page21:43
_KaszpiR_*should* fits perfectly in theory, but in practice... well I guess Im to tired to check it now, will try in the morning :)21:49
plujonI am using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Wayland.  Today when using Vivaldi, my desktop froze completely.  I was able to ssh to my machine from another, and glean a little bit.  vivaldi and gnome-shell were using lots of CPU, and gnome-shell was using lots of RAM (10 GB and growing).22:11
plujonI forced everything to restart, and my desktop went back to normal.  I tried repeating the things I was doing in Vivaldi, and my desktop hung in the exact same way.22:12
plujonShould I collect more information and/or report this elsewhere..?22:13
plujonI am using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and Wayland.  Today when using Vivaldi, my desktop froze completely.  I was able to ssh to my machine from another, and glean a little bit.  vivaldi and gnome-shell were using lots of CPU, and gnome-shell was using lots of RAM (10 GB and growing). I forced everything to restart, and my desktop went back to normal. I tried repeating the things I was doing in Vivaldi, and my desktop hung in the exact same22:17
plujonway. Should I collect more information and/or report this elsewhere..?22:17
jhutchinsplujon: I would start looking for trouble reports on Vivaldi.  Ubuntu/Gnome is too general to get good results.22:24
jhutchins(Oh, it's a browser.)22:25
jhutchinsplujon: It might be useful to try the same sequence with a different browser.22:25
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