cpaelzerthanks mwhudson, I'll debug it further until I found what it is then06:19
sarnoldTrevinho: did something recently change with your matterhorn snap? I can't open urls with it any more, https://termbin.com/gaxp -- snap info matterhorn says I have 50200.15.0-123-gd866f75f  installed16:03
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ahasenackhi, I'm a bit lost in the initramfs  zstd compression discussion18:48
ahasenackbut it's taking minutes in my jammy vms18:48
ahasenackzstd -q -19 -T0 -c /var/tmp/mkinitramfs-MAIN_pUEGb118:48
ahasenackis that the expected compression level? 19? or it just wasn't lowered yet as a result of the discussion?18:48
bdmurrayahasenack: the new version is still in -proposed https://launchpadlibrarian.net/590731434/initramfs-tools_0.140ubuntu12_0.140ubuntu13.diff.gz18:56
ahasenack-1 \o/18:58
ahasenackthat will help a *lot*18:58
* ahasenack starts the chanting: migrate, migrate, migrate! :)18:58
brycehglad to see yesterday's linux-firmware issue resolved, but is something still wrong with arm64?  seems an unusually number of failures on that arch only.21:39
bdmurraybryceh: can you point me at something?21:40
brycehbdmurray, the thing I care about right now is https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#symfony21:41
brycehbdmurray, but systemd and other stuff there looks similar21:41
brycehe.g. zlib mostly blocked by arm64 failures.21:41
brycehI retriggered the php packages for symfony again about an hour ago but those runs haven't shown up for arm64.  The runs I retriggered for s390x and ppc64el do appear to have shown up.21:44
bdmurraycomposer/arm64 used the old version of linux-firmware21:45
jbichathere's a backlog for arm64 https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/running21:46
bdmurraymaybe do a log search for the old linux-firmware package and see if more tests need requesting21:46
brycehhmm, guess I can retrigger them again21:56
GunnarHjbryceh: No need to retrigger, I suppose, if they are already in the long queue which jbicha pointed at.22:03
bdmurrayI'l be on late this evening so will have a look around at what's left.22:06
brycehGunnarHj, unfortunately with the php transitions the automatically generated runs don't typically have the right triggers since they need a lot of dependencies currently in -proposed.  I've got a tool that determines a more accurate set of triggers.22:09
GunnarHjbryceh: Ok, I see. And - of course - failed runs are not left in queue and need to be retriggered.22:14

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