EvanCarrollanyone have a chance to look at that?03:24
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Guest8897Continuing my investigation from yesterday, it seems the cloud-init just ignores my `userdata`, even if I `cloud-init clean` and `cloud-init init`10:26
Guest8897I've managed to get an error out of `cloud-init devel --system --annotate` but it just complains that I'm not using the `#cloud-config` syntax. I'm using the classic bash shebang, which works on AWS linux, but not, it seems, on this custom AMI based on Ubuntu 18.0410:28
Guest8897more testing to follow10:28
Guest8897help would be greatly appreciated10:28
holmanbGuest8897: I think more information is required to help debug. Could you share the userdata you're trying to run and cloud-init logs?13:20
holmanbEvanCarroll: looking13:39
holmanbEvanCarroll: Thanks for dropping the SO link here. I responded on SO with a response and some context.14:24
EvanCarrollholmanb: Thanks a ton for your answers there. I was thinking it was a bug in cloud-init itself, and was digging around never even considering that the code that generated the error isn't there anymore.14:55
holmanbEvanCarroll: No problem, happy to help.14:57
henkis there a best practice how to properly deal with locales? I generated /etc/locale.gen with the proper content and have »locale: 'C.UTF-8'« in my userdata. but 'locale' still says »locale: Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale: No such file or directory« because 'locale-gen' has not been run AFAIU.20:35
henkhttp://ix.io/3SHR cloud-init does not run locale-gen with this config because the specified locale already exists. that’s unfortunate. I have to use a 'runcmd' to run 'locale-gen'. IMHO this could/should be improved to compare 'locale -a' with /etc/locale.gen and run 'locale-gen' if there are any locales missing.22:42
holmanbhenk: I think the assumption in cloud-init's locale module is that the distro-provided locales should work without generating new ones.23:56

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