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hellerhey guys, can you help me with simple IPTABLES question?21:40
hellerhttps://pastebin.com/X9xkLL8Y what is the first line for?21:41
sdezielheller: it allows forwarding new and existing TCP connections to on port 808021:45
hellerbut i can do port forward with only one of them21:46
hellerthe second line gives me port access to that ip port 2222 -> 2221:46
heller(changing the ports ofc)21:46
sdezielheller: hard to tell without the full ruleset but the DNAT rule also needs a corresponding FORWARD rule, normally21:47
hellerhttps://pastebin.com/QyXW6pBb better example21:49
hellerso by just adding the nat rule, i can access the ip21:50

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