cmaloneyThat's reprehensible00:26
Scary_GuyBut honestly not unexpected either.00:30
cmaloneyYeah, the start menu really tee'd that one u01:59
cmaloneymorning, party peopke11:23
jrwreni'd not mind it if windows cost $0, but it is so expensive already, to add ads is just disgusting.12:09
greg-git's pretty flagrant, yeah.14:59
cmaloneyI mean, I can kinda understand "advertising" for other MS services and products15:16
cmaloneybut flat-out advertising where you're tracking clicks and eyeballs? Nooooope.15:17
cmaloneyand not when I'm trying to get shit down.15:17
cmaloneydone too15:17
jrwrenyeah, the shit in the start menu was/is bad enough. I hate it.15:41
cmaloneysame. I disable all of it when I can15:44
greg-goh, good question, can you disable this crap? will a pihole help? (not that I think that'd sufficient for me to be OK with it :) )15:47
greg-gluckily there's only one win11 machine in my house :)15:50
cmaloneyUnsure, but I have a feeling it's more "helpful tips" than "ads"16:50
cmaloneyso it'll be more difficult to shitcan16:50
cmaloneyI mean, there's a fine line between "Here's something that might make your workflow more useful" and "you look stressed. How's about playing Minecraft or one of these other Activision titles we just bought for way too much money. How about that River Raid, amirite?"16:57
Scary_GuyWindows isn't expensive at all, IDK what you guys are talking abo...  Oh, you mean legal copies :P18:03

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