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RobNycClient: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: Pop "impish" 21.10 • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600U with Radeon Graphics (2.30GHz) • Memory: 13.3 GiB Total (11.4 GiB Free) • Storage: 10.8 GB / 124.9 GB (114.1 GB Free) • VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cezanne @ Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Renoir PCIe Dummy Host Bridge • Uptime: 5h 37m 57s02:08
leftyfbRobNyc: please don't do that here02:09
RobNycleftyfb, whats wrong02:10
leftyfbRobNyc: this is a support channel. Posting your system specs just because is offtopic here. Feel free to join #ubuntu-offtopic for that02:11
RobNycthanks you're right first time on irc in 5yrs02:12
ArchDaveI remember when doing that was actually popular (in more private channels)02:15
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leftyfbmcmcmc: this is a support channel. Do you have a support question we can help you with?02:20
ArchDaveDoes anyone know of a legit way to run ubuntu gui in wsl2 on windows10? Like they do with Kali Linux?02:22
leftyfbmcmcmc: you were temporarily muted because of your repeated posts. Give it a couple minutes and try posting a support question again. If you do not have a support question and just want to chat, feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic02:22
leftyfbArchDave: there are plenty of tutorials online to do that. It's not something officially supported in Ubuntu though. You'll be on your own for that one02:23
ArchDaveah, just the answer I was needed, not supported02:23
kostkon_it's a bot then02:25
Alpha[m]ArchDave: I tried with Chrome a few days ago and it didn't work well02:25
leftyfbAlpha[m]: you tried what with chrome?02:26
matsamanArchDave: should just use virtualbox honestly02:26
ArchDaveparasite mode linux02:26
Alpha[m]leftyfb: Yes02:26
Alpha[m]leftyfb: Sorry.. Tried running Chrome as a GUI app in Windows 10 using WSL202:27
ArchDaveremote desktop into a hardware install of linux seems best to me so far02:28
Alpha[m]ArchDave: What's the end goal?02:28
ArchDaveaccessing multiple systems from one main desktop PC02:29
Alpha[m]If I'm on a Windows machine and need to access linux I use X2Go02:29
ArchDaveone set of monitors02:30
leftyfbArchDave: what do you need running on the remote Ubuntu desktop?02:30
ArchDavethe usual desktop apps02:31
leftyfbArchDave: why not run those on your machine Windows machine?02:32
ArchDaveubuntu has a better Freecell, I kid02:32
leftyfbsorry, main Windows machine02:32
ArchDaveit's really more about learning interopabilty between OS's than an actual "need" on my part02:34
leftyfbArchDave: maybe just stick with a server environment then. Learn linux and not how firefox looks and works exactly the same on a different looking desktop. I don't think you're going to learn much there02:35
ArchDaveI'm retired, need something to do to help keep the brain in shape02:35
Alpha[m]with x2go you can bring in individual apps from remote and it feels local. I do that with phpstorm and it works well02:36
Alpha[m]But I agree with leftyfb. You won't learn much that way. I have all of my personal machines running kubuntu now and I have access to windows machines when I need it. But my work machine is Windows02:37
ArchDaveI currently have a second machine with a virtualbox windows 10 host and a ubuntu 20.04 guest02:37
Alpha[m]Are you trying to make the switch to ubuntu and are just "toe dipping" right now?02:38
ArchDavebut will soon have a 3rd machine running as just a linux server02:39
ArchDaveI've been using windows since 3.0 and linux since slackware 2 I think it was02:39
Alpha[m]Are you Dave's Garage?02:40
ArchDaveretired, and considering doing some kind of work on the side for extra cash02:40
leftyfbArchDave: start playing with lxd containers on your server. Not only does it open up a whole world of virtual possibilities like scripts snapshots and copying containers between servers, but you are free to completely break a container server and spin up a new one within a couple minutes with 1 command02:40
ArchDaveI had a linode for a little over a year once02:41
ArchDavebeen watching NetworkChuck on youtube lately and getting "ideas"02:42
leftyfbArchDave: that's a good place to start02:42
leftyfbgood luck. Let us know if you run into any issues02:42
ArchDaveoh, I used to be in industrial control systems, there are always issues02:43
ArchDavethinking of trying out some machine learning stuff, but can't afford the major hardware for too much right now02:45
ArchDaveor the cash to do rented server time02:45
ArchDavehell, can't even get a decent better graphics card still02:45
ArchDaveanyway, thanks for mentioning X2Go, had not heard of that one before02:49
ArchDaveah, X2Go runs on a linux server and provides access to remote clients02:53
ArchDavehad been using Xrdp so far02:54
Alpha[m]I couldn't get that to work like I wanted from my ubuntu computer to my windows computer and then found x2go and it works for my needs02:55
ArchDaveI have had some issues using xrdp with Lubuntu 18.0402:58
ArchDaveit's a 32-bit pc and about to hit the dumpster02:59
ednashDoes XRDP use the RDP protocol? Can a Windows PC connect to it?03:15
ednashI've used VNC about 10 years ago, and found it less efficient wrt. bandwidth than RDP.03:16
Alpha[m]In my experience it doesn't work like going from windows to windows03:16
ArchDaveyes, run xrdp in the linux box and access from Remote Desktop on windows03:16
ednashI'm looking for an efficient solution for Linux to Linux remote desktop myself03:17
Alpha[m]I always suggest x2go for windows to linux03:17
Alpha[m]and linux to linux03:17
ArchDavehad not thought to even try linux to windows03:17
ednashThanks, I'll check that out!03:17
Alpha[m]linux to windows I use xfreerdp03:18
Alpha[m]remote desktop was my biggest hurdle in switching to running ubuntu as my daily driver03:20
ednashHmm this here says "X2Go does not support GLX 1.4 which is required for many graphical applications, including Firefox"03:21
Alpha[m]that may be for trying to remotely pipe and individual application03:22
ednashI see03:22
Alpha[m]If you connect to a session everything should work just as if you were sitting in front of the machine03:23
ednashi'm switching over to linux since a month03:30
ednashevery day i learn something new, and it's been exhilirating03:30
Alpha[m]stick with it. work the problem :)03:30
ednashohhh i am gonna! this is sooo good03:31
ArchDaveend to end encryption probably just piques the powers that be interests03:31
ednashi'm buying a new large hard disk, somehow feeling excited about formatting it ext4 (no ntfs) and moving all my stuff over there03:32
ednashon encryption, experimented with fscrypt today03:32
ednashit's pretty good - also luks file containers are nice03:33
Alpha[m]How large of disk?03:33
ednashsorry gtg03:34
ednashneed to take care of something urgently03:34
nikolamXubuntu 21.10 is telling me that "Not all upgrades can be installed" and offers partial upgrade. Any news about that?06:28
nikolamShould I do partial upgrade as it wants me?06:31
nikolamSeems I am subscribed to All updates06:33
nikolamSeems it's about .. firmware updater ..06:35
nikolamand now it wants to uninstall gdb, libc-dbg, python 2.7 , whoopsie-preferences.. Why is all that..06:37
Gamahwhy can't i find i3status config after installing i3? it's not in /etc or ~/.config07:01
loganleehey guys i installed tor. where is torrc file located? thx!07:31
loganleefound at /etc/tor/07:31
mr_louSo my burner still isn't working after I upgraded to 20.04 - any suggestions? Should I try uninstalling k3b and brasero and reinstall?08:28
mr_louAny other packages I should try reinstalling?08:28
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dirtcastle_amazing. i just set up an irc bouncer. was testing it. hope this works10:07
wezI can see what you typed, that seems like success to me10:08
dirtcastle_I must get messages when I'm not connected. that's the problem. and I don't even have a way to check that lol10:11
dirtcastle_oh ok. i got an idea10:12
wezdirtcastle: I just setup irrsi in a screen :)10:13
wezworks for me10:13
dirtcastle_ahhh Amazing10:13
dirtcastle_I am using. ircnow10:13
dirtcastle_it works!10:14
wezircnow you reckon, never heard of it, but will check it out10:16
dirtcastle_it's free znc bouncer u can connect to. my university's wifi is bad. Mobile data also. I had to switch to mobile data and wifi back and forth and it was frustrating.10:18
Maikguys, mind taking it to #ubuntu-offtopic please since it's not Ubuntu support related. Thanks in advance10:20
dirtcastle_yes sry! Maik10:21
dirtcastle_when I try to boot into ubuntu I keep getting this error /dev/sda2: clean files , blocks. i tried to install gentoo through chroot. I tampered with fstab of gentoo. But not ubuntu's.11:01
dirtcastle_Partition & filesystem info : https://imgur.com/a/zsW8Ije11:01
angelslwhy are there packages that are in no section? e.g. https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/libboost1.71-dev11:34
angelslor no repository, rather11:35
EriC^^!info libboost1.71-dev focal11:37
ubottulibboost1.71-dev (1.71.0-6ubuntu6, focal): Boost C++ Libraries development files. In component main, is optional. Built by boost1.71. Size 8,856 kB / 134,951 kB11:37
EriC^^angelsl: it's in the main repository11:38
EriC^^angelsl: does 'apt-cache policy libboost1.71-dev' not list it?11:39
angelslEriC^^: ah ok, that makes more sense..11:39
angelsli'm debugging a system where libboost1.71-dev is not installable for some reason11:39
angelsloh.. it's in the security repository11:40
angelslhmmm.. i have a hunch11:40
angelslwell.. the person i'm helping is busy now, but i guess they didn't have the security repository for whatever reason11:41
EriC^^i think it's in the main one, not security, could bewrong11:47
EriC^^how'd you know it's in security?11:48
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BluesKajHi all14:03
wezhi BluesKaj, how's your day?14:05
irc_standardnickBluesKaj, hello14:06
BluesKajhi wez, doing ok here, morning coffee14:06
BluesKajhi irc_standardnick14:07
BluesKajwez,  how about you?14:07
wezBluesKaj: Nice, It's Sunday 1AM here, I am finishing off my night cap14:08
BluesKajahh  :-)14:08
wezThen in 10 hours I will visit my mum and wish her a happy birthday14:09
wezLunch and catch up14:10
BluesKajyou in oz?14:10
wezBluesKaj: The magical land itself14:10
wezJust don't peer behind the curtains14:11
wezNothing like Kansas here14:11
BluesKajI bet14:12
sybaritenhey is anyone here running glances? I just had some hunch that this program allowed you to step through processes with cursor keys .... and select them?14:16
sybaritenBluesKaj: you're in kansas?14:16
BluesKajnope, Toronto14:17
wezsybariten: I said Kansas as a reference to Oz, the wizzard Of14:17
wezBluesKaj: <3 I would love to visit Canada, would you allow me in?14:17
Maikcould we keep the offtopic chatter to a minimum when providing support please :)14:18
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:18
BluesKajof course, wez14:18
sybaritenwez: gotcha14:18
BluesKajhehe, it took a while14:18
sybariteni was reacting cause the nick sounded awfully non-anglosaxon14:18
BluesKajnot everone who speaks english anglo-saxon14:19
wezsybariten: which nick?14:20
BluesKajwez, think he means me, my first name (Kaj) is common in scandinavia14:25
ChunkyzMaik: that's the problem of 'greeting' a support channel. why it's allowed, idk.14:25
wezBluesKaj: oh, I like scandinavia.14:27
wezI have cousins there14:27
Chunkyz!ot | wez14:27
ubottuwez: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:27
Maikwez: Mind taking it to #ubuntu-offtopic please? Thanks in advance.14:27
wezChunkyz: I was wondering how long it would take for the ops to wake up, I will move on to the offtopic chan now, Good night!14:28
BluesKajif anyone needs support , I'm sure they'll ask for it14:28
Maikexcept we're no ops but i could caal them for you if you like wez14:28
sybaritenBluesKaj: wez: exactly, it's the kind of name i wouldn't expect to find 100 meters outside of the borders of sweden, sort of. Well actually they may have it in germany with an "i" spelling..14:30
Chunkyz!ot | sybariten14:30
ubottusybariten: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:30
wezMaik: I was talking to Chunkyz, your interjection sounds off-topic if you are not an op14:32
wezMaik: Thanks for your offer though14:33
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semitoneshaha, success! I have installed ubuntu-desktop-minimal, and at first I was tricked by logging in and getting a black screen. BUT if I change the session type to "Ubuntu", everything works out of the box, including high-dpi scaling! YAY SUCCESS14:58
semitoneshere's a guestion though... is the camera supposed to turn on when you log in for a few seconds and then turn off...? :/15:00
semitonesit seems to be relating to suspend15:00
semitonesi think I will Not Worry About it15:01
semitonesCan I safely remove lightdm if I am using gdm?15:14
semitonesOk this is annoying though15:31
semitonesI accidentally logged into one of the non-ubuntu sessions that gives the black screen15:31
semitonesI know that if I wait some minutes it will log back out to gdm greeter or whatever15:31
semitonesBut how can I escape it now?15:31
semitonesThe virtual terminals don't work :/15:31
Maximalistim trying to full disk encrypt with veracrypt, but my drive is partitioned and will only let me do one of the partitions. If Im trying to encrypt the startup disk, would I ecrypt the one that is labeled EFI/Boot? Or the one with the largest amount of storage?15:32
semitonesYou'd probably want to encrypt the partition with your files, etc, which would not be the small boot partition. But it would be a good idea to verify what files are on which partition before you act15:33
semitonesUnless you want to encrypt the boot partition and let your personal files be not encrypted?15:34
Maximalistsemitones: Would not encrypting the boot partition do anything?15:37
oerheksMaximalist, what guide do you follow?15:38
dirtcastle_I use 2 ssd. One has windows and another has ubuntu. Trying to install gentoo on it.15:39
dirtcastle_when I choose ubuntu in grub it doesn't boot into ubuntu but I keep getting this error /dev/sda2: clean files , blocks. i tried to install gentoo through chroot. I tampered with fstab of gentoo. But not ubuntu's.15:39
dirtcastle_Partition & filesystem info : https://imgur.com/a/zsW8Ije15:39
oerheks'install gentoo through chroot'?? why?15:39
Maximalistoerheks: not following a guide, just havent encountered this before so just looking for a little clarity15:39
tomreynMaximalist: have you considered other options, such as dm-crypt/LUKS?15:42
tomreynif you're looking for an option which includes encrypting the (linux) operating system, this may a better option.15:43
tomreyn(i don't think veracrypt supports this mode of operation with linux)15:44
Guest84hello is xubuntu-related questions allowed here? thanks15:44
tomreynGuest84: yes, but yopu may have better luck qith questions regarding the graphical frontend in #xubuntu - feel free to try here, though15:45
Maximalisttomreyn: is veracrypt not very good to use with linux?15:45
oerheksGuest84, hi, sure, and there is also #xubuntu here on #libera15:45
tomreynMaximalist: i lack experience there. but ... see above.15:46
oerheksMaximalist, veracrypt is fine, opensource, but i have no guide for full disk encryption15:46
oerheksfat32/efi partition should be not touched, AFAIK15:47
tomreynveracrypt does not support FDE on Linux according to https://www.veracrypt.fr/en/Supported%20Systems%20for%20System%20Encryption.html15:49
Guest84got it thanks will try my luck here first lol. currently installing virtualbox from repository. running xubuntu 21.10 and windows 10 in dual boot config (separate drives). during install there's an untitled window asking for secure boot config. couldn't close it. should i proceed or disable secure boot first? thanks15:49
tomreynGuest84: up to you. on some computers, installations can fail if secureboot remains enabled. and some require drivers which are not secureboot signed by default, meaning you would need to manually sign them.15:52
tomreynGuest84: note also that if the other OS is expecting to boot in secureboot mode, disabling it now might cause it some issues - but that'd be more of a topic for a support channel for that OS.15:57
Guest84okay got it. is manual signing difficult and will it affect security if i continue with the secure boot config?15:59
oerheks!info mokutil16:01
ubottumokutil (0.4.0-1ubuntu1, impish): tools for manipulating machine owner keys. In component main, is optional. Built by mokutil. Size 23 kB / 70 kB. (Only available for any-amd64, any-arm, any-arm64, any-i386, any-ia64, any-riscv64.)16:01
dirtcastle_tomreyn: do u remember me. from yesterday. ubuntu gentoo windows guy. i got the data u asked for.16:03
leftyfbdirtcastle_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:06
tomreyndirtcastle_: yes. do you remember my follow-up questions to it?16:06
leftyfbfilename: can we help you with something?16:09
Guest84ok so i proceeded with the secure boot config16:17
Guest84why does xubuntu need it for virtualbox? noob question16:18
tomreynGuest84: any 'drivers', so (linux) kernel modules, which are loaded on a system where secure boot is in operation, need to be signed, too.16:20
tomreynvirtualbox brings along extra kernel modules16:20
filename leftyfb, yes, send moneys16:22
Guest84i see. so everything should be good then, like no security risk and all16:22
tomreyn!ot | filename16:24
ubottufilename: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:24
dobbicorpif i have command like this: rsync -avxP /dir /dir2    and it got interrupted, if i re issue this exact same command will it continue to copy ?16:24
dobbicorpor will it start over again16:24
oerheksthe -P keeps partial transferred files16:26
gladysdo you need ioctl to read event types with libevdev. do i need to pass EV_REL into ioctl if im not setting16:28
Guest84ok thanks guys16:29
gladysi was calling libevdev_event_type_get_name & .._has_event()16:29
tomreyngladys: this is not a programming channel.16:29
gladysexcept in reverse order but i think it may be the fd16:30
gladysoh okay16:30
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MattWThomasdobbicorp It should continue17:20
MattWThomasI do it all the time17:23
ph88hey guys, i try to do do-release-upgrade but it says to first install all updates. When i do apt upgrade it says 15 packages have been kept back .. what to do now ?17:34
MattWThomassudo apt dist-upgrade17:36
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MattWThomasnetwork issues?17:38
sybaritenhey hey, i'm using glances which is a process monitor. I am having strange (?) issues of it exiting spontaneously, if i do cursor down. Is this normal perhaps?17:41
sybaritenits like a curses app... i think... so i expected to be able to scroll a cursor over different processes and then kill them17:41
ph88thanks MattWThomas17:41
dobbicorpMattWThomas: thank you17:42
MattWThomasno problem!17:42
ph88I have a laptop (not the one i just asked question about dist upgrade) ... that is on disk usage 100% .. i aborted linux boot after waiting a long time, now in windows boot finally i was able to open task manager. Could be a hardware issue here ? somehow to do something about SSD samsung 840 pro 250 GB ?17:43
Ravageph88: samsung has tools to check the health status. maybe try that?17:44
Ravagei think its calles samsung magician17:44
ph88Ravage, good idea !17:45
ph88will only take long to isntall because just opening task menu takes like 15 minutes17:46
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tomreynph88: you can always boot from a ubuntu live / installer written to an usb stick17:51
tomreyn!smart | ph8817:51
ubottuph88: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools17:51
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ph88thanks tomreyn :)17:53
tomreynph88: if you'll do this, make sure you also have a look at your system logs (you can also share them on a pastebin).17:57
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dirtcastle_tomreyn: u asked for partition and filesystem details. I'll get the whole convo if this isn't enough.18:24
tomreyndirtcastle_: here's what i wrote after you posted the image and before you timed out. also to be found on https://irclogs.ubuntu.com <tomreyn> dirtcastle: ext3? more likely ext4, right? <tomreyn> dirtcastle: didn't you say ubuntus /boot file system was on the windows disk? <dirtcastle> [..] windows and ubuntu are in different ssd. boot partition of Ubuntu is on window's ssd18:26
dirtcastle_tomreyn: it's ext418:28
dirtcastle_i read the logs. also the /boot partition is on windows ssd tomreyn18:33
dirtcastle_tomreyn:  now I registered to an irc bouncer (& i know where the logs are at rn) so reply even when I'm not here.18:34
tomreyndirtcastle_: but the ssd which seems to contain the windows stuff only shows as one partition on your screen shot.18:34
tomreynhow can /boot be on there18:34
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tomreyndirtcastle_: before you spend a lot more time on this, it may be the easiest to reinstall ubuntu.18:42
tomreyn(and restore backups)18:42
devilboyHi everyone18:43
devilboyRegarding AutoStartup on ubuntu - I have set Skype as AutoStart but it won't show in Startup Applications18:44
devilboyis that normal ?18:44
enigma9o7[m]Different ways of starting it probably.18:46
enigma9o7[m]Startup applications are started by your desktop.18:46
enigma9o7[m]Skype may have its own method to autostart.18:46
oerheksdoes ~/.config/autostart/Skype.desktop  exist?18:47
devilboyhmm, yes. Is there a way to see all startup applications of ubuntu ? or list the ones not officially startup by ubuntu ?18:48
oerheksi see that the forums are under maintenance, "On Ubuntu 20.04 with Skype version 8.73, there is option in the settings to disable autostart."18:48
enigma9o7[m]systemd starts tons of stuff18:48
enigma9o7[m]and likely skype leverages that18:49
enigma9o7[m]or it installs its own service18:49
devilboyI have removed Skype from autostart now, as I understood Startup Applications (GUI) is in case to add manually/additionally an application.18:49
devilboyThank you both enigma9o7[m] & oerheks18:54
devilboyI came back :p  ubuntu 20.04.4 detects only 6,7GB ram from my 8GB ram. BIOS shows all 8GB ram. What's wrong here? :D19:18
devilboymem: 6904 swap: 204719:20
devilboyswap is using my other 1,3GB ram ?19:20
cbreakyou're using a GPU with shared memory?19:22
cbreakdevilboy: as root, or via sudo, run 'lshw -C memory'19:23
devilboycbreak, I'm using ubuntu 20.04.4 (64bit) freshly installed. Noticed in about info 6,7GiB but I have 8GB (confirmed in BIOS by pressing F12)19:23
devilboyon it now19:24
devilboyresult: 7GiB (1GiB is missing somewhere in ubuntu)19:24
MattWThomasIt should be 7.5GiB19:25
cbreakdevilboy: did you run it as root?19:25
cbreakit should tell you the individual modules you have built in your system19:25
MattWThomas8GB is 7.5GiB19:25
devilboyas root, I will perform sudo lshw -C memory ?19:25
cbreakMattWThomas: RAM is sized in GiB, not like hard disks19:25
cbreakdevilboy: sure.19:26
devilboyok doing it now, let's see19:26
cbreakcopy the output to paste.ubuntu.com or so19:26
devilboycbreak, on it now thank you for the link.19:27
devilboyI need to create an account, pastebin is ok? as anonymous?19:28
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:28
devilboyok I will create an account :D19:29
cbreakI wouldn't expect having to create an account for this :/ ah well...19:31
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit19:32
devilboyhmm I will see, all usernames I set are taken lol19:33
shadow255devilboy: sudo lshw -C memory | nc termbin.com 999919:33
shadow255no account needed19:33
randy__Anybody here on Bodhi Linux?19:36
erik_No but I heard good things about it.19:37
devilboyshadow255 cbreak - here is my pastebin https://is.gd/24mfGS19:37
devilboyby 0bin.net19:37
erik_Are you liking it?19:37
randy__6.0 is great I love it!  But 6.1 is in Beta -- 2 versions -- Moksha and old school Enlighten ment19:38
randy__Its great!19:39
randy__Linux Mint is my daily driver, but I'm running Bodh on a 15 year old laptop19:40
cbreakdevilboy: you have an 8 GB dimm19:41
randy__Try it, and give em some love19:41
cbreakand a free slot it seems19:41
devilboycbreak, bios detects 8GB, what do you mean by a free slot ?19:42
cbreaka place to put more memory module19:42
cbreakI suspect you have some device that reserves memory, or just memory used by the kernel19:42
cbreaklike an iGPU19:42
cbreaklshw -C display might give you a hint19:43
devilboyhmm ok, so my memory is 8GB but something is using 1,3GB in my ubuntu and in about system it shows only 6,7 as free ram available?19:43
randy__I have an HP 6910p laptop running 4gb DDR2 RAM, and a Sandisk X100 SSD19:44
randy__Bodhi keeps getting better wih each release - works well!19:45
cbreakdevilboy: that's my hypothesis19:46
devilboycbreak, https://is.gd/uKufJ419:46
cbreakI mean, 8 GB is a very small amount19:46
cbreakso it's probably a cheap / low end system19:46
cbreakthose are the ones where I'd suspect an iGPU to be used19:46
devilboyyes but even cheap or not ubuntu should detect full ram as 8GB instead of 6,7GB :P19:47
jhutchins8gb is plenty of RAM for a general purpose system.19:47
cbreakdevilboy: it does19:48
cbreakit shows you the ram in lshw, and probably also in dmidecode19:48
devilboyhmm, so usable is 6,7 from 8?19:48
cbreakbut some of the memory appears to be used19:48
cbreakI only have 62.7 GB available from 64 installed19:49
devilboyok :P  so it's showing me in GUI the available memory, that confused me before :P19:49
jhutchinsMost Linux distros will run just fine in 4G, it's a matter of how many simultaneous tasks you run, or if you're working with very large files.19:49
cbreakjhutchins: and whether you use a modern web browser...19:49
devilboyok now I have confirmed what I see :P19:49
devilboythank you all guys :P  cbreak you confirmed my q. :D19:50
jhutchinscbreak: Keep your tabs under control and 4G will be fine.19:51
cbreakI have less than 100 tabs, most of the time19:51
cbreak... well, less than 200 for sure19:51
cbreakmost windows barely have 10 tabs open19:51
cbreakwell, not that I'd have to care, since I paid a fortune for a lot of ECC memory19:52
devilboynot switching back to any win things ;p19:52
cbreakdevilboy: if you don't like windows, maybe you want to try out a tiling window manager19:53
cbreakthose are also less memory intensive than kde plasma, which is what I use, or the gnome thing that comes with ubuntu default19:53
cbreakI've tried i3 for a bit. It's annoying to use. But some people like it.19:54
cbreakand there are many more19:54
devilboyI have ubuntu default, 20.04.4 to be honest 100% satisfied. Mr. Gates, tried to destroy my laptop with their recent update. Not anymore.19:54
cbreakmr. gates isn't working at ms anymore.19:54
cbreakbalmer's out as well19:55
devilboyhahaha ;p am not updated lol19:55
cbreakI think... satja nadella is the current CEO? not sure about the spelling of that name.19:55
devilboyCanonical & you guys - Ubuntu Family / Community - All the way!19:55
Ravagehi Guest60. what is your Ubuntu support question?20:59
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bleii'm getting E: Unable to locate package criu  on focal22:24
bleiobv, because its not there :)22:25
bleilooks like it disappeared for a while22:26
tomreynthis can happen if a package is unmaintained upstream and/or has unresolvable dependencies in a given release22:30
bleicriu is pretty cool so a from-source build isn't a big deal22:31
tomreynmost packages in !universe are imported from debian, and the debian package tracker will tell you why it was removed from debian by the time an ubuntu release was forming.22:31
ph88i have one laptop was doing a release upgrade ... then it got to the point where it asked to remove old programs ... then it crashed. Then on restart i go to wallpaper background with mouse working but login box is not coming up, what to do ?22:38
tomreynwhat does "it crashed" mean?22:39
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution22:40
tomreyn^ login there, install any pending updates, clean out packages no longer needed, make sure "sudo apt update" and "sudo apt full-upgrade" runs without errors or warnings22:41
tomreynand later, make sure this only returns packages you still need and are comfortable at maintaining manually (regularly looking for and installing upgrades manually): apt list --installed | grep ',local\]$' | nc termbin.com 999922:43
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ph88tomreyn, it means the session stopped, i logged in again .. do-release-upgrade terminal window was gone. Then after restart, login box doesnt show again22:47
tomreynph88: i see. out of interest, which ubuntu release did you upgrade from and to? did you have 3rd party packages installed? which graphics card + driver?22:50
ph88when i install 22.04 daily build now .. will it become a normal LTS release after lts is released ?22:50
ph88tomreyn, ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04  yes 3rd party packages, but forgot which ones, graphics card and driver i dont know. maybe integrated in atom processort22:51
guivercph88, if you apply all upgrades yes22:51
tomreynyes, but what will be 22.04 is unsupported *here* for now, try #ubuntu-next22:51
tomreynph88: well, see if you can make progress from the tty22:52
ph88tomreyn, yes will do, right now i booted into windows, will try it asap22:52
tomreynit is generally good to have a system in a supported state when you start a release upgrade. that's no ppa packages / package versions installed (unless you're sure it will be fine), because otherwise you choose an untested migration path.22:54
RavageThe GUI crashing on an upgrade to 22.04 happened to me too. I was smarter the second time and ran it from console23:32
guivercRavage, Ubuntu jammy (still in alpha; it's not 22.04 until it reaches RC) is off-topic here, you can use #ubuntu-next23:33
sexoffenderYAY!! PORNHUB TIME!23:35
Jeremy31get out23:35
RavageGood movie23:35
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