hallynuh, huh.  i don't know whether this is related to the new cve fix today, but my usb bus seems to be dead -plugging in either my trackpad or my yubikey does nothing. no power.03:01
hallynyeah i've never seen that before -plug in the yubikey and it doesn't light up.  very weird.  nothing in dmesg.  i guess if this doesn't ring a bell, i'll have to do an ubuntu-bug03:08
chilukhallyn... you might just have an actual hardware problem.  14:37
chilukif you go back to a previous kernel does it start working again?14:38
hallynboy that would suck15:17
hallynwell it was working at first with this kernel.  It was happened after some suspends15:17
hallynSo I' mnot sure how to reproduce it15:18
hallynAlso having trouble updating the firmware to the latest version.  (has failed twice).  maybe something to do with that.15:18
chilukyuck.. yeah that might be part of it.. 15:29
Guest56hi there, dumb question, maybe we are "holding it wrong", but, currently "linux-generic-hwe-20.04-edge" meta package does not point to the latest security release (fixing "dirtypipe"), is that a bug, or intended or are we using the "wrong" metapackage?16:58
Guest56currently it points to "Version:" but in "USN-5317-1" it says this is fixed in "" but the security announcement is also missing the "edge" hwe kernel..so.. we are confused :D17:00
SvenKieskeabove question is from me, I'm now properly registered17:06
SvenKieskewe are really not sure if we are somhow using the wrong kernel packages or this is just a minor hiccup in the release process of the new kernel? we just want to be sure that we didn't introduce any errors on our side17:15
SvenKieskewill be offline/afk for now, you can also mail me at s.kieske attt mittwald.de, thanks in advance! (I guess my IRC client will auto disconnect)17:17
sarnoldhallyn: a pal who did a debian upgrade the other day had huge troubles with one of his displays.. the problem went away with reseating the hdmi, the guess is that fans cycling or similar were enough to take an 'almost problem' and turn it into an 'actual problem'..18:50
hallynexternal display?  reseated hdmi plug?  or are you talking about a chip?21:11
sarnoldthe hdmi cable had come ever so slightly loose..21:15
hallyni don't want to test it right now, but i'm wondering whether this kernel balks if i unplug the usb trackball while it's suspended21:20
hans109hHow can I request/track if an upstream kernel patch commit can be/is added to a Ubuntu kernel for 21.10?22:17
sarnoldhans109h: it's not the easiest trees to navigate, but there's a https://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/impish that probably has the answers you need22:20
sarnoldit's a good idea to git clone --reference ... linus's linux kernel tree, and re-use that for all the other releases you're interested in, too22:20
hans109hsarnold, thank you I'll explore that link.  Specifically I am interested in 4e6f55120c7eccf6f9323bb681632e23cbcb3f3c I did try to cherry-pick it, but I was unsuccessful in building and can't invest the time to debug right now.22:22
sarnoldhans109h: git show 4e6f55120c7eccf6f9323bb681632e23cbcb3f3c on my own local checkout of that tree shows it, but I don't know enough about git to know if it came from my linus reference or not :) sigh22:23
hans109hsarnold, I hear you.  From that I've gathered it was added around linus's 5.17 rc4, so I was wondering what the chances are that it could possibly end up in a Ubuntu kernel in the 21.10 repo22:25

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