daftykinsto bed! \o00:59
daftykinsgreetings folks, crApple event about to start i see17:50
daftykinsmight see announcements of second generation chippery - so an 'M2' or similar17:51
daftykinsdiddledani: time to throw out your first gen!17:51
zxmpisuprised they haven't patented a logans run crystal in face of all their devices that starts blinking once a replacement is released :-P17:52
daftykinslol new "M1 ultra"18:27
zxmpigotta save m2 for next year :-P18:27
daftykinscould well be18:27
* davef groans20:39
davefAre they serious? 90% faster than a "16 core desktop"?20:41
davefI don't like the arbitrary numbers Apple spits out20:42
davefTake a look at their iPhones.. "3x more battery life than the previous generation"20:43
zxmpii'm sure they found some benchmark that legal can stand over20:43
davefWhat is 3x more? What if I never used or owned an iPhone before.. that number means nothing.20:43
davefSo I'm calling bullshit on the 90% faster than a 16 core system. I want benchmark numbers, not some artificially produced number from the air.20:44
davefVerifiable benchmark numbers at that20:44
zxmpiand will it run linux better or worse than the original m120:48
daftykinsto me, i saw those numbers and thought well yeah, it's faster than an old generation system that they won't produce upgrades for :D22:31

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