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seyedHey folks. Is there any way to change phone-home's execution frequency? My goal is to either launch it after certain events or on a "per-boot" basis. 11:22
minimalseyed: the cc_phone_home.py code defines "frequency = PER_INSTANCE"12:33
minimalso its only designed to be run once12:33
falcojrseyed: you can update the frequency in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg13:41
falcojrhttps://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/blob/main/doc/examples/cloud-config.txt#L172 is an example of how13:41
MitchHi. I have a user-data file that is "Content-Type: multipart/mixed". I don't believe that `cloud-init devel schema` is capable of validating this type of merged file, unless someone knows otherwise?21:58
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