NeoFAT32I don't know what mint are doing but I'm going to wait the whatever, however they call that version.00:11
NeoFAT32Maybe the Mint 20.4 ?00:11
NeoFAT32It's actually stuck at 20.300:11
NeoFAT32For the LTS.00:12
* daftykins steps outside the channel door and looks at the sign above it00:13
daftykinsyeah, didn't think this was a Mint channel :)00:13
sarnoldat least it's -discuss now, heh :)00:15
daftykinsah main was graced with this topic just now huh?00:16
NeoFAT32Yeah and it's not like I'm talking about MacOS Leopard.00:16
NeoFAT32They used Ubuntu build to build Mint so...00:16
NeoFAT32If what I read was not wrong.00:16
daftykinsdoesn't make it on-topic to the Libera Ubuntu namespace channels00:16
NeoFAT32So why should we talk about Firefox ?00:17
NeoFAT32It's Firefox, not Ubuntu.00:17
daftykinsnice try! but nobody mentioned the fox00:17
NeoFAT32I did.00:17
NeoFAT32I just did it to make him understand.00:17
daftykinsaaaand you're on ignore00:18
sarnoldI think what you're talking about is actually firefox/netscape00:18
NeoFAT32I got him, he prefers to ignore me.00:18
NeoFAT32At least, I said : < NeoFAT32 > Yeah and it's not like I'm talking about MacOS Leopard.00:19
NeoFAT32Such other Ubuntu distro they made Mint for that reason.00:20
NeoFAT32Kubuntu etc...00:20
NeoFAT32Because Ubuntu should have an easy interface for people who want to act fast.00:20
NeoFAT32But it ended with a parent-control interface.00:20
NeoFAT32To not say noob.00:20
NeoFAT32Bruh I'm in the only account existing on this drive and even logged in I have to type sudo everytime.00:21
NeoFAT32Too lazy atm to find a way to bypass that.00:22
sarnoldor you could read the sudo manpage ..00:22
sarnoldI kid, that's a horrible manpage00:22
NeoFAT32And what's pissing me off it's the fact that's not native.00:22
NeoFAT32Yeah but why ?00:22
sarnoldbut still, if you'd apply a little bit of effort, you might actually understand what you're doing, rather than flailing around getting nothing accomplished00:22
NeoFAT32It's not... native.00:22
sarnoldwhat do you mean "not native"? sudo's been around almost four decades00:22
NeoFAT32I can focus on something if I don't have to do something beside.00:23
NeoFAT32Such installing wine.00:23
NeoFAT32To learn that I have to install wine-mono.00:23
NeoFAT32To learn that I have to install git etc...00:23
NeoFAT32Cool guys.00:23
sarnoldI don't know what you mean by "such installing wine"00:23
NeoFAT32Yeah, I'm trying to run .exe on Ubuntu.00:24
sarnoldbut in what way is that not "sudo apt install wine"?00:24
NeoFAT32To see how it's work and if it's working.00:24
NeoFAT32in the way sudo apt install wine is not sudo apt install wine-mono.00:24
NeoFAT32And even that reposit doesn't exist.00:25
NeoFAT32Welcome to the jungle.00:25
NeoFAT32I should listen that while working on Ubuntu.00:25
NeoFAT32Hope, you enjoy.00:26
lotuspsychjegood morning02:45
ducassegood morning07:23

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