oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers07:01
jibelGood morning folks07:23
dufluMorning oSoMoN and jibel 07:28
jpnurmigood morning oSoMoN and jibel, hey duflu07:30
dufluHi jpnurmi 07:31
jibelhi duflu jpnurmi 07:31
oSoMoNhey duflu 07:36
oSoMoNgood morning jpnurmi 07:36
seb128goood morning desktopers08:13
dufluHi seb128 08:18
seb128duflu, hey, how are you?08:21
dufluseb128, tired but I've done my interviews and 360s now so all down hill... How are you?08:22
seb128duflu, a bit tired as well but it's nice and sunny outside so let's see if that's enough to wake me up properly08:23
oSoMoNsalut seb128 08:47
seb128lut oSoMoN, en forme ?08:50
oSoMoNon fait aller :)08:52
KGB-0gtk3 Simon McVittie 300561 * commented merge request !6 * https://deb.li/3BUyz11:24
jbichagood morning12:00
seb128jbicha, hey, how are you?12:03
jbichahappy Mario Day, lol12:05
seb128jbicha, I'm curious but why are you rebuilding half of the archive for a 'new gdx picbuf'?12:23
seb128gdk pixbuf even12:23
seb128we didn't even have an upload for that package this year12:23
jbichait's an old transition from Debian that we never finished. Debian bug 98114112:26
ubottuDebian bug 981141 in release.debian.org "transition: gdk-pixbuf binNMUs to drop transitional package" [Normal, Open] https://bugs.debian.org/98114112:26
seb128jbicha, is it really worth DoSing the infra and triggering tests accross the board to drop a transitional?12:28
jbichaDebian would eventually drop the transitional package and this way we're ready for it. I think the infrastructure isn't too loaded now12:30
seb128alright :-(12:30
seb128we probably have higher priority issues that are visible to users to deal with though12:31
jbichaseb128: the webkit/surf/arm64 autopkgtest failed with the new version13:14
seb128jbicha, right, I tested that yesterday and reported https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=23763613:16
ubottubugs.webkit.org bug 237636 in WebKit "[GTK] 2.35.x errors out on Ubuntu arm64" [Normal, New]13:16
lunatodays iso worked to install13:17
jbichathank you13:19
jbichaseb128: what do you think about having gnome-shell use the new gnome-bluetooth? we would still need to keep the old gnome-bluetooth in main for our gtk3 gnome-control-center13:27
jbichait would avoid needing to revert ~6 commits https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-shell/-/commits/main/js/ui/status/bluetooth.js13:28
jbichathe "wedged state" fix requires the new gnome-bluetooth or backporting the set_default_adapter_powered API to the old gnome-bluetooth13:30
seb128jbicha, is that separate source? I don't think the MIR team is going to like that, it's one of the usual rules to have only one variant for a source in main13:35
jbichayes, it is a separate source13:36
seb128you can try to make your case to the MIR team but I would rather stick to the 'one copy of the source to main' and backport the patches13:37
seb128or revert the shell requirement13:37
jbichaTrevinho brought up one additional point earlier: if a GNOME Shell extension tries to mess with the Bluetooth menu, it may break because we've diverged enough there from the usual Shell 4213:40
jbichamaybe that's rare. It would be cool to have something like codesearch for extensions.gnome.org13:41
Trevinhojbicha: I think you can ask Adkins admin there to grep the extensions 13:42
seb128jbicha, if we backport the gnome-bluetooth patches we need to our main version that means no delta on the shell no?13:43
seb128jbicha, Trevinho, also is one of you working on unblocking the shell migration?13:43
jbichano for backporting being a complete fix because there is a <switch to GListModel> API change that I think would break API for other uses13:45
seb128jbicha, k, you made it sound earlier that we just needed a new api13:46
tillkamppeterseb128, hi13:46
seb128tillkamppeter, hey13:46
jbichayes, for one particular bluetooth improvement in the new series :|13:47
tillkamppeterseb128, you seem to have not returned yesterday, so let us try now.13:47
jbichaI fixed gpaste yesterday so the remaining task for gnome-shell migration is doing a git bisect to figure out when the testcase got one pixel off13:47
tillkamppeterseb128, I have looked into merging the CUPS package from Debian, but their change, the "SystemGroup: lpadmin root" we had already as Ubuntu-specific patch for a longer time, so a merge would not lead to anything new.13:49
seb128jbicha, well, you have my opinion, I don't think the MIR team is going to like having a second copy in main but feel free to try your chance with them13:49
seb128tillkamppeter, hey, sorry I need to step out again now, but I do think the issue is rather than the printer somehow, my android phone wouldn't be able to connect to it either13:50
tillkamppeterseb128, so your problem is another and I could only find out about it by the usual info, error_log in debug mode, what did you try, ...13:50
seb128tillkamppeter, I will try on windows later and if it works I will ping you back to see why it doesn'"t work on Ubuntu13:50
tillkamppeterSo then perhaps poer-cycle printer ...13:50
seb128tillkamppeter, but if it's not working on windows I'm going to assume it's a printer issue13:50
tillkamppeterCheck printer's web interface ...13:50
seb128tillkamppeter, k, I need to step out for a bit but I will check that later and let you know if I've news, thanks13:51
seb128jbicha, I saw for gpaste, thanks, let's see if Trevinho can sort ouf the test or maybe ignore it13:51
jbichaseb128: would I need a MIR then a FFE if I wanted to try for the gnome-bluetooth3 for gnome-shell?13:51
seb128jbicha, yes13:52
Trevinhoseb128: I probably can just disable it for now... Really have no clue what that Pixel difference is due to 13:53
seb128alright, I need to drop from IRC, I need to be somewhere in 7 min and I'm late, use mattermost or try again if you need to reach me13:53
seb128Trevinho, please do, we need to unblock that update one way or another13:53
jbichaTrevinho: should we jump mutter/gnome-shell to 42 RC now or wait for migration first?13:54
Trevinhojbicha: can see how that will be expensive 13:55
TrevinhoBut probably better go with beta first as it's more tested 13:55
jbichaok, I'll do a gnome-shell upload for LP: #1964136 now13:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1964136 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Settings item not shown in System menu" [High, Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196413613:57
KGB-2gnome-shell signed tags b2e7f84 Jeremy Bicha ubuntu/42_beta-1ubuntu2 * gnome-shell Debian release 42~beta-1ubuntu2 * https://deb.li/3QFRE14:04
KGB-2gnome-shell ubuntu/master 680e944 Jeremy Bicha debian/patches/ series ubuntu/Revert-ui-Rename-gnome-control-center-to-org.gnome.Settin.patch * Add patch to restore Settings item in system menu * https://deb.li/12jl14:04
KGB-2gnome-shell ubuntu/master f906057 Jeremy Bicha debian/changelog * releasing package gnome-shell version 42~beta-1ubuntu2 * https://deb.li/3VcvI14:04
KGB-0gnome-bluetooth3 upstream/latest e502510 Jeremy Bicha * pushed 17 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/3TFKc14:16
KGB-0gnome-bluetooth3 upstream/latest 748dbb5 Jiri Grönroos po/fi.po * Update Finnish translation * https://deb.li/TBDD14:16
KGB-0gnome-bluetooth3 upstream/latest 530fe98 Bastien Nocera tests/integration-test.py * tests: Fix wait_for_condition() AGAIN 😩 * https://deb.li/iiOsz14:16
KGB-0gnome-bluetooth3 upstream/latest 91aed31 Bastien Nocera tests/integration-test.py * tests: Wait longer than one loop iteration for device removal * https://deb.li/QBf214:17
KGB-0gnome-bluetooth3 upstream/latest 80daa7a Bastien Nocera lib/bluetooth-client.c * lib: Merge device removal with adapter removal * https://deb.li/3D23C14:17
KGB-0gnome-bluetooth3 upstream/latest 942dda2 Bastien Nocera tests/integration-test.py * tests: Add test for device removal coalescing/quieting * https://deb.li/VXBh14:17
KGB-0gnome-bluetooth3 pristine-tar e135c28 Jeremy Bicha gnome-bluetooth3_42~rc.orig.tar.xz.delta gnome-bluetooth3_42~rc.orig.tar.xz.id * pristine-tar data for gnome-bluetooth3_42~rc.orig.tar.xz * https://deb.li/3qBOd14:17
KGB-2gnome-shell ubuntu/master b0d9577 Jeremy Bicha * pushed 98 commits (first 5 follow) * https://deb.li/3icTF14:20
KGB-2gnome-shell ubuntu/master ba23279 Jonas Dreßler js/ui/workspace.js * workspace: Don't freeze the layout when there's no layout yet * https://deb.li/i2XP114:20
KGB-2gnome-shell ubuntu/master fc4f9f6 Florian Müllner js/misc/signalTracker.js js/ui/environment.js js/ui/messageTray.js tests/unit/signalTracker.js * signalTracker: Explicitly register destroyable types * https://deb.li/wFve14:20
KGB-2gnome-shell ubuntu/master 6d3df38 Sebastian Keller js/ui/workspace.js * workspace: Scale slots to current workspace size when layout is frozen * https://deb.li/3tB7014:20
KGB-2gnome-shell ubuntu/master 462d17d Piotr Drąg po/pl.po * Update Polish translation * https://deb.li/GcnA14:20
KGB-2gnome-shell ubuntu/master c2bc101 Florian Müllner (6 files in 5 dirs) * Bump version to 42.rc * https://deb.li/3yXfi14:20
jbichaoSoMoN: are you going to unblock firefox from jammy-proposed soon? Jammy users are getting both the deb and snap of Firefox currently17:46
oSoMoNjbicha, there are a few details to iron out before it can be unblocked17:47
seb128jbicha, we also need to figure out what we do about the fact that the snap and so the new deb are available on less architectures, it's going to lead to component mismatches for things that require a browser18:45
jbichainstall Epiphany on those weird architectures? 😜18:48
seb128I was thinking that yes18:50
seb128but if that's the option we pick then we need to MIR it so it's going to take a while18:50
sarnoldI have trouble seeing us being able to provide a similar level of security support for the boutique browsers..18:53
jbichahow long do we need to support those architectures for?18:54
mdeslaurwe're currently unable to provide reasonable webkit2gtk updates for the duration of an LTS18:55
mdeslaurI wouldn't want that to be a browser engine installed by default18:55
KGB-0gnome-control-center Marco Trevisan 300651 * commented merge request !24 * https://deb.li/3OSw219:00
jbichaWe only offer Ubuntu Desktop ISOs for amd64 + arm64 right? is it doable to have epiphany in main to satisfy dependencies on other architectures but with documentation that it doesn't have official security support?19:10
KGB-0gnome-control-center ubuntu/master 3561f76 Marco Trevisan (Treviño) debian/patches/ series ubuntu/Allow-tweaking-some-settings-for-Ubuntu-Dock.patch * ubuntu-panel: Support Shell screen transition on theme change * https://deb.li/3DS4R19:30
seb128sarnold, mdeslaur, technically epiphany is only glue around webkitgtk which is already in main and on the ISO19:54
sarnoldseb128: I thought we had gone to some effort to ensure it was never fed 'untrusted' html?19:54
seb128but yeah, the alternative option is to provide w3m or something as a webbrowser on those non desktopish architectures19:54
seb128the goal isn't to provide a desktop experience19:55
sarnoldI like w3m myself.. but it's a bit of a stretch, yeah :)19:55
seb128it's just to make component mismatch deal with the fact that firefox as our preferred browser isn't available19:55
KGB-2gnome-control-center Sebastien Bacher 300664 * commented merge request !24 * https://deb.li/Gs3y20:04

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