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hwdykihow can i get kexec working on ubuntu (20.04)? i've tried kexec -l /boot/vmlinuz --initrd=/boot/initrd.im --reuse-cmdline, then systemctl kexec, but it still goes through the full reboot cycle.12:20
hwdykithe same commands work on debian 11.12:21
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sabaI'm trying to install MySQL 5.7 on Ubuntu 20.04 through the mysql-apt-config oracle official package, but 5.7 simply doesn't exist as an option, only 8.0. apt-cache policy also shows that only 8.0 exists. Every random tutorial shows that 5.7 should be an option on 20.04. Any ideas?16:14
oerheks5.7 is last seen in Bionic https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-5.716:17
sabaoerheks: I use the MySQL official APT (https://dev.mysql.com/doc/mysql-apt-repo-quick-guide/en/#apt-repo-fresh-install). The problem is that 5.7 *should* exist as an option but it doesnt16:18
sabaoerheks: Not sure how to dig deeper into apt regarding this16:19
tomreynsaba: the package setting up the apt repositories does not enable the mysql-5.7 apt source on focal (20.04), which can mean that these packages are not supported there.16:40
sabatomreyn: I've come to the same conclusion and I've tried to edit the sources.list file but the mysql 5.7 component doesn't exist. What's weird is that many many random tutorials states that you should use the official APT and simply install 5.7 on 20.04. Official pages says nothing else17:44
sabaOracle official that is17:45
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oerhekssaba, what 'random tutorials'? installing the package from oracle does not give support here, AFAIK.18:07
oerhekseven the famous ondrej ppa does not give 5.7 https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php?field.series_filter=focal18:09
tomreynmysql is not php18:09
* oerheks facepalms18:10
tomreynbut, saba, it's really up to you what you do or don't do with third party packages, and where you get your support from for those.18:11
tomreynthere is also mariadb, if you're not worried about going 'off track' - https://mariadb.com/kb/en/mariadb-vs-mysql-compatibility/#drop-in-compatibility-of-specific-mariadb-versions https://mariadb.org/download/?t=repo-config&d=20.04+%22focal%2218:15
tomreynpercona mysql server is yet another option18:17
tomreynthe more terrible the original distribution becomes, the wider grows the alternatives ecosystem18:17

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