lotuspsychje_seems like that scroll speed thread going very discussy; https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-control-center/-/issues/37900:47
ubottuIssue 379 in GNOME/gnome-control-center "Ability to set scroll speed in system settings" [Opened]00:47
Bashing-om!karma Bashing-om03:27
* tomreyn drops 21 metric tonnes weight on Bashing-om 03:36
Bashing-om^^ Got my attention !03:37
tomreynwait, it's 16, 16 tons03:37
Bashing-omtomreyn: #9 coal ?03:38
Bashing-omLOL - got his attention !03:40
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leftyfbtomreyn: the answer is no: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/swhZkXXKPS/17:34
tomreynleftyfb: thanks, i noticed.17:36
scortalwould it be worth it upgrading?19:58
daftykinsfrom what to what?20:01
scortalto 22.0420:01
daftykinswell it's not out yet, so it depends whether you like to treat your system as a testbed or whether you need it to be 100% stable to get work done20:01
ograif you want to search for/help fixing bugs in an alpha release, sure ... 20:01
scortalonly a testbed.20:02
daftykinsthen the only value is whether you are experienced in and have the time to report bugs20:02
scortali have bed bugs.20:02
daftykinswell, don't let them bite20:03
scortalthey bite and they kite.20:03
ograsudo apt refresh sheets ... 20:03
scortalnew bedsheets20:04
scortalplenty of towells20:04
scortalnice warm room20:04
ograeither way ... if you are after hunting down issues in the alpha release, go ahead and upgrade to 22.04 ... but be aware that everything can break at any time and you should do a fresh install on release day 20:05
scortalbreak like the speedy gonzales.20:05
scortalseems like ubuntu desktop is available for download20:23
daftykinsyes for well over a decade at this point20:24
scortaltrue true20:24
JoeBkI installed 22.04 about a week ago.  It was a disaster.20:35
Jeremy31As planned20:41
Bashing-omscortal: :D22:18

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