rfmhi marco06:37
rfmbye marco06:37
rowboathi people15:35
orqcxhahi people!15:35
rowboatI'd like to ask you help. In xubuntu, is it possible somehow, to open the menu which is in the top left corner with the windows button? And secondly, is there a shortcut to minimise every window like in windows.15:37
orqcxhaOpen the menu? You can click the xfce logo to open it?15:38
orqcxhaAh i wish i could delete my message15:38
orqcxhaI wasnt paying full attention15:39
gnrpHm, but I am wondering: You mean the whisker menu, where you start applications and so on? Or the one with the icon of the application?15:40
rowboatthe xubuntu logo15:41
rowboatwhite something in a blue disk15:42
rowboatI'd like to press something on the keyboard, and the get the result if I was clicking on it with the touchpad15:42
orqcxhaSo just to say something I'd expect the config files to be under ~/.config xfce and such but there could be some menu driven thing too if i remember well but the strange thing is that my super/windows key works just like you'd want it to15:57
orqcxhaPretty sure ive seen the hide all windows thing too at some point maybe in the bottom dock i disabled earlier15:57
orqcxhaThere's a panel menu option under settings I'd look there15:58
orqcxhaBecause that blue button is the whisker menu item on panel 0 that gnrp mentioned15:59
orqcxhaIt should be configurable15:59
gnrpyes, there is. But what do you mean, "is it possible to open"? Like on a shortcut?15:59
gnrpor you want it on another bar somewhere?16:00
orqcxhaI think somehow their windows/super button doesnt open it16:00
gnrprowboat: And for the second, go to Settings => Window management => Keyboard. There is an option "Hide all windows" (or so). It is by default on Alt+F9. This is what you're looking for16:01
rowboatgnrp: yes, like on a shortcut16:02
rowboatI'll dive into settings, thanks for the tip16:02
gnrprowboat: For the first one then, go to Settings => Keyboard => Shortcuts16:03
gnrpand then create a shortcut for xfce4-popup-whiskermenu16:03
gnrpI e.g. have it on Alt+Space16:08

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