Croranis there a better solution for adjusting mouse wheel speed in Ubuntu? imwheel sucks.00:35
Croranrequires obsolete and unavailable xorg fonts package, has proven security vulnerability, requires you to activate a window before scrolling it in order to apply the proper scroll multiplier for that application...00:36
lotuspsychje_Croran: there's an old revived bug on ubuntu's mouse scroll speed00:38
lotuspsychje_Croran: so maybe in the future, we will get lucky00:38
lotuspsychje_Croran: meanwhile you can try your browsers tweaks to scroll faster00:39
lotuspsychje_bug #12444000:40
ubottuBug 124440 in mutter (Ubuntu) "[enhancement] Ubuntu needs a way to set mouse wheel scrolling speed" [Wishlist, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12444000:40
Croranlotuspsychje_: interesting. looks like they're not going to release it any time soon unfortunately.00:49
lotuspsychje_Croran: not sure if i understand the current status myself00:50
Croran"Kirby Kevinson00:50
CroranKirby Kevinson @kirbykevinson · 4 months ago00:50
CroranSince !1962 exists, I'll probably have to rewrite everything. Sorry for disappointing you, but we'll probably have to rely on libinput hacks for the time being."00:50
Croranoops. i don't know how that ended up as multiple lines :(00:51
Croranhonestly i'd be happy with a libinput hack. unless he's just talking about imwheel.00:51
CroranI imagine someone could gain some noteriety by solving a 15-year-old bug that makes a noticeable change to basic user input haha00:53
CroranI wonder if the key is the 'high resolution' scrolling feature and just abandoning hardware that don't support said feature. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Libinput-1.20-rc101:04
lotuspsychje_Croran: if you find something interesting, perhaps add it to the bug01:08
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chrxanybody home07:28
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stuxamberhi, why is installing .net 6.0 on ubuntu a PITA?09:00
stuxamberlike, it never works ever09:00
stuxamberdotnet-install: .NET Core SDK with version '6.0.200' is already installed.09:03
stuxamberdotnet --list-sdks <-- empty09:04
stuxamberN: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.09:07
stuxamberwhy do they like to make things difficult,09:07
piyushHelp me to remove nvidia drivers on mint09:08
root____I'm a newbie :-) and friendless09:53
root____hello ioe09:55
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i_love_nutelawhois i_love_nutela09:59
mr_louSo, this problem seems to be back again now: https://superuser.com/questions/1271193/ubuntu-blu-ray-burner-suddenly-not-detected12:19
mr_louBut this time I can't seem to enter grub boot to select a different kernel. SHIFT isn't working, and pressing ESC results in the grub menu disappearing. Any other way to entering the grub menu?12:19
enycmr_lou: hrrm could try tapping down arrow, and changnig timing of when you hold down shift12:20
enycmr_lou: also -- are you sure you have multiple kernels installed still?12:21
enycmr_lou: if the kernel is the issue,  have you got a clear  kernel bugreport with ubuntu  and so it gets fixed in upstream kernel  etc. and won't keep relying on running and old kernel??12:21
mr_louenyc, No, only found out just now. And last time I reported, it just expired.12:23
mr_louTapping down arrow...  thanks, will try that now.12:24
mr_louNo didn't work. Also tried setting GRUB_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub and run sudo update-grub - but still no.12:30
mr_louTrying with string12:34
mr_louNope, GRUB_DEFAULT doesn't work.12:36
mr_louSo how to change kernel.12:36
mr_louAny command that reboots into grub?12:37
mr_louWithout needing to press/hold anything while booting?12:37
mr_louenyc, Well, finally managed to boot on a previous kernel. Didn't work. So I've made a post on superuser12:56
mr_louThanks anyway.12:56
mr_louI'm off again.12:56
BluesKajHi all14:39
mr_louWell it would seem the the latest kernels for Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't support burning. https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/wodim-cdrecord-cannot-open-scsi-drive-4175544944/14:41
mr_loulsmod | grep sr_mod14:41
mr_loulsmod | grep sg14:41
mr_louBoth shows nothing.14:41
mr_louWhy is burning support suddenly removed?14:42
Jeremy31mr_lou: That question is from 7 years ago14:44
Jeremy31sr_mod and sg are built into the kernel14:45
mr_loumkay... well, Ubuntu doesn't detect my burner anymore.14:46
mr_lou2nd time it has happened. Last time (3½ years ago) it was the kernel.14:46
mr_louWorkarround was to boot on an older kernel.14:46
mr_louWasn't fixed for a long time.14:46
JoeBKmr_lou, what version of ubuntu are you running?14:47
JoeBKmaybe you should consider upgrading14:48
mr_louUpdates usually mean a bunch of stuff isn't working.14:48
JoeBK20.04 has been out for a while14:48
mr_louBad experiences.14:48
mr_louNo time to fix things.14:49
JoeBKI burn using a windows program called imgburn.14:52
mr_louMe too14:53
mr_louThat's the only way I can burn blu-ray discs.14:53
mr_louI don't understand why there are no Linux apps that can burn blu-rays yet.14:53
mr_louBut the Linux burning apps doesn't work for me either right now.14:54
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_quantumWhy do I have a blank screen after installing Ubuntu in safe video mode?15:41
_quantumWhy did I have a blank screen when trying install in regular mode, which it kept slamming me to?15:41
_quantumWhy don't I get a grub menu?15:42
Maikto get the grub menu on a single boot system press Shift when booting15:44
_quantumDoes Ubunti just not have video on new AMD machines?15:46
_quantumOh dear...15:53
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_quantumWhere is MrSassyPants when you need him?16:01
Maikscortal: could you please stop with that, you've been posting none-related stuff in the support channel for two days now. Please move over to #ubuntu-offtopic if you just want to have fun.16:08
scortalmay be?16:12
Maikscortal: please read the rules/guidelines for this channel16:13
scortalrules and regulations?16:13
Maikscortal: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines one of them says 'Don't be Annoying'16:14
scortalbut it might ne true.16:15
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_quantumWhell, this has been enlightening...16:16
leftyfb_quantum: what do you need help with exactly?16:16
_quantumleftyfb: Please look up...16:18
leftyfb_quantum: you mentioned multiple issues. Which issues are you having right now?16:18
_quantumAll of them.16:19
leftyfbsorry, issue, 1 issue at a time16:19
_quantumAlright, never mind then.16:19
leftyfb_quantum: what version of ubuntu did you install and how did you install it and on what hardware?16:19
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CrowX-I used to be able to extract the ubuntu iso to a fat32 flash drive and boot from it. What's changed and what's the simplest way to create a bootable ubuntu flash drive, without the "startup creator" program that's recommended on the official website?16:34
JoeBkI use dd16:36
enigma9o7[m]`sudo dd if=ubuntu.sio of=/dev/sdc`16:36
JoeBkmake sure of the device name of the flash drive16:36
CrowX-I'll try dd now. thanks.16:36
JoeBkrun gparted to check device name16:37
enigma9o7[m]umount it first16:37
oerheksrun sync after dd to be sure16:37
Maikhi phablet16:39
phabletI have a question16:39
Maikif you have a Ubuntu support question just ask, casual talk is in #ubuntu-offtopic :)16:40
phabletare you a human or robot16:40
Maikphablet: seriously....16:41
oerheksno adele songs in here please16:41
Maikphablet:  again, if you have a Ubuntu support question just ask, casual talk is in #ubuntu-offtopic16:41
enigma9o7[m]we could of had it all....16:41
Maikphablet: stop it now please16:42
phabletwhat do you mean?16:43
Maikdo you have a Ubuntu support question or not phablet?16:43
oerheksphablet, what is your support question?16:43
phabletare you human16:43
Maikok, ignore it is16:43
Maikthanks tomaw16:44
Maikerr... tomreyn16:45
CrowX-JoeBk, enigma9o7[m], dd didn't work.16:59
CrowX-When I select usb in the boot menu and press enter, I get a black screen and I'm brought back to the boot menu a second later.17:00
enigma9o7[m]What makes you think that?17:00
JoeBkCrowX-, exactly what command did you type?17:00
CrowX-My usb drive has a gpt label and a single fat32 partition.17:00
CrowX-JoeBk, dd if=/home/crow/kubuntu-20.04.3-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sda117:01
JoeBkdevice is sda not sda117:01
CrowX-oh, so I should remove the partition first, and dd directly to device?17:02
JoeBkno, you don't need to remove partition17:02
CrowX-thanks, I'll do that now17:02
JoeBkthe partition will get removed when you do the copy17:02
CrowX-JoeBk, yeah, makes sense.17:03
JoeBkdid you check the device name of flash drive?17:03
JoeBkdid you run gparted?17:04
tomreyn!who | scortal17:04
ubottuscortal: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)17:04
oerheksconky is fun, longest tread on ubuntu forums https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=28186517:04
oerheks2340+ pages17:05
CrowX-JoeBk, yeah, I checked with parted17:05
JoeBkCrowX-, making a mistake with device name could trash your system.17:06
ioriaCrowX-, quite sure 'sda' is not your usb device17:07
JoeBkioria, yeah that looks strange.17:07
JoeBkCrowX-, do you have an nvme drive in that thing?17:07
CrowX-JoeBk, yeah, I know. And yeah, it's sda because there's no other sata disk on my system.17:07
JoeBkCrowX-, what is the system drive?17:08
CrowX-JoeBk, nvme0 on this computer17:09
CrowX-i.e. /dev/nvme017:09
JoeBkok, you got an nvme ssd17:09
ioriamistery solved17:10
tomreynscortal: do you have anything to add to this channel that's a support question or answer?17:32
Paddy_NII am experiencing this odd bug where if I leave my pc unattended and come back (not sure how long) it will be almost impossible to make out what is on screen almost as if the brightness has gone to it's lowest.  This is very strange as it's a desktop PC and I have dim screen disabled and the put display to sleep disabled17:36
leftyfbPaddy_NI: do you have suspend disabled?17:37
Paddy_NIIt's so difficult to see that I just press ctrl+alt+delete and press enter.  Using Ubuntu MATE17:37
Paddy_NIleftyfb: YEs17:37
Paddy_NII might enable the restart x server keyboard combo as a temporary solution and just hope that I have no important tasks running17:38
webchat85i need help my bluetooth is not working i have a hybrid realtek adapter RTL8723DE17:38
leftyfbPaddy_NI: I would suggest figuring out how long it takes. Then try to replicate it while leaving the PC booted into the BIOS. Also, once you do reboot after it happening, you can look at logs: journalctl -k -b -117:38
Paddy_NIleftyfb: It does not do this whilst in the bios17:39
Paddy_NIleftyfb: So far as I can tell it only does it on this Ubuntu MATE installation.17:40
leftyfbPaddy_NI: so you have done this experiment? Have you tried with a live cd/usb?17:40
webchat85anybody please help me17:40
Paddy_NIIt only does this with the OS currently installed. If I install kde neon or Ubuntu (gnome) then the issue is not present17:40
jhutchinswebchat85: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?17:41
Paddy_NIThis is the second time I have installed Ubuntu MATE this past 2 weeks due to another unrelated bug that was caused by ProtonVPN17:41
Paddy_NIIt did the same thing on that install too17:41
Paddy_NIbrb Dog is loosing it's mind lol17:42
aienaI have installed an older ubuntu 18.04 VM using kvm. I am using kubuntu as the host. This issue however is a peculiar one and ony in the running ubuntu vm. Copy and paste is disabled and ctrl+c, ctrl+v even inside gedit in the vm don't work. Any ideas what could cause this?17:43
aienain the right click menu the copy and paste options are greyed out. SOmetimes copy alone is white.17:44
coz_Paddy_NI, out of curiosity, can you tell me your hardware set up? cpu, memory, etc17:45
JoeBkCrowX-, did it work?17:45
webchat85i need help my bluetooth is not working i have a hybrid realtek adapter RTL8723DE17:45
JoeBkwebchat85, I think you need to find out what driver needs to be installed.17:47
aienahmm nevermind restarting the vm seemed to fix it.17:48
aienabut still weird17:48
tomreynwebchat85: open a terminal emulator and type this to post basic information on your ubuntu installation to the termbin.com website (where it is stored for 30 days):   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds; cat /proc/{version,cmdline})17:48
JoeBkwebchat85, https://www.cse.iitd.ac.in/~mittal/wifi.html17:48
tomreynJoeBk: that's for a different hardware17:50
Paddy_NIcoz_: It's nothing special 16gb RAM, i7-2600, GeForce GT 1030.17:50
Paddy_NIcoz_: Using the 470 driver for the Nvidia card17:50
JoeBktomreyn: oh17:51
Paddy_NIcoz_: Oh and two 1080p displays17:51
coz_Paddy_NI, i sent you a pm17:51
tomreynJoeBk: and the github repository linked ther eno longer exists17:51
tomreynJoeBk: there's also a chance that ubuntu provides native support for this hardware, but webchat85 runs an outdated version - i'm trying to learn whether that is the case.17:52
JoeBktomreyn: I am clueless about bluetooth hardware.  I should keep quiet.17:52
tomreynJoeBk: i'm, too, for the most part. ;) your help is appreciated.17:53
JoeBktomreyn: oh that was a wifi driver17:53
tomreyni think it combines both.17:54
Jeremy31webchat85: post URL from terminal for>  (lsusb; dmesg | egrep -i 'blue|firm') | nc termbin.com 999917:54
JoeBktomreyn: I have read bluetooth on ubuntu is a pain because there are so many drivers and it's hard to find the right one.17:55
Ravageall my BT adapters just work out of the box really17:56
Ravagebut lets see if he manages to provide any useful information. useless to spend time on this if not :)17:56
Ravage( i guess leaving means no )17:57
aienaJoeBk: Bluetooth actually isn't a pain usually17:59
JoeBkthe key word there us "usually"17:59
aienaeven wifi usually isn't unless you have one particular chip or something funky. I remember my TP LInk dongle not working.17:59
aienaBut it worked on windows so then I knew it wasn;t a hardware issue. THen a lot of digging around and compiling the right driver and I got it working. But then wound up preferring LAN anyway18:00
aienaJoeBk: yes 'usually' BT is not a pain.18:01
JoeBkI never had an issues with drivers.  The trick is to buy a computer that is supported.18:01
aienahmm that is tricky to know18:02
Jeremy31I just fix the kernel module18:02
aienasometimes even just upgrading the OS is enough to make a so called unsupported thing supported18:02
aienaor the kernel18:02
aienaand sometimes you need to build your own driver like say for a new huion drawing tablet or wacom tablet etc.18:03
jhutchins!doesn't work18:04
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.18:04
aienaon ubuntu 20.04 etc my wacom works out of the box. On ubuntu 18.04 which I am stuch with on another system I need to build a wacom driver to get it to roll but then its fine again.18:05
coz_aiena, yikes, that's not good! and unexpected!18:05
aienaFOr me it isn't really unexpected. But it is an annoyance yeah.18:06
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aienaMy older tablet just died so I got a newer wacom model. The model number etc was there on ubuntu 18.04 so xsetwacom would work perfectly fine after I recompiled and installed input_wacom18:07
aienathe older tablet was plug and play for uvuntu 18.04 too18:07
aienaso yeah linux gives you great power but head scratching too to figure out and fix whatever is wrong.18:08
aienalsusb etc. will give some hints definitely18:08
coz_aiena, sounds about right %)18:08
coz_aiena, wacom driver seems more a developer problem18:10
aienacoz_: I had bought a new huion tablet for home and kept the wacom for work. I thought I might not get the huion runnig on linux but was extremely thrilled that with a custom driver built 90% of it works.18:10
aienacoz_: well wacom driver was just an example it can be a newer processor or a newer wifi module or anything18:10
coz_aiena, excellent, how does that brand of tablet compare?18:10
aienahuion is cheaper more features but the nib feel of wacom cannot be beaten18:11
coz_aiena, OK, I figured there would be a downside18:11
aienaI cannot afford this large a wacom at the price point of the huion18:11
coz_aiena, understood, I have a small one and a 9x12 wacom18:12
aienai would get no tilt with a wacom at this price so I am happy with both the products18:12
aienaI bought the Wacom One for office. I had the Wacom Bamboo before that was the best.18:12
aienaIt had a rubber end too. I think then wacom stopped making those because of windows ink lol18:12
aienathe wacom bamboo died18:12
lotuspsychjelets keep it ubuntu support related please aiena coz_18:13
coz_aiena, yep , wacom is definitely the way, but difficulties in linx I havent seen since single digit ubuntu versions18:13
lotuspsychjewe got a nice #ubuntu-discuss channel18:13
JoeBk#ubuntu-offtopic is another channel of interest18:26
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* r5 19:31
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mr_louJoeBk, So I ended up upgrading. Didn't help. And now more things aren't working. ;-) Just as usual.19:40
scortalthinking about upgrading19:41
JoeBkmr_lou, sorry, I know nothing about bluray drives.  I'm not going to be much help.19:44
JoeBkerr bluray stuff19:45
quantum_Need to diag a hard disk.  All the Cool Kids say just type 'disk', but Ubuntu's never heard of it.19:46
Ravagewhat kind of diagnostics to you need to run?19:47
quantum_I go # apt search smart |grep disk    aaand it says, "graphical hard disk health status notifier".  No shit.  1,000 lines just whizzed by, so which package is it?19:48
quantum_Any kind b etter than dd.19:48
gordonjcpquantum_: why do you need to diagnose it?19:48
gordonjcpquantum_: do you think it's failing?19:48
Ravagedd does not do any diag. it copies sectors19:48
quantum_I was getting lots of zfs errors on an array before I installed Ubuntu.  I don't know whether it's the disks or the zfs filesystem.19:49
JoeBkquantum_, to run disks you hit the super key and type "disks" in the box.19:49
quantum_Seems like a perfectly simple question.19:49
gordonjcpJoeBk: doesn't that just partition disks?19:50
Ravagequantum_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools19:50
gordonjcpquantum_: what are the errors, and what does dmesg say?19:50
quantum_"Super" key?  What's that?  CentOS for 18 years.19:50
JoeBkgordonjcp, he wanted to run disks.19:50
gordonjcpquantum_: it's the same as the Super key in Centos19:50
quantum_Ravage: You can run an elementary test using dd bu writing /dev/zero or /dev/random.19:51
JoeBkquantum_, it the windows key.  I don't think that is going to help you anyway.19:51
quantum_Never heard of a Super key.19:51
ograquantum_, it is what peope in the OSS world call the "windows" key19:52
quantum_Ok this is in an X2Go remote desktop so that key is intercepted by the host.19:52
ogra(the keycode is "Super" when you press it)19:52
ograwell, using  modern gnome desktop without super key is kind of tricky19:52
quantum_At CLI 'disk' brings up some guesses by apt.19:52
JoeBkwhat is the alternative if you don't have a 'super key'z/19:53
quantum_I'm KDE.19:53
ogralook for "gnome-disks" on CLI19:53
quantum_Always been KDE.19:53
TheLinuxNerdquantum_, :-D19:53
ograwell, then i have no clue ... perhaps #kubutu does19:53
Ravageim not sure why we are looking for "disks"? he wants to check it his HDD is failing -> smartmontools19:54
quantum_# gnome<tab> just coughs up 'gnome-www-browser'19:54
quantum_apt search has never heard of gnome-disks.19:55
ograwell, if you are not on an ubuntu default install you might be better off in the flavour IRC channel19:55
ograi.e. #kubuntu19:55
ograthey have their own tools19:55
scortal, would it be worth upgrading ubuntu19:56
gordonjcpquantum_: the Super key is these days generally defined as the Windows Flag key19:56
Ravagescortal: its free. so probably yrd19:56
scortal22.04 any good?19:56
gordonjcpquantum_: but, previously it might have been Alt Gr, or any other random generally-not-used key on a PC keyboard19:56
quantum_ogra: Thanks for the input.  :[19:56
ograscortal, peas take such things to #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic19:57
gordonjcpquantum_: it's only been a thing for about 30 or 40 years19:57
gordonjcpquantum_: anyway if your disks are failing don't diagnose them, back them up then diagnose them19:57
ograquantum_, btw, i think the package name is gnome-disk-utility (the CLI command is gnome-disks)19:57
quantum_It is my backups array.  I've started over, abandoning the perinially busted Fedora.19:57
gordonjcpquantum_: "perennially", 'cos "perinially" sounds *ruuuude*19:58
gordonjcpquantum_: of course that may have been exactly what you meant19:58
quantum_Ugh, Thank You ogra for the package name.19:59
quantum_Fedora is also peritinially busted.20:00
gordonjcpquantum_: Fedora is so bad it gave you peritonitis?20:00
quantum_Well gnome-disks only checks smart data and benchmarks.  It doesn't do actual tests.  I'll resort to dd.20:03
JoeBkI think there is a standalone disk diagnostic program.20:04
quantum_At least the SMART data reports the drives are good.20:05
quantum_And yes I'm not the greatest at human anatomy, being a real estate developer...20:10
scortalyea real estate works great.20:23
MyUSerNBHi, i have a home server which one website on it with letsencrypt + nginx. And have wireguard vpn subscription. I can connect to wireguard from the server very simply. But my website can't be reached any more on port 443. Should forward port 443 on my server or contact the provider to let the port open?20:37
JoeBkMyUSerNB, there is a #wireguard channel.20:44
MyUSerNBJoeBk really, they can create channel? woow20:44
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LoUDcLoUDhello folks21:25
LoUDcLoUDhow can i use hfp headset on ubuntu?21:25
zaggynlhi LoUDcLoUD, how far do you get if you try to use it?21:29
LoUDcLoUDi can get it to work via a2dp21:31
LoUDcLoUDby default21:31
LoUDcLoUDbut can't use mic becuase it's not hfp21:31
Jeremy31So sound settings wont let you change it to hfp/hsp21:32
Jeremy31LoUDcLoUD: there was a workaround a few years ago for the opposite issue.  You had to install blueman, then right click device, go to sound profile, choose off, then disconnect the headset, reconnect then you could use the other sound profile21:34
LoUDcLoUDwell i got blueman21:40
LoUDcLoUDswitched the profile but it's weird the video slows down and there's no sound21:41
LoUDcLoUDapparently hfp is enabled but for some reason it fails21:41
Jeremy31LoUDcLoUD: post URL from terminal for>  (lsusb; dmesg | egrep -i 'blue|firm') | nc termbin.com 999921:47
while when I `systemctl start nfs-server` I get 'Job for nfs-server.service canceled.'21:49
whileand from `systemctl status nfs-server` https://pastebin.com/yc0XW78S21:49
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.21:54
jhutchinswhile: Looks like rpc may not be available.21:55
LoUDcLoUDJeremy31, https://termbin.com/zpck21:55
Jeremy31LoUDcLoUD: What kernel?21:56
LoUDcLoUDLinux 5.13.0-30-generic21:58
Jeremy31LoUDcLoUD: what wifi card do you have?22:02
LoUDcLoUDJeremy31, 02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8821CE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter22:04
sybaritensurely the standard behaviour of a ubuntu distro booted off usb, from a machine that also has an internal HD, is to show that HD on the desktop so you get a chance to mount it?22:28
Bashing-omsybariten: Yes - is there hardware issues ? what shows ' sudo fdisk -lu ' ?22:31
Jeremy31LoUDcLoUD: I am not sure why it isn't working.  There is a generic entry in the source code for realtek bluetooth devices that should work22:32
JoeBkLoUDcLoUD, have you tried contacting the people who made the thing?22:33
tomreynsybariten: this may depend on the "ubuntu distro" you're referring to, as well.22:33
sybaritenBashing-om: well, it's there, it's a 300 gb on sda, i guess sda2 is the one i'm interested in....   but the drive makes occasional clicking noises, like once every hour. But i'm not sure that is related to my actual problem which is a boot problem22:35
sybariten(i think i had the clicking noises for a long time on this machine)22:35
sybaritentomreyn: oh, ok. Yeah it was just my memory that it usually is visible and one can just click it.22:35
leftyfbsybariten: clicking isn't good. In ubuntu, try to mount it while running this in another terminal: dmesg -Tw22:36
sybaritenleftyfb: no i know. It's often a cry for help. But i won't store anything important on this drive, it's kind of a test computer for different things22:40
sybaritenleftyfb: nothing too interesting i'm guessing: [Sun Mar  6 22:41:46 2022] EXT4-fs (sda2): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)22:42
tomreynsybariten: unmount all file systems from this disk, install smartmontools, run     sudo smartctl -x /dev/sda    and share the output on a pastebin.22:44
tomreynsybariten: and tell us which 'ubuntu distro' you're running there.22:45
sybaritenthink its 2022:46
leftyfbsybariten: cat /etc/os-release | nc termbin.com 999922:46
sybaritenVERSION="20.04.2 LTS (Focal Fossa)"22:47
sybaritenso smartctl is run on the whole disk and not a partition?22:47
sybaritendisk analysis:  https://termbin.com/nmhc22:51
sybaritenanywho, now i gotta figure out how i can make this machine boot this disk (as it used to do). Right now i am getting a "boot failure" message. I'll need to make sure this is really the case, i suppose, and i'll come back here....22:52
gordonjcpah, this is so annoying22:54
gordonjcpif I've got my phone connected to my PC, it only gives me an option for "PTP"22:55
gordonjcpI guess there's no way to actually get files off it?22:55
gordonjcpwithout using pointy-clicky stuff22:55
tomreynsybariten: the 'smart' report looks fine, meaning no serious problems have been recorded. you could optionally run a short self test (-t short) and see whether that changes things.22:59
sybaritentomreyn: thanks for lookingn at it23:04
sybaritenso i don't know much about boot loaders but i23:06
sybaritenso i don't know much about boot loaders but i'm suspecting this machine has a broken boot loader somehow. Is GRUB still what's used for a fairly modern version of ubuntu?23:07
sybaritenAnd if so can i somehow do something from inside a USB booted distro, to write out something new to disk perhaps?23:08
tomreynyes and yes. what you'd need to do may depend on how the mainboard is setup to boot, tough.23:11
tomreyni.e. whether its classic bios or current uefi booting23:12
tomreynthe fdisk output from earlier may hint on this23:13
sybaritentomreyn: aha?23:16
sybaritentomreyn: https://termbin.com/9z5c23:18
Ravageif you are currently running from a live usb you can try these commands: https://p.haxxors.com/y2cc7uh4.txt23:32
bleican I see all files read in a subdirectory for a period of time, ie, while a program runs?23:43
Ravageblei: inotifywait -m -e access /your/path23:57
Ravagepackage needed: inotify-tools23:57
bleifind . -amin 123:58

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