pitticpaelzer: \o/ thanks for merging https://gitlab.com/libvirt/libvirt/-/merge_requests/14010:03
ubottuMerge 140 in libvirt/libvirt "apparmor: Fix QEMU access for UEFI variable files" [Closed]10:03
pitticpaelzer: I'll backport the fix and send it to Debian; I can upload it to jammy as well if you want me10:03
seb128pitti, hey! how are you? :-)10:13
pittibonjour seb128 ! je vais très bien, merci ! trying to fix some AppArmor issue in Debian/Ubuntu 😀10:13
seb128pitti, I think I saw you on screen monday :)10:14
pittiet toi ! comment est la terre de desktop ?10:14
seb128pitti, ça va bien merci! we had our first engineering sprint in 2 years, was nice to see people in real again!10:15
pittiseb128: right, I saw that on twitter or telegram or so 🍻 nice!10:21
seb128pitti, small world, I didn't know you had a team member in Delft!10:22
pittiseb128: yes, Jelle, since last August10:22
pittiseb128: ah, that's what you meant with "screen"!10:22
seb128pitti, he started coming to the coworking I'm going to on mondays10:22
seb128pitti, right :)10:23
cpaelzerpitti: yes if you prep it for Debian anyway it is the same structure for d/p/*10:25
pitticpaelzer: yep, will send a salsa MP and then upload to jammy10:32
pitti(and test the backport, of course)10:32
jbichapitti: hi, could you take a look at Debian bug 1006465 ?11:25
ubottuDebian bug 1006465 in src:python-dbusmock "python-dbusmock: Fails to build from source: README.rst is not README.md" [Serious, Open] https://bugs.debian.org/100646511:25
jbichathe gnome-bluetooth maintainer is using bleeding edge python-dbusmock features, lol11:27
pittijbicha: oops! will do, sure; weird, why didn't I get an email about that11:48
pittijbicha: uploaded, I'll sync it to jammy tomorrow; thanks for pointing out!12:04
pitti(and I subscribed to the PTS now, another "oops")12:04
schopinI have a universe package that apparently has big-endian support broken upstream for 7 years without anyone raising the issue. The current version in the release pocket predates the breakage, but the one in -proposed is much more recent.12:39
schopinI'd like to remove the s390x build for this package as I figure that if a compilation failure went undetected for so long, there's probably other problems down the road. Anyone think it's a bad idea?12:41
schopinthe package in question is virtuoso-opensource, which is a database. Endianness shenanigans could easily mess up the on-disk format12:43
ginggsschopin: if the s390x binaries were already removed in debian, it makes sense for them just to be removed in ubuntu too13:03
ginggssame for armhf13:04
schopinYeah armhf was going out for sure, upstream explicitly doesn't support 32bit13:04
ginggsschopin: see recent discussion in #ubuntu-release re: open3d13:04
schopinAllright, works for me. Thanks!13:05
ginggsschopin: see debian bug #98280013:12
ubottuDebian bug 982800 in ftp.debian.org "RM: virtuoso-opensource [armel armhf i386 mipsel s390x] -- RoQA; upstream no longer supports 32bit or big endian" [Normal, Open] https://bugs.debian.org/98280013:12
ginggsyou can refer to that in the ubuntu bug13:14
didrocksahasenack: hey, FYI, I was able to reproduce seldomly the flaky tests on arm64. I did give it a try and I think https://github.com/ubuntu/adsys/pull/297 addresses it. I couldn’t get it after dividing in phases, so crossing fingers :) I’ll upload once I get a review13:26
ubottuPull 297 in ubuntu/adsys "Try fixing flaky 'pick up config changes' tests" [Open]13:26
ahasenackdidrocks: you used one of those arm64 boxes?13:27
ahasenackhah, I see a Sleep() :)13:28
ahasenackcan't be avoided :)13:28
schopinginggs: if we get the binaries removed from the archive, should I introduce a delta to explicitly remove them from the package? I'll forward a patch to Debian nonetheless.13:28
didrocksahasenack: yeah, I did use one, thanks for getting me access to it! Yeah, there is a sleep, but still different phases which avoids getting wrong amount of callbacks…13:28
didrocksso a little bit less elegant than the initial test architecture, but unavoidable I guess…13:29
ahasenackI'm far from judging :)13:29
ginggsschopin: no, no need to explicitly remove them from the package13:43
pitticpaelzer: since I'm a little rusty: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/589804887/libvirt_8.0.0-1ubuntu4_8.0.0-1ubuntu5.diff.gz15:00
pitticpaelzer: just tested (and reported on the bug), works fine15:00
cpaelzerpitti: busy with calls for the rest of the day, but I've opened a window and can try to test more before sponsoring tomorrow15:21
pitticpaelzer: ah, I felt lucky and uploaded already15:21
pittihappy to do a follow-up of course if something doesn't look right15:21
pitti(it was mostly about the "quilt refresh" noise, the rest is straightforward)15:22
pittireverse dep autopkgtests should do the rest15:22
pitti(and of course I tested the build)15:22
cpaelzerfine with me pitti15:22
philrochexypron: RE "Do you know who is responsible for creating the minimal Ubuntu images for Dockerhub? buildkit received RISC-V support last year." yes this is my team. I will see if there is any work ongoing on that front19:20
philrochexypron: Nothing planned as of yet.19:28
sarnoldparide: awesome memory on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/1930921/comments/5   :) that's an excellent suggestion20:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1930921 in samba (Ubuntu) "Apache 2.4.41 corrupts files from samba share" [Undecided, Confirmed]20:58
xypronphilroche: There actually is already a riscv64 image on Dockerhub: https://hub.docker.com/_/ubuntu Works nice with our docker.io on riscv64 now.21:54
Eickmeyermapreri: I confirmed bug 1964390, is this something you're at least peripherally aware of?22:47
ubottuBug 1964390 in inkscape (Ubuntu) "Inkscape will not launch on Ubuntu 22.04" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196439022:47

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