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ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <lapisdecor> hi, here on 22.04, after last update I become with no sound18:19
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <lapisdecor> on sound settings I only have dummy18:20
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <Willem> Hi all.18:20
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <Willem> I am testing Ubuntu 22.04 and xubuntu 22.04.18:20
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <Willem> On my dual boot laptop I've upgraded both Ubuntu 21.10 and xubuntu 21.10 to 22.04. 18:20
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <Willem> The upgrade "went wrong" in both distro's in the same way and on the same place in the upgrade process (the desktop disappears suddenly in the middle of the upgrade, a black screen appears with only a blinking cursor, can't switch to a different tty) I managed to finish the upgrade in both cases by doing "sudo dpkg --configure -a" and other commands. 18:20
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <Willem> Both distro's are fully upgraded and working well now.18:20
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <Willem> Question: should I report the upgrade issue I ran into? If so where? And what logs should I be looking at to find out more about the problem?18:20
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <Willem> Thank you.18:20
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <lapisdecor> no sound indicator18:20
ubuntubridgebot[telegram] <lapisdecor> P.S- i've just removed soundconverter through apt18:26
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