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centHOGGgood morning. Anyone here have slowing/freezing issues with xfwm4? No biggie but I have to replace/restart it every few hours to get back to normalcy. Figure it has to do with nvidia drivers, TIA any cure.16:26
watch4meed some help 18:56
watch4meplz and thank you 18:57
watch4meanyone that wants to help do some good for a fellow18:57
watch4meso my name is yes thats me 18:57
watch4mei need some bitcoins to watchforme25 on cash app 18:58
watch4mebeen wornged by alot 18:58
watch4methey took over 120,00018:58
watch4mefrom me in not the bad guy 18:59
watch4memy family and loved ones make fun of me becuae like yourselvesi lovecomputers18:59
watch4meim still learing alot obvviously 18:59
watch4mebut i need some good lones like your selves so my phonesd hacked and my screen names 19:00
watch4meplus email19:00
tomreynwatch4me: you're off-topic, please stop19:20

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