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xelixWhat has happened to dolphin/places?  I just want to got to ~ not to get all my files sorted02:41
xelixinstalling konqueror02:42
xelixis it me?  I suppose it probably is...02:43
xelixfinally fixed it02:57
ShortstopHey there, can anyone help me with this series of messages I'm receiving on boot: https://bpa.st/I4TQ03:17
IrcsomeBot<blahblahblah269> how can i restore the original os-release file ? mine has wrong info, it shows sparky linux instead of ubuntu05:50
IrcsomeBot<blahblahblah269> i added a sparky repo to get a package but removed afterwards05:51
BluesKajHi all13:48
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kubuntuHi guys how can I encrypt my hard drive after install? I have about 10 terabytes of kiddy pictures to hide haha thanks23:24
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oerheksin short; not.23:25
oerheksone could add an encryption protected user , but not the whole system.23:26
c00ld00doerheks: that is good enough. thanks!23:35

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