^Mhi guys there is a way to install that on this system  ? https://pastebin.com/mscBU2Ta00:09
^Mubuntu 20.0400:10
^Msudo dpkg --print-architecture00:10
^Muname -m00:11
sarnold^M: you'd need to add the i386 architecture to your dpkg, and add archive.ubuntu.com to your apt sources00:14
Ravagei dont think his CPU is capable to run i386 instructions00:15
sarnold^M: it might be easier to just run an i386 vm, I *think* qemu-system-x86 might be able to do that for you00:15
sarnoldRavage: indeed, but it might still be useful to install the files for whatever reason00:15
Ravagemaybe ^M can enlighten us what he is actually trying to do here :)00:16
^MRavage: i am trying to run open game panel on my server :D00:17
^Msarnold: you think that should do the work ? sudo apt-get install libgcc1-i386-cross00:17
Ravageabout 0% of games will run too :)00:18
^Myou think that there is no way ro run that?00:18
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Ravageim sure you can host the panel part but i dont think the agent or the games it will install work00:26
^Myes the agent is the important part00:30
^Mand if it does not work it is not worth it00:30
geniisarnold: Yes, could run an i386 qemu instance and install everything into that, but it would probably be painfully slow00:32
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sarnoldgenii: *so* very slow.. aarch64 isn't exactly a speed demon most of the time..00:40
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shadow3dHello, I want to use st-link to debug my stm32 MCU in ubuntu20.04, but can't connected... The details of the command I tried as here(https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2Bj4SHYccj/)02:01
shadow3dCan someone help me that why I can't connect successfully?02:02
lotuspsychjeshadow3d: what i usualy do to catch errors, is keep a journalctl -f open, and plug out/back your hardware device02:14
lotuspsychjeshadow3d: if you cant get your device working, you might consider filing a new !bug02:14
lotuspsychjei dont see existing bug reports right away02:15
shadow3dThanks, I try "journalctl -f" and plug out and in my stlink, but seems nothing error02:41
lotuspsychjeshadow3d: journal logs should always spit out new lines after plugging devices02:47
shadow3dlotuspsychje: Yes, I see some log about my stlink(sorry for my network always disconnect...)03:19
Guest89Hi folks, I want a mirror ranker program for Ubuntu like reflector in arch Linux03:45
RavageGuest89: https://github.com/jblakeman/apt-select03:49
Guest89Ravage thanks man for your response03:51
Ravagein general the usual list by country works fine. i dont use any special list03:52
Guest89actually I have a little issue with ROS installation03:52
Guest89I have no idea about the reason of this issue03:54
Ravageseems to be a problem with their repo03:54
Ravageyou did try "apt update" `03:55
Guest89I tried to install ROS in different  machine with the same instructions and it works correctly03:55
Guest89yes I did apt update03:55
Ravageand can you show the output of that too?03:56
Guest89apt update doesn't has any errors at his output03:57
enigma9o7[m]I just tired to ping packages.ros.org and it responds fine (apperantly redirected to ftp-nyc.osuosl.org)04:01
Ravagethe log suggests that the repo is not up to date with the package metadata or his local data are not up to date04:02
cluelesspersonis there a way to install ubuntu FOR someone so when they logon it just prompts them to setup an account?04:02
Ravageif the apt update doesnt fix it he has to contact their support i guess04:02
cluelesspersonah, that seems to be oem install04:03
tomreyncluelessperson: that's right04:05
cluelesspersontomreyn, my brother's wife is in the hospital with apendicitus so I'm trying to preload this crap laptop so she at least as internet/netflix.04:06
Guest89Ravage I have no error with apt update04:07
cluelesspersonreal quick before I bike there.04:07
tomreyncluelessperson: bring your smartphone and charging cable to have a chance to bring it online in case it won't have internet out of the box.04:08
tomreynalso charging cable for her in case she doesn't have one, yet - most commonly forgotten item when preparing for hospital time. ;)04:09
cluelesspersontomreyn, the oem setup seems to have wifi, so I think it'll have it.04:09
tomreyn*should* work then, yes (though the installed kernel may differ from what the installer runs)04:10
Ravagecant you just setup the account for her and tell her the password? i mean the OEM way will probably work but is it really worth it?04:13
cluelesspersonRavage, I could I suppose04:13
cluelesspersonRavage, yeah, I'll probably just setup the user account anyway04:14
cluelesspersonI don't want her to be intimidated04:14
cluelesspersonI probably just need it to work asap04:14
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epa1Hello. Could anybody please recommend me a way to remote control a Ubuntu Desktop Workstation, preferably low bandwith and with audio support. I dont think X forwarding is low bandwith..05:19
gryepa1: there is x2go and vnc.05:21
Maximalisthow can I disable SSH capabilities on my instance? should i just 'ufw deny 22'?06:49
tomreynMaximalist: you could stop the ssh server?07:07
dxfordi am new to irc07:13
dxfordlove to have some suggestions07:14
wezdxford: Join an IRC spefic channel :)07:14
dxfordcan you suggest me any channel names?07:15
dxfordhi guys07:17
gryHello tvrron_07:31
wezdxford: #irssi #libera to name a couple :)07:32
wezyay gry is here!07:32
tvrron_Hi gr33n7007h07:33
gryhello wez07:33
gr33n7007hi'm guessing that was a tab failure :p07:34
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wezgr33n7007h: Probably, but hello to you as well :)07:47
gr33n7007ho/, hello wez :)07:48
mohahttps://p.teknik.io/CgCyY --> This is an script to automatically extend the root of Linux (in LVM format), but it does not work on a fresh ubuntu with sda1 (1M), sda2 (1G, boot), and sda3 (/, LVM); may take a glance and give me some tips to customize it to work on Ubuntu?10:42
mohaIt's existed on lines 55 and 59!10:45
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ReventlovI'm still searching for a way for ubuntu to get its hostname through DHCP (option 12). While the machine hostname is sent by the dhcp server, the hostname is not changed on ubuntu server ( Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS )11:59
ograReventlov, https://netplan.io/reference/#dhcp-overrides ... you want the use-hostname directive set in your netplan config ...12:05
semitonesI am trying to understand ssh on ubuntu. In my ~/.ssh, I have id_ed25519 and id_ed25519.pub, and I expect ssh to automatically use those. But when I look at ssh-add -L it says the agent has no identities12:37
semitonesmaybe I am interpreting ssh-add -L wrong12:38
semitonesdoes it only work automatically if you made it without a passphrase?12:43
cbreaksemitones: run ssh-add12:52
cbreakthat will add the key to the agent12:52
Matt|homeusb flash drive broken. bad superblock. tried formating with disk utilities, doesn't seem to work. i just need all data wiped off this disk and for it to automatically mount/unmount again. it's on /dev/sdc13:35
Matt|homewhat do i need to do13:35
zai100x200hey, anyone followed this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Full_Disk_Encryption_Howto_2019 for disk encryption here?13:36
matsamanwhat if anyone has13:36
zai100x200I have some doubts, mainly because this is not officially supported way for disk encryption13:36
zai100x200a future upgrade may break things, this is my main concern13:36
zai100x200what do you think guys?13:36
matsamanMatt|home: I usually use sgdisk -Z /dev/whatever, but you need to be very careful you get the right /dev/whatever13:37
matsamanMatt|home: then new partitions with parted (or cfdisk for help), mkfat or mkntfs13:37
Matt|homei am 100% confident it's /dev/sdc13:37
Matt|homejust run that command?13:37
matsamanMatt|home: sgdisk will wipe out the partitions, yes13:38
matsamanother mentioned commands would be required to 1) make new partition, & 2) make new FS13:38
Matt|homeokay. lots of warnings. do i need to format it with fdisk or can i just use the gui utility13:38
matsamanusing just cfdisk and mkfat/mkntfs would probably be almost as good, though13:38
matsamancfdisk, delete stuff, save/exit cfdisk, cfdisk again, new partition, save/exit cfdisk, mkfat/mkntfs, fatlabel/ntfslabel13:39
Matt|homethose are the warnings13:39
matsamanMatt|home: if you run it again, any warnings?13:40
Matt|homei need to get it recognized on my xbox 360. does that require a specific format?13:41
matsaman360 is pretty old13:41
matsamanit would probably prefer fat, but13:41
Matt|homeor can i just format it with the dos whatever format that comes default with the utility13:41
matsamanmight support ntfs. More recent xboxes do support NTFS13:41
matsamanusb sticks really have FAT in mind in general13:41
Matt|homelet me give it a shot13:41
matsamanit's down to what size files you want to put on it, mostly13:41
matsamanmany-gig files you'll probably want NTFS13:41
matsamanwell, size of each individual file13:42
matsamanokay then FAT should be fine13:42
BluesKajHi all13:42
matsamanhi blue13:42
BluesKajhi matsaman13:42
rawpenguin22.04. firmware update issue. How to solve it? : https://pastebin.com/tfsDHfrK13:42
Matt|homeit's still not getting automounted goddammit.. i _just_ fixed it13:42
matsamanMatt|home: just?13:43
matsamanrawpenguin: paste seems malformed13:43
Matt|homematsaman : after running sgdisk what do i need to run. fdisk and select FAT ?13:43
Matt|homeokay let's see if _that_ works13:45
matsamanMatt|home: yeah fdisk or cfdisk13:45
matsamanMatt|home: then mkfs.fat on the /dev/foo#13:45
matsamanMatt|home: and then probably fatlabel13:46
Matt|homeno. still not auto mounting.13:46
matsamanMatt|home: mounting in what, "Files"?13:46
BinarySaviorhi, ubuntu 21.04 was upgrading to 21.10 and I accidentally pressed alt+f4 on the upgrade window and the OS crashed, how can I resume the upgrade or restart it or revert it?13:46
matsamanyou want it to mount without interaction? Just when you plug it in alone?13:46
Matt|homeyes if possible. what happened was i was forced to take it out while it was being written to13:47
Matt|homepartition type linux, /dev/sdc1 , 1 gig.. what else do i need to do13:48
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matsamanMatt|home: mkfs.fat /dev/whatever#13:50
matsamanI don't know if automounting without interaction is very common anymore13:50
matsamanyou can 100% tell your system to do that13:50
matsamanbut I wouldn't expect it to have been a default, not for years and years13:51
Matt|homelet's see if that worked13:51
matsamanif the behavior changed seemingly suddenly, then13:51
matsamanit could be you had a specific line in fstab or some other configuration somewhere13:51
matsamantargeting that specific previous/old filesystem or device13:51
Matt|homeit works. OKAY. let's try this one more time - last time i tried writing to the drive it just froze up13:51
Matt|homeim transfering a 733MB video file to the usb device. it's frozen at 725.6 MB , same as last time. im looking at it and the goddamn LED is blinking indicating a read/write option13:53
Matt|homejust like last time13:53
rawpenguinmatsaman: https://pastebin.com/8N7rXMnC13:53
Matt|homecancel operation, it's still blinking.13:53
Matt|homealright let's see if this worked..13:54
rawpenguinmatsaman: trying to get past that one. tried to delete the linux-firmware*.deb file from /var/cache/apt/archives, but that didnt work13:55
BinarySaviornvm i was able dpkg --configure -a, then update-manager -c to finish the process luckily13:57
Matt|homethanks for your help matsaman13:58
rawpenguinshould i just ignore some of the errors that come with ubuntu 22.04 for now? like now when the firmware wont update?14:04
matsamanMatt|home: 👍14:05
matsamanMatt|home: the way those little drives work is that usually they're still writing even after the system seems to be done operating14:06
matsamanMatt|home: that's why you have all these GUI features for "safe" "eject" and whatnot14:06
matsamanMatt|home: it basically just waits till the writing is done14:06
matsamanthe slower the drive, slower the interface, the more tedious it becomes14:07
DevAntoineHello, our CI is using Ubuntu Xenial with PHP 7.4 but it seems that libargon2 is missing: php: error while loading shared libraries: libargon2.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:07
DevAntoineThing is: it seems that this package doesn't exist for this (old) version of Ubuntu14:07
DevAntoineapt-cache search .*libargon.* returns nothing14:07
DevAntoineIs there a way to install it?14:07
matsamanDevAntoine: what about apt-file14:07
DevAntoinematsaman: never heard of it14:08
matsamanDevAntoine: real useful, give it a try14:08
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Matt|homenext step.. getting the 360 to play it..14:09
DevAntoineapt-file returns nothing :(14:10
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Maximalisttomreyn: thank you14:59
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helleranyone familiar with sshpass?15:42
leftyfbheller: the answer to that question doesn't solve your issue. Please just state your issue and someone might be able to help you15:42
hellersshpass -P ssh heller@ uptime15:42
hellersshpass: Failed to run command: No such file or directory15:42
helleranyone got ideas why i'm getting that error?15:43
hellerrather it should ask for password15:43
leftyfbheller: why are you using -P15:46
hellerfor testing15:46
helleri get the same error with '-f passwdfile'15:46
leftyfbheller: testing what?15:46
leftyfbheller: -P does not mean "prompt for password"15:46
hellersshpass -f passwdfile heller@ uptime15:46
hellersshpass: Failed to run command: No such file or directory15:46
hellerleftyfb: true actually :P15:47
hellerbyt anyway, same error with -f15:47
hellersshpass -p test heller@ uptime15:47
hellersshpass: Failed to run command: No such file or directory15:47
hellerSeems to give the same error even with -p15:47
alkisgheller: add ssh to your command: sshpass -f file ssh user@server command15:51
helleroops, heh. Well still issues. No output15:52
hellerJust hangs on next line15:52
leftyfbheller: no output or the "No such file" error?15:52
leftyfbmultiple choice question15:53
hellersorry, neither15:53
hellerahh wth15:53
helleri added -v and its asking for my key15:53
helleri mean key passphrase15:53
alkisgWhich Ubuntu version is that?15:53
hellerwell actually its debian :P15:55
alkisgHehe, then come to #debian then, and tell us the version so that we can test15:55
leftyfbheller: why did you ask here?15:57
hellerwell i was here and i thought it was some simple issue15:59
jhutchinsBurn the heretic!16:00
hellersorry :)16:00
jontyms2Is there any way to setup a ethernet interface as a client (like a vm)16:00
leftyfbjontyms2: huh?16:01
jontyms2*wait let me rephrase that16:01
jontyms21. I have 2 ethernet interface, one is connected to the wider network, one is connect to another machine16:02
jontyms22. I am netplan16:02
jontyms23.  I was wondering If the 2nd ethernet port can be used to share the network connection16:03
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leftyfbjontyms2: yes16:04
jontyms2I googled and DDGed and couldn't find I guide can someone point me to a guide?16:05
jontyms2grammar is the best16:05
enigma9o7[m]I just did it in the network gui, there's an option to share connection....16:05
leftyfbjontyms2: https://imgur.com/a/5y3cZU116:05
leftyfb"Shared to other computers"16:05
enigma9o7[m]On the ip4 settings tab, change it to "Shared with other computers"16:06
enigma9o7[m]and ip616:06
jontyms2I am running ubuntu server and I already have a bridge network setup (for my vms) with netplan so I was hoping to use that16:07
leftyfbenigma9o7[m]: there is no advantage of selectng ipv616:08
jontyms2*insert joke about ipv6*16:08
leftyfbjontyms2: I'm no sure how NM does it in the background, but when I need that I install and setup dnsmasq on the sharing server and a couple lines of iptables for routing16:09
leftyfbjontyms2: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/jnS8SBP5Rn/16:10
leftyfbsorry, 3 actual iptables rules, not 216:10
jontyms2so it looks like iptables are the only way16:10
leftyfbjontyms2: for netplan, stick this script in /etc/networkd-dispatcher/routable.d/startnat.sh16:11
jontyms2ok, should I set the external to the bridge network?16:13
jontyms2Thanks for your help leftyfb enigma9o7[m] /s I should plugin and monitor and keyboard to the server and try this out16:20
enigma9o7[m]Yeah in my case, I have two desktop computers near each other with lan ports.  One of them I use a usb wifi to connect to my home network, and I have a cable between them to provide network connection to the other machine.   As soon as setting the first one to shared, the other one immediately has internet.  But for some reason I can't ssh to it from other computers (besides the one its plugged into).  I have to ssh into the one its16:23
enigma9o7[m]plugged into, then ssh into it, if i want to get to it from rest of network...16:23
jhutchinsenigma9o7[m]: Did you use a crossover cable?16:30
enigma9o7[m]nope.  the lan adapters must be smart enough to do that on their own16:31
enigma9o7[m]they're just whatever is built into the motherboard tho16:31
alkisgenigma9o7: internet connection sharing usually works by creating a dhcp server that assigns IPs in a different subnet. It's like your "wifi one" is a router, and the "other one" is behind the router16:32
alkisgenigma9o7: to see if that's the case, run `ip a` on the "wifi one"16:33
alkisgIf it has 2 Ips on different subnets, then it's doing that.16:33
bluefox83ok, well...this is where everyone went to.16:34
cousteauHi!  Is it pronounced "youboontoo" or "ooboontoo"?  I need to know if it goes with "a" or "an"16:59
leftyfbcousteau: type "ubuntu pronunciation" into goole.com17:00
cousteauOK, sheesh17:00
jontyms2it's pronounced centos17:01
cousteauWith a soft g or a hard g?17:02
leftyfbcousteau: I say that because the top result is a media file that plays audio with the correct pronunciation17:02
cousteauAh OK, sorry, I thought it was a "just google it" type of answer17:02
leftyfbcousteau: well, you would have found the answer immediately if you had done just that ;)17:03
cousteau(which kinda annoys me because lately my experience with Google is that the first result is ALWAYS wrong)17:03
cousteauSo, "an Ubuntu machine" and not "a Ubuntu machine", right?17:06
leftyfbcousteau: depends if you choose to speak proper English or not17:06
cousteauWell, if the u were pronounced as in "university" or "ubisoft" it'd be "a Ubuntu machine", that's why I was asking17:08
* ogra always pronounces ubuntu like "ubuntu" ...17:19
dobbicorpGiovanni: may i just call you Giorgio?17:29
leftyfbdobbicorp: do you have an ubuntu support question?17:32
jhutchinscousteau: You're not supposed to talk about it out loud.17:38
enigma9o7[m]Grammar is still important when thinking.17:46
devilboyHello friends19:22
devilboyubuntu software center - categories: won't load, only 3 dots in a bot can be seen.19:22
devilboyany solution to this? ubuntu 20.04.419:23
mostafadevilboy: i have the same problem some times.19:24
devilboymostafa, never worked for me :/19:24
devilboymostafa, worked :P  lol, it just takes 5-7 secs to load.19:30
ueberallHi. I have a number of mount points which are both mounted (mount fails, already mounted, listed in /proc/mounts) and unmounted (unmount fails, because "... not mounted") at the same time. "fuser -mv <mountpoint>" tells me USER=root, PID=kernel, ACCESS COMMAND="mount <mountpoint>". How can I force the kernel to let go of those entries in /proc/mounts?20:03
ueberall(Yes, if I comment out the entries in question in /etc/fstab and reboot, they're gone. I'm trying to prevent a reboot, though.)20:04
ueberall"mount --move ..." does not work for me.20:06
Guest70hi im using ubuntu stable live boot (on usb) i installed arduino but i get the message.  In order to upload code an arduino board over USB, you need to add your user to the dialout group. Open a terminal window, run the following command and reboot your computer.20:09
Guest70> sudo usermod -a -G dialout $USERcommand20:10
Guest70sadly this wont work because of being in a live sitation. can i restart a service to get the same result?20:10
sarnoldGuest70: you could also just run the command with sudo20:11
sarnoldGuest70: the usermod thing is in case you want to run the command as your usual user account periodically20:12
Guest70dont i need to reboot before the command having result? sorry brb dog20:12
Guest70thanks i will try it!20:17
ueberallGuest70: As an alternative, try "su - $USERcommand" after the usermod (see https://superuser.com/a/354475/183106)20:23
Guest70ty all it worked have a good night!20:27
marcmancewhat would cause apt to not resolve names?  regular name resolution works fine20:30
sm1marcmance: care to explain a bit more20:35
marcmanceapt update fails due to name resolution, but I can ping the source20:36
marcmancewhere does apt get its dns?20:36
sarnoldI'd guess standard nsswitch stuff20:36
sm1did you mess up the /etc/ package lists maybe?20:36
leftyfbmarcmance: ( sudo apt update ; host archive.ubuntu.com ) | nc termbin.com 999920:37
marcmancesorry no netcat on this machine20:38
ioriamarcmance, sudo apt-get -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true update20:38
marcmancesame error20:38
leftyfbmarcmance: all versions of ubuntu have netcat installed by default20:38
ioriamarcmance, any proxy ?20:38
marcmanceno proxy20:39
sarnoldmarcmance: how about socat? telnet?20:39
ioriamarcmance, paste the errors, please20:39
leftyfbmarcmance: please pastebin the output of:    cat /etc/os-release;  sudo apt update ; host archive.ubuntu.com20:40
marcmanceok - I have it - it was a permission problem with /etc/resolv.conf20:40
marcmanceI 644 it and it works20:40
leftyfbmarcmance: this isn't ubuntu is it?20:41
marcmanceclose enough20:41
leftyfb!debian | marcmance20:41
ubottumarcmance: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!20:41
leftyfbmarcmance: please don't ask for support for Debian here20:41
marcmanceyeah yeah20:41
marcmanceapt is apt20:41
marcmancedont be a hater20:41
leftyfbmarcmance: and yet....20:41
ioriamarcmance, for the record /etc/resolv.conf is 77720:42
marcmancewhy would it need to be world writable?20:42
leftyfbsort of20:42
leftyfbthe link is 77720:42
leftyfbthe systemd-resolved is 64420:43
leftyfbwhich doesn't apply to Debian20:43
leftyfband nc is not installed on Debian which we use all the time to gather error messages and info20:44
leftyfbmarcmance: so please, do not ask for support for other OS's here20:44
leftyfbit's not the same20:44
marcmancewhy does systemd-resolved not apply to debian?  I use it all the time20:55
marcmancenetcat could be installed if my apt worked20:56
marcmanceyou guys need some love man, lots of haters20:56
leftyfbmarcmance: At least on the Debian containers I have installed, resolv.conf does not link to the systemd-resolved sub resolver. But plain and simple, the OS's are not the same and we cannot support them here. Regardless of your opinion on how similar they are. You were told this over a year ago20:58
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jaafarAnyone know where to find old xenial packages? The obvious places are all failing me21:15
Jeremy31old releases?21:15
jaafarthat's right21:16
leftyfb!eol | jaafar21:16
ubottujaafar: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop. Make sure to update Ubuntu before it goes EOL so you get updates promptly for newly-discovered security vulnerabilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades21:16
jaafarbut where can I find them?21:16
Jeremy31Check the EOL upgrades link21:16
sarnoldjaafar: there's a lot of stuff on http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ -- launchpad page for the source package in question will have way more history than this, if you need it21:16
jaafarThe .deb's21:16
leftyfbjaafar: https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/    first result on google for "ubuntu old releases"21:16
jaafarYes, I've looked at those and I can find a xenial image, but not the package repo21:16
leftyfbjaafar: that is literally the package repo21:17
sarnoldjaafar: that's it :)21:17
jaafarI need specifically linux-tools-4.4.38-4.4.3821:17
leftyfbjaafar: https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/      you need to upgrade or contact Canonical for ESM support21:17
jaafarleftyfb: your link sends me to a page where I can get the full release, that is, download the .iso21:17
jaafarnot the .deb for a specific package21:18
jaafarpackages.ubuntu.com doesn't seem to have xenial anymore21:18
leftyfbjaafar: https://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/      you need to upgrade or contact Canonical for ESM support21:19
jaafarIf you don't know, just say so21:19
sarnoldjaafar: all the debs go under the ubuntu/pool/ directory http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/21:19
jaafarsarnold: THANK YOU21:19
sarnoldjaafar: I don't see that specific package there, so head to the launchpad source package page https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+publishinghistory21:19
jaafarFrom the first page it looks like there's no xenial21:21
leftyfbjaafar: it is no longer supported21:21
sarnoldyou gotta look beyond the first page of things, man, hehe21:22
jaafarI found a decent source for my debs: launchpad21:38
jaafarIf anyone else needs this21:38
ghostHello I recently install a fresh copy of ubuntu 21:10 (comming from ubuntu 18.04). My system will randomly freeze if I leave it idle22:32
Nemo9anyone here?23:25
geniiNemo9: If you have a support question, best to just ask it23:27
genii..as he leaves :)23:27

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