kepler8472Hello! Would this be a good place to ask about Ubuntu Advantage for FIPS mode enablement on Ubuntu Server?04:16
cpaelzergood morning06:08
cpaelzerlvoytek: swtpm is being MIRed already, so I thought the quote on the FFe was not a perfect match06:17
cpaelzerlvoytek: I have updated the description with this and a bit more - see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/swtpm/+bug/1950631/+activity06:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1950631 in swtpm (Ubuntu) "[FFe] wrap swtpm in an apparmor profile" [High, New]06:18
cpaelzerlvoytek: thanks for the ping, I hope this helps to get it accepted in the first try06:18
maretIf I reduce vm.swappiness, when should (if it should) ubuntu server reduce it's swap? Now it still full even though I have around 30% of free RAM.07:35
maretor maybe I could run swapoff -a , if its safe07:39
JanCit should swap into RAM when that memory is actually used, I suppose, so why care?07:56
JanCare you having an actual problem with it?07:57
maretwell in my case i have 30 GB of free ram and swap at 12 out of 1207:57
maretseems ineffecient and I am running temporary intensive process which I would like to speed up as much as possible07:57
maretafaik swapoff should be safe to run07:58
JanCif it doesn't get swapped into RAM, it means it isn't being used?07:58
JanCyou could do that, but it would probably swap unused stuff into RAM?07:58
JanCmeaning you'd have less free RAM for whatever you're doing?07:59
maretgood point, not sure to be honest, maybe I am reading / thinking about swap wrong07:59
JanCgenerally, when RAM is getting full, RAM that is not used (often) gets moved to swap08:01
JanCit might even be memory that will be never used again (e.g. because it "leaked" because of programming bugs)08:04
maretyeah but my RAM is not getting full 08:04
maretso I don't see much of benefit of using swap with 30 GB of free memory08:04
maretI mean at worst I can turn it back on08:04
JanCyou can always test what works best: with or without swap...08:07
mirespacegood morning08:24
utkarsh2102mirespace: o/08:38
MJCDis there an init script style area that can't be avoided/aborted by the user/someone else?10:14
hornbillfating a very strange issue with an ubuntu-server-20.04... attempting to configure apache2 with php7.4.. 11:58
hornbillall default ubuntu packages.. for some reason php is not getting executed.. doing a curl gives me the source code.11:59
hornbilla2query -m php7.4 -----output ----> php7.4 (enabled by maintainer script)11:59
hornbillno php configs are changed / modified.. 12:00
hornbilltest.php uploaded in /var/www/html... but this is not executing..12:02
Ravagea2enmod php7.412:02
hornbillyes.. already done.. 12:02
Ravageand what about the php5 conflict?12:03
Ravagedid you upgrade from 18.04?12:03
Ravageremoved the old packages?12:04
hornbillnope.. this is a brand new linode ubuntu 20.0412:04
Ravagenot sure what they do to the poor ubuntu images12:04
Ravagedoes php come preinstalled there?12:05
hornbillhmm. i don't think its to do with them honestly.. i did spin a new node same OS etc, and its working.. 12:05
hornbillno, i had to install it myself.. 12:05
Ravageif the new node works... is it much work to copy stuff over?12:06
hornbill:D -- well.. i can.. its a new setup.. but wanted to find out what is going on.12:06
Ravageim sure it can also be fixed but that will require some debug work12:06
Ravageand if its a new node anyway maybe spare everyone a headache and use the new one? :)12:07
hornbilli reinstalled libapache2-mod-php, apache2 - purged infact.. and still its the same.12:09
ahasenackapache loads many config files from many directories. Maybe you have one such file undoing something a previous one did12:18
ahasenackmaybe you are missing what assigns the .php extension to the module12:19
athoshornbill: would you mind filing a bug in launchpad?13:27
sdezielhornbill: dunno if it's related but I find it unusual to have both php7.4-fpm and libapache2-mod-php7.413:30
hornbillathos, i can do that.. but im not able to reproduce it.. 13:33
athosoh :/13:34
hornbillim being lucky for having this in just this server :-) all others are well... 13:35
hornbillhence im inclined to think about a mistake i have done.. but not able to figure it out13:35
hornbillim purging all apache, php packages and going to reinstall them againn13:39
hornbillsdeziel, hopefully that will help to find if they are related13:40
sdezielgood, let us know how it goes ;)13:44
hornbillno change.. 13:51
hornbillapache modules loaded13:51
sdezielhornbill: please pastebin `grep -rF Handler /etc/apache2`13:53
hornbilli will bang my head somewhere.. its my fault.. PHP tags were WRONG... 13:53
sdezieloh :)13:53
hornbill:-( so embarassing.. sorry guys.. things are working as expected.. 13:54
hornbillthank you for your efforts.. and sorry for the trouble.. not in my senses.. 13:54
sdezielhornbill: well, it's a good reminder (for me at least) to check the basis first :)13:55
ahasenackwhat did you mean php "tags"?14:03
ahasenackdid you see that in the output of the grep command sdeziel suggested?14:03
sdezielI would think it was a bogus/missing "<?php" but I'm only guessing14:04
hornbillahasenack, sdeziel yes.. missing <?14:44
sergiodjthis grafana snap update is giving me a hard time15:36
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goddardhow do i find the oom score for a service?18:42
sarnoldgoddard: try grep . /proc/self/oom*18:46
rbasakgrep .> ooh, that's a nice trick. Thank you!19:40
sarnoldI learned it from someone else on irc in the last few years. it's amazing just what's still available to learn :)19:42
goddard:D thanks19:56
bryceh@athos, give me a holler if you have questions/comments on those php packages.  I'm going to try to spend the afternoon on figuring out how to disentangle php-twig22:36
brycehalso if you spot errors in autopkgtest logs mentioning Symfony/blah function(x) is incompatible with Whatever/blah function(string x), those indicate errors actually in the symfony package.  Let me know if you spot those, I'm working on a symfony update to include fixes for those types of issues.22:38

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