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moa5505Hello !10:13
moa5505Anyone in here ?10:13
guivercmoa5505, if you have a Lubuntu support question; please just ask it and people will answer as they're able to.  (be patient & provide release details)11:09
panelthemesI am looking to make a custom lxqt theme, but am not sure where those theme files live. These are the ones you can access through appearance configuration > lxqt theme (ambience, clearlooks, dark, frost, etc). Thanks any insight!15:29
phaoHi. I'm trying to configure a shortcut to grab a screenshot of a region of the screen into the clipboard. 16:33
phaoI managed to find scrot. I can take a picture with screengrab, but idk if I can put that into the clipboard. Scrot seems to do it, but when I go onto paste it, it doesn't seem to work.16:34
phaooh.. I got it, I think... Now the problem seems to be that the shortcut keys menu doesn't seem to be liking the shortcut I've made, hehe.16:51
phaoOh.. Got it. =D Had the wrong file name there.17:19
ph88^hey guys, how can i set mouse speed in GUI ?20:57
Chunkyzph88^: /join #ubuntu-next20:58

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