knightwiseevenin peepz19:08
zxmpiback from one of the dampest walks i've had in a long time21:08
zxmpiwhich as you can imagine in ireland is up against some stiff competition21:09
daftykinsgood thing you're a local and used to it!22:22
zxmpion plus side there was only a few dog walkers around. quiet22:24
daftykinsah ha, are the ol' numbers bumping up again over there? the bus service here has just brought back in mandatory masks because of the count22:28
zxmpiyup, got rid of mandatory masks just over a week ago and numbers are climbing from 'we're doomed' to 'we are so doomed it's not even funny'22:52
zxmpithere wasn't even much enforcement of masks but 2/3s wore them to some extent22:52
zxmpinow it seems about 1/3 to 1/2 are wearing them22:53
zxmpii have 5 boxes and am keeping an eye out for more so i don't run out22:53

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