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Jan[m]12345Installing live image of Jammy daily-builds is currently failing for me both in VirtualBox and on real HW with a crash in Ubiquity before welcome screen08:40
Jan[m]12345can't report it to the iso qa tracker because I need to file a bug and apport seems to be also crashing when I try to do so :(08:41
TheBigKafter reboot video decode seems to work. im going to try again after next reboot since my opengl shit isnt working on desktop.08:43
TheBigKman keeping video decode working in chromium is a fucking pain lately08:43
BluesKajHi all14:14
alphaI still haven't figured out my issue with Dolphin but here's a screenshot for everyone to see: https://ibb.co/sCHC5cL - You can see if I ls - al in /usr/share/applications directory there are a ton of files but Dolphin only shows 13 of them. The permissions on them appear to be the same. If I right click on a file and try to Open With you can see I get the Choose Application dialog with very few options. When I try to allow the18:21
alphaterminal panel in Dolphin I get the error "Konsole is not installed" and you can see that it clearly is. Something is clearly F'd but I have no clue what to even do at this point. It seems a bit silly to me that I may have to reinstall my OS b/c of something like this18:21
tomreynalpha: can't really help there, but the files listed in dolphin are not a subset of those listed on the terminal, they differ entirely.19:33
tomreynmaybe what you're seeing in dolphin is actually ~/.local/share/applications  ?19:35
IrcsomeBot<Pixel> This looks like lots of seemingly unrelated issues. Konsole in Dolphin is a plugin called "konsolepart" and is sitting probably at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/konsolepart.so. Can you find it on your computer? Isn't your harddrive dying? Can you check the SMART status? That can be cause why some files in your system just becoming randomly unreadable... (re @IrcsomeBot: <alpha> I still haven't figured out my issue with Dolphin but here'19:36
alphaThe plot thickens... I decided to try installing a different desktop environment and eventually ended up installing awesome window manager. It has 2 listings for Dolphin. The top one is the busted version and the 2nd entry is the working version. So does this mean I have 2 versions of dolphin installed? https://ibb.co/t2v9NXb19:50
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alphaLooks like there are 2 versions: Working - Dolphin - 21.08.1 & Non-Working - Dolphin - 21.12.320:07
alphaWow... that was it. 2 versions of Dolphin installed. 1 of them was a flatpak which I didn't even know was there. As soon as I uninstalled it everything is back to normal20:23
oerheksflatpak permissions, known issue, same as snaps20:26
alphaI haven't noticed issues with snaps but going to keep a close eye on which ones are installed if anything were to come up20:28
oerheksoften '--classic ' gives all permissions free, no containement20:33

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