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FlorianBadI'm writing some instructions in which non-tech-savvy people at some point will have to download the iso file of a live linux, something simple to boot straight from USB or DVD. If they end up on Ububtu's website, is it always the same green [Download] button that has both the install and the Live boot?00:34
FlorianBadOr is there a specific image somewhere for Live boots?00:34
Guest70Has anyone used the Linux kernel "pwm-imx.c" this driver?00:35
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sarnoldFlorianBad: yeah, that big green button is probably right thing to use00:36
FlorianBadsarnold: so the live boot option is always in the same main dvd?00:36
sarnoldFlorianBad: it should be, yeah :)00:37
FlorianBadok, cool00:37
sunnydayimx_pwm_enable_v1   How do I use this function?00:38
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:06
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK DJones el Flannel genii hggdh ikonia krytarik mneptok mwsb nhandler Pici popey sarnold tomreyn Unit193 wgrant03:06
mercMy machine is in kernel panic03:06
Ravagea kernel panic is not a channel emergeny ..03:07
Ravageplease stop alarming ops03:07
mercBut my gf's nudes are stored on that Ubuntu Linux Machine!!03:08
Ravageim sure the world is better off without them03:08
mercbut I am not03:09
mercI need those or else I might hurt myself03:09
mercSo please help with errors, Ravage03:10
Ravagenot sure there is a channel for that on libera. but there are helplines.03:10
mercNo with errors on the PC03:10
Ravageso far i dont see any useful information03:10
mercFigure it out! You are the technician!03:11
Ravagewelcome on my ignore list03:11
merchere is error03:13
jhutchinsDo we have any effictive tools like Mute, un-voice, or temporary kicks?03:14
jhutchinsThen again, if we ban enough people it certainly helps us get that beautiful dead air...03:15
krytarikWell, most of the bans are temporary in nature too..03:17
krytarikAnd muting doesn't really improve things here either.03:18
krytarikAnd we usually don't feel like trying and playing whack-a-mole for a while using kicks and eventually having to set a ban anyway..03:20
krytarikjhutchins: And speaking of dead air, would you prefer having it filled with behavior like this instead?03:22
jhutchinsIf you're gonna listen to shortwave, you're gonna hear static.03:27
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webchat69how do I run remmina remote desktop client from an aws ubuntu terminal?03:28
webchat69from this page 5. Connecting to Ubuntu Desktop (https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/ubuntu-desktop-aws#5-connecting-to-ubuntu-desktop) I need to run remmina remote desktop client, but the instruction does not say how to run it.03:30
Ravagewebchat69: sudo snap install remmina03:32
Ravageor https://remmina.org/how-to-install-remmina/03:33
leftyfbwebchat69: you need to setup an entire ubuntu desktop in EC2 in order to run GUI applications running remotely in AWS03:34
leftyfbwebchat69: https://ubuntu.com/tutorials/ubuntu-desktop-aws#1-overview03:34
leftyfbwebchat69: then you just install remmina like any other package03:34
MrMobiusis there any way to send myself a notification when my battery is getting low on a laptop running command line only?03:49
leftyfbMrMobius: yes03:50
RootDetHi all,03:53
RootDetI am having a problem with the desktop install. I have tried 20.0.4 and 20.0.3 lts. 3 different flashd rives, one is brand new out of the box, and now also 3 different target nvme disk, one i just bought today, but all new. I keep getting an error that the source file does not match the target03:54
RootDetThis seems to be rather or not i select the network option, or anything. I am at my witts end what to do, becausde there is anything else to replace here except motherboard.03:55
leftyfbRootDet: redownload the iso's. Also, try a different usb port on the desktop03:55
MrMobiusleftyfb, great. can you point me in the right direction? everything I'm finding is notify-send, zenity, or other stuff GUI based03:55
RootDetI've done that too, i tried rufus and blanche for the usb install03:55
RootDetthe checksum even matches03:56
leftyfbMrMobius: what sort of notification do you want?03:56
leftyfbRootDet: you tried different ports?03:56
RootDetYep. Case ports and direct ports on the motherboard03:57
leftyfbRootDet: test your memory03:57
MrMobiusleftyfb, something on the screen? im not sure how this problem is usually solved. printing text into whatever tmux window im in probably wont work very well so im open to ideas03:59
RootDetleftyfb what you think be the easiest way for that?03:59
RootDetnot sure if like memtest is built into the install cd or not03:59
RavageRootDet: https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm04:00
Ravagememtest is included but does not work on UEFI04:01
Ravageso just get the iso from the website and run it04:01
leftyfbMrMobius: what is wrong with notify-send?04:06
leftyfbMrMobius: if you want something to notify you in terminal sessions, use wall04:07
MrMobiusleftyfb, because there is no windows manager. the machine is command line only04:08
leftyfbMrMobius: use wall04:08
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pagiosCSR question, qhen i request a CSR  what mainly happens is a private key is created with an optional pasphrase, a certificate is also created and sent along the CSR to be signed by the CA ?06:59
NeoFAT32Is it better to use xorg driver for Nvidia or the proprietary driver ?07:01
HestonNeoFAT32, you'll get a massive increase in performance with the proprietary07:12
NeoFAT32Probably but I'm running a second screen on the motherboard GPU so it's an Intel HD Graphics.07:13
NeoFAT32Do you have a solution to improve its performances ?07:13
NeoFAT32Because if what they said was right, it's running it through the kernel.07:13
Hestonintel has open source linux drivers so it should be decent07:14
NeoFAT32So when I move a windows on this screen, it's working like I just installed windows without updating drivers.07:14
NeoFAT32What's that driver ?07:14
Hestondepends on your hardware. I dont remember the names07:14
NeoFAT32i915 ? 530 ?07:16
Hestonmost likely i915, check lsmod07:17
NeoFAT32I find it clearly stupid to improve Nvidia drivers while most of computers are running Intel CPU/GPU. Quit strange that they improved Nvidia drivers before Intel ones, at least, it's using the kernel.07:17
NeoFAT32Yeah it's i915.07:18
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michagogoHi, I understand that execute permissions are required in order to traverse a directory - am I correct in assuming this means that I can safely control access to an SMB mount point by putting it in a parent directory and using ACLs to grant specific users/groups execute permission on the parent?08:35
XeonvlRavage its definately still running at 800mhz. we try a different install today, if that fails we'll try another OS, I checked the MSRs last night, there seems to be no PROCHOT signal. I am suspecting the BIOS / some motherboard setting but we have very limited resources on the motherboard08:42
XeonvlI am gonna call the supplier, we already tackled two extremely difficult issues trying to get the system running08:42
Xeonvlthis is the third, we are really flying in the dark08:42
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llanhmodHi, I was checking for processes that would potentially be incorrectly holding /dev/console open. I found only Slack. https://bpa.st/5HAQ. Question is, where to find the initscript that launche Slack?09:24
llanhmodoh wait... maybe I am mistaken09:29
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ice9bluetooth mouse sometimes disconnects even while using it, any idea?10:05
pupilWho want f*ck10:13
nikolamI think bash has some but not being able to do echo on the terminal anymore, after using , for example, nslookup command and exiting out of nsllokup with Ctl+C10:17
nikolamI think I observed it on multiple platforms..10:18
StyXmanis it possible that the sound system is trying to configure volume levels? my coworkers are complaining my mic levels are too high, I set it low this morning but it moved under my eyes to a higher level the moment I started talking10:22
StyXmanhmm, it seems it's zoom's fault10:24
EriC^sybariten: hey, any luck? i didnt get any msgs if you sent earlier, the chat backlog was erased10:45
olspookishmagushello, I11:27
olspookishmagusI'm looking for some tips on how to fdisk/parted a 4k BRAND NEW SSD disk for dualbooting Windows and Linux and have those OSes share a common partition11:28
olspookishmagusIIRC whenever I did it I recall getting messages from fdisk for the partition NOT being physical aligned11:29
olspookishmagusI found this and I'm looking on it: https://askubuntu.com/questions/156994/how-to-fix-partition-does-not-start-on-physical-sector-boundary-warning11:31
olspookishmagussince I'll be installing Windows first, maybe I should just have Windows do "it's magic" and setup up the boot partition and it's own partition and then have Linux do it's magic11:37
oerheksolspookishmagus, yes, that is the idea; windows first11:44
frost-corei need help11:50
frost-corei booted an openSUSE usb11:50
frost-coreto resize the ubuntu partition11:50
frost-coreand then i resized using cfdis11:50
frost-coredid write11:50
frost-corethen exited and booted back11:50
tomreyn!enter | frost-core11:50
ubottufrost-core: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.11:50
frost-corenow im on busybox11:50
oerheksyou better boot an ubuntu iso, why suse?11:50
frost-corebecause thats what i had11:51
frost-corein the usb11:51
frost-coreand i dont wanna reflash11:51
frost-coreplease help11:51
frost-corewhat do i do on busybox11:51
frost-coreok lemme do it in one line11:52
frost-corei booted a openSUSE usb then got to rescue mode, and then i booted up cfdisk to resize my ubuntu partition for another os, now i did write and did yes, and when i reboot i see that im on busybox11:53
oerheksafter resizing, one must edit grub with the new UUID's11:53
oerheksand understanding your #ubuntu-offtopic talks, you are not even using ubuntu11:53
frost-corethis is another pc11:53
frost-coredo i chroot then i do update-grub11:53
Ravageits always another PC :D11:53
frost-coreit does not say no such device11:55
frost-coreor anything11:55
frost-coreits just a normal boot until i see busybox11:55
frost-coreim bootin openSUSE11:56
oerheksupdate grub does not help. you need to find the correct UUIDs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:56
oerheksbut look into the opensuze manuals, as you are technically NOT running ubuntu11:56
frost-corewhen mounting it does alot of stuff, bad superblock, etc11:57
frost-corewrong fs type too11:58
frost-coreok then, how do i fix errors of a partition11:58
Ravageif you made the partition smaller without adjusting the filesystem first you cut off important data and the filesystem is borked11:59
frost-corei do fsck and it says Abort12:00
frost-corewhat is force rewrite12:02
tomreynfrost-core: cfdisk is a partitionig tool. i think it cannot resize partitions, but delete and create new ones. is this what you did?12:10
frost--corei did the resize thingy12:10
tomreynwhat did you do?12:10
frost--coreand tried a bunch of things12:10
frost--coreuntil i removed 24gb12:10
frost--coreand made it a partition12:11
frost--corenow just write then busybox12:11
tomreynokay, i don't know what "the resize thingy" or "a bunch of things" are.12:11
frost--coretomreyn : i tried different numbers12:11
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frost--corei chose the resize option12:11
tomreynthis sounds like you have not planned this well, and reinstalling is probably the best option indeed.12:12
frost--corehow can i recover stuff12:14
frost--coreis it possible even?12:15
tomreynit's impossible to know if you can't describe the exact steps (comannds) you took, in the order you ran them12:16
frost--coretomreyn : i did just cfdisk12:18
frost--corethen followed the gui12:18
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frost-coreits a lil hard to install linux alongside linux12:20
frost-corein efi12:20
frost-corei need to remount efi12:20
tomreynfrost-core: resizing partitions is a potentially destructive action. next time you prepare for such, it may be wise to discuss your plans here before you enact them. wthe first recommendation you'd always get here with destructive actions is "backup your data".12:26
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xheimlichI'm often writing things like $ for pid in $(pgrep brave; do sudo renice -5 $pid; done12:34
xheimlichis there some way to have processes started by a certain command or binary already reniced?12:34
xheimlichshort of aliasing which doesn't work eg from dmenu12:35
Ravagerun it with nice12:35
xheimlichor cron jobs. for some reason I can never get cron to work, but that's neither here nor there.12:35
xheimlichRavage: yes. I've done things like alias code=nice +1 code12:36
xheimlichbut I'd like code (actually no, just brave-browser) to start reniced by some lower-level configuration that I don't know whether exists.12:36
xheimlich(I don't usually launch GUI apps from the terminal)12:37
Ravagecreate a bash script with the nice command. add it to your menu12:37
xheimlichthat's not a horrible idea.12:38
xheimlichnot what I wanted but fixes some of my issues short-term.12:38
xheimlichThere are other programs that open the browser though.12:39
Ravageyou can use alacarte or any other menu editor to create or edit items12:39
xheimlichI don't use jupyter notebook, but things like that. streamlit. optuna-dashboard.12:39
Ravagethen call the bash script brave-browser and put it in .local/bin12:39
xheimlichI should have prefaced that I don't use the default ubuntu gui? The Ubuntu login screen comes up if I quit spectrwm, but otherwise it goes directly into a tiling wm.12:40
xheimlichanyway. there's the issue of other programs that open the browser. forget the menu for a minute.12:40
xheimlich(what Ravage said actually fixes like 40% of my issues and I'm finding IRC support quite good, 5/5 stars.)12:44
Ravageyou can also try12:46
Ravagesudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/x-www-browser x-www-browser /your/custom/brower-runscript.sh 012:46
Ravageto add your new launch script as a browser in the system12:47
Ravage0 should already make it default but it also appears in the system settings at default apps12:47
Ravageso you can just select it at the default browser there12:48
xheimlichhmm. I pasted this piece of conversation in my todo.txt if you don't mind. I'll be trying that soon, thanks!12:50
BluesKajHi all13:58
remline'systemctl status --user graphical-session.target' reveals 'Active: inactive (dead)'. What should cause it to start? (I'm on i3 window manager).13:59
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sybaritenEriC^^: ah, ok. Well, i think i messed up.  :-/14:56
EriC^^sybariten: what's up?14:56
sybaritenEriC^^: I tgried using some BIOS reset choices in the BIOS .... which have very confusing names, if you ask me. And now it's doing a really weird BIOS loop, as it seems. It beeps upon start... it shows American Megatrends red triangle.... screen goes black and the monitor loses signal, then it soon beeps again, for a restart. Over and over14:57
sybaritenEriC^^: did you see the album of bios photos i sent the other day?14:58
EriC^^yeah i did14:59
sybaritenEriC^: https://photos.app.goo.gl/Ne4Vw9YGVJLg2tBo7    same gallery is updated with a boot menu now at the end, i can get to that one (or to BIOS) . It seems to offer the USB memory both as a flash memory and a HD ?15:00
sybaritenI'm mentally preparing for if i need to open this machine and start looking at cables (which absolutetly shouldnt have come out of place all of a sudden) and removing some CMOS battery or something15:01
EriC^^sybariten: try starting the usb flash as UEFI15:03
EriC^^the picture before the last one is what it's currently showing? the triangle and stuff?15:03
EriC^^sybariten: it says B2 at the bottom, google says "b2 error means either problem with GPU or legacy ROM problem/setting in place."15:05
EriC^^sybariten: it says "Before anything else you may want to check that BIOS is set to UEFI mode, and that any legacy mode such as "Legacy ROM" is not enabled."15:06
EriC^^sybariten: try going to the 2nd menu "advanced" and look under "graphics configuration"15:07
EriC^^sybariten: or maybe 'internal device configuration' for lenovo it seems under "devices & i/o ports" menu15:09
sybaritenEriC^^: where did you see B2 ?15:13
sybaritenoh, right15:13
sybaritenby the megatrends... it never occurred to me that this might be an error. In fact that picture was taken before this loop thing i have now, and while i only had the "boot failure" thing, but still important to look into i guess15:14
sybariteni mean, i may still have that B2 thing, didnt look for it. messing with a monitor setup here so i shall not need to switch so much back and forth  :)15:15
sybaritenEriC^^: ok, phew. Between a diaper change and _another_ computer with display/BIOS issues, i now should have a better working situation....15:59
sybaritenSo, yeah, the B2 is still there now when i turn the computer on and see the Megatrends screen.... but shortly after that the dislay loses its signal and you can tell that the PC will do a restart.16:01
sybaritenI can go into BIOS... i have a handful of settings under graphics configuration16:02
howudodatthis isn't necessarily an ubuntu question, but I have a question on rsync.   I use this command to copy files from my local dev machime to my web server.  it changes the group owner to www-data but not the user.  Any ideas? rsync -avogPO -M--fake-super --chown=www-data:www-data16:02
sybaritenthere are also some choices under Internal Device Configuration, but they really sound unrelated to any problems, to me: audio condroller, well maybe HDMI codec then, bluetooth, lan controller, lan remote boot, wlan, multicard, high precision timer...16:05
EriC^^sybariten: anything about "legacy rom" anywhere in the options?16:07
sybaritenwhat i dont understand though is first, how I should as you say " try starting the usb flash as UEFI" and second, how i should "check that BIOS is set to UEFI". I cant really see any settings for that...16:07
EriC^^also what happens if you choose 'uefi usb' in the boot menu?16:07
EriC^^sybariten: in the boot menu you showed press uefi usb option16:07
EriC^^ https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/pw/AM-JKLVGquFVt6TPd1Odj6zI1pg7SPVq9mlG8ntox-Iy9zd47On5Z7cNK7fbe69HaYUtZhhCOLUf549HjLK6laRJuQEjYAB8NrdTFU6eIP0_pKoPAWAQIqbpeDOPBPlyInt4m1vBU_xmxuLiIKKyMD-UKsv64Q=w879-h659-no?authuser=016:08
sybaritenEriC^^: i dont think so but i'll go through them all. I wish i could find a bios emulator online to show you, sometimes they exist. Or at least screenshots of every single page, but i dont even know how to refer to this bios16:08
sybaritenok illl try uefi USB in the boot menu16:08
sybaritenEriC^^: if i do the UEFI USB Flash MemoryPMAP choice, it doesnt really access the memory afterwards anyhow as it seems.... cause the usb memory has an LED, which doesnt light up then. It just waits a couple of seconds and does its restart...16:11
Sven_vBhi :) do I understand correctly that Ubuntu focal's 5.4.x kernel is too old for the Dirty Pipe bug?16:16
Sven_vB"too old" = unaffected16:17
oerheksSven_vB, yes16:17
oerheksregression took place after that, AFAIK16:18
EriC^^sybariten: does the pc have a gpu? maybe it needs reseating, also the ram perhaps, according to google 1 beep on american megatrends means 'dram refresh failure' which is bad ram, maybe reseating the gpu/ram might help16:24
sybaritenEriC^^: but you know what, i have a feeling the beep isnt really an error code, i feel like thats just how the machine always shows that it's been turned on16:25
sybariteni may be wrong. But i do remember always having that beep as long as i've had the mahince....16:25
jhutchinsI suppose you could pull a module and compare how it behaves just to confirm.16:26
jhutchinsSwapping modules between the slots is an effective way to reseat them (and move the error if you're able to track it).16:27
EriC^^oh ok sybariten16:28
sybaritenAnd i mean its quite obvious that i sort of changed/screwed everything when i chose "restore user defaults" and also "load setupd defaults" from the BIOS. Thats exactly when i set it into this loop of never booting the USB memory16:28
sybaritenjhutchins: ok16:28
sybaritenbut what do you make of this?  https://www.manualslib.com/manual/246285/Fujitsu-Lifebook-A3040.html?page=21   Not the same BIOS, but i definitely have the same situation; the "removable drives" has an exclamation mark.16:38
sybaritenDoesnt sound good if i want to boot ubuntu from usb16:38
sybaritenall usb ports enabled though, in the USB menu ....16:39
jhutchinsHow old is the motherboard?  Is there a "Secure Boot" option in the BIOS?16:39
sybaritenno i havent been able to find that jhutchins .... been looking for that before. And the MB seems to be from 201116:41
sybaritenoh well i think i need to get some air. I might come back later and see if anyone has any ideas. Thanks so far guys!16:49
clarkkI'm running Ubuntu 20.04 with Gnome 3.36.8.  All of a sudden, today, gnome-shell has started using 100% CPU. When this happens, it takes 1 minute to do every single action, which means shutting down all my apps and rebooting takes about half an hour. I've had to do this three times today17:10
clarkkCan anyone suggest what could suddenly cause this (I haven't made any changes), if there's anything that is most likely to be the cause, and how I can troubleshoot it?  Have people been reporting similar issues a lot recently?17:10
clarkkI've disabled all my gnome extensions, in case one of them has caused this, but I hadn't updated them in ages, so would be surprised if it's them17:12
EriC^^sybariten: in which order did you do the load stuff, it could be that the 'load user defaults' put some wrong stuff from a saved defaults, maybe try 'load optimized defaults' or so again? did you setup the pc initially? maybe there is some setting the person who assembled the pc had to use?17:13
EriC^^sybariten: btw is this a laptop or pc? it might help to remove the battery, press the power button for 5-10secs to discharge everything and then reassemble17:14
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dsd311I'm running ubuntu 20.04 and using ISC's kea  dhcp v2.0.2 installed from ISC's cloudsmith repo. Currently the server is receiving the dhcp request but I'm getting the following error message even running as the service as root. failed to send DHCPv4 packet: pkt4 send failed: sendmsg() returned  with an error: Permission denied18:03
dsd311I appreciate any suggestions.18:03
bleihow can I measure the cumulative disk IO for a process18:03
leftyfbdsd311: why are you installing isc-dhcp-server from a 3rd party, unsupported repository?18:03
oerhekslooks like an ancient dhcp package? we are at 4.x now https://launchpad.net/dhcp/+packages18:04
oerhekssuggestionl use our packages18:04
leftyfbI use isc-dhcp-server everywhere with no issues18:04
dsd311The 4.x chain is isc dhcpd not isc-kea-dhcp18:05
jhutchinsdsd311: That does not answer the question.18:05
leftyfbdsd311: why are you using a dhcp server package that isn't supported here as opposed to the one available in ubuntu and supported here?18:06
oerheks2.0.2-1 landed in Jammy 22.04 a few hours ago. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/isc-kea18:06
jhutchinsdsd311: You are running this as a server?18:07
dsd311I needed newer functionality than what was supported in the 1.8 build that was available in ubuntu previously.18:07
leftyfbdsd311: what functionality?18:08
jhutchinsProbably the GUI.18:08
leftyfboh please no18:08
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BASHitupThat's what she said19:04
InteloWhat is the most light  weigh git hosting platform ? gitlab is very resource hungry?20:14
InteloIs there a way to ping an external server on github actions (push, pull_request). That external server a) git checkout the branch, b) run linting, c) reply success or failure to github action so d) it can show a green/red tick? I could have done this by adding ssh key but I don't want it20:14
Intelo[22:14:16] <Intelo> Thanks20:14
leftyfb!ot | Intelo20:16
ubottuIntelo: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:16
oerheksNot really an Ubuntu issue, Intelo20:16
oerheksask in the other channel ;-D20:17
sybaritenEriC^^: lets see.... first i did "restore user defaults", somewhat not really knowing what i did, then i _probably_ did save and exit, no and then i think i did "load setup defaults", and probably save and exit.... i believe that was the order20:30
bray90820So I am having an issue where the doick flickers uncontrolablly while watching full screen videos when some apps are open I'm running ubuntu 21.10 and an XFX Radeon RX 570 card20:31
oerheksfull screen, and some aps open, ,,,20:31
oerheksofcourse it would flicker20:31
sybaritenit is a PC, a mini version that has a smaller footprint than a mousepad. And i believe it's somewhat tricky to open, can't even see the screws upon a quick inspection....  sigh20:32
oerheksthere is a bug, that your aps try to use the screen, while you told one app to go fill screen and in control20:32
oerhekssybariten, that is might be a lightweight pc, does not matter i guess20:33
bray90820oerheks: it's only certain apps20:33
oerheksoops, mixed up20:33
oerheksbray90820, on what desktop?20:33
bray90820Currently only seeing it with the virtualbox manager doesn't matter weather the VM is running or not20:33
sybaritenEriC^^: i dont think there is a load optimized defaults. Maybe I could find out some way to flash the bios to a factory version or something, with a usb stick. If not well then i'll just have to leave that machine at the moment... I found another old HP laptop to use as a test server20:34
bray90820ubuntu 20.04 gnome wayland and x1120:34
bray90820ubuntu 21.1020:34
oerheksi find only tricks to get vbox in full screen mode, not about the manager taking over20:37
bray90820It doesn't matter if teh VM is running even teh virtualbox VM manager open causes teh flicker20:37
oerheksfile a bug with this behavior?20:40
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.20:40
EriC^^sybariten: alright, no battery thing to remove?20:43
sybaritenEriC^^: i'm guessing there might be one on the inside, prolly terribly crammed... i just gotta figure out where the screws to open the chassi are!20:44
sybaritenEriC^^: hey whaddayaknow, here it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj_HM6rgGak   so i guess they are under the rubber feet after all20:45
EriC^^sybariten: nice!20:50
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MrMobiusany idea where to find the "Alternate CD" mentioned here? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/LowMemorySystems21:03
MrMobiusthere's nothing like that in the main or alternative downloads section for 20.0421:04
sarnoldI don't think that's existed for a while now21:06
MrMobiusso would ubuntu server be the next best thing?21:09
MrMobiusor maybe MinimalCD21:14
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sarnoldMrMobius: yeah the server installer is probably smaller than the desktop installer, and it's certainly prepared to work on text consoles..21:20
sybaritenEriC^^: hmmm i found a better video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiQqtYxDe14 - what would you guess, could it be the round metal thing at the top at around 03:10? That looks like a coin?21:29
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EriC^^sybariten: sorry back now21:50
EriC^^sybariten: yeah that round metal thing is the cmos battery21:53
EriC^^you'd need to remove it, then short the bottom terminals with either of the metal clamps holding it in place21:54
Jeremy31A 2032 battery?21:54
jhutchinsMrMobius: Ubuntu is pretty much the opposite of a minimalist distro.22:06
jhutchinsMrMobius: What kind of hardware are you targeting that you want a small installation for?22:06
sybaritenEriC^^: alrite, thanks, i might look into that22:15
MrMobiusjhutchins, netbook with 1.1ghz celeron. 4gb ram so i could run a gui though i ssh into a server from windows so just looking to replicate that locally22:25
jhutchinsMrMobius: I won't recommend other distros in this channel, but a basic install using one of the alternative desktpps like lxde or xfce would probably work pretty well.22:27
jhutchinsMrMobius: You want to avoid starting out with the default Ubuntu version of the Gnome desktop and the support it requires.22:28
jhutchinsMrMobius: Some will recommend the Server distribution of Ubuntu - if you don't choose any services, then add desktop components as required that can be pretty light.22:28
MrMobiusjhutchins, ok thanks22:31
knaccchey peeps, can anyone sanity check this please? : I have a list of spam CIDRs I need to check an IP address against. The simple way would be: for each CIDR in the list, apply the CIDR mask to the IP and check if the result matches the CIDR prefix. For performance, I want to do: for each possible mask between 0 and 32 bits, apply each of those masks to the IP and then check if the result matches any23:08
knacccof the CIDR prefixes23:08
knacccbecause that's a quick hashtable lookup23:08
knaccci wonder if i'm missing something obvious which means i should do it the slower but simpler way23:09
NeoFAT32I cannot launch pulseaudio-equalizer.23:11
NeoFAT32Can someone help me, please ?23:11
NeoFAT32Agent !!23:11
knacccactually i just found the flaw in my method, never mind23:14
jhutchinsNeoFAT32: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?23:21
NeoFAT32Sorry, I can't copy paste.23:31
NeoFAT32I'm using adiirc through wine23:31
NeoFAT32When I do it it makes the app bug and close23:31
NeoFAT32sudo apt-get install pulseaudio-equalizer23:31
NeoFAT32but i can't find it.23:31
sarnoldNeoFAT32: pulseaudio-equalizer is in universe on my focal machine; do you have universe enabled on your computer?23:34
NeoFAT32I don't know what's that.23:34
enigma9o7[m]I think they mean they installed it but dunno how to run it/use it.23:35
NeoFAT32It's installed but it doesn't appear in the app list.23:35
NeoFAT32I mean in the app page.23:35
Jeremy31NeoFAT32: try running> sudo apt update && sudo apt install pulseaudio-equalizer23:35
Jeremy31NeoFAT32: Ah you may have a different issue23:36
NeoFAT32So what should I do ?23:39
NeoFAT32Oh damn. It's working !23:42
NeoFAT32But how can I keep that window ?23:42
NeoFAT32Do I always have to enter this command ?23:42
MaikNeoFAT32: which distro are you using now?23:43
Maikok, wasn't sure because the last time you were on Mint iirc23:44
NeoFAT32Yeah I reinstalled it.23:44
NeoFAT32I really like mint but... I didn't know if the system was lagging due to the OS or not.23:45
NeoFAT32But I think it's the same.23:45
NeoFAT32I'm just lying to myself to keep Ubuntu to not reinstall Mint.23:45
NeoFAT32I spent 3 days trying to configure it all.23:45
Maikknow that we do not support mint here :)23:45
NeoFAT32But it's Ubuntu that I'm using atm.23:45
NeoFAT32So do I have to use that syntax to launch it again ?23:46
NeoFAT32Everytime ?23:46
Maikthen it's all good23:46
NeoFAT32Wait, are you Maik from Spotchat ?23:46
enigma9o7[m]You could create a shortcut or menu entry.  I'm not familiar with it, I just checked what binary was in the package.23:46
NeoFAT32    I can't even add it in favourites.23:48
sarnoldNeoFAT32: there's a desktop file on https://askubuntu.com/a/1363515/33812 -- try copy-pasting that as described and see if that makes it easier to work with23:50
NeoFAT32Ok but I don't really know how to use all of that.23:51
enigma9o7[m]Just read it.23:52
enigma9o7[m]The section you want says "create icon in applications menu"23:52
NeoFAT32So many times they were talking about .config/blabla in some tutorials, I don't know what's this23:52
NeoFAT32Ok but what's the .config ? Is that a folder ?23:52
enigma9o7[m]but its talking about ~/.local/share/applications23:52
NeoFAT32Ok thanks you.23:52
NeoFAT32But about this folder how can I find it ?23:52
NeoFAT32I was in the root with hidden files activated but I couldn't find this folder.23:53
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enigma9o7[m]although that instructions is having you launch it thru a script instead of directly, so better follow ti all if you want to use their way, if you dont understand it yourself.23:53
NeoFAT32Just tell me how I can understand all that ?23:54
enigma9o7[m]In you rfile manager, there should be drop down option somewher eto enable hidden files&folders.  Or just use ctrl+h23:54
enigma9o7[m]You can understand by reading.23:54
enigma9o7[m]Ask questions if something is unclear.23:54
NeoFAT32Do I have to create a file and copy all of that in a text file ?23:54
enigma9o7[m]After you read it twice.23:54
NeoFAT32Are these people don't know how to make .deb ? such a patch or something like this ?23:55
sarnoldit could be that whoever packaged it doesn't use a desktop environment and can just run whatever they want without those .desktop files around23:56
NeoFAT32.local/share/... ?23:56
NeoFAT32Where's that path ?23:56
enigma9o7[m]I would have thought they would include a desktop file in the deb package too, but they didnt.23:56
sarnoldperhaps no one's filed the bug report to ask for it23:57
sarnoldor submitted a patch with one23:57
NeoFAT32is that the root directory ?23:57
NeoFAT32I can't type it yet, I have a apple keyboard.23:57
NeoFAT32The sign.23:57
sarnold~ is understood by most programs to refer to your home directory23:58
NeoFAT32A thing is sure, Mint was more easy to use. I just had to right click on the folder to have the root access (sudo).23:58
NeoFAT32It seems like I have to use the syntax in the terminal on ubuntu.23:58

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