NeoFAT32I would recommand Ubuntu if people need a headache.00:00
NeoFAT32Do you know how I can put myself into the root group ?00:01
NeoFAT32I've seen on Mint that I could add myself in some group, such root, or guest.00:01
NeoFAT32So I would have permanent root access.00:01
sarnoldthat's not what root group means00:01
NeoFAT32But does it means that I have root access ?00:02
NeoFAT32I remember 2 years ago, I was using Ubuntu too and I had to use the terminal to access protected folders.00:03
NeoFAT32And to passby the gray functions by the interface.00:03
NeoFAT32I should probably reinstall mint to not kill myself.00:05
NeoFAT32I installed Ubuntu because it says Mint was build on Ubuntu/Debian sys.00:05
NeoFAT32So I thought Ubuntu would be more... "based".00:05
NeoFAT32But now, I'm thinking the Ubuntu that I'm using, has a noob commercial interface for kids.00:06
NeoFAT32I'm just talking about the interface.00:06
BSaboiaWhat is the `take` command for? I can see it's some kind of shorthand for `mkdir`00:07
Maik!discuss | NeoFAT3200:08
ubottuNeoFAT32: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!00:08
MonoLIs there a new LTS out?00:08
MaikMonoL: not yet00:08
sarnoldMonoL: no, look for it around the end of april00:08
enigma9o7[m]Nah, thats an april thing.00:08
MonoLah ok cool00:09
MaikApril 21st00:09
MonoLdose 21.10 have neofetch included?00:10
MaikMonoL: no00:10
enigma9o7[m]Yes, neofetch is still in ubuntu 21.1000:11
MaikUbuntu doesn't ship neofetch by default but it's installable00:11
MonoLis there some similar thing included shiped?00:11
Maikif you want neofetch simply open a terminal and type: sudo apt install neofetch00:12
MonoLIs there some way i can get a quick system rundown from the live environment?00:13
MonoLMight not have access to the net at the time00:14
MonoLis htop included?00:15
sarnoldMonoL: htop is packaged, and even default installed in ubuntu server, budgie, mate, and lubuntu00:16
sarnoldMonoL: it's just an apt install htop away :)00:16
MonoLyeah but I might not be connected tomorrow when I'll need it00:17
MonoLgotta go rescue a machine tomorrow night00:17
sarnoldDepends: libc6 (>= 2.15), libncursesw6 (>= 6), libtinfo6 (>= 6)00:18
MonoLThe user doesn't know the difference between ram and a hard drive00:19
MonoLthey said their ram is 98% full00:20
MonoLI'd put money on it that it's a 256 ssd that's full00:21
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controlhello. im trying to install ubuntu 20.04 server on my p50 laptop. after installation it says dhcp connecting, and no boot filename received. how can i solve this? thanks00:45
RavageMonoL: "free -m" shows free memory. "df -h" free disk space. top should be available too00:48
Ravagecontrol: check your bios boot options. your laptop tries to boot from the network. make sure your HDD is set as a boot device00:50
MonoLRavage: Nice, thanks! Do you know will I have to mount the drive/drives first if I'm running live from the usb?00:52
Ravageyes. but that should be possible in nautilus00:53
MonoLok cool00:53
controlive tried to chhange boot option to boot ssd. but still, it says intel boot agent, initializing and establishing link00:55
sarnoldcontrol: heh, sounds like your laptop is trying to PXE boot00:56
controlhow can i solve this problem?00:56
MonoLCan you turn the PXE off in the bios?00:59
sarnoldcontrol: here's a random website with a screenshot that is probably roughly the right vintage https://it.engr.ncsu.edu/help/kb/enabling-pxe-boot-for-lenovo-thinkpad/01:00
sarnoldcontrol: double check your menu there to see if you're set to PXE boot ..01:00
n-iCeis ubuntu using more resources than win 11?01:46
Bashing-omn-iCe: If you are concerned with resourse usage - there are the ubuntu flavours that are lighter :D01:57
n-iCeI'm not, my hardware can with it, just wondering if it is me or ubuntu is asking more hardware than win 11 these days01:58
Ravageif it runs win11 it also runs Ubuntu01:59
n-iCeold days ubuntu was less resourcer eater02:01
Bashing-omn-iCe: Users clamour for more and ubuntu developers oblidge :D02:03
sarnoldback when I started, you needed 16M ram to really run X11. anything less was just silly.02:04
n-iCeBashing-om you use ubuntu?02:05
n-iCesarnold yeah02:05
Bashing-omn-iCe: Well - I have (u)buntu installed onto a test bed on this system - my daily is a roll-my-own with xfce for the GUI. Old old hardware and xfce is much faster than Gnome.02:08
n-iCeBashing-om so, xubuntu?02:12
Bashing-omn-iCe: A lot is of xubuntu - but I do not run the xubuntu desktop. A kernel install - pick and choose what I want installed.02:15
n-iCegot it02:16
sumd3wdI'm having some errors with Steam's pressure-vessel-wrap saying Permission denied & Operation not permitted for SteamLinuxRuntime_soldier/var/tmp-*02:41
sarnoldheh that was quick02:45
sarnoldsumd3wd: try namei -l /share/SteamLibrary/steamapps/common/SteamLinuxRuntime_soldier/var/tmp-22YZI102:46
sumd3wdsarnold: I went to the /var/ directory and the error shown is the wrong tmp directory name than is there, and every steam boot it changes...02:48
sarnoldsumd3wd: steam was kind enough to give you an exact error message and an exact path :) it's worth using that informatoin to troubleshoot the issue02:49
sumd3wdsarnold okay so that created the directory it seems02:49
sarnoldnamei -l doesn't create directories :) it gives you output like ls -l but for every path component..02:50
sumd3wdsarnold: well I was using steam beta then I downgraded to steam regular maybe that is why there are 2 directories now in the Runtimes /var/02:51
sumd3wdsarnold: omg /share is owned by root could that be the issue?02:52
sarnoldsumd3wd: I don't know, I've never seen a /share directory before, so I don't know what is expected of it02:52
sumd3wdsarnold: I moved the libraries to a folder outside the home directories for multi-user usage.02:53
Ravagei dont think steam supports that02:57
sumd3wdRavage: its called a steam library02:58
Ravagei know what it is called02:58
sumd3wdsarnold: the tmp- are replicating :(02:59
Ravagebut steam expects to have ownership of the files02:59
Ravageand to be able to set its own permissions02:59
sumd3wdRavage: yeah its all user:group it won't accept the library unless the permissions are clear02:59
leftyfbisn't this SteamOS? Or from what I can tell, "pressure-vessel-wrap" which is Steam running in some sort of custom container?03:00
sumd3wdleftyfb: No its ubuntu, I think its some sort of chroot for the steam libraries03:01
sumd3wdThe only thing I could find on the web about this error was an incident last year concerning Nix-OS and bubblewrap library03:03
leftyfbright, pressure-vessel-wrap is some sort of custom container(probably namespaced)03:05
leftyfbsumd3wd: I would recommend asking in https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/?settings=wnuYl5a8fLp#steam03:06
sumd3wdleftyfb: thx I will check there in a bit, just trying to gather more info03:07
n-iCeDone, Installed Ubuntu, just bought the laptop hehe.03:21
Bashing-omn-iCe: \o/03:21
n-iCeBashing-om:  thanks03:22
n-iCeBashing-om:  https://ibb.co/RjkgnZ903:23
Bashing-omn-iCe: Welcome to ubuntu :D03:24
sumd3wdIs it possible to have the same app installed under flatpak?03:29
sumd3wdflatpak: please confirm your network Me: LOL???03:49
funhouseim trying to remember how to extract a file from gzip without removing original .gz file04:36
Eickmeyerfunhouse: tar xvf {filename}, won't remove the file.04:37
funhouseElckmeyer hmm for gzip?04:37
EickmeyerIs it a tar.gz?04:38
funhousejust a compressed csv file04:38
jhutchinsEickmeyer: Different tool.04:38
EickmeyerAh. nvm04:38
funhouseEickmeyer ty regardless04:38
jhutchinsfunhouse: It's a switch for gunzip, it's in the man page.04:45
kostkon_n-iCe hello05:35
vishal50Hello there can anybody help me06:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:00
vishal50I am trying ¨sudo apt-get build-dep vlc && apt-get --build source vlc¨ but it is showing unmet dependencies. And could not resolve the problem.07:02
vishal50Please help me out.07:02
vishal50I am trying to build the vlc from its source code it needs many libraries and dependencies.07:03
zambai have a cloud instance that's behaving terribly..07:21
zambaload is currently at 6607:21
zambarunning commands like for instance 'w' takes a couple of minutes to terminate07:21
zambai/o wait is around 30 %07:22
zambai have 230GB of RAM.. 50G is used.. 173G buff/cache..07:22
zamba16 vCPUs.. top says 0.4 us.. 0.1 sys.. 56 idle and currently around 40 % io wait07:23
zamba'htop' took 3 minutes to start07:23
zambaso what's going on here?07:23
menthasysgood morning I am on ubuntu mate and after reinstalling Alsa audio, I get an error to a system program and it asks me to report it. The report I do not think it starts and there is no button to see what the problem is07:27
eruditehermithey, is there a good tool to set up extra mouse buttons in gnome? I know about piper but that only works for logitech and steelseries mice. What about other mice?07:32
webchat47how i can fix these fontconfig warnings and errors in discord? https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/XhmTwjBC5Z/07:38
webchat47i have Ubuntu 20.04.407:39
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mncheckcan apt-get command line add to a package's priority beyond raising to 990 with -t ?08:13
mnchecklike some -o option08:15
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hwdykihow can i reboot an ubuntu machine with kexec?08:40
mncheckdoes ubuntu have suites like debian's testing that dynamically change what codenames they refer to?08:42
Ravagemncheck: the codename is devel08:46
mncheckRavage, thanks, I set that in sources.list as suite and it worked. I see no other suites like that in dists08:56
mncheckis there a list of available ubuntu pockets?09:18
mnchecklike proposed09:19
mncheckor do you go through all source packages09:20
mncheckare pockets supplementary or can they be used alone?09:27
mncheckwhy devel doens't have pockets09:46
mnchecksorry I misread09:46
ErmineHello, I'm trying to run VM in virt-manager with virgl enabled, but I get black screen. In journal, I see AppArmor denying libvirt access to /proc/21199/comm10:37
Ermine21199 is pid of qemu-system-x86_6410:38
mncheckI tried to pin devel with Package: * Pin: release a=devel Pin-Priority: 1 but it's not working, why?10:55
lotuspsychje!pinning | mncheck can this help?11:00
ubottumncheck can this help?: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto11:00
mnchecklotuspsychje, I used that too, if you don't mean apt-get source-ing or dpkg hold-ing then no11:02
mnchecklotuspsychje, you can try putting "devel main restricted" in your sources.list instead of "focal main restricted" for example, and unless you are already on jammy, you will see my problem if you try the pins11:03
mncheckdon't forget to remove that line after the experiment11:03
mncheckor restore it11:03
ErmineI disabled apparmor, but still get black screen11:25
KBarTurn your screen on.11:28
oopswhat's the ppa name in  " https://repo.protonvpn.com/debian stable/main all Packages11:51
oops     release o=proton-gitlab,n=stable,c=main,b=all11:51
oops     origin repo.protonvpn.com11:51
hwdykii'm trying to reboot using kexec --load /boot/vmlinuz --initrd=/boot/initrd.img --reuse-cmdline; systemctl kexec; but it still goes thru the BIOS POST.11:54
KBaroops: https://protonvpn.com/support/linux-vpn-setup/11:56
KBaroops: Ubuntu-specific guide: https://protonvpn.com/support/linux-ubuntu-vpn-setup/11:57
oopsKBar: i cant' open the link you offered, i only hope to remove that protonvpn repository from my pc , and i used "apt policy |grep protonvpn" to get protonvpn info like this "500 https://repo.protonvpn.com/debian stable/main all Packages12:05
oops     origin repo.protonvpn.com12:05
oops "12:05
oopsbut i don't know what's the exactly ppa name12:06
oerheksoops, such PPA ends up in /etc/apt/sources.list.d12:10
oerheks /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ folder12:10
oerheksif that PPA does not work, it is because the HTTPS header, install apt-transport-https12:12
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ErmineKBar: Turn your screen on. <--- is this joke?12:51
goddardis launchpad down or something?12:57
webchat47   no launchpad is online. why you ask?12:59
goddard Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu12:59
goddardcan't upgrade12:59
webchat47what version do you have?13:00
webchat47its only for bionic, focal and impish13:01
webchat47(18.04 LTS, 20.04 LTS and 21.10)13:05
webchat47but it exist other directories in dists, hmm13:07
goddardim on 21.1013:08
webchat47check the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ backports file of the ppa13:11
oerheksgoddard, just try again?13:12
webchat47contains it 'deb https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu impish main'?13:13
goddardoerheks: tried a few times already and no luck yet13:18
goddardi don't have some strange setup just normal install kde-standard13:19
oerheksit should work. pastebin the output of sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade ??13:19
oerheksoh it partially worked.13:38
oerhekstry with --fix-missing?13:38
alkisgCheck your internet settings; if ipv6 fails, switch to ipv4; you should be able to download http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu/pool/main/s/systemsettings/systemsettings_5.24.3-0ubuntu1%7eubuntu21.10%7eppa1_amd64.deb  before you go on13:39
alkisgIn your output, it says you can't access it, but I can, i.e. the server is OK....13:39
alkisgDon't partially install programs, it might break things13:39
NeoFAT32Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.13:42
NeoFAT32IntPtr CallWindowProc(IntPtr, IntPtr, Int32, IntPtr, IntPtr)13:43
NeoFAT32Running an app through wine.13:43
goddarddisabling ipv6 solved it13:44
oerheksNeoFAT32, is it an ubuntu issue, wine issue or that app?13:44
oerheks  13:44
NeoFAT32oerheks: I think it's because the .exe is trying to access to a memory path that doesn't exist.13:45
NeoFAT32 13:45
oerheksor should have no access too.. that is good13:45
NeoFAT32yeah but how it can be good if it's crashing...?13:46
NeoFAT32I don't understand these useless security parameters.13:47
NeoFAT32"Hi, I'm using Linux, I have to install random/pkg everytime I'm working on Linux but hey hey, I need to prevent wine to access to my files but at least, it can access to my downloads folder on Ubuntu, yeah the windows downloads folder is a shortcut to my ubuntu download folder13:48
NeoFAT32Yay !13:48
NeoFAT32Linux's logic ? Work to work harder. Yes.13:48
oerheksNewe don't deal with wine and windows app issues13:49
oerheksso, rant away, seek help in #winehq13:49
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu13:50
gordonjcpNeoFAT32: perhaps if Linux isn't to your taste you should try this new Windows thing13:52
NeoFAT32Perhaps if you have nothing interesting to say or useful thing just find something else to do.13:53
NeoFAT32I don't need to be here, to read that.13:53
NeoFAT32I'm not even here to have this kind of suggestion.13:53
gordonjcpokay, well, maybe stop whining13:53
gordonjcpactually describe the problem you're having13:53
NeoFAT32Dude, it's ok, I'm just going to find help somewhere else.13:54
gordonjcpalthough oerheks has already pointed out, #winehq is the best place to ask13:54
NeoFAT32[00:50:11] <NeoFAT32> Thanks.13:54
NeoFAT32Thanks you. I needed you to work as a log.13:55
gordonjcpWine's a bit of an "it either works or it doesn't" thing though13:55
NeoFAT32If every logs worked like you, damn, we wouldn't have much problems to solve.13:55
gordonjcpit'll work straight out of the gate, or there will be some fundamental part not implemented that stops you dead13:56
NeoFAT32Yeah it's ok, I think it's just sad to say something such well Linux is not Ubuntu, when Microsoft itself, make the pleasure to allow people to run linux os on a native vm such hyper-v.13:56
NeoFAT32Well, it's ok, it's probably because they have the money.13:56
NeoFAT32See you later.13:56
NeoFAT32Linux is not windows*13:56
gordonjcpwell hyperv is just virtualisation13:57
gordonjcpyou could probably run damn near any OS on it, even the ones you haven't heard of13:57
NeoFAT32Yeah, excuse-me where's the native vm client on ubuntu ?13:58
NeoFAT32Or damn, it's true, I have to find it by myself.13:58
oerheksNeoFAT32, stop the silly rant please13:58
gordonjcpNeoFAT32: when my son was 9 months old I needed to feed him myself with a spoon.  Now he's 18 months old, he can feed himself with a spoon.  He doesn't need a grown-up to do it.13:59
gordonjcpno-one's going to spoon-feed you this stuff.  You're a grown-up.  Learn to read.13:59
NeoFAT32Yup but well, you know, you should see some topic on these forums. Well, at least they are not considerate as tutorial.14:00
NeoFAT32But if you want to talk about how to grow up.14:00
NeoFAT32We can surely talk about xorg. tutorial ?14:00
NeoFAT32It's an interesting topic there.14:00
gordonjcpwe could, if we travelled back ten years in time14:00
NeoFAT32Using the same color to explain comment and command ?14:01
NeoFAT32Oh.. damn, we're in 2022 should work in white and black.14:01
gordonjcpeveryone uses Wayland now14:01
NeoFAT32Ok bye.14:01
gordonjcpand before that, xorg pretty much didn't need any external config unless you were doing something deeply weird14:01
NeoFAT32Oh such using dual gpu ?14:02
NeoFAT32Oh yeah, yeah.14:02
oerheksThen /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/  was invented :-D14:02
NeoFAT32I don't know why I'm still talking.14:02
NeoFAT32oooh a file that i cannot find ! :D14:02
NeoFAT32what are you going to say ? that i didn't install xorg ?14:02
NeoFAT32Damn bruh.14:02
gordonjcpNeoFAT32: no, using things like Firewire-connected video processors for outputting half a dozen HDMI feeds and stuff14:03
oerheksthere is no standard xorg.conf anymore, it is created virtually on boot and dumped when shutdown14:03
oerheksfor years now14:03
NeoFAT32Ok, I didn't use linux for years.14:04
gordonjcpprobe for stuff that makes sense14:04
* gordonjcp has used it for about 27 years14:04
oerheksthat is why /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/  folder exists, to add your special needs14:04
Marmottewhen I'm not satisfied by an OS/program/whatever, I stop using it instead of blaming it endlessly :)14:04
gordonjcpI'm old enough to remember compiling bits of X11R6 because modelines weren't a thing yet14:04
NeoFAT32But well, it seems like you all guys, like to act like you were all Bill Gates, it was the same on Spotchat, people showing their useless knowledge to people that need help to install a single thing.14:04
NeoFAT32Damn guys, you should drink a bit or damn, wait, just forget about it, don't drink.14:05
oerheksyou are a breeze for our volunteers, keep it up14:05
gordonjcpNeoFAT32: maybe you shouldn't, if that's the standard of your discourse14:05
NeoFAT32I'm sorry but it's the same, you know for example, "#Ubuntu" what's the kind of subjects that we can talk in this kind of channel with such a name ?14:07
NeoFAT32Oh... everything about Ubuntu, am I wrong ?14:07
NeoFAT32Ok so what's the real difference between talking about Mint ? Oh yeah, it's not Ubuntu. It's just a random OS running with Debian/Ubuntu build.14:08
NeoFAT32Oh but wait, what Ubuntu is made of ?14:08
NeoFAT32Oh no... we cannot talk about linux.14:08
gordonjcpNeoFAT32: do you have a car?14:08
NeoFAT32vroom vroom.14:08
gordonjcpNeoFAT32: say you have a Honda Civic, and you take the engine out and fit one from a Ford Transit instead, and then you have some problems so you take it to the Honda garage14:09
gordonjcpNeoFAT32: what do you think the garage will say?14:09
gordonjcp"Sure, it started life as a Honda so we'll fix it" or "Please take that pile of heterogenous scrap off my forecourt"14:10
NeoFAT32Oh ok, I should buy some stock Linux hardwares.14:11
NeoFAT32Maybe how about a real question. Why Linux is trying to use hardwares used by Microsoft ?14:11
gordonjcpnot quite sure what you're asking there?14:12
NeoFAT32If I'm asking drivers ? Oh yeah, I am.14:12
RavageHe is just bad at being a troll :)14:12
NeoFAT32Yeah, and you're just bad to recognize a troll.14:12
gordonjcpNeoFAT32: maybe you could rephrase your question so it makes a bit more sense14:12
NeoFAT32But you should see that with you bpu.14:12
NeoFAT32Brain Processor Unit ?14:13
NeoFAT32Ok ok. Here : Thanks you for your comments, I have to go. Bye !14:13
gordonjcpwhat a strange person14:13
gordonjcpI wonder what they wanted?14:14
BluesKajHi all14:14
Ravagegordonjcp: attention14:14
gordonjcpRavage: probably14:15
gordonjcpBluesKaj: hi14:15
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BluesKajhi gordonjcp14:16
paulg_I was just wondering if anyone had noticed that kernel no longer boots under Paralles on M1 macs. The -30 kernel does boot. -35 is important as it contains fixes for dirtypipe and spectre-bhb14:24
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jhutchinsIs that really 4 hours of dead air?18:27
alkisgMeh and you just broke it :D18:29
Voidwarperdoes the new ubuntu use pipewire?18:37
Voidwarperis there a plan to switch to it like fedore did18:37
MaikVoidwarper: afaik pipewire was already included in 21.1018:40
VoidwarperMaik: oh is it the default?18:41
Maiknot sure18:41
Voidwarperalso is the wayland gnome the default still or did ubuntu switch back to x11 gnome?18:41
MaikUbuntu uses wayland as default since 20.1018:41
Maikand it has been ever since18:42
diezelEvening all, just got myself an old Dell T7600 with dual Xeon CPU's and 128Gb of RAM. Trying to put Ubuntu on it but after selecting the UEFI boot I get an error MoklistRT out of resources18:47
diezelThe system is so old it does not have Secure Boot at all, so that's not the case18:47
lotuspsychjediezel: you got a picture or logs you can share with us?18:48
diezelRead some select grub64.efi to boot with from the UEFI prompt, but I get non18:48
diezellotuspsychje: It's before the boot media even loads, so wont even show the boot menu18:49
diezelI can try to get a picture but it shuts down real fast after showing the error18:49
lotuspsychjediezel: wich ubuntu iso are you trying?18:50
alkisgIt could maybe possibly mean that shim has compatibility issues with your your UEFI firmware; you can install grub-efi without shim though18:50
alkisgShim == mod, grub == the actual loader18:50
diezelJust as a test put the iso on a Ventoy media as well and ventoy boots but as soon as I move to ubuntu it stops at the same error. It's the 20.04 Desktop media I'm using18:51
alkisgBoot from the live cd and remove shim without removing grub-efi18:51
alkisg(lotuspsychje, matrix has issues joining, it keeps prompting without success.... :/)18:52
Ravageor if you dont actually need EFI turn it off in BIOS and do a good old MBR/BIOS installation :)18:52
diezelalkisg: it wont boot the installation media at all18:52
diezelRavage: yea, I think that might be the way to go here18:52
alkisgdiezel: didn't you say that ventoy boots?18:52
diezelVentoy does18:52
alkisgCan you load ubuntu.iso with ventoy?18:53
diezelalkisg: fails just as from the usb stick with only ubuntu18:53
diezelMoklistRT out of resources18:53
alkisgWrite the ubuntu.iso inside ventoy then and boot18:53
alkisgYou just need a live cd to remove shim18:53
diezelalkisg: ok, I need to find some info on that. The shim, is it on the ubuntu iso? So I need to modify that? I can go find this on google now as well as you pointed me to a possible fix :)18:55
alkisgdiezel: if you prefer to install in bios mode, that could be easier, as Ravage said,18:56
alkisgotherwise, you'd just write ubuntu.iso inside ventoy, boot with it, then you'd chroot to /dev/sda2 or whatever your partition is, and purge the shim package18:56
alkisgwith apt purge shim-signed18:56
jhutchins!info pipewire19:05
ubottupipewire (0.3.32-1, impish): audio and video processing engine multimedia server. In component main, is optional. Built by pipewire. Size 4 kB / 25 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)19:05
lotuspsychjeits installed on 22.04 here too19:05
lotuspsychje  Geïnstalleerd: 0.3.48-1ubuntu119:05
diezelalkisg: this is pre-install. So there is only a empty drive in the system. No operating system yet. I'll try the legacy boot and see if that works19:07
diezelyeah, legacy startx so I guess that's the shortcut here19:08
alkisgIf I understood correctly, you could also just copy ubuntu.iso inside your ventoy stick...19:09
diezelno, just ventoy, as soon as I select the ubuntu.iso it fails just like the ubuntu only media. Sorry if I was unclear19:09
alkisgAh OK then, yeah go for legacy, easier19:10
alkisgThere are other ways too, e.g. my liveusb stick https://github.com/alkisg/liveusb, but probably not worth the fuss19:11
c_89Hi, what is the IRC channel where can I talk about javascript?19:13
diezelSince there is no hurry to get this running, I can at least give it a shot19:13
sarnoldc_89: try #javascript19:14
tomreyndiezel: i haven't followed the full vconversation, but did you try this (first hit (for me) on a web search for your error message): https://askubuntu.com/questions/1029889/ubuntu-18-04-uefi-boot-fails-moklistrt-out-of-resources19:14
diezeltomreyn: That could do the trick as well. So that's just pre-creating a boot menu option in bios to point to the usb device. Will at least try it out just to see the outcome19:19
tomreynright, this seems to have worked for others with the same error message.19:21
MonoLStart up disk creator won't let me pick the image I want :(19:36
leftyfbMonoL: what is the image you want?19:37
MonoLWas gonna put puppy on a usb19:37
MonoLdose it only work with ubuntu?19:37
leftyfbMonoL: what is the file name?19:38
leftyfbI'm not sure19:39
MonoLyeah idk either19:39
MonoLseems strange19:39
leftyfbMonoL: try etcher.io19:39
MonoLcant find it19:40
MonoLno snap or apt19:41
leftyfbMonoL: http://etcher.io19:41
MaikMonoL: startup disk creator only can make use of buntu based and, iirc, debian based isos19:42
MonoLok so no puppy?19:43
Maikguess not19:43
Maikyou can use Disks and the Restore Image feature, no third party app needed19:43
MonoLSeems to be fine writing an android x86 iso19:43
NeoFAT32Maik !!!19:44
MaikMonoL: so far i only succeeded to flash buntu and debian isos to usb sticks with the creator19:45
lotuspsychjeventoy is cool19:45
MaikDisks too19:45
MonoLOk etcher is doing it's thing19:47
MonoLlooks nice19:47
leftyfbMonoL: we don't need the play-by-play. At this point, any further support with your puppy linux distro should be directed at puppy linux19:48
MonoLThanks guys19:51
estanhi folks. just installed ubuntu server 20.04.4 LTS and noticed that multiverse was enabled by default after installation. why is that enabled by default?20:14
oerheksestan, not sure what packages are needed, multiverse gives Software restricted by copyright or legal issues.20:19
estanyes, i know. i'm just surprised that it's enabled by default. i can't remember getting any choice about it during installation.20:21
estan(and i did not make any particular choices about sw to install during installation, so i would be surprised if it installed something from multiverse)20:22
oerheksi doubt seeing multiverse enabled, standard..20:23
oerheksubuntu-restricted-extras enables it, afaik20:24
oerheks!info ubuntu-restricted-extras20:24
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (67, impish): Commonly used media codecs and fonts for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Built by ubuntu-restricted-extras. Size 4 kB / 14 kB20:24
estanhm, okay. maybe i missed something during installation where i could have made a choice, but i definitely didn't check anything conciously, and it was enabled after install.20:33
blahboybazI've got a problem emrging a couple times before this and again today - when doing an update...20:33
blahboybaz$ uname -v20:33
blahboybaz#33~20.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Feb 7 14:25:10 UTC 202220:33
blahboybazI'm getting a dialogue telling me the update cannot procede because there isn't enough space in /boot. Using autoremove worked the two times this happend before but today there is nothing to autoremove.20:33
blahboybazWhat are some options on how to solve this?20:33
oerheksthis is why ubuntu installs in one partition. standard.20:34
estangrep multiverse /var/log/installer/installer-journal.txt | head -1 shows "Mar 08 16:32:37 ubuntu-server subiquity_log.3712[4894]: Get:15 http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/multiverse amd64 Packages [144 kB]"20:34
blahboybazoerheks: iirc I installed using all default settings but that was a long time ago and not the type of thing I would rememver (unless I had done something custom then I might recall doing something like that)20:35
blahboybazAt any rate its something I need to solve20:35
Niekdoi accidentally ran sudo rm /* couple weeks ago, thank god i have root and home in separate partitons20:36
sarnoldblahboybaz: the usual approach is to apt purge some of the older linux-* packages ; try ls -l /boot ; then dpkg -S ... on the linux kernels, and remove some of the older ones -- ideally ones you're not currently running20:37
oerhekspastebin the output of 'df -h' # this would show what is used20:37
oerhekssarnold, +120:37
blahboybazNiekdo: I did that over a decade ago once (ubuntu 16.04 era) and lost everthing. I had only been using ubu a few mos at that time and someone suggested I do that as a soln to a question I had posted on the forum. Never again! I learned my lesson20:37
blahboybazsarnold: I will look into that thanks20:38
blahboybazIs there a longer term soln - considering that maybe this is a progressive problem?20:39
ioriablahboybaz, if you paste 'df -h', we can take a look20:39
blahboybazok I'll look20:40
blahboybazMaybe I can increase the size of /boot  if lvm is being used?20:40
blahboybazI'll see about df20:40
blahboybaz$ df -h  -->  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZRggGsFsrN/20:42
oerheksso you have lvm indeed20:43
blahboybaz$ ls -al /boot  -->  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8yg7Hky5QD/20:43
blahboybazif it helps20:43
blahboybazoerheks: can't one just grow the volume size or something like that?20:44
blahboybazHow do you tell what can be safely removed or not?20:51
sarnoldblahboybaz: you compare version numbers in the files against uname -a output20:54
sarnoldblahboybaz: it's best to keep the one you're running, and the newest one20:54
blahboybazsarnold: ok...  And about increasing the vol size of /boot ?  Is that a very good idea? Would it even help?20:55
sarnoldblahboybaz: it probably would, but I know very little about lvm20:56
blahboybazsarnold: ok... ty20:56
blahboybazIs it advisable to also remove the System.map, config, and initrd.img  with the corresponding version numbers?20:59
sarnoldblahboybaz: purging the right packages will do that stuff for you21:02
sarnoldblahboybaz: if you *remove* those files, purging the packages will get way harder21:02
sarnoldblahboybaz: once in a while apt will get very unhappy when /boot fills up, and the best way out of that mess is to *truncate* those files, so you can still do filesystem operations in there, and dpkg will then purge packages21:03
blahboybazsarnold: Are you getting at the difference between remove and purge or is there some package name I need to identify?21:03
sarnoldblahboybaz: that's what the dpkg -S commands are for21:04
sarnold± dpkg -S /boot/vmlinuz-5.4.0-77-generic21:04
sarnoldlinux-image-5.4.0-77-generic: /boot/vmlinuz-5.4.0-77-generic21:04
blahboybazSo dpkg -S on the kernel name and it will tell me the package name to use?21:04
blahboybazso which of the example is what you would actually use in your apt command?21:05
sarnoldapt purge linux-image-5.4.0-77-generic21:05
blahboybazI see21:06
blahboybazIsn't there a setting for how many old kernels to keep? I thought that was supposed to only keep the kernel I'm running and one older or something21:10
sarnoldblahboybaz: there's a vastly complicated script that never quite works right, yeah21:15
sarnoldblahboybaz: newer releases have a simplified script that will hopefully save fewer kernels and make fewer mistakes21:16
blahboybazsarnold: right on21:16
blahboybazI guess that worked (purging stuff).. It kinda screwed up on one of the two I was trying to remove but there's more space now so.. idk21:17
sarnoldhopefully an apt install -f  will take it the rest of the way from here21:17
blahboybazoerheks: Looks like that worked. I appreciate the guideance21:29
glestradehi, I'm trying to find out why there was a loopback device mounted on my linux22:50
glestradeit seemed to have some wine stuff associated with it... could it have had to do with notepad++?22:50
sarnoldcheck mount output to see what it is; you can use lsof or fuser to see what processes are using it22:52
glestradewell I unmounted it since22:52
glestradelet's see if I launch notepad++ again...22:53
glestraderelaunching didn't make the loopback device show...22:55
glestradecould it have been malicious?22:55
sarnoldsure, but that's pretty unlikely22:56
jhutchinsglestrade: What does the loopback device contain?22:56
glestradesarnold: I agree it's unlikely, but maybe I'll never be sure now that I unmounted it. It was just there one morning...22:57
glestradejhutchins: I remember there being some snap packages, including wine like I said... most looked familiar tbh22:58
glestradeno executables22:58
glestradelet's turn it into a generic question, when would processes create loopback devices23:00
oerheksloopback devices, probable snaps23:00
glestradeassuming it's just the normal functioning of some program23:01
oerheksbut i am sure you read that in that loopback device name description23:01
glestradei can't be sure of anything at this point23:01
glestradewell, top doesn't show anything crazy, I'm probably worried about nothing23:05
jhutchinsYou can't be sure of anything with snaps or flatpaks.23:05
shadow_master_hi. when I close a program, I see that the program still consumes memory, and then UI will block.23:32
shadow_master_this state will remain for about 15 minutes and finally, the memory comes free. even though my system is weak, I don't have this issue with windows. is there any solution?23:32
jailbreakshadow_master_: you *could try* sudo killall *name*23:33
cmhobbsi've got ubuntu 20.04 installed on a macbook pro (via https://github.com/marcosfad/mbp-ubuntu).  if i install xubuntu-desktop via apt, how likely is it to break my install?  i'd like to use xfce but things are generally working so i'm reticent to try to make changes like that if it'll foul things up23:33
oerhekscmhobbs, adding a desktop should be no issue, removing one is interesting23:38
oerheksi would do a fresh xubuntu install, no clutter from gnome23:38
cmhobbswell sure23:42
cmhobbsthat's just more effort than i can undertake at the moment23:42
cmhobbsthanks for the info23:42
cmhobbsi don't need to remove gnome necessarily, i just want to use xfce23:43
jailbreakcmhobbs: then just apt install xubuntu-desktop, solved. :-)23:45
bmhttps://imgur.com/8lgneio - any workaround, guys? ;)23:46
bmOn desktop you can just press the context menu keyboard key, but laptops have no such feature.23:46
oerheksehm you click on 0 bytes files?23:47
oerheksgood luck with that23:47
sarnoldbm: can you click to the left of the file icons?23:48
bmsarnold: it does nothing, doesn't open the menu :)23:48
sarnoldbm: lol23:48
bmoerheks: $ touch {1..99}23:48
sarnoldbm: well, I'm glad my intuition about it doing something *different* wasn't entirely wrong, but that's not useful at all...23:49
alpha7025[m]I thought it was a 2 finger click or a long press or something23:49
sarnoldbm: okay.. how about right-clicking on the 'name' header at the top?23:50
bmsarnold: it opens a menu where you can select which columns to show ;)23:50
dobbicorpis there an alternative to ssh's -b param but for ssh-copy-id ?23:51
bmsarnold: also tried: clicking the scroll bar (does nothing), breadcrumbs (opens something else)23:51
dobbicorpi need to pass origin ip to ssh-copy-id23:51
sarnoldbm: you could poke around https://extensions.gnome.org/# and see if someone's made an extension to fix this.. the extensions there can have wildly different qualities, so don't go adding a bunch all at once23:53
bmI love that this system hasn't been upgraded for like 2 years now. Today I installed a new one on a different machine, updated it, thought "well, it MUST have been fixed by now, somebody must have noticed and added something trivial like a margin below the last row". Nope, still there :)))23:54
dobbicorpUsage: /usr/bin/ssh-copy-id [-h|-?|-f|-n] [-i [identity_file]] [-p port] [[-o <ssh -o options>] ...]23:54
dobbicorphow do i pass -o params?23:55
dobbicorpi need to pass binding_address23:55
cmhobbsthanks, folks23:56
bmAlso another genius bug is graying out the "Always on top" option in window context menu when the window is maximized. I love how somebody actually put effort into that :)))))23:59

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