ph88hey guys, i just installed Lubuntu 22.04 daily image fresh. Installation went fine. On first boot i see this https://imgur.com/a/B8NrJdW  what to do ?09:17
guiverc2ph88, can you login via text terminal?09:41
* guiverc2 is busy with real life currently; can't provide much guidance currently sorry; but if you used 21.10 without issue, media validated successfully - issue is likely with 5.15 kernel stack. Lubuntu doesn't include closed-source video drivers so it's open-source only on initial install09:43
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ph88guiverc, login via text terminal .. i dont know how to do that. I didn't try 21.10. Closed-source might be necessary. I have these video chips GMA 3150 + ION 2  https://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-ION-2.24292.0.html  a09:45
guiverctry Ctrl+Alt+F4 to switch to a text terminal & can you login with your created user id/password?  If the live system worked correctly; I'd hope installed would too though09:46
ph88guiverc, alt + ctrl + F4 combination doesn't do anything at this point09:49
alkisgph88: while booting, press esc to show the grub menu. From there, go advanced options and select recovery. Does that get you to a blue menu with some recovery options?09:51
ph88alkisg, yes i get to blue recovery screen09:54
alkisgph88: nice, now try "continue booting"09:54
ph88resume, clean, dpkg, fsck, gutb, network, root, system-summary09:54
ph88alkisg, then i see a black screen with a white underline cursor blinking ... so far nothing else is showing09:55
alkisg(this essentially enabled the "nomodeset" option, for failsafe graphics, it will tell us if it's related to video issues)09:55
alkisgRight, I didn't think it was related to video as you had too many failed services09:56
alkisgDid you see any errors while installing? It sounds like things didn't go to plan09:56
ph88alkisg, i wasnt watching when it was installing09:56
alkisgIn the end, did it have any error dialogs?09:57
ph88i used graphical installer ... no errors poped up from there09:57
alkisgLet's try the recovery screen once more. From there, first enable networking, and then get the root shell09:57
ph88alkisg, network brought me a popup and then went back to blue recovery screen10:00
alkisgOK, now select the root shell10:01
ph88press enter for maintenance or ctrl+d for continue ?10:01
ph88ok im there10:01
alkisgWhile at the root shell, run: apt update; apt full-upgrade --yes10:01
alkisgLet's see if updates work or if they report something horribly broken10:02
ph88alkisg, https://imgur.com/a/LGH5xd910:03
alkisgYour file system is read-only. This indicates an error with the hardware, the file system (fsck needed), or /etc/fstab10:04
alkisgIt'll be faster to troubleshoot it from a live media. Can you boot from the live USB?10:04
ph88alkisg, sorry i have to go now i have an appointment. I will try to ping you later. Or leave me some instructions and i will try them as soon as i come back10:04
ph88thanks a lot for your help10:04
guivercthanks alkisg :)11:23
lotuspsychjemaybe related to the above, bug #196470512:25
ubottuBug 1964705 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity crash on daily build - cannot install" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196470512:25
ph88alkisg, are you here ?13:21
xu-contribute23wHey, is wayland an xubuntu 22.04 feature?15:56
Maikdon't think so15:57
xu-contribute23wwhy? xfce doesn't support it?15:59
xu-contribute23wWhat about lubuntu?15:59
Maiki think up to now only main ubuntu will support wayland, they've done so since 20.1016:00
Maikthe other desktops aren't ready yet16:01
MaikXfce 4.18 might get support for wayland16:01
alkisgph88: here; did you see the link that lotuspsychje posted, that reports a broken installer? In any case, if you think this wasn't the issue, boot with the live usb so that we can take a look from there16:01
xu-contribute23wyeah, but xfce hasn't been updated in 2 years, it could take a while16:03
Maikxfce development takes a while but is stable in the end16:04
Maik4.17 is the development version of Xfce which will lead to 4.1816:04
ph88alkisg, no i didn't see this link, got disconnected. I have similar problems with another laptop (also an old model) ... i will try on both laptops to reinstall Lubuntu but not with GPT just MBR. After reinstall when there are still problems i will boot into live cd so we can have a look16:05
Maikxu-contribute23w: But Xubuntu only takes stable releases, thus your stuck with 4.16 for 3 more years on the upcomming LTS.16:05
xu-contribute23wby then, I'm sure if we get XFCE 4.16 for 22.10, I'm imagining 24.04 will be extra stable.16:07
xu-contribute23wI thought LTS was 2 every years?16:07
Maikyes but i'm talking about the support cycle which is 3 years16:08
ph88alkisg, i reinstalled with MBR instead of GPT ... same problem. now im booting into live ISO16:49
FurretUberHi, how do I debug appindicator problems? xfce4-panel fails to show appindicator icons, and even using PANEL_DEBUG, no messages related to appindicator appear16:59
FurretUberMeanwhile, systray icons debug messages appear17:01
ph88^i ran  ubuntu-drivers devices   ... no graphics card found. I expected a graphics card to be found. What could be wrong ?23:13
gryph88^, what graphics card is it ?23:21
grydoes it work for you on 20.0423:21
gryi.e., did it work befor23:21
ph88^gry, https://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-ION-2.24292.0.html   i never checked if it worked before23:22
guivercph88^, fyi: Lubuntu is still using the same LXQt as used in impish/21.10; the DE we want to have is still in salsa.debian.org & hasn't moved to a stage we can import it into Ubuntu yet23:25
ph88^DE ?23:25
guivercthe ubuntu base on Lubuntu jammy has upgraded; but LXQt/Lubuntu is mostly just 21.10  (DE=desktop)23:26
ph88^guiverc, is it not yet lxqt 1.0 ? 23:26
guivercnope; that's still in salsa.debian.org & cannot yet be imported23:26
ph88^i also noticed wayland is not active, is that because of the same reason ?23:26
ph88^guiverc, is there still enough time for the developers to get wayland and lxqt 1.0 in the 22.04 version ? 23:27
guivercLXQt is Xorg - the X character.. LWQt is the wayland test desktop; it's not suppported by Lubuntu and is only for testing purposes (not production ready)23:27
ph88^what is L  light ?23:27
guivercUbuntu jammy is still alpha; beta freeze is 28-March with beta release 31-Mar, so yes we're running short of time, but still have some23:28
guivercyep l=light23:28
guiverc(at this late stage it's more complex to get it into jammy as freeze exceptions are now involved)23:29
ph88^guiverc, are you doing work on Lubuntu ?23:29
guivercI'm a Lubuntu team member yes; but not a dev23:30
ph88^guiverc, just out of curiosity .. where does the lwqt source code live ?23:30
guivercgithub; it's talked about in various threads on https://github.com/lxqt  with test code/forks at places like https://github.com/Mark-4158/lwqt-session/releases23:33
guivercLWQt isn't ready for production as I stated; no actual site exists for it yet; it's only forks made for testing purposes/problem-detection etc23:33
ph88^ye that'S cool, i wont try to run that yet23:34
guivercph88^, sorry I should have given this too; it's probably the best place to go to understand Wayland & LXQt - https://github.com/lxqt/lxqt/issues/1023:37
ubottuIssue 10 in lxqt/lxqt "Wayland support" [Open]23:37
ph88^guiverc, that one i already found :p23:38

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