lubot_[telegram] <teward001> manual.lubuntu.me is offline for a bit, and will throw HTTPS errors until I get to update the certs (Certbot is not fun) tomorrow.  It requires Canonical to update the DNS first before I can do the certbot stuff on the new infra.  And unlike the previous everything's on one certificate approach, we're doing individual certs for individual domains.  Makes life a little easier heh.02:56
guivercdo you want me to paste somethign to reddit or elsewhere?  or do you think notices we've already made are enough?02:58
guivercI've posted https://www.reddit.com/r/Lubuntu/comments/t96zpq/lubuntu_infrastructure_migration_still_occuring/  & entry on discourse03:08
guiverc& thanks @teward00103:08
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> yep yep03:15
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> i'm not doing a total migraiton just yet, doing it piecemeal heh03:15
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> but i'm only as fast as Canonical IS is :P03:15
guivercNot a problem - do what's easiest/best for you !03:15
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> well saying "SCREW IT WE'LL BE DOWN FOR DAYS" Is an option but :P03:16
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> nah in this case manual might be down for like 12-18 hours or whatever when Canonical is slow03:16
* guiverc suddenly remembers I was told iso.qa.ubuntu was being migrated by Canonical IS to newer hardware, that was >30 days ago now; so :( at "or whatever when .. is slow"03:40
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> yes well in THIS case04:02
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> all Canonical has to do here for us is just update the DNS04:02
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> that's fast04:02
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> then i just need to do migrations heh04:03
jbichahi, please update the 2 Lubuntu packages to depend on fonts-ubuntu instead of ttf-ubuntu-font-family https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/nbs.html19:39
kc2bez[m]jbicha: Is there a bug to associate with that?19:53
jbichakc2bez[m]: no19:54
kc2bez[m]Ok, no problem. I was just wondering for the changelog.19:55
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> fyi Manual is still down I believe - Canonical hasn't updated the DNS.  And internet-wide there's been some large outages in places so.20:02
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> manual is now migrated23:15
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> migrating notes.lubuntu.me now23:29
lubot_[telegram] <teward001> notes and phab are both going to migrate once DNS updates this time round.23:31

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