Kingsqueedoes anyone know how to fix this?00:48
Kingsqueetons of " libglib2.0-0:i386 depends on libc6 (>= 2.28); however:   Package libc6:i386 is not configured yet."00:49
tomreynKingsquee: which ubuntu release is this, which kernel version?01:00
tomreynlsb_release -ds && cat /proc/version01:00
Kingsqueetomreyn: https://paste.uguu.se/?ba52e5a06b5a4b5a#42M2tiMtLJuvvxaSje14E3WvYHom2PqxUNYp3ZVH7KB301:01
Kingsqueeseems to be happening a lot https://www.mail-archive.com/desktop-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg794240.html01:02
Kingsqueelooks like a similar problem years ago: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225714101:03
tomreynKingsquee: bug 1962780 is marked invalid. it is a report by a linux mint user, seconded by a pop os! user. and you use kde neon. none of those are ubuntu.01:04
ubottuBug 1962780 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "During install  'error processing package libglib2.0-0:i386'" [Undecided, Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196278001:04
Kingsqueetomreyn: they're all ubuntu based distros01:04
tomreynKingsquee: yes, and that "based" is where it's beyond the scope of this channel01:05
Kingsqueeand considering it's package management affecting all of them, the problem seems upstream01:05
tomreynthis is an assumption, or guess, at best.01:07
tomreynPlease do file a bug if this happens on Ubuntu.01:07
Kingsqueeand I'm glad that's where you folks come in01:08
tomreynuntil then, please seek support from kde neon support channels, or something like #linux01:09
Kingsqueefeel free to pm01:11
sybaritenhey hey, i'm using glances which is a process monitor. I am having strange (?) issues of it exiting spontaneously, if i do cursor down. Is this normal perhaps?02:01
sybaritenits like a curses app... i think... so i expected to be able to scroll a cursor over different processes , when i press cursors. and then be able to kill them02:01
pycuriousAnyone here using logitech mx master 3 on ubuntu? For some reason my machine wont see the mouse.02:03
Maximalistmy vpn keeps disconnecting and only reconnects when I disconnect from the internet and reconnect. Do I need to install network drivers of some sort to fix this?02:10
KingsqueeHAHA, it worked02:18
Kingsqueefor the more pragmatically minded here, this worked: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1285751/dpkg-error-processing-package-libglib2-0-0i38602:18
Kingsqueebetter luck next time, tom02:19
sarahzrfI need help un-hosing my ubuntu VPS03:17
sarahzrfi had left it un-upgraded for a very long time—it was on bionic—and i tried to do-release-upgrade and got some python errors in the middle saying like KeyError: "The cache has no package named 'ubuntu-minimal'"03:18
sarahzrfi googled and found this, and like an idiot i did the thing suggested in the first answer without really thinking it thru https://superuser.com/questions/1400979/do-release-upgrade-fails-with-keyerror-the-cache-has-no-package-named-ubuntu03:18
sarahzrfthis resulted in having a ton of new packages to install; after some upgrading, i tried to do-release-upgrade again, which failed, demanding "Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading."—i think the previous half-complete do-release-upgrade may have finished changing the repo listings so that it was trying to install focal packages now, but it was refusing to get03:20
sarahzrfeverything up to date03:20
sarahzrfi tried using apt dist-upgrade to coax it into installing the held back packages, but that just made it start removing random stuff03:20
sarahzrfnow i seem to be stuck in half-upgraded limbo with a bunch of packages removed03:20
sarahzrfanyone have advice??03:20
jhutchinssarahzrf: Did you back it up before the upgrade?03:29
sarahzrfi maybe stupid03:31
jhutchinssarahzrf: Not as long as you learn.03:32
jhutchinssarahzrf: Honestly, NOBODY does a backup before they upgrade.  The best I've done is upgrade half of a cluster at a time, make sure it worked before I did the other half.03:32
jhutchinssarahzrf: Do you have packages from PPAs installed?03:33
sarahzrfi think i might03:36
leftyfbsarahzrf: can you ssh to it now?03:41
leftyfbsarahzrf: If you do, I would highly suggest using scp or rsync to backup all of your files and configs. If there's databases, dump them and rsync those as well. Then rebuild from scratch and restore from backup. That will be the quickest, easiest and cleanest solution. That isn't to say your situation is unrecoverable, it might be. But in my opinion, isn't worth the time and effort.03:48
sarahzrfi was considering just setting up a new vps, but then i realized how much configuration i'd need to do and decided i didnt want to...04:08
sarahzrfi do have ssh access, but i have no idea whether it'll boot again if i shut it off04:09
sarahzrfso i can only consider it a bit of a time bom04:09
Whisky`how much config is there?04:09
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leftyfbsarahzrf: maybe spend some time creating an ansible playbook to rebuild it for when you need to do this again04:24
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dirtcastle_is there a way to merge 2 logical partitions06:33
dirtcastle_one is root and another is home06:34
dirtcastle_root has run out of space and I cant login right now06:34
wezdirtcastle_: ummmm, just allocate more space to root06:36
dirtcastle_i have made partitions for entire sda06:38
dirtcastle_wez: will this cause problems06:38
dirtcastle_for them06:38
wezdirtcastle_: lvreduce to make a lv smaller, then lvextend?06:41
Bashing-omdirtcastle_: In the recovery menu is the "clean" option that trys to make free space. Worth a shot before having to mount and manually see what you can remove from '/' .06:41
wezdirtcastle_: There's probably something in /var/log you can remove too06:41
dirtcastle_I've run sudo rm -rf /var/log/06:45
dirtcastle_ok fixed the issue06:45
dirtcastle_i need increase the space before this happens again06:45
wezthere are some files in there you probably want to keep, I meant truncate the files, not delete them entirely.l06:46
wezdirtcastle_: Do it!  lvextend or find out where the space was being eaten up and mount that into it's own filesystem06:46
dirtcastle_lol will this cause problems. My system is new. haven't done much with it06:46
wezGenerally you want to mount /tmp, /var and /home somewhere else.06:47
wezyeah, you need a /var/log directory :)06:47
wezalso depending on what services you gave installed you may need sub-directories with correct permissiojns set06:47
wezgave = have06:47
dirtcastle_will that delete the contents or the Directories themselves?06:47
wezrm -fr will06:48
wezmounting over the top won't delete what is already there, you will need to move it over to a new FS, then mount over the top06:49
dirtcastle_will doing mkdir the Directories be enough?06:49
wezdepends what services you have installed06:50
weznginx and apache will probably complain when you start htem up next if you don't recreate the directories and set the appropriate permissions06:51
dirtcastle_I've installed a window Manager, browser and urxvt. other than that it's new06:51
dirtcastle_i don't run servers . it's my laptop .06:51
dirtcastle_for now I've created the /var/log/ directory. i didn't create partition for /tmp or /var (manually) during installation. only root and home. and now I need to increase root size06:54
wezdirtcastle_: Either that or mount the directories to a new FS if they are likely to grow06:55
dirtcastle_can I mount the root to home?06:59
dirtcastle_home has 80gb. It will take a while to fill up06:59
dirtcastle_i think07:00
wezdirtcastle_: ummm, why do you want to do that?07:02
wezdirtcastle_: just extend root :)07:02
wezor create a new LV for the stuff that takes up room07:02
dirtcastle_idk how to extend. can u help wez . I'll send fdisk and parted output. tell me wat command to run. I tried running some everything failed07:06
wezdirtcastle_: How much space did you allocate to the volume group?07:06
dirtcastle_it's an extended partition07:07
dirtcastle_fdisk -l : https://paste.rs/uvh07:08
dirtcastle_parted print : https://paste.rs/52R07:09
wezWhich one is your volume group?07:09
wezOr are you using partitions only?07:10
dirtcastle_oh wait. i forgot. there is no extended partition.07:10
dirtcastle_everything is primary only07:10
dirtcastle_I messed up the partition table and when I restored ,I made it into primary partition07:11
BASHitupIf you mess up the partition table, yhou should still be able to recover data. The partition simply sets the boundaries for where the files are stored - it doesn't delete them.07:12
dirtcastle_yes I recovered the table. but sda2 and sda3 were logical partitions in an extended partition before I messed up. when I restored I made them primary partition07:14
BASHitupdirtcastle_ It sounds like you'll have to reinstall07:16
EriC^^dirtcastle_: what's the problem?07:25
dirtcastle_BASHitup: :(07:26
dirtcastle_EriC^^: i need to increase root partition size07:26
EriC^^dirtcastle_: making them primary instead of logical has no consequence at all to it booting/mounting07:27
BASHitupHey - it happens. I ran a command that was just super idiodic to run. Then I tried to recover with my clone. My clone was done wrong. So I had to reinstall then copy from the clone. In my case, I use luks FDE ... So everything is naturally more difficult over the encryption07:27
EriC^^dirtcastle_: ok, pastebin 'sudo parted -ls' output07:27
dirtcastle_EriC^^: so is it ok to resize? what cmd/software Will I need07:28
EriC^^yeah, no issues, share the pastebin, gparted can do it from a live usb07:28
dirtcastle_EriC^^: this is parted  print output. if this is not enuf I'll get u that also https://paste.rs/52R07:29
EriC^^dirtcastle_: you intend to make root-ubuntu bigger?07:31
dirtcastle_yes exactly07:32
EriC^^dirtcastle_: you'll need the space from somewhere else, so boot up a live usb, run gparted, then resize another fs and 'move' it to the right/end side of the disk and other partitions too, til you have unallocated space after root-ubuntu, then resize/expand it07:34
dirtcastle_nice. how can i send partitions to other end of the disk EriC^^07:36
EriC^^dirtcastle_: right click -> move07:37
EriC^^or something like dragging them maybe, never really used gparted alot07:37
EriC^^it's pretty intuitive though07:38
dirtcastle_my ubuntu works fine. i can use gparted without live usb and all07:38
EriC^^you cant resize mounted fs though07:39
dirtcastle_ohh. do i need to make a bootable usb with gparted in it or ubuntu?07:39
EriC^^also for sure you'll want to backup any important info, as you never know if it might go wrong with resizing07:40
dirtcastle_ubuntu iso*07:40
EriC^^just ubuntu iso should do be fine07:40
dirtcastle_this will actually solve lots of my problems07:41
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HashI had everything working, all these years, and tonight I try to start a vm in vbox and it says version mismatch08:18
HashsuplibOsInit what: 3 VERR_VM_DRIVER_NOT_INSTALLED (-1908) - The support driver is not installed. On linux, open returned ENOENT.08:18
Whisky`Hash: reinstall vbox, the kernel dkms and/or the extentions08:20
Whisky`the modules likely didnt compile/install correctly. space issue?08:21
HashDKMS: uninstall completed.08:22
HashDeleting module version: 6.1.3208:22
Hashok, all gone. I went to their page, had the repo added latest made srue it's good08:22
Hashthey say to grab the .deb, did that too08:22
Whisky`and what does apt install show? all goes well?08:23
Whisky`did it compile the modules for your current kernel or one you recently installed but havent booted into?08:23
HashDKMS: install completed.08:24
HashNo dice.08:24
jilUWF question.   I'm trying to limit youtube with ufw.  I found that youtube uses range of IP adresses such as to  If I'm correct this is equivalent to but applying, $sudo ufw deny from will result in a adress "normalisation" to  Why is that ?08:24
Hashyeah, apt install modules and builds them and everyuthig08:25
Hashhan gon08:25
Whisky`did you modprobe them08:25
Hashhttps://bpa.st/GETA log08:25
Hashnever had to do anything manually ever.08:25
HashSo no, I did not modprobe them.08:25
Whisky`why are the modules 5.408:26
Whisky`neverm ind my brain is fried tonight08:26
Whisky`yes modprobe them in and it should fix it08:27
Whisky`im going to stop looking at my 5.16.0 kernel, that fixed my bluetooth issue that 5.4 caused08:28
HashInstalled the latest from their .deb package instad of repo08:28
Hashdpkg -i08:28
HashThat worked. Now windos10 booted08:28
Hashvirtualbox-6.1_6.1.32-149290_Ubuntu_eoan_amd64.deb they gave me this as it's one package for 20/21 versions08:29
HashThe main problem I wanted to boot windows was to fix some mising mesh nonsnese with morrowind08:30
HashI start openmw in ubuntu and  Iget lots of missing mesh errors in game08:30
HashAnyway, on to that now08:30
ph88hey guys, i just installed Lubuntu 22.04 daily image fresh. Installation went fine. On first boot i see this https://imgur.com/a/B8NrJdW  what to do ?08:51
gryph88, does it say anything else afterwards?09:09
ph88no it hangs there09:09
gryph88, i am not an expert in this, but i suspect you may wish to ask in #ubuntu-next , as this is not a normal release yet09:12
jilI was confused about the meaning of / at the end of a network adress, it is clear now. thanks to wasamasa from  #emacs.09:30
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ovfldpthHello Everyone10:10
moa5505Hello !10:15
moa5505Anyone here ?10:15
ovfldpthHi moa10:15
moa5505Hi !10:15
moa5505I have a problem, maybe someone in here will have an idea on what to do.10:16
moa5505In short I'm trying to execute 3 commands at startup, the problem is that these 3 commands need to be executed as sudo, so the "official" startup utility doesn't work10:16
moa5505So I created a routine on systemctl10:17
moa5505Something like :10:18
moa5505# /usr/bin/autostart.sh: Local multi-user startup script.10:18
moa5505sudo command110:18
moa5505sudo command210:18
ovfldpthI thing you can refer to this answer at stackoverflow https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/64611610:22
moa5505why is linux/ubuntu so complicated10:46
moa5505I just want to execute 3 commands at startup10:46
moa5505On windows I just go on the startup menu, add those 3 commands, they execute at startup and everyone is happy10:47
moa5505On linux I tried to add them to the autostart menu on the LXQt session settings, but they need to be executed as sudo so they don't work10:48
moa5505So I create a service on systemctl, but only one over 3 work correctly10:48
moa5505Why is everything so complicated on linux ????10:48
moa5505Each single setting takes litteraly hours to apply because everything is so intricated10:49
moa5505Why make everything so complicated ?10:49
moa5505Is it like an entry barrier ? Like Linux want to filter non tech savy users ?10:50
moa5505I really don't understand it10:50
cbreakit's not really complicated10:50
moa5505Sorry but it really is10:50
cbreakthe problem is just that you don't understand it, because it's different from what you're used to10:50
moa5505No it's not that10:50
cbreakstarting something at startup is trivial. There are GUI entries for that in both Gnome and KDE10:51
moa5505On windows I use ctrl+alt+del, I have the autostart menu and I can add/remove commands. The end.10:51
cbreakthat's similar to what windows has10:51
cbreakjust less weird10:51
cbreakno need to remember strange keyboard shortcuts10:51
moa5505On linux I tried the official tool but it doesn't work, I tried systemctl but it doesn't work10:51
cbreaksystemctl is for starting things via systemd10:52
cbreakthat's a good option if you want to start services, or something else that's independent from a login session10:52
moa5505I don't have a choice, session settings autostart doesn't execute things as root10:52
cbreakbut that's not something a normal user will need a lot10:52
cbreakof course it doesn't10:52
cbreakwhy would it run things as root?10:52
cbreakwindows isn't dumb enough to do that either10:52
moa5505Because I need to use an executable as root10:52
moa5505I don't care about the reasons10:53
cbreakwhat for? Is it a service that should run permanently?10:53
moa5505I cannot do it10:53
cbreakor something that should run on login?10:53
moa5505Remove middle-click from my touchpad, limit CPU TDP, apply undervolt10:53
moa5505the two last need root access10:53
moa5505And why wouldn't it run things as root ???10:54
cbreak1. make a script for that. 2. Make a systemd unit for the script. 3. use systemctl to start it as root.10:54
cbreakmoa5505: because it'd be dumb10:54
moa5505Already did those10:54
cbreaklogin sessions are for users10:54
moa5505still doesn't work10:54
cbreakusers can control their startup applications10:54
moa5505Well my startup applications don't work10:55
cbreakletting users start stuff as root would be a major security issue10:55
moa5505So it's broken, as simple as that10:55
cbreakyou shouldn't break things then :P10:55
moa5505No it just doesn't work10:55
cbreakit's plain obvious that starting software via systemd works10:55
cbreakotherwise you couldn't boot10:56
moa5505systemctl services doesn't work as well10:56
cbreaksystemd is what starts everything on your system10:56
moa5505who cares10:56
moa5505It doesn't do what I want10:56
moa5505it doesn't work10:56
cbreakof course not. It only does what you tell it to do.10:56
cbreakand that is probably not what you want.10:56
cbreaksoftware is like that. It doesn't matter what you want. all that matters is what it is told.10:57
ns12Hello, will the next LTS version of Ubuntu (i.e. Ubuntu 22.04) support root on ZFS?10:57
moa5505# /usr/bin/autostart.sh: Local multi-user startup script.10:57
moa5505xinput set-button-map "ELAN1301:00 04F3:3115 Touchpad"  1 1 3 4 5 6 710:57
cbreakns12: it already does10:57
moa5505It just doesn't work10:57
ns12cbreak: It appears to be "experimental" in Ubuntu 20.04.10:57
moa5505Why is everything so broken on linnux10:57
moa5505Why everything is a pain in the ass to do ?10:58
cbreakns12: yeah. Can't say if it will be less experimental, but it works already :) at least with 21.10 quite well actually10:58
ns12moa5505: Lay your eyes on the cute Linux penguin, and every fault will be forgotten.10:58
ns12cbreak: Is it still "experimental" in 22.04?10:59
cbreakdon't know.10:59
moa5505Yeah, but looking at the cute pinguin won't give me my time back11:00
ns12Isn't 22.04 more or less frozen by now? It will be released in April.11:00
moa5505"Linux is free, if your time is worthless"11:00
ns12moa5505: You could always defect from Tux-land to Beastie-land, Apple-land, or Windows-land.11:01
moa5505Windows-land sucks more and more11:02
ns12cbreak: I guess I will wait until April 21 to find out.11:02
moa5505But macOS did everything right (except the user/consumer restrictive policies)11:02
moa5505If Linux stopped making everything so user unfriendly, they could have a chance11:02
moa5505That's why even ChromeOS won more market share in 2 years than linux in 2511:03
mixfix41your leaving a ton out11:03
cbreakmoa5505: I tried hackintoshing for a few years11:04
cbreakit worked quite well, but I think the time for that is over.11:04
mixfix41mac users are users of their hardware. so thats the biggest appeal. and if you are familiar it could treat a person nice (app developers)11:04
cbreakwith the shift to ARM, apple pretty much made all hackintoshes stuck in the past11:04
moa5505If my autostart menu actually worked and executed the commands I told him to execute I wouldn't have any problem11:04
moa5505But no11:04
mixfix41keep practicing. mac intentionally will break an install process after upgrades. ive experience11:05
moa5505On linux world, this would be too easy. So I have to create new services using command lines and manage 1000 other problems11:05
cbreakyou only need to do that if you want to run code with elevated privileges, and / or independent from a login session11:06
moa5505And even doing that, it doesn't work at the end11:06
cbreakas I said above: starting software at login is trivial11:06
moa5505I don't care11:06
moa5505I want to run something at start up11:06
moa5505why do I have to use the command line for that ?11:06
cbreakbecause it's unusual.11:06
mixfix41obviously you need to learn how to and its simple actually simpler than any other os11:06
moa5505Why the "official" way doesn't work ?11:06
cbreakit does work.11:06
cbreakservices are the way for startup daemons11:07
cbreakit's the same on Mac OS11:07
cbreakthere you'd create a launchd script of course, instead of a systemd script11:07
moa5505it's unusual to disable the middle click on the touchpad ?11:07
cbreakand on windows it's also the same. There you'd create a system service entry in the registry, somehow.11:07
moa5505It's unusual to run a simple executable on startup ?11:07
ns12Is there a comprehensive Ubuntu manual similar to the Debian reference, Debian handbook, and FreeBSD handbooks?11:07
mixfix41their prerequisites and you are right linux does take time but its not pessimistic time spent ill put my money on it11:07
moa5505On windows I tell it to run something at startup, and it runs something at startup11:08
moa5505No matter the shit I throw him11:08
cbreakit starts it at login. As your user.11:08
moa5505I did it hundreds of times11:08
moa5505I don't care11:08
cbreakit won't affect other users, obviously.11:08
moa5505It starts and works11:08
moa5505I don't care about anything else11:08
moa5505I want something that works11:08
cbreakjust like on linux.11:09
cbreakif you make it start something automatically, it will start it.11:09
cbreakas your user.11:09
cbreakwhen you log in.11:09
moa5505Well it doesn't11:09
cbreakI've done that dozens of times.11:09
moa5505Well i've been trying for the last 5 hours11:09
cbreakdoesn't seem like it.11:09
cbreakall you do seem to do is spout complaints and nonsense here11:09
moa5505This should not take more than 2 minutes11:09
cbreakyou've not tried to solve the problem a single time.11:10
moa5505Open startup menu, paste script, click okay11:10
moa5505"Just werks"11:10
moa5505So you know better than I what I did ?11:10
cbreakI've seen what you did here after all.11:10
wezJust press the any key11:10
cbreaknot asking questions. not giving evidence. not describing symptoms.11:10
wezThen order a tab11:10
moa5505So you ignore the hours I tried to solve this problem before11:10
mixfix41the rant looks bad cause there is so much engineering involve that you are trying to pass as doesnt exist11:11
moa5505Okay give me a minute, I'll explain clearly what I want to do11:11
cbreakit's plain obvious that what you claim is nonsense.11:11
cbreakbecause automatically starting things via systemd is at the foundation of the ubuntu startup process11:11
cbreakif it wouldn't work, you would get stuck after grub.11:11
cbreaksystemd is what starts the login manager. and it later also starts X, when users log in.11:13
moa5505I want to run 3 scripts at startup. One to disable the middleclick on my touchpad, one to apply a TDP limit to my CPU and another to apply an undervolt.11:17
moa5505I tried to use the default autostart menu on lubuntu and add those commands, but they don’t work because the last two need to be executed as root.11:17
moa5505So I created a new service with User = root, but this new service only launches 1 of the 3 commands. I checked the logs and apparently the middleclick disable cannot be applied because the service is executed before “xinput” can be executed, which is fine it makes sense, I guess this one can be added on the startup menu since it doesn't require11:17
moa5505root. But the two last commands seem to be executed correctly and return proper return values in the logs, but when I check if the TDP limit was applied, it wasn’t for some reason...11:17
gryMoa5505, look at passwordless sudo11:17
gryContinue to use lubuntu startup11:17
cbreakwhen you start a script via systemd, you can extend the script with logging, to verify if it has run. systemctl status should tell you that then.11:18
gryYou can set up sudo to not require sudo password for a particular user for a particular command, and I think it would resolve the issue.11:18
cbreakthis will of course not ensure that what you run will actually work, just that it is executed.11:18
cbreakdepending on where in the startup process you put your code, it might be too early11:19
cbreakfor example, if you want to interact with X, you'd probably want to do it after the graphical.target, after the display-manager.service11:19
moa5505I checked the systemctl status, it tells me the TDP limit was applied, I get the correct executable returns, but If I check my current TDP parameters, they remain the same as default11:19
cbreakso ... it ran the code, but your code didn't do what you wanted, or it did what you wanted and was changed back later by something else.11:20
moa5505No the logs tell me the code ran successfully, but they didn't11:20
moa5505My parameters remain the same11:20
cbreakdid you add code to check the parameters to the script?11:21
cbreakthat would let you verify if they have been applied right afterwards11:21
moa5505If I execute manually the instructions I give to the service it runs fine11:21
cbreakand it would allow you to detect whether they've been changed back by something else later11:21
moa5505I'm not stupid11:21
cbreakif systemd starts your script, then systemd did its job11:21
moa5505It's just that the service executes it and it doesn't work11:21
cbreakif your script then doesn't work, you'll have to debug your script.11:22
moa5505MY SCRIPT WORKS11:22
moa5505that's not the issue11:22
cbreakobviously not11:22
moa5505are you even reading11:22
moa5505Okay lets check11:22
cbreakyou said yourself it doesn't work11:22
cbreakbut it is started11:22
moa5505It is executed11:22
moa5505but it doesn't have any effect11:22
cbreakyes. You said that before.11:22
cbreakso it's not a problem with the starting itself.11:23
cbreakit's a problem with either what the script does, or when it does it, or what happens afterwards.11:23
moa5505Where can I past logs ?11:23
cbreakthe /topic mentions paste.ubuntu.com, but apparently that's bad. Do you have access to github gists?11:23
moa5505This is such a waste of time11:25
moa5505The first lines are the logs from the service11:25
moa5505The last lines are the logs if I check the current parameters11:26
moa5505Notice how stapm_limit, fast_limit and slow_limit didn't change ?11:27
cbreakso, run the command to check the values _inside_the_script_11:27
moa5505And if I use the command " sudo /home/tiago/Programs/RyzenAdj/build/ryzenadj --stapm-limit=15000 --fast-limit=15000 --slow-limit=15000"  (like I have it on the service file), it runs fine11:28
moa5505cbreak, why would I run that ?11:28
cbreak... didn't you pay attention?11:28
cbreakas I said above: to verify that the values have been applied right after your script tried to apply them.11:29
moa5505Why would I care if it returns the good values in the logs if the final result doesn't work ?11:29
cbreakbecause you've shown that it's not a problem with starting your script11:29
cbreakso systemd is doing what it is told11:29
moa5505The important thing is that my CPU is TDP limited at startup11:29
moa5505I don't care about anything else11:29
moa5505Systemd is running it in a way that doesn't work11:30
cbreaknow, the problem to solve is to find out whether your script actually does what you want. And that's done by querying the result11:30
moa5505because my CPU will have the default TDP at startup, not the one I defined11:30
cbreakwhat? This is basic debugging technique.11:31
cbreakyou clearly aren't experienced in debugging, but the basis is to verify all assumptions.11:31
mixfix41which tutorial are you following11:31
cbreakyou have verified that systemd does the right thing. It does.11:31
cbreaknow you have to verify that your script does the right thing.11:31
cbreakand if it does: what changes the values back11:31
cbreakand if it does not: why it doesn't work11:31
cbreakdo you run the script too early?11:32
moa5505Not muted anymore ?11:34
moa5505This is such a waste of time11:35
moa5505Why so much bother and problems to run a simple script at startup11:35
moa5505I can do whatever I want on windows with 2-3 clicks in under a minute11:35
moa5505Here I tried 2-3 methods11:36
moa5505wasted hours11:36
moa5505for such a little thing11:36
Marmottethis is called "learning", maybe you don't remember, but you "wasted" time when learning Windows when you didn't know it ;)11:36
mixfix41why dont you just use crond11:37
moa5505I'm not learning anything because I'm not accomplishing anything11:37
moa5505I don't want to install more stuff, I just want to execute a simple script at startup11:37
moa5505What kind of OS makes a simple thing like this so complicated11:38
mixfix41crond isnt consider installing more put on the system its there and _use_ it11:38
cbreakit's quite simple with linux11:38
moa5505It's not.11:38
moa5505Really not11:39
moa5505If it wasn't I wouldn't be wasting time on this11:39
cbreakyour problem is not starting software11:39
cbreakclearly, it was started11:39
moa5505If it was simple I would be able to use the default startup menu and just get it done11:39
moa5505No matter if someone in a basement would consider this method "retarded" or not11:39
moa5505It was started, but the final result doesn't work11:40
moa5505So it didn't work11:40
cbreakso... the problem isn't the starting.11:40
moa5505I don't care about anything else11:40
cbreakyou're blaming the wrong thing.11:40
mixfix41you should just alias it until your strategy gets better :)11:40
cbreakyou will not be able to fix the problem unless you find out the problem11:41
moa5505The problem is that the OS doesn't offer the possibility to run executables at start11:41
cbreakit does.11:41
moa5505No it doesn't11:41
cbreakthere are like five ways to do it11:41
cbreakat least11:41
moa5505Well they should focus on a single one that works11:42
cbreakevery single one works...11:42
moa5505And is supported by the OS11:42
cbreaksystemd is the most powerful way, but of course, with great power comes complexity11:42
cbreakespecially due to the dependency management11:42
moa5505If everything runs so fine, why the autostart menu can't do what I want ?11:43
cbreakthe GUI way is obviously aimed at login session startup11:43
cbreakso it will start software for the user that logs in.11:43
cbreakboth ways clearly work.11:43
moa5505I want to run an executable11:43
moa5505It doesn't work11:43
cbreakno idea what you call "auto start menu"11:43
cbreakbut in KDE, there's an autostart section in the settings11:43
cbreakit works.11:43
moa5505LXQt session settings11:43
cbreakin gnome, I think there's something similar11:43
moa5505It doesn't work11:44
moa5505It can run an executable at startup11:44
moa5505If it did we wouldn't be having this discussion11:44
cbreakit works.11:44
Marmotterunning your executable works, but the executable itself doesn't work (maybe it was started to early, maybe it is bugged, etc.)11:44
moa5505Becuase I would be happy11:44
cbreakas I said: the bug is in your code.11:44
cbreakthe fact that you don't seem to comprehend that is ... weird.11:45
moa5505Nope Marmotte, it doesn't work because I need sudo access to run executables11:45
moa5505The bug is not in my code11:45
moa5505My code runs fine11:45
cbreakadd logging to your code.11:45
moa5505I did11:45
cbreakis your code executed?11:45
cbreakso it works.11:45
moa5505t'es con en fait11:45
cbreaksince logging proved that your code is started, the problem is not starting your code11:46
cbreaknext step is to find out why your code doesn't do what you want.11:46
moa5505It runs, it returns that the TDP modifications were done, but if I check if they really were there are no modifications11:46
cbreakand to solve the problem.11:46
cbreakso, as I said above:11:46
cbreakcheck that the settings have been applied right afterwards11:46
moa5505Why ?11:46
cbreakI told you11:46
cbreaktwice already...11:46
cbreakto find out if your settings have been applied11:47
cbreakif they have, then they were reverted later.11:47
cbreakif they hvae not, then there's some problem with setting them itself.11:47
cbreakbeause, obviously, when you check much later, the settings are not what you wanted to set them to, right?11:47
cbreakso either they never were set to begin with, or they were set back.11:47
Marmottemaret: we "all" succeed doing what we want except you... but when it doesn't work, we search what we did wrong insted of blaming the OS, this allows us to fix our issues :)11:49
Marmotteoops sorry for the wrong ping :D11:49
moa5505cbreak I just did what you said11:49
moa5505let me restart11:49
moa5505Same thing11:52
moa5505It tells it applied it successfully, it reports again having the right values but If I execute it myself I have the default values11:53
moa5505It's shit11:53
moa5505It doesn't work11:53
cbreakso it works11:53
cbreakbut something later changes the values back11:54
moa5505How could something change it back ???11:54
moa5505This is changes sent directly to the CPU11:54
cbreakdon't know. Did you check dmesg / journalctl -b 0?11:54
cbreakbut you just verified that the values were set correctly11:55
moa5505dmesg / journalctl -b 011:55
moa5505dmesg: invalid option -- 'b'11:55
cbreakbut later are no longer correct11:55
cbreakthose are two commands11:55
cbreakeither `dmesg` or `journalctl -b 0`11:55
cbreakthe latter will show more11:55
moa5505Stop the bullshit, If I apply those myself manually they remain until shutdown11:55
moa5505They don't "just change"11:55
moa5505Fuck it11:58
moa5505I just give up11:58
moa5505Such an amazing OS11:58
cbreaklunch time, good luck, back in an hour or so11:58
moa5505I'll just uninstall11:59
moa5505stoop wasting time on this11:59
moa5505I'll try it again in 2030 "year of linux desktop" lol11:59
mixfix41lol but non-corporate _still_11:59
moa5505This is unacceptable for a OS11:59
moa5505Continue to act surprised when new videos on linux like linustechtips come out12:00
mixfix41honestly im not sure why you try. look at history. not at view farming..12:01
moa5505These are known problems, it's unacceptable to be so complicated to run a script at startup12:01
semitonesHow can i interrogate an SD card that is not easily recognized in gnome?12:09
lotuspsychjesemitones: journalctl -f and plug in the SD to see errors12:09
semitonesno messages. What about lsblkid12:10
semitonesI see an sda in lsblk12:11
lotuspsychjesemitones: thats impossible, plugin new hardware always spits out output12:11
lotuspsychjeshare in a pastebin please12:11
semitonesYou're right, the sda is a USB drive I also have inserted12:12
semitonesI am going to look for an SD card that works to make sure it's not the laptop being broken12:12
semitoneslotuspsychje, Mar 13 08:10:57 patsurf-u systemd[1351]: Started VTE child process 9047 launched by gnome-terminal-server process 6541.12:14
semitonesoops probably should not have done gparted scanning devices while startup disk creator is working12:14
lotuspsychjesemitones: when inserting the SD, you should get like 4+ lines of that SD hardware12:15
semitonesi think maybe the SD card reader has failed12:15
lotuspsychjeif the reader or card was completly dead yeah12:15
semitonesi'll keep trying sd cards and see if I get the 4 lines12:15
semitonesi got a cron job when I inserted the lastest one, but I think it might have been a coincidence12:17
mixfix41you can use dmesg -wH for live reading and see if its the hardware is the problem.12:18
semitonesI'll try that12:19
semitonesI'm still getting nothing, and putting in known good sd cards.12:21
semitonesCould Ubuntu  have already detected that it doesn't work, and disabled it?12:21
mixfix41yeah id assume it would show in dmesg . only my bad drives dont12:21
semitonesAbout 2 weeks ago, I tried to flash an SD card in windows on the same machine, and I got a blue screen when I inserted the card, so that might be a clue that it's the card reader12:22
mixfix41and even them they show a few lines12:22
ograwell, cheap USB->SD readers often do not detect card changes, you need to re-plug the USB fr them to have the kernel detect them12:22
semitonesOh. Yeah let me try this again with the USB drive unplugged12:23
ograjust switching the cards wont be noticed on such devices12:23
mixfix41storage devices typically in my experience will work with hubs12:24
semitonesFor context, this is a microsoft surface that has 1 x USB 3.0 port, (which had a usb thumb drive) and one microSD reader, which probably uses the USB bus also but idk12:24
semitonessurface pro 3 or 412:25
mixfix41they would even work quite the distance over a longer range hardwire too.12:25
semitonesI got messages for unplugging the USB drive, but not for the sd card reader12:25
semitonesI guess it is dead :( :( :(12:27
semitonesI'll try restarting and see if it is still dead12:27
semitonesi just remembered that I have an old laptop that has a full size SD card reader, so I can still write the cards with that for the time being12:27
cbreaksemitones: I use an usb sd card reader. Works quite nicely. They're not that expensive either.12:30
cbreakThe one I use has a slot for sd cards, and one for micro sd cards.12:31
semitonesI will add that to my shopping list for the computer store, that's a good idea12:31
cbreakthe one I have looks similar to this one: https://www.digitec.ch/de/s1/product/icy-box-ib-cr200-c-usb-usb-20-micro-b-speicherkartenlesegeraet-5990429 (but it's not this model)12:33
semitonescbreak: oh I have one kind of like that with USB c. Maybe I just need a C to A adapter13:13
semitonesOh actually mine comes with A as well13:14
BluesKajHi all13:17
semitonesHi BluesKaj :)13:20
BluesKajhi semitones13:21
semitonesOut of curiosity, is it normal that hexchat does not appear in Ubuntu Software or apt, on 20.04.4 live CD (with internet) (xpost from #hexchat)13:21
cbreaksemitones: this one has two sides too, for A and C13:27
Maiksemitones: enable the universe repo in the live session, hexchat is there13:29
Maikiirc, universe is disabled during the live session13:30
semitonesMaik: thanks!!13:34
Maiksemitones: you're welcome :)13:36
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ph88i just formatted my hdd, made it GPT partition table, with 8 MB grub_bios partition unformatted, and the rest btrfs .. can it be that my laptop does not support gpt ? laptop seems unable to find harddisk and boot from it13:48
=== dirtcastle_ is now known as dirtcastle
cbreakph88: normally, you'd want an EFI partition14:22
cbreakmaybe with 200 MB or so14:22
cbreakfor efi booting14:23
cbreakbut the installer should format this for you automatically if you tell it to14:23
ph88cbreak, the Lubuntu installer just told me to do 8mb bios_grub partition ... ok 200 MB efi ... so what should i do now ? reinstall ?14:30
cbreakph88: depends on what you want. If you boot via efi / legacy, then I think the installer will try to do legacy booting14:57
cbreak(well, it'll try to install it in the same way you booted the installer)15:03
ph88cbreak, i can do a reinstall and then hold at the partition screen and make a photograph ... im not sure what to do there.15:07
jhutchinsph88: One partition.15:15
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate15:15
ph88jhutchins, i think cbreak has a point ... i heard about that 200 MB GPT partition before ...15:17
tomreynph88: like all other flavors, lubuntu can install in either (legacy) bios or EFI mode, if your mainboard supports both modes for booting. which one you boot the lubuntu installer in decides which boot mode the system will be installed for. you can use gpt partitioning in either mode. an 1 MB bios_grub partition is only needed for (legacy) bios booting, and would be created by the installer (booted in (legacy) BIOS mode) when it sees15:17
tomreynunpartitioned space on the target disk. an ESP partition is only needed for UEFI booting and would be created by the installer (booted in UEFI mode) when it sees unpartitioned space on the target disk.15:17
ph88jhutchins, sorry i mean EFI instead of GPT15:17
jhutchinsph88: They are different things.15:18
jhutchinsEFI<>BIOS GPT<>FAT15:18
ph88tomreyn, i don't think my bios has EFI support, but i tried to make a GPT partitioning scheme, then installer warned about needing bios_grub partition, so i went back and made GPT scheme, 8 mb bios_grub unformatted, and rest btrfs with boot flag mount on /    Now laptop can not find disk to boot from. Did i do it wrong or is hardware broken ?15:19
=== Whisky` is now known as Whiskey`
cbreakis your computer really old?15:22
tomreynph88: which laptop model is it? you can boot the live / installer system, spawn a terminal (emulator, or switch to a !tty) and run    dmesg | grep DMI:15:22
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest2663
ph88cbreak, 2011 laptop15:24
cbreakdmidecode for my system lists, among other things: "UEFI is supported"15:24
ph88tomreyn, Dell Vostro V131 with Intel Core i3-2310M15:24
ph88tomreyn, yes i can boot into live iso .. just a moment ..15:25
cbreakhmm... that's maybe a bit old... maybe it only supports uefi if you turn it on, or it just defaults to legacy mode15:25
cbreakph88: chances are you can chose how to boot the installer15:25
ph88cbreak, i don't see anything in bios about uefi15:28
ph88thats ok no ? it should still work with bios ?15:28
cbreakdoes it list "CSM" or "compatibility support module"?15:28
cbreakUbuntu should work fine with either mode15:29
tomreynph88: based on the bios updates available for dell vostro v131, i also assume this only supports bios boot15:29
cbreakbut you're giving up on some of the nicer features of EFI15:29
ph88cbreak, don't see CSM or compatibility support module15:29
cbreaklike easy boot picking, higher resolution booting, faster booting15:29
cbreakyeah, then it might just only support legacy bios mode.15:30
ph88that's ok i can do without these features .. i just like to get Lubuntu running15:30
tomreyni don't think it's much of a loss15:30
ph88i don't know whether i missed up with partitioning or if hardware is broken15:30
cbreakdid you try to let the installer partition things itself?15:30
ph88cbreak, no i didn't try that ... can try to do that15:30
cbreakI think it supports setting up a system with root on zfs :D15:31
Jeremy31ph88: Might be too old to boot with GPT15:31
cbreak(or other file systems)15:31
cbreakit should create the boot partitions it requires as well15:31
ph88Jeremy31, interesting comment ... when would a system be too old to boot with GPT though ?15:32
cbreakwhen the bios doesn't know GPT format.15:32
cbreakbut that's why GPT has the option for a protective MBR15:32
ph88protective MBR ? is that why the 8 mb bios_grub partition was needed ?15:33
cbreaka fake MBR partition table at the start of the GPT disk, to prevent ancient legacy systems from getting too confused15:33
Jeremy31ph88: I had an older Toshiba that had no UEFI that wouldn't boot a disk with GPT, but another laptop had no issue15:33
cbreakph88: no, protective MBR is the first 1 MB chunk. It's really old stuff. I'd hope your system supports GPT15:33
Jeremy31I think the bios_grub should be 1mb15:33
cbreakit's not a partition15:33
cbreakit's a feature of GPT I think15:33
cbreakanyway, if your system doesn't get MBR, you could try FAT15:34
ph88i can try with MBR now15:34
Jeremy31And the 1mb bios_grub has to be at the beginning of the drive15:35
tomreynph88: did the installer provide a choice between gpt or mbr partition table?15:37
tomreynif not, or you don't know, then it may be a good idea to overwrite the existing gpt partition table before you make another attempt to install15:38
ph88tomreyn, yes it provided a choice15:39
tomreynokay, then i guess you could choose that instead15:40
ph88MBR ?15:40
ph88when i insert usb stick it boots from hdd  lol15:44
ph88usb stick has MBR15:46
jhutchinsph88: Use the BIOS/EFI boot menu.16:34
ph88trying ..16:35
jhutchinsI have a board that follows the last successful boot device rather than the configured boot order.16:38
ph88ok i reinstalled Lubuntu, with MBR this time. It did boot but had some other problems https://imgur.com/a/B8NrJdW  i am booted into Live ISO. Possible problem (was told before) disk might be set as read-only.  What to do now ?16:56
ph88by the way i have two laptops at which both i try to install Lubuntu ..16:57
cbreakthat doesn't look good :(17:02
ph88yes it doesnt :P17:03
jhutchinsLooking for a shared cross-platform (Linux/Android) list application - shopping lists, to-do lists.17:05
enigma9o7[m]pastebin ;)17:06
sarahzrfjhutchins: i actually do have a backup from 3 days ago, i completely forgot i have weekly backups enabled hallelujah17:07
sarahzrfokay i think i will restore that17:07
sarahzrffinally the extra $1/mo paid off17:07
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Ravagejhutchins: maybe nextcloud notes with Joplin for example?17:18
XeonvlHi, im looking to configure fancontrol but receive "There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed"17:18
Xeonvli used superiotool to find my super io chip which seems to be Aspeed AST240017:18
Xeonvlaccording to online, I should load aspeed-pwm-tacho17:19
Ravagejhutchins: i think has a native android app too. so no need for nextcloud17:19
ubottuTo access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.17:19
Xeonvlbut where do I find that kernel module? :/17:19
Xeonvli have lm-sensors, it doesnt detect fans because i think I lack the right driver for the PWM module17:19
toxic0hello everyone. some general question : would tar --exclude=cache ignore all files and directories (and their content) that are named cache wherever in the tree they might be ?17:19
jhutchinstoxic0: TIAS17:20
toxic0actually I'm more lookging to exclude anything inside a cache directory ;)17:20
jhutchinstoxic0: Possibly want a full path to the directory.17:21
toxic0no idea what TIAS means17:21
rfmtoxic0,  man page says --exclude takes a glob, so  --exclude='*/cache/*' might do what you want17:28
jhutchinstoxic0: Try It And See - tar is non-destructive, so play around with it.17:35
caitlini'm struggling with a usb connection to a pi, i'm connected over otg and i am getting a network interface created when i plug in the cable, but i'm not getting any ip. it worked once this afternoon and then never again and i'm confused18:12
pycuriousI'm getting only this in my logs from fail2ban - rollover performed on /var/log/fail2ban.log - any ideas on how to fix this?18:38
XATRIXHi, can you advice ? I'm using aarch64 ubuntu 18.04. Is it possible to install GCC-7.3.1 on ? Currently i have GCC-7.5.018:49
Maximalistcan you full disk encrypt a ubuntu distro after the setup process? I didnt set it up with full disk encryption in the beginning18:53
Maximalistall the tutorials I find on using LUKS is at the intallation process18:55
getheao11hello! how to create shortcut from alias? is this possible? i want to run an alias-command from desktop as a shortcut19:09
XATRIXHow can i find a suitable PPA for my 18.04 ? Is there any search engine ?19:17
XATRIXhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas ?19:17
jilhi #ubuntu19:21
jilafter installing squid on my laptop is there something special I need to do to have firefox take squid's rule in consideratio ?19:22
=== tykling_ is now known as tykling
Jeremy31getheao11: you could make a .desktop file19:25
jilI mean I started squid with sudo systemctl start squid.  it's status is ok  but firefox does not seem to use it also ti should use the system proxy19:27
=== pop-os is now known as RobNyc
ph88^i booted into Live CD ... how can i get diagnostics on HDD installed ubuntu installation ?19:31
RobNycClient: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: Pop "impish" 21.10 • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600U with Radeon Graphics (1.60GHz) • Memory: 13.3 GiB Total (11.5 GiB Free) • Storage: 10.1 GB / 124.9 GB (114.7 GB Free) • VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cezanne @ Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Renoir PCIe Dummy Host Bridge • Uptime: 13h 45m 15s19:32
RobNycoops wrong chat window19:32
semitonesI just got a new laptop. Is there any hardware scan I can do and send to Ubuntu19:33
RobNyc@semitones, whats wrong19:33
RobNyc@ph88^, what kind of diagnostics you're looking for19:33
XATRIXNeed advice. How can i purge gcc-7.5.0, and install gcc-7.3.0? https://imgur.com/FE1LoPC.png19:34
semitonesNothing is wrong. I thought they might have a database for hardware specs and what works/didn't work19:34
ph88^RobNyc, something to help me diagnose this https://imgur.com/a/B8NrJdW19:35
oerheksXATRIX, find it on launchpad/source and build it?19:35
oerheksnot really a valid ubuntu support issue, old versions19:36
XATRIXoerheks: but i found a repo which has it. can i just specify a version i need to install on ?19:36
oerheksgood luck19:36
XATRIXoerheks: ok, this is a version i'm looking for. But how can i install from the link you gave me ?19:38
oerheksdpkg -i <deb> ..19:38
XATRIXi have to deal with thousands dependencies. How can i use apt for the installation ?19:39
XATRIXmaybe mask 7.5.0 ?19:39
oerheksyes, that is why i say; good luck, you want an old unsupported gcc version19:39
XATRIXi do it in docker container19:39
oerheksupdate-alternatives --query gcc19:40
oerheksmight work19:40
XATRIXi don't worry about a host machine19:40
oerheksyes, such actions is best in a VM19:40
XATRIXupdate-alternatives: error: no alternatives for gcc19:40
XATRIXi need to compile tensorflow inside of19:40
oerheksdid you install build-essentials before this action?19:40
XATRIXmanual says, that i have to use bazel 4.2.2 and GCC 7.3.119:41
XATRIXyes, i did build-essentials19:41
XATRIXii  build-essential                        12.4ubuntu1                         arm64        Informational list of build-essential packages19:42
XATRIXtake a look please19:44
semitonesI decided to run phoronix test suite19:45
jhutchinssemitones: Hardware Compatibility Databases rely on people to buy and test the hardware, since Canonical obviously can't buy and test _everything_.19:55
jhutchinssemitones: Unfortunately, most people will only bother to contribute a test report if they're pissed off that something didn't work.19:56
RobNycAnyone here using Realtek RTL8852AE wifi-6 card?19:56
jhutchinssemitones: Given that a certain portion of these reports are invalid because the failure is something the tester did rather than an innate problem with the hardware (or drivers), the databases are pretty useless.19:56
grysemitones, see also http://www.h-node.org site — when you click 'Search', at the bottom it has a textbox where you can copy/paste your hardware list from a command. See if all your components are already in the catalogue. If they aren't, you can add them there.19:57
semitonesAw that makes sense, but it's too bad. I remember it used to be a thing people tried to do whenever they got a new computer19:58
ph88^what could be a reason that my hard drive became read only ? it has trouble booting ... seems a lot of system files are read only19:58
semitonesI'll try that gry19:59
grysemitones, it is a third-party site, not run by Ubuntu or Canonical. If there are issues with it then you may wish to ask in the #h-node IRC channel.19:59
Jeremy31RobNyc: That might need rtw8919:59
jushurph88^: it failed fsck at boot and auto mounted as RO?20:01
XATRIXCan you advice on dependencies ? Why it wants to install 7.5.0 instead of 7.3.0 ? :( https://imgur.com/oNTbEJp.png20:01
RobNycJeremy31, thanks let me look around20:01
Jeremy31RobNyc: what kernel are you using?20:01
ph88^jushur, i didnt see anything about fsck running ... by the way i use btrfs. How can i check if it was mounted RO ?20:02
Jeremy31RobNyc: check in terminal>  modprobe -c | grep 8852 ## see if a rtw89_pci is in results20:03
jushurph88^: with that filesystem i dont think there is a fsck.20:05
RobNycJeremy31, yes op-os@pop-os:~/Downloads$ modprobe -c | grep 885220:05
RobNycalias pci:v000010ECd00008852sv*sd*bc*sc*i* rtw89_pci20:05
RobNycalias pci:v000014F1d00008852sv*sd*bc*sc*i* cx2388520:05
RobNycalias symbol:rtw8852a_chip_info rtw89_core20:05
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RobNycJeremy31, using 5.16.11 kernel right now on this livecd typing from my other laptop20:06
RavageRobNyc: pop os is not supported here20:06
jushuranyhow my knowledge of that is outdated, so maybe it does.. seems i have it on this system im using right now so.20:06
RobNycRavage, its just a livecd im using to type im not running anything (installed) yet20:06
RobNyci am too far from my router to use ethernet connection on T1420:07
ubottusome help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b20:07
ph88^how can i see how my main filesystem is mounted as read only ?20:08
oerheks'mount'  would show you ?20:10
oerheksand what btrfs manual/howto do you use?20:10
oerheksand crossposting .. meh20:10
Ravageph88^: why dont you try a basic installation with a default partitions and the default filesystem? it almost seems as if you are looking for trouble with all the custom choices.20:11
ph88^oerheks, i didnt use manual or how to .. i used lubuntu installer to setup partition with btrs and boot20:25
ph88^Ravage, hum i like btrfs is it that much looking for trouble ?20:26
semitonesI was able to use hw-probe https://linux-hardware.org/?probe-bb0dd6b2c620:28
noarbI have a VM on my ubuntu machine using a bridge for networking, and all networking seems to work from the VM except for to the host itself. Are there some tools I can use on the host to see if traffic is even getting there?20:32
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noarbdoes using netplan for the bridge creation introduce another "layer" where traffic could be stopped?20:35
jhutchinsph88^: What do you like about btrfs?  Where have you used it?20:36
jhutchinsnoarb: Connections to the host usually require a seperate configuration.20:37
jhutchinsnoarb: What virtualisation are you using?20:37
Ravagebtrfs has some nice features like snapshots. but error debugging with anything not standard is not really helpful20:37
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leftyfbnoarb: if you setup the guest using a proper bridged interface, then the guest should be on the same network subnet as the host and all traffic to and from the guest and host should be the same as every other device on your network20:40
ph88^jhutchins, i used it on some pc before, also in my nas .. i read on articles online that it has good technology in it ... but i dont really know the gist of it20:41
ph88^guys i fixed my problem, i remount / and then edit fstab to space_cache=V2 and all good :D20:41
noarbI am using KVM+libvirt+qemu with a bridge, the VM is centos with the virtio network driver20:42
noarbI think it may just be a VM configuration, because it gets DHCP configuration20:42
XATRIXstill need help. I have ppa jonatonf repository with a needed gcc version. but apt doesn't want to see this repo. How can i tell apt to install from ? https://imgur.com/GrlGXqC.png20:45
HashHow's the upcoming LTS doing?20:45
XATRIXplease advice!20:45
jhutchinsXATRIX: Contact the maintainers of that repository for instructions on it's use.20:46
RavageHash: #ubuntu-next20:47
ph88^Hash, i just installed Lunbuntu 22.04 doing very well20:48
noarbleftyfb: Could a vlan be an issue? https://bpa.st/S5FQ20:49
leftyfbnoarb: is your host ip on
noarbthe bridge vlan is on, where the host is on
leftyfbcan the guest contact other devices on the vlan?20:50
leftyfbsorry, vlan20:50
leftyfbnoarb: your issue is probably with inter-vlan routing, nothing to do with the guest. Unless you need to tag both vlans on the guest20:52
noarbyes, I can ping all vlans from the guest VM20:52
david__hey im trying to install phpmyadmin.. ofc i already have apache/mysql/php already.. but when I "sudo apt install phpmyadmin" it says its already the newest version but yet there's no phpmyadmin in my /var/www/ folder?20:52
Ravagedavid__: the package create a config file for apache and links it to the files in /usr/share/phpmyadmin20:53
leftyfbdavid__: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-and-secure-phpmyadmin-on-ubuntu-20-0420:53
leftyfbdavid__: when setup properly, you don't need /var/www/phpmyadmin. That's what vhosts are for20:53
noarbleftyfb: do I need to configure that at the bridge level or on the KVM host?20:54
noarbthe host is untagged and the VM is tagged - do they both need to be tagged?20:55
noarbthanks for the tip, I think the tag/untagged has something to do with it and it has to be set up a little differently. I'm reading more about it now21:05
ph88^how can i update opengl driver ?21:08
Chunkyzph88^: you're not using a supported release21:09
Chunkyzbut... https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers works fine.21:10
david__facepalm so what do i have wrong.. i've restarted apache, i'm down to the end of step 2 on that digital ocean URL you linked.. (which i was already going by before I joined IRC) but anyway when I navigate to localhost/phpmyadmin = page not found21:10
leftyfb!next | ph88^21:11
ubottuph88^: Jammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.21:11
Chunkyzleftyfb: already told him that in #lubuntu, no reply.21:11
ph88^Chunkyz, that's cool .. though why is it not in standard repositories ?21:12
* Chunkyz shrugs21:13
ph88^Chunkyz, i added that repository, opengl still at old version .. do i need to install a package ?21:25
Chunkyz!next | ph88^21:25
ubottuph88^: Jammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.21:25
Chunkyzread that.21:25
gryph88^, sorry about the noise. ubuntu 22.04 is not supported here. #ubuntu-next only.21:27
Chunkyzgry: he's been told three times now, doesn't seem to be listening...21:27
ph88^<Chunkyz> but... https://launchpad.net/~oibaf/+archive/ubuntu/graphics-drivers works fine.21:27
Chunkyzoh dear, he's been put on ignore. I wonder why people don't listen to advice. :-(21:29
gryph88^, we cannot help with it here, wrong channel21:30
gryph88^, because next release has its own little bugs, that people in here do not want to know21:30
Chunkyzgry: just ignore him.21:30
gryph88^, please continue this in #ubuntu-next channel21:30
ph88^i have here 4 laptops in front of me all different OS versions windows too. package update question is not on release specific21:31
david__lack of sunshine will make you depressed21:31
gryph88^, how many of them run ubuntu, and what versions?21:32
ph88^16.04, 20.04, 22.0421:32
oerheksi hope not 16.04 EOL21:33
gryph88^, ok, here it is possible to get help with the 20.0421:33
gryph88^, please try to install graphics drivers there21:34
oerheksLTS aims to be stable, not the newest packages.21:34
ph88^ok thanks21:35
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DavidSaylor41040is there a way to actually browse apps in the ubuntu software store thing without a search string21:50
RavageDavidSaylor41040: https://p.haxxors.com/u8fk10rz.png yes21:55
DavidSaylor41040mine is always empty, just shows editors picks21:56
semitonesinteresting my integrated microSD port seems to be working again22:17
Jeremy31Fix it quick22:19
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semitonesJeremy31, but I can't see the windows partition of the SSD anymore :(22:24
semitonesWell, I can see it22:24
semitonesbut gnome does not see it / auto mount it like it used to22:25
semitonessearches: how to make gnome mount something it should already have mounted22:25
oerheksmake sure it has no errors. that would prevent mounting RW22:26
oerheksfsck something?22:27
semitonesgood idea. It is NTFS so maybe I better just reboot windows and restart again22:28
rairdenis pcregrep installed by default on ubuntu?22:31
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Jeremy31rairden: probably not22:36
semitonesthat worked :) thank you oerheks22:40
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rmawHello, I just installed ubuntu 20.04 and tried importing a zpool created elsewhere22:53
rmawwhen trying to import a zpool created elsewhere I get22:55
rmawcom.delphix:log_spacemap (Log metaslab changes on a single spacemap and flush them periodically.)22:55
rmawthat feature is not supported22:55
rmaw"This pool uses the following feature(s) not supported by this system:"22:55
grycould you please share a screenshot22:55
gryhttps://imgbb.com/ upload here, for example22:55
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gryChunkyz, in -next, productive discussion now. thanks for your help with the redirection23:41
mohafdisk -l /dev/sda does  not show the lvm partition (sda3), why?  <---- https://p.teknik.io/r5XAg23:53
mohaAlso this command `parted /dev/sda --script unit s print ` does not show the sda323:56

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