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linuxburnhello this working?05:31
linuxburnI am having trouble installing Kubuntu next to Windows05:32
linuxburnCan you not dual-boot kubuntu with a single drive?05:32
linuxburnam I even connected...05:47
IrcsomeBot<Pixel> yes, you can dualboot while having Windows and Kubuntu on the same drive. Just install the Windows first, shring its partition so the Kubuntu can fit next to it on the drive. And than install Kubuntu into the unallocated space on that same drive. (re @IrcsomeBot: <linuxburn> Can you not dual-boot kubuntu with a single drive?)10:37
IrcsomeBot<Maik_aD> Pixel they are long gone10:38
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BluesKajHi all14:02
user|14Hey people17:05
user|14Kubuntu or Kde Neon?17:05
Maikuser|14: we do not discuss that matter here since the channel is only for Kubuntu support17:06
Maikeither ask in the offtopic channel or #linux17:07
cbreakuser|14: kubuntu works ok.17:07
user|14Okay, LTS or latest? I need absolutely minimum bugs, I will use it for studying computer science and programming etc.17:07
Maikuser|14: LTS17:07
user|14Is the app store in kubuntu snap only?17:07
cbreakI'd recommend 22.04 if you have time to wait that long17:07
Maikuser|14: no17:07
cbreak"Discover" can download apt stuff too.17:07
cbreakand you can use CLI apt as well17:08
user|14Are any snaps installed by default in kubuntu?17:08
Maikcbreak: he could install 20.04.4 and upgrade later to 22.0417:08
cbreakMaik: possible.17:08
user|14No worries, I am downloading the current LTS version17:08
Maikuser|14: on 20.04.4 there are no snaps17:08
user|14Oh, thank god!17:08
Maikon 22.04 however there will be17:09
cbreakI think the ubuntu people had the dumb plan to switch firefox to snap :(17:09
user|14Ah shoot17:09
Maikcbreak: that was mozilla's call17:09
cbreaksnaps work nicely for some things in my experience17:09
cbreakbut I don't want to use it for FF unless I have to :(17:09
user|14They work nice for developers, not for users17:09
cbreakMaik: too bad :(17:09
cbreakI use lxd via snap, works fine17:10
cbreakand slack, also works ok17:10
Maiki don't really care, Firefox snap works ok :)17:10
user|14I care, as my ssd space is around 120 gb free rn with windows17:10
user|14I need to partition some space17:10
cbreakas long as it's possible to use addons, to open files in the file system, and to disable that worthless tab bar, and enable the menu bar, I'm fine17:10
cbreakuser|14: you can not use a separate SSD for it?17:11
user|14How much should I allocate to the linux parition if I need some space in windows to make sure it works fine, although I do not need any more software in windows17:11
user|14No, not in my budget17:11
Maikssd's are cheap these days17:11
user|14Although I have a 1TB internal hdd too, on which i store passive files.17:11
cbreakmy ubuntu system dataset takes up 43 GB. But I installed a ton of software. (This doesn't include storage used by lxd or docker)17:12
user|14Will 70GBs be fine for kubuntu? For development related stuff mainly and ebooks etc?17:13
user|14Or should I do 80GBs17:13
cbreakebooks take no space at all...17:13
Maikeven 60GB should do17:13
cbreakdevelopment: depends on what you develop17:13
cbreakunreal engine stuff can take dozens of GB alone for the engines and media17:13
user|14Maybe I will develop .NET apps17:13
user|14No , I will not develop games17:14
user|14for noe17:14
user|14Webapps and desktop apps17:14
user|14Flask, React, .NET etc.17:14
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mhow konversation works ?22:55
tomreynnot like this22:59

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