dobbicorpnevemind i figured00:03
sarnolddobbicorp: yay, what was it?00:05
dobbicorpsarnold:  -o "BindAddress ip"00:06
sarnolddobbicorp: aha :) thanks00:07
jhutchinsbm_: It could be a problem with the display ratio.00:07
dobbicorpdobbicorp: i guess you just man ssh and then upper camel case the long name params00:08
dobbicorpohh lol00:08
dobbicorpsarnold: ^00:08
sarnolddobbicorp: nice nice, thanks :)00:10
MonoLI did it! I fixed a machine with ubuntu, didn't need puppy in the end. couldn't install neofetch in the live system though00:32
enigma9o7[m]Why not?  Perhaps you forgot to apt update before installing....00:33
MonoLI did apt update00:33
MonoLstill there was no package called neofetch00:34
tomreyn!universe | MonoL00:35
ubottuMonoL: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.00:35
enigma9o7[m]Yes there is.00:35
MonoLWhich repository is it in?00:36
tomreynMonoL: "universe"00:36
geniiUniverse and multiverse are not enabled by default00:37
MonoLWish I'd have known this about two hours ago00:38
MonoLI'll know in future it's in the universe thanks!00:41
MonoLSo in Ubuntu If I'm running from the live usb and there's some internal drives where are the drives in the file system?01:01
MonoL /media?01:01
MonoL /dev?01:01
MonoLI found the drives in natulis with the shortcuts on the left but had trouble finding them in the terminal01:03
MonoLalso they were read only01:03
MonoLlike very read only01:03
tomreynMonoL: /dev/ will list the block devices, such as raw disks and partitions in them. when a file system on those is mounted, it may become available at /media - but it depends on how it is mounted.01:03
MonoLI started natulis in the terminal sudo natulis and still couldn't change the permissions..01:04
tomreynby default, file systems which support unix-like file system permissions will not be writable by a restricted user (i.e. a user who is not root)01:04
MonoLor write to the drive01:05
tomreynwhere is the file system mounted?01:05
tomreynmount | grep ^/dev01:06
MonoLidk I went out a few hours ago to try to fix a machine so I don't have access to it anymore, am back home now01:06
tomreyni see01:07
MonoLJust some really strange stuff happened01:07
tomreynso in nautilus, to get access to files like root, you can press ctrl-l and type admin:// in front of the path01:07
tomreynbut note that this can break your installation or cause data loss if you don't know what you're doing there.01:08
MonoLOk I've never seen this ctrl-l and admin thing before01:09
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MonoL/dev/ will list the block devices .. so if I do something like : cd /dev and then ls , is that how to get a list of devices?01:14
MonoLwow there's a lot in there01:15
leftyfbMonoL: the drives are not mounted by default. Once you mount them using nautilus, they will get mounted somewhere under /media/01:15
MonoLjust checked01:15
leftyfbMonoL: device files in /dev are not traversable. You need to mount them01:16
MonoLCan i mount them in the terminal with something like : mount /dev/sda101:17
MonoLis that a thing01:17
MonoLsorry if these question are dumb01:17
leftyfbMonoL: sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt  # sure01:18
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MonoLIn my normal install here on my home machine I only have one drive. I go to cd /media and ls and it just says my username, but if I was running live I'd have to mount the device first and then if I go to /media it'd say /sda1?01:27
leftyfbMonoL: mounts in /media are usually only created when you mount things using nautilus. If you want to mount things yourself on the commandline, you need to mount to an exiting, preferably empty directory or create a new directory to mount to01:29
leftyfbMonoL: what exactly are you trying to accomplish at the moment?01:29
MonoLI guess at this exact moment I'm trying to understand how the file system works better01:30
MrMobiuson a laptop with a wifi adapter without a driver and no ethernet port, is there a way to install the adapter driver from a flash drive or some other way?01:31
MonoLI really appreciate the help01:31
mkmkhi guys, real noob here looking for help, i downloaded grub-customizer (gui) and changed background etc, now my history list is gone (zfs) and i cant rollback the entries are avaible in the grub-customize but just as en "empty subcommands" (folders)01:43
mkmkim on 20.04 btw01:44
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oerheksthis guide shows howto roll back mkmk02:30
oerheksgood luck02:30
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://libera.chat/guides/registration - For any further help, ask in #libera02:37
mkmkoerheks, thanks02:52
mkmkoerheks, reinstall zsys :E02:53
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kepler8472Hi, folks. Any tips on where to go for troubleshooting Ubuntu Advantage issues? I'm getting dependency issues right out of the box in a clean install after attaching my UA subscription and running 'ua enable fips'04:01
kepler8472This is 20.04 LTS (Server - if it matters).04:01
Bashing-omkepler8472: ?? ESM would not yet apply to 20.04.04:04
Bashing-om!esm | kepler847204:04
ubottukepler8472: Canonical offers paid extended security support for end-of-life LTS releases through the Ubuntu Advantage program. For more information, see https://ubuntu.com/esm . ESM is not an Ubuntu community offering; please direct questions about it to Canonical directly.04:04
kepler8472@Bashing-om, should add, this is not for ESM. Strictly for FIPS mode.04:04
kepler8472I have a personal / developer subscription and testing on the free 3 machine limit.04:05
Bashing-omkepler8472: Any help here: https://ubuntu.com//blog/enable-fips-on-google-cloud .04:05
kepler8472That's helpful for GCP, but I'm trying to run it on-prem. The crux of the issue is an apt issue... "The following packages have unmet dependencies: ubuntu-fips : Depends: openssl, libssl1.1, libssl1.1-hmac, libgcrypt20, libgcrypt20-hmac" but it is not going to be installed. The ubuntu-fips packages are intended to replace those ssl crypto libs... why is it complaining?04:09
kepler8472And I can't risk removing those critical packages without wiping out them and all their dependencies, which turns the Ubuntu box into a brick.04:10
tomreynyou're experiencing the situation of a commercial offering that you're using on a free tier without a (commercial) support entitlement.04:15
tomreynthere's still a chance that someone else here is has applied this configuration and knows how to solve this, so there's a chance of getting help with this here in more busy hours (right now most euros and americans are asleep)04:17
kepler8472That's correct, tomreyn. I see the timing may not be best. I will try to ask again tomorrow morning. Thanks! :)04:17
sanmingzhiI have ubuntu installed to an ssd currently. I had windows 10 installed to a separate ssd on the same computer previously. Could I put the ssd with windows into this computer as a second disk and edit grub to make it give an option to dual boot?04:22
sanmingzhiAll the articles i find show how to do this during install for each, but these have already been installed on both disks04:23
lotuspsychje!grub | sanmingzhi04:25
ubottusanmingzhi: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:25
lotuspsychje!dualboot | sanmingzhi04:25
ubottusanmingzhi: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot04:25
sanmingzhithis isnt quite my scenario since im past the install process of each os. I had windows installed to a ssd. it works fine. took that ssd out and put in a new ssd and installed ubuntu. so i have two disk and neither are aware of each other (nothing lost/removed/deleted). I just want to add the windows ssd back and have an option to boot to either.04:29
tomreynsanmingzhi: see if your bios can do so04:30
sanmingzhithats what I'm working with now. was just wondering if there was a way to have grub do it. select from menu vs booting into bios each time04:31
sanmingzhinot a big deal either way, i rarely use windows, but was just seeing if it was something easy with grub.04:32
tomreynyou should not need to "boot into bios", most of them provide a start menu you can bring up with a single key stroke04:34
tomreyngrub can be configured to "chainload" windows, but it's not an ideal configuration04:35
sanmingzhiunderstood. I'll check my board docs for the single key. I appreciate the assistance.04:37
alkisgsanmingzhi: if you add the disk and run `sudo update-grub`, windows will be automatically added to the grub boot menu06:01
nshirelaptopis it possible for a program to run after being uninstalled??06:10
nshirelaptopI somehow have discord running still after removing it from the package manager06:10
nshirelaptopsystem monitor says its running from /usr/share/discord... but that folder no longer exist06:11
alkisgUninstallation doesn't kill existing processes (usually)06:13
alkisgSo yeah they keep running. Some times badly, with errors...06:13
nshirelaptopso I should probably kill this06:13
nshirelaptopvery strange behavior compared to windows06:14
nshirelaptopI would have expected it to put a lock on actively running executables06:14
nshirelaptopalthough maybe that's how livepatch works idk06:15
alkisgUninstalling stuff on windows doesn't kill the processes either. It's up to the uninstaller to do so.06:28
alkisgSome debian packages have well designed uninstallers that stop services, kill processes etc, and then allow the removal to proceed06:28
nshirelaptopI don't think it's possible to delete an executable while the process is running under windows unless you use some kernel hacks06:29
alkisgYou can spawn processes from an executable and they'll keep running, the uninstaller won't track them down for you06:32
alkisgAs long as you don't keep the executable in use, with resource sections etc, it can be deleted, and your spawned processes will keep running06:32
rfmnshirelaptop, windows will lock open files so you can't delete a running executable.  unix (linux) will let you delete (unlink) the file but as long as the file is open it won't go away06:33
rfmnshirelaptop, so yeah, if you've uninstalled something it makes sense to stop/kill the current instances (I would usually reboot if I can)06:36
maretHi , I am running ubuntu server as a dev machine and cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness is set to 60 as default. I would like to reduce it because i have still 24GB free memory but full swap.07:07
marettwo question: is it ok to reduce it to something like 10 ? is ist possible to do it withouth reboot. I have a running process which I don't want to stop07:08
maretah nvm should work withouth reboot07:09
maretIf I reduce it to 15 and I still have about 35% of free ram should i I see swap reduce? now the swap remains unchanged (using htop)07:11
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Guest1478I finally got my Lubuntu running in my Raspberry Pi 3 B+07:23
Guest1478It kinda took me 3 hours to install lol07:24
Guest1478So anyway07:24
Guest1478How do I see your messages?07:24
Guest1478Do I need to login or something07:24
Guest1478ok bye07:24
jamesp_hello everyone, i have an issue on ubuntu and i wonder if anyone can help me, just just updated to a i9-1100, 3 displays, 1 usb-c, 1 displayport, 1hdmi - all of them work perfectly and do as the are supposed to, but when i reboot the system just black screens, no errors nothing. - if i inplug the usb-c display and reboot all comes to life fine. if i plug the usb-c in after booted it works perfect - how can I get it to to07:32
jamesp_boot with the usb-c display connected?07:32
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Guest1287Hello there! I have some "physical paritions", and among them a Crypt/LVM. I'd like to shrink the LVM for ~2G, and give it to /boot (because apparently I made a boo-boo while partitioning :-p)08:30
Guest1287I think I have done everything correctly; however gparted (and fdisk) refuse to show the "free space" now in the disk view08:31
Guest1287Any ideas on how to debug this?08:31
LarsErikPHi. Does anyone know why the default 5% of reserved blocks is disabled/set to 0 in the cloud-images?08:41
oopswhen i query my ip address , i noticed one NIC have two ipv6 address, how does this happened? and other two NIC have only unique IP address, the info : https://paste.centos.org/view/656c460108:42
MJCDI know this is perhaps a bit of an odd question09:07
MJCDbut is there some way to replace ALL user auth with certs not just SSH?09:07
MJCDhonestly 10,000 unique randomized usernames and password is driving me mental09:07
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alkisgMJCD: how will 10,000 unique certs be different? Or you won't be using one cert per user?09:59
MJCDalkisg: because I can just have them all in a keystore so all I need to do is log in to that and all the users I have keys for will just sync to the local machine10:00
MJCDeven if that machine is the same machine10:01
MJCDit'll have LUKS and home folder encryption10:01
alkisgYou can add your own ssh key to their authorized_keys, if by "sync" you mean "ssh"10:01
MJCDso it's relatively safe to even say have the keys on the local machine10:01
MJCDand yeah then I could instead of opening a new shell as a user10:01
MJCDssh to loopback I guess lol10:01
MJCDsounds hacky vs just having it check the keystore for that user against my own10:02
alkisgssh supports running a script to fetch authorized_keys10:02
MJCDie a proper auth uhh, drivery thingo10:02
alkisgIt's there in its man page but I don't recall its name off-hand10:02
MJCDyeah I would imagine that would work10:02
MJCDbut again not super ideal I wouldn't imagine10:02
alkisgSo if you add a script that would fetch your own key, it will work for everyone10:02
alkisgWithout requiring 10.000 keys10:03
MJCDit's not a 1:many or many:1 relationship10:03
alkisgA script can do any relationship that you can image. I.e. it's what you asked, `check the keystore for that user against my own`10:03
MJCDI do want to have to author the appropriate keys to users on login10:04
MJCDbased off their groups probably10:04
MJCDand yeah I guess once I realized I could ssh even locally the question becomes if there's a "proper" way to do it10:04
MJCDvs basically half hacking myself xD10:05
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NeoFAT32The day when Ubuntu met Mint : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxOohaleI4M12:26
MaikNeoFAT32: can we keep that in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic please? Thanks in advance12:33
dirtcastlemy mac address is randomised when connecting to wifi. how to turn off randomisation12:35
MaikNeoFAT32: what "hmmm"? This is a ubuntu support channel and not suited for what you posted12:40
gordonjcpdirtcastle: I think you have to change that in one of network-manager's config files12:43
Ravagedirtcastle: https://imgur.com/a/ZLqKUJz12:44
gordonjcpoh there *is* a GUI way12:45
Ravage(full disclosure: this is Jammy. I dont know when it was added :))12:45
dirtcastlenice  . thanks for your time Ravage gordonjcp12:46
XATRIXHi, can you advice ? I can't make my apache to make 301 redirect http->https. This is my config file and .htaccess https://pastebin.com/uZYTLW4c12:46
XATRIXsorry, not for this channel12:49
gordonjcpXATRIX: stick it in #u-ot12:51
XATRIXgordonjcp: sorry ?12:57
FNAShinobiI cannot change from NVIDIA 470 driver to the free driver due to unmet dependencies. Please advise.12:59
hid3Hello everyone. Is there any command-line interface to permanently amend DNS servers used by Netplan? I mean, without editing Netplac config files directly by hand13:00
FNAShinobiSorry if this is a double post. The network dropped. I cannot change from NVIDIA 470 driver to the free driver due to unmet dependencies. Please advise.13:18
zaggynlFNAShinobi: what process did you follow? https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:NVIDIA_drivers#Uninstalling_the_NVIDIA_drivers ?13:21
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FNAShinobizaggynl: I just went to additional drivers in 20.04 and selected Proprietary Drivers tab and then selected the noveau driver13:23
MaikDoesn't the driver default back itself to Nouveau once you removed the nVidia driver and rebooted?13:24
FNAShinobiMaik: It's a radio button so I have to choose one of the options. So Choosing the open driver should remove the NVidia as it has in the past. This time, however, it just gives me a message that it can't due to dependencies. This is all after the last security update13:28
FNAShinobiAnd my network DNS seems to keep dropping13:28
FNAShinobiI'm getting: pk-client-error-quark  Failed to obtain authentication.13:32
FNAShinobiI can't even go to a different NVidia driver.13:32
FNAShinobiSo that last update broke the network and the driver somehow.13:33
BluesKajHi all13:48
webchat97I have a raid 5, of 4 ssd of 500GB, U20.04 is installed but I want to replace all ssh with 1TB x4.  My plan is to replace one drive at a time and let raid rebuild the drive, my question is how do I extend the LVM partition once all disks are rebuilt?13:57
mybalzitchpvextend and lvextend14:03
MJCDor gdisk14:03
webchat97mybalzitch MJCD14:05
webchat97I'll google both14:05
webchat97thank you14:05
webchat97pvextend will work, thank you. will give it a try14:06
ArtfulDodgerHey! Can we change the hostname of a Live USB having persistance? I changed writable/upper/etc/hostname but this file has been overwritten with the hostname "ubuntu" at the next boot14:38
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MJCDubuntu #ubuntu14:41
oerheksArtfulDodger, simply no. you need to create and edit the iso to do so, no guide for a howto AFAIK14:46
oerheksset it every session, i guess14:47
ArtfulDodgeroerheks, maybe boot/grub/grub.cfg but it's14:53
ArtfulDodgeroerheks, maybe boot/grub/grub.cfg but it's read only14:53
leftyfbArtfulDodger: you'll need to create your own custom modified iso14:54
oerheksor install from usb > usb14:56
ArtfulDodgeroerheks, what do you mean by "usb > usb"?14:59
threebarHey everyone! I'm scanning my Ubuntu 18.04 instance for security vulnerabilities, and after updating to the latest Busybox (1.30), I still get hits on CVE-2021-42377 and CVE-2021-42383 which are listed as CRITICAL and HIGH. I see these are addressed in 1.34 version of Busybox, but I don't want to deviate from Ubuntu supported packages. Does anyone know whether these fixes will be back-ported14:59
threebaror whether Busybox will be updated to a newer version?14:59
ubottuAn attacker-controlled pointer free in Busybox's hush applet leads to denial of service and possible code execution when processing a crafted shell command, due to the shell mishandling the &&& string. This may be used for remote code execution under rare conditions of filtered command input. <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-42377>14:59
ubottuA use-after-free in Busybox's awk applet leads to denial of service and possibly code execution when processing a crafted awk pattern in the evaluate function <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-42383>15:00
ArtfulDodgerWhat if I automate the execution of "hostname set-hostname myname" with a service?15:00
threebarThank you, ubottu! :-)15:00
oerhekspretty straightforward; <oerheks> or install from usb > usb15:00
oerheksand no, you cannot set a service on a write only iso15:01
Ravage"usb > usb" means you boot the live usb and run the installation to another usb device15:01
webchat97what's the purpose of doing this anyway?15:02
oerheksthreebar,  1st one is not vulnerable https://ubuntu.com/security/CVE-2021-4237715:02
ubottuAn attacker-controlled pointer free in Busybox's hush applet leads to denial of service and possible code execution when processing a crafted shell command, due to the shell mishandling the &&& string. This may be used for remote code execution under rare conditions of filtered command input. <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-42377>15:02
ubottuA use-after-free in Busybox's awk applet leads to denial of service and possibly code execution when processing a crafted awk pattern in the evaluate function <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-42383>15:02
oerheksalso no issue15:03
threebaroerheks, checking the links you sent! Thank you!15:03
oerheksthreebar, difference with debian; https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/CVE-2021-42377 --  https://security-tracker.debian.org/tracker/CVE-2021-4238315:05
ubottuAn attacker-controlled pointer free in Busybox's hush applet leads to denial of service and possible code execution when processing a crafted shell command, due to the shell mishandling the &&& string. This may be used for remote code execution under rare conditions of filtered command input. <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-42377>15:05
ubottuA use-after-free in Busybox's awk applet leads to denial of service and possibly code execution when processing a crafted awk pattern in the evaluate function <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2021-42383>15:05
oerheksubuntu is good :-)15:05
ArtfulDodgeroerheks, what about setting the hostname in .profile maybe?15:06
RavageArtfulDodger: the iso is read only and everything you modify will be lost on reboot.15:06
oerheksArtfulDodger, there is no way to do so. good luck finding one15:07
ArtfulDodgerRavage, I use a live USB with persistence so I have a upper filesystem15:07
Ravagethere is no official USB with persistence so you are on your own. good luck :)15:08
webchat97https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/14912/create-a-persistent-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive/ Create your usb live using this, and change your hostname15:10
chilverscTrying to build using go 1.17.3, on Ubuntu 20.04 the binary is 3.4M, but on Ubuntu 21.10 the binary is 90M. "go env" is the same for both machines, so not sure what would cause this behaviour?15:11
ArtfulDodgerwebchat97, yes this is what I did, but I can't figure out how to change the hostname either, since /writable/upper/etc/hostname is overwritten at each boot15:13
ArtfulDodgerUsing hostnamectl in .profile seems ok, but I need to restart avahi-daemon so that is advertizes newname.local15:14
webchat97ArtfulDodger how about running @reboot in your cron to start avahi-daemon15:19
RenevantHello everyone! Yesterday, we saw il3-fw2.canonical.com on IP address ping one of our servers 79 separate times at 16:11:40 UDT. Unattended-upgrades log doesn't show anything for that timedate, and in light of current world affairs, I was just concerned why this one server got all these pings. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!16:07
mybalzitchmust be some 0 sec linux kernel exploit that gets in via malformed ICMP echo requests.16:08
leftyfbmybalzitch: please don't16:08
mybalzitchRenevant: email abuse@canonical.com16:13
Aisonwhat xorg video driver do I need for a Radeon HD 6970?16:13
Aisonati, radeon or amdgpu?16:14
PTNapivoskiradeonhd, i guess16:14
oerheks(open)radeon, you should already have it16:14
Aisonoerheks, hmm, true, it is already installed16:15
Aisonbut it is not working16:15
ReventlovHello. What do I need to do to have ubuntu get its hostname through dhcp ? I can see that this hostname is offered by the dhcp server (option 12) but ubuntu (server) does not uses it (hostnamectl does not report it)16:15
PTNapivoskiignore my answer16:15
Reventlov(i'm using netplan, and it seems that use-hostname defaults to true, so it should use it, theoretically)16:16
Aisonwhen I normally boot my system, I have no screen at all. When I start with the recovery console and then direct continue with normal boot it works (but on low resolution)16:16
imissubuntuquick question -- isn't there a 'media control' feature (thru unity I'm guessing) on modern ubuntu?16:17
imissubuntulike if you have youtube (or specifically soundcloud) playing in your web browser, you can hit play/pause/next/back without going to the web browser correct?16:17
jhutchinsAison: Have you looked at your logs?16:17
jhutchinsAison: Do you have a text console/16:17
Aisonjhutchins, just trying to login over ssh16:19
imissubuntuforget what i said, i managed to find a (foss) client for soundcloud on win10 -- should do the trick16:22
leftyfbReventlov: I think the use-hostname needs to be under a dhcp4-overrides: section in your config16:24
Reventlovhmm that's weird16:26
leftyfbReventlov: oh, this is opposite from what you are trying to accomplish. use-hostname sends the hostname to the DHCP server not the other way around16:26
Reventlovno that's send-hostname16:27
leftyfbyup, was just about to correct myself16:27
Reventlovit seems when the hostname (from the identity part) is localhost, it works16:27
leftyfbbut yeah, either way, it needs to be under a dhcp4-overrides: section in the config16:27
Reventlovbut if I set up to something else, it works16:27
Reventlovleftyfb: but the default is at true, so it should not be needed16:27
Aisonmodprobe radeon fails with [drm:radeon_module_init [radeon]] *ERROR* No UMS support in radeon module!16:27
leftyfbReventlov: is this a server or desktop?16:28
leftyfbthen there's also this "Default: true. When true, the hostname received from the DHCP server will be set as the *transient* hostname of the system."16:28
TazyHi all, is there anyway I can upgrade ubuntu 12 ? it's failing to update right now16:31
lunachange archives and update in stages16:31
TazySo what would the path to 20 be, 12 -> 14-> 18 -> 20 ?16:32
Ravagebut thats really a long process. maybe just backup your data and reinstall16:32
oerheksTazy, too much hurdles, i would suggest a fresh install16:32
leftyfbTazy: you are 10 years out of date. The effort required in "upgrading" isn't worth it. Reinstall with 20.04 and restore from backup16:32
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:32
oerhekssee last url16:32
Tazyah okay so it's gonna be easier to just reinstall16:33
leftyfbTazy: there's been too many changes in 10 years for you to be able to rely on any current configs or even packages16:33
oerheks15 minutes to read that wiki, or 15 minutes to reinstall16:33
jhutchinsTazy: You risk leaving a bunch of obsolete files and configurations if you try to step through that many versions.  Backup, install, restore is the way to go.16:33
jhutchinsTazy: You're also dealing with the fact that nobody who's still around remembers the tricks and gotchas of 12 -> 14.16:36
enigma9o7[m]Is there a switch for apt upgrade, to tell it to only upgrade things that dont have dependency issues?16:40
oerheksenigma9o7[m], no?16:41
kepler8472Hi, folks. Any tips on where to go for troubleshooting Ubuntu Advantage issues (non-ESM, only for FIPS 140-2)? I'm getting dependency issues right out of the box in a clean install after attaching my UA subscription and running 'ua enable fips'. This is for 20.04 LTS (Server).16:43
kepler8472The crux of the issue is an apt issue... "The following packages have unmet dependencies: ubuntu-fips : Depends: openssl, libssl1.1, libssl1.1-hmac, libgcrypt20, libgcrypt20-hmac" but it is not going to be installed. The ubuntu-fips packages are intended to replace those ssl crypto libs... why is it complaining?16:44
enigma9o7[m]https://i.imgur.com/khRelQJ.png  So in this situation, I should wait until the updated libwacom-common is added to repo before I can update the other thousand plus packages?16:44
leftyfbkepler8472: Ubuntu Advantage and ESM are Canonical services. You'll need to contact Canonical for support16:45
kepler8472And this is with an Ubuntu Advantage free / personal / developer account, so no paid support on this ask. : (16:45
leftyfb!next | enigma9o7[m]16:45
ubottuenigma9o7[m]: Jammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.16:45
Aisonwhat do I have to consider when changing the motherboard? currently ubuntu workss/boots with in recovery mode, but not in normal mode (black screen). But it looks like not a problem of the graphics driver. The System hangs somewhere before (not even network is up at this point).17:06
Aisoni'm suprised, that recovery kernel boots like a charm17:06
Aisonmaybe it is somehow related to the initramfs?17:07
ioriaAison, what kernel is in use ?17:07
ioriaAison, have you tried with -30 , or a previous one ?17:08
Aisonyes, 30, same problem17:08
ioriaAison, have you tried with -30 , or a previous one17:09
Aisonbut not with an older one17:09
ioriaAison, sorry; so you can only boot in recovery mode ?17:09
RavageAison: try adding "nomodeset" in grub as a temp kernel parameter17:09
Aisonyes, can boot into recovery console and then directly resume and everything works17:09
AisonRavage, ok17:10
Ravageyou can just edit the parameters directly in grub17:10
ioriaAison,  yes, you can try the nomodeset parameter, but really it's the same thing as recovery17:10
Ravagewe can try to find the actual error from the booted OS with working network a lot easier i think :)17:11
ioriaAison,  you know how to add a kernel parameter ?17:12
Aisonok, with nomodeset it boots17:14
Aisonsome errors in dmesg: EDAC sbridge: CPU SrcID #0, Ha #0, Channel #0 has DIMMs, but ECC is disabled17:15
Aisonand again: [drm:radeon_module_init [radeon]] *ERROR* No UMS support in radeon module17:15
Aisonbut I guess last one is because of nomodeset17:15
ioriaAison,   your video card ?  lspci -nnk | nc termbin.com 999917:16
Aisonioria, https://termbin.com/sixs17:16
Aisonolder Radeon HD 69j7017:17
Aisonmaybe this thing is somehow damaged?!?17:17
Ravageis this a server system?17:18
Ravageok. possibly not. i717:18
ioriaAison,   sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade17:18
AisonRavage, no, not a server. I just built it up with some "older" components17:19
oerheksAison, no worries, it is just a warning, not a bug17:20
Aisonioria, system is already up to date17:20
oerheksold answer, still valid17:21
Aisonhmm, with nomodeset no graphics driver is loaded.17:21
Aisonmaybe it is really related to a problem with my gpu?17:21
ioriaAison,   cat /proc/cmdline   (you can paste here)17:21
AisonBOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-5.13.0-35-lowlatency root=UUID=2c8003b8-d0be-4f60-a40c-51415dfb76c0 ro threadirqs quiet splash nomodeset17:22
Ravagealso does "sudo ubuntu-drivers --gpgpu list" offer you anything?17:22
Aison(using lowlatency for music recording)17:22
oerheksalso, even it is old harware, check for a bios update?17:22
AisonRavage, it just says "This is gpgpu mode"17:23
ioriaAison,  as you added 'nomodeset', try to remove that and add instead 'radeon.dpm=0'17:23
Aisonioria, ok17:23
Aisonsystem stays black and hangs17:26
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AisonTrying now another GPU (FireGL V3350 256MB)17:28
ioriaAison,  do you still have the generic kernel installed ? i mean, 'not lowlatency'17:30
Aisoncurrently not17:31
ioriaAison,  try 'radeon.audio=0'17:33
Aisonwith the firegl the system works17:35
chilverscWhat's happened to /usr/include/rpc/rpc.h on Ubuntu 21.10, and what can I do to compile software that depends on this header?17:35
ioriaAison, i see; it's up to you now to troubleshoot further or not17:36
Aisontrying radeon.audio=017:37
Aisonbut I guess the radeon is damaged, I remember I had already a problem once on windows with it17:37
chilverscthe file was previously provided by libc6-dev, but it seems to have been removed in 20.10, and no other package provides that file17:37
chilverscI tried that, but I get a lot of warnings when I compile17:40
chilverscthat and errors, e.g. "mount_xdr.c:184:15: error: implicit declaration of function ‘xdr_array’"17:40
Ravagechilversc: time to patch that software or stick with a LTS release until there is a fix provided for this software17:41
chilverscalso, a lot of redefinitions; "usr/include/ntirpc/misc/queue.h:392: warning: "LIST_FOREACH" redefined"17:41
Aisonioria, sadly no luck with that option either, black screen....17:41
AisonI guess as soon as the radon driver loads, the system hangs17:42
leftyfbchilversc: sounds like issues with whatever is you're trying to compile and/or the documentation of requirements to compile it17:42
chilverscyeah, the LTS release is too old, its all the way back on 1.3.4, and I need at least 2.517:42
Ravagewithout metioning a software name those versions really make no sense to anyone here :)17:43
Ravageim not sure how helpful new utils are against older kernel support17:45
chilverscI'm currently installing 5.17-rc5 from mainline17:45
chilverscthough that's temporary until 22.04 is released and 5.17 is available on hwe17:46
Ravagejammy already has nfs-utils 2.6.117:46
Ravageso what do you need the 5.17 kernel for?17:46
chilverscran into issues with FS-Cache and need the implementation that was merged into 5.1717:47
chilverscbah, that's annoying as GCP doesn't have an image for jammy yet, I'd have to start with impish and run a distro upgrade17:48
Ravageok. well. i dont think your issue is really something this channel supports. you can try Jammy and then get your custom kernel17:48
Ravagegeneral place for discussing 22.04 is #ubuntu-next17:49
chilverscyeah, though if jammy has 2.6.1 I might be able to "borrow" it for the time being or see how they built it, so that's a start17:49
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meltedy2kHello, is there any supported way to get the latest unicode emojis? I'm trying to get the pregnant man emoji but it doesn't seem to be installed in my system19:55
oerhekspregnant man emoji lolz19:56
meltedy2kIt's an official part of unicode now, it even shows up in emoji picker it just lacks the picture19:56
oerheksgood luck!19:57
oerheksi think it is a beer-belly-emo19:57
Ravagehttps://emojipedia.org/pregnant-man/ Sometimes used in jest to represent feeling too full after overeating, as in a "food baby."19:59
Ravagei like that :D19:59
oerheksTell me, woman with beard emo?20:00
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Ravagehttps://emojipedia.org/woman-beard/ here you go :D20:01
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ChunkyzThought this was a support channel......20:07
m1n10n1Hello - what is the default allowed length for a username in Ubuntu 20.04?  I wanted to ask, because when creating a VM in Microsoft Azure there is an allowance to create a username 64 characters in length and I am currently investigating if this is problematic (I think it could be based on a prev. exp.)20:15
oerheksThe current limit is 32 characters (according to useradd man page)20:16
ikoniaI think you can do more - the value is longer than 32, but it truncates at 3220:16
m1n10n1looks like someone asked about emojis on askubuntu 24 days ago: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1392936/keeping-your-emojis-up-to-date-in-ubuntu-20-04-a-better-way-some-ppa20:16
ikoniaI remember having this problem on sloppy distros where it would use username/password length as long options, but in reality it truncated at 3220:17
oerhekslibc6 limit, ikonia ?20:17
ikoniaoerheks: I'm thinking something like that, as it won't be a tool limit like useradd, more a library limit like libc or pam20:17
ikoniabeen a long time since I needed to look20:17
m1n10n1Thanks @oerheks!  man useradd | col -b | grep 32   ftw!20:17
oerheksminimum is 6, AFAIK20:18
ikoniayou can have 220:18
ikonialook at raspbian, the default user is 'pi'20:18
ikonia6 will be a policy, rather than limit20:18
m1n10n1true @ raspbian lol20:18
oerhekshave fun m1n10n120:19
hggdhm1n10n1: so there you go :-)20:39
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Sven_vBhi :) asking here because no-one seems to know in #docker: I'm using docker 20.10.12 on Ubuntu focal. I've set up a python:3-alpine to run a simple webserver on internal port 8080, and published it to 3080. from another container, I can download my test file from the webserver using the internal port number. when I try to download it using "curl --verbose" on the outer host, it reports connection established, shows it22:14
Sven_vBsends the request, then silence. after about 1 or 2 minutes it gives up. is it an iptables problem?22:14
Sven_vBI tried adding ACCEPT rules to INPUT and OUTPUT queue but it doesn't seem to have an effect. I also have LOG rules that should have told me about denied traffic but they were not triggered.22:16
jhutchinsSven_vB: If it works manually it should work for curl.  Same computer?22:32
leftyfbok, I have one. I have a machine running 18.04 and 2x machines running 20.04. In the picture here https://imgur.com/a/sI4uFBs you can see that the top terminal is the 18.04 machine and the bottom is one of the 20.04 installs, both 20.04 being the same results. There's a noticeable difference in the colors, mainly the blue. I have the exact same .bash*(PS1) and terminator settings on all machines, they're all copies from 18.0422:39
leftyfbthe blue on the bionic is a bit brighter and easier to read while the focal is a bit darker blue and is slightly more difficult to read22:40
leftyfbI think I recall running into this back when upgrading from 16.04 to 18.04 but can't for the life of me remember where the setting would exist. It's not bash, profile or terminator settings22:41
leftyfboh, the same results are in gnome-terminal, not just terminator22:43
Sven_vBjhutchins, I used curl in both cases. the difference is whether I run curl inside another docker container, or on the outer host.22:45
leftyfbI also compared the output from dircolors --print-database, all the same save for the copyright date and missing an entry for files ending in .Z22:47
leftyfbhere's a better comparison: https://imgur.com/a/82Viiil22:52
leftyfband I even have the window on the right highlighted so the difference in slightly more than what is shown22:52
leftyfbaha! https://askubuntu.com/questions/1231721/terminal-colors-rendering-darker-on-20-0422:59
Sqaurewhen my machine runs slow because of low physical memory i miss a tool i can jump into to discover what is eating most. With many programs being spread out on many processes its harder to assert what is hogging most.23:21
SqaureYou guys have a method / tool for that?23:21
Ravagemaybe htop?23:21
jhutchinsI use top because I'm too lazy to learn the more advanced tools.  I've used systat/atop to analyse memory over time, but it's a pain in the neck.23:22
oerheksSqaure, 64 bit wants 4 gb nowadays.23:22
SqaureRavage, i feel that has the same problem. I see tons of processes but not the offender. Sure, if i see tons of chrome processes, i gather its that but i wish it was more direct. grouping by app so to speak23:23
Ravageyou can sort by memory23:23
Sqaureoerheks, what do you mean by 64 bit?23:24
Sqaure...i have 32gb23:25
Ravagei never ever managed to run out of memory with my 32gb+23:26
leftyfbSqaure: if you are running out of memory with 32G of memory, you are doing something very wrong. Especially if you don't know what's causing it23:26
oerheksyour browser comes in mind first.23:27
SqaureI can see why it happens. I have 100+ of tabs in chrome plus a bunch of electron / similar bloatware, bunch of big java apps, etc. You get sloppy with lots of memory23:30
sarnoldSqaure: the smem tool is great for figuring out which program to blame for your memory use23:34
sarnoldSqaure: because most processes can share memory with each other, it's not *always* the largest process that deserves the most blame23:34

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