xu-irc53wdo u install new kernel, old kernel cleaned ?11:41
KBarxu-irc53w: never remove the older kernel. always leave the previous version installed on your system11:42
KBarxu-irc53w: so that you can revert back to it in case of a failed upgrade11:43
KBarimagine you upgrade your kernel but it has bugs or other defects11:44
KBarnot autoremoving the older version allows you to seamlessly restore the system back to its normal, operational state11:44
veretoeshey dudes, hope you are doing well. could you please help me with the following: i'd like to check the cpu and amount of memory in xubuntu, where can I find it? thanks!12:38
orqcxhaUsage or what you have installed?12:39
veretoeswhat is installed12:39
orqcxhaPersonally i usually use dmidecode command and maybe grep it for the relevant part12:40
veretoesthanks 12:42
orqcxhaNo problemo, there could be other ways too12:44
AccelSharkneofetch is what I use :)12:47
orqcxhaoh nice, neofetch showed me the ascii mascot12:52
orqcxhaalso im already on my laptop for 8 hours, didnt want to know that though12:53
veretoesneofetch worked12:57
veretoessee ya dudes!12:58
orqcxha...and we never seen them again12:58
pikapikaWhats the xfce in 20.04 lts?13:57
pikapikaIt is said new xfce versions now have fractional scaling13:58
pikapikaI wish to know if the one that comes with 20.04 has that xfce13:58
orqcxhaI'm honestly not sure but I have it in jammy14:07
orqcxhawith 4.16 xfce14:08
pikapikaorqcxha, which one is jammy14:10
orqcxhafocal/lts seems to have 4.14?14:10
pikapikaoh 22.0414:10
pikapikaIs it planned to backport this fractional scaling to 20.04?14:10
pikapikaorqcxha, whats your screen rez and size14:11
orqcxha1366x768 on a 14" laptop14:12
pikapikaOh okay14:12
pikapikaAt that size the default should be fine14:12
pikapikaMine is 1080p and something like 1.25 would be nice here14:12
orqcxhaYeah i just looked it up for you14:12
orqcxhacant help with backport plans or such though14:12
pikapikaMy other laptop is 768 and 15in and xfce's default works excellently there14:13
pikapikaIts okay14:13
pikapikaIts still acceptable and I see no point in upgrading distro just for this14:13
orqcxhawell if it works it works14:18
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