mwhudsonuh someone remind me how autopkgtest works02:27
mwhudsonspecifically the pinning bit02:27
mwhudsonah ha fun times, --apt-pocket=proposed=src:glibc does not let you install libc6:i386 from proposed03:26
mwhudsonjuliank, vorlon: one for one of you? https://code.launchpad.net/~mwhudson/autopkgtest/+git/development/+merge/41650204:10
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juliankmwhudson: merged and deployed09:52
mwhudsonjuliank: thanks, i'll retry those failures10:51
schopinAnyone knows of a way to tell the autopkgtest runner to NOT use zstd when building its satdep deb?11:09
schopinjuliank perhaps? ^11:09
slyonschopin: this seems to be hard-coded these days (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/574324062/autopkgtest_5.16ubuntu1_5.16ubuntu2.diff.gz) As a temporary workaround, you could probably manipulate that python file locally11:14
juliankschopin: where do you still see issues? impish and jammy were fixed to force xz?11:19
schopinAs it turns out I was still the 5.17 from Debian (dogfooding my own patches). I'll drop back to the 5.16ubuntu211:21
schopinI had thought to do debsums to see if I had any custom patches, but not to check the package itself -_-11:23
ahasenackgood morning12:09
didrockshey ahasenack, in case you haven’t noticed: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/adsys/0.8.1 (CC mwhudson)12:32
ahasenackI saw the update, it built! \o/12:33
ahasenacknot yet in the excuses page12:33
didrocksyeah! Was happy to see in particular that the racy test on local file update seems to be fixed as well by the sync() call12:33
mirespacehi ahasenack12:33
didrocksstill too fresh for this :)12:33
ahasenackhi mirespace12:34
ahasenackdidrocks: a sub or superset of the dep8 tests runs at build?12:34
didrocksahasenack: exactly the same tests are running. Unfortunately, the only tests that can only run on CI and not during build or autopkgtests are the integration ones, as they are pulling a docker image from github12:35
didrocks(which contains all system services like systemd, polkit…)12:35
ahasenackI also miss some CI for other packages, a layer up of what DEP8 can do12:38
ahasenackdo you have your own, or do you use some shared ubuntu/canonical infra for it?12:38
didrocksit’s hosted on github, so it’s all github actions12:39
didrockswe do have quite some automations (https://github.com/ubuntu/adsys/tree/main/.github/workflows): Tests, code linting, auto update of i18n template, README, documentation and generations of admx/adml12:40
ahasenackok, it's an upstream project12:41
ahasenacknot a random package I suddenly decided to maintain in gitbug12:41
ahasenackheh, funny typo12:41
didrocksindeed :)12:41
ahasenackdebian's salsa is closer to what I thought12:42
ahasenackin terms of packages in CI12:43
didrocksyeah, I think they have CI workers similarly to hosted gitlab?12:43
ahasenackthey have CI, of random quality (package dependent)12:43
didrocksI guess…12:43
ahasenackhttps://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#adsys showed up12:44
ahasenackppc passed already12:45
ahasenackarmhf failed12:45
ahasenack"Setup: Can't show stderr from smbd command: read |0: file already closedok  github.com/ubuntu/adsys/internal/ad41.539s" ?12:45
ahasenackand elsewhere12:46
ahasenack    --- FAIL: TestInit/Configuration_changed (0.04s)12:46
ahasenackarmhf is run in a 32bit lxd container inside arm6412:46
didrocksconfiguration changed worked 6 times on 6 on an armhf builder, but yeah, the container may screw up inotify?12:49
didrocksyes, it’s the only test failing…12:51
didrocksthe test is:12:51
didrockswrite a config file, read it, subscribe to changes, write an update to the config file, sync(), wait for a callback telling that inotify triggers, read it12:51
didrocksbut so apart from the lxd container puzzling it, I wonder if the only way would be to skip the test on that arch :/12:52
didrocksahasenack: any other ideas?12:52
ahasenackis the builder the same env as the dep8 runner?12:57
ahasenackcan we tell?12:57
ahasenackkernel could be different12:58
didrocksyeah, I bet…12:58
ahasenackI think the lxd trick is the same, unless we have native armhf builders12:58
ahasenackjuliank knows perhaps?12:58
ahasenack(gratuitious ping)12:58
didrocksI was surprised to see it successfully passing on that arch 6 times over 6 reliably, so quite confident that calling sync() in the test was the right thing12:59
ahasenackwell, trigger it one more time? Unless you have already13:00
ahasenacks390x passed13:00
ahasenackoh, arm64 failed too13:00
ahasenacksame test13:01
ahasenackso forget lxd issues13:01
ahasenackamd64 passed13:01
ahasenackso it's arm64 and armhf that are failing,13:02
didrocksI would like avoiding putting random sleep() :/13:02
didrockscould be it inotify being broken on this kernel for arm64?13:02
didrocksor maybe we have more than one callback for the first "write to disk event"13:03
didrocksand so consider second callback before receving inotify when updating it13:03
ahasenackarm64 is easier to test manually13:04
didrocksis there any hardware I can connect to?13:04
ahasenackFound linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-5.15.0-18-generic is this the running kernel perhaps?13:04
ahasenackyeah, there are bare metal boxes in canonical13:04
ahasenacklet me see if I still have access to one13:05
ahasenackpinged you in mm13:07
ahasenackdidrocks: arm64 passed the 2nd time14:30
ahasenackI think it's all greens now14:30
rbasakddstreet: note that there's a TB meeting tonight (2000 UTC). So if you want the TB to consider DMB eligibility, now is the time to raise it.14:37
ddstreetI wasn't aware DMB eligibility required approval by the TB14:38
rbasakI don't know if you've seen my reply to you on the ML yet, but I hope that explains it.14:41
rbasakSteve was quite clear about it in the TB meeting the other week.14:43
juliankahasenack: I think it deletes containers and starts new ones for new tests, as it does VMs for archs other than armhf16:13
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mwhudsonhow often does the nbs report get regenerated?23:48
* bdmurray looks23:50
bdmurraymwhudson: I think it runs all the time as a part of the archive-reports23:55
mwhudsonbdmurray: ah ha23:56
mwhudsonbdmurray: i think i thought i refreshed it but hadn't, or something23:56

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