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xu-irc97whi, I have this issue with the wifi driver: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1388628/xubuntu-usb-wifi-driver-lost-with-recent-update?noredirect=1#comment2398458_1388628  .   Do you have a work-around or alternative to get me going again?15:48
xu-contribute23wHey, I'm thinking of trying 22.04, does it use wayland?15:50
tomreyni *assume* xfce does not fully support wayland, yet15:55
tomreyngenerally, there is #ubuntu-next for 22.04 questions15:55
tomreynxu-irc97w: are you able to bring this system online by other means temporarily? if so, install the latest kernel version and try running dkms again. if it still errors out, post the log referenced in the error message16:02
xu-help58wHey. Was using xubuntu just fine for a month or so now, when suddenly I have this problem, where my ethernet just won't connect. Maybe anyone else had this problem?17:19
diogenes_xu-help58w: have you tried rebooting?17:23
xu-help58wI have. Multiple times. I have tried connecting to the ethernet connection on multiple days. I checked if maybe it was the wire, but on my windows machine it works. Also, the wifi works, it's only the ethernet.17:24
diogenes_xu-help58w: you can try booting the oldest kernel you can find in the list and see if that makes any difference.17:26
xu-help58wwhat list? sorry, kinda new to linux and stuff17:27
xu-help58wokay, I found the list you were probably talking about, but it is still not fixed.17:34
xu-help58walthough now when I boot I get a message saying "System program problem detected"17:35
rfmxu-help58w, when you say "on my windows machine ]the wire] works, do you mean you took the ethernet cable from your xubuntu machine and plugged it into your separate Windows machine?17:38
rfmxu-help58w, or is the windows machine a dual-boot with xubuntu on the same box?17:38
xu-help58wyes. I have my switch here, kept it plugged into the switch, unplugged from my xubuntu machine, plugged into my windows machine17:39
diogenes_xu-help58w: in a terminal run the following: ls /etc/apt/sources.list.d17:40
diogenes_What result do you get?17:40
xu-help58wwell, a bunch of apps I have installed. are you looking for something in specific, or do you want me to type out every single result I get? I am currently not on my xubuntu machine.17:41
rfmxu-help58w, ok. so the problem could be in the ethernet adapter in your xubuntu machine.   It seems really unlikely to me that it's a software/driver problem, since the linux ethernet drivers are pretty stable.17:42
xu-help58wlet me just see. I have windows installed on my xubuntu machine as well. Might just check that out.17:42
rfmxu-help58w, the first thing I'd do is  unplug the ethernet cable and look into the jack to see if one of the little wires has gotten bent17:44
xu-help58wjesus, one pin is just bent straight down. didn't expect that, since the device is only around 6 months old, so you'd assume the jack holds up, especially if it only had a wire plugged into it like 6 times17:45
xu-help58wwell, that should be the problem source, hopefully I can get this fixed. thank you very much for the help.17:45
xu-irc97wThanks TomReyn for the suggestion to re-install. Did that got connect, updated everything and so far, good. Except, it failed to fetch archives - is that a concern or just retry tomorrow?22:52
guivercxu-irc97w, you didn't say what mirror (if any) you're using... If using a country mirror (esp. if it's 3rd party provided/managed, even if official) I'd consider changing mirrors   https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors23:45
xu-irc97wThanks I used qbittorrent and link posted on Xubuntu23:50

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