lotuspsychjegood morning02:47
ducassegood morning08:48
SqaureAnyone know if there are alternative to Spotify or Slack clients? I have have a 5yo old laptop running 18.04 LTS and these apps are absolute resource hoggers there?11:16
lotuspsychjeSqaure: i like the free jamendo.com some ubuntu music players might also be able to stream from there more lightweight)11:17
lotuspsychjelike clementine is a nice player11:18
lotuspsychjeSqaure: another idea would be installing lubuntu 20.04 on your laptop, and get yourself a lighter experience overall11:19
Sqaurelotuspsychje, i do have a spotify account so would prefer using that service. But hoped for a native client instead of the .js bloatware11:21
Sqaurelotuspsychje, i should i guess11:21
lotuspsychjeSqaure: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2020/02/spotify-cli-client-ncspot11:24
lotuspsychjelooks interesting11:24
Sqaurelotuspsychje, wow. That looks promising. Will install that diretly11:24
lotuspsychjeSqaure: snap find spotify, also shows interesting stuff11:28
ograSqaure, there are a bunch of snaps "spotify-qt", spt, spot, psst-gui ... i'd take a look at the,12:14
ograall of them are native, some even CLI12:15
ogras/at the/at them/12:15
Sqaureogra, i actually just installed spotify-qt because ncspot was not in snap12:20
Sqaureogra, but im having issues getting a device in spotify-qt12:20
ograSqaure, define "getting a device" 12:23
Sqaureogra, im not really sure yet. I think its talking about a "spotify device" like spotify-client, spotifyd or a phone with spotify12:23
ograSqaure, check at https://github.com/kraxarn/spotify-qt for instructions and https://github.com/kraxarn/spotify-qt/issues if there are any known issues (and possibly workarounds)12:26
ogra(there seems to be a "Configuring" chapter on the first one)12:27
semitonesHello all, anyone want to discuss the new logo, and reminisce fondly about the old gnome2 ubuntu startup sound12:39
oerheksJeometric’ Jellyfish19:05
lotuspsychjethe contest winning jelly is rather cool19:10
sarnoldgah those off-center dots are still staring at me19:14
lotuspsychjethe wallpapers just came in updates19:17
ravagei will keep these around: https://p.haxxors.com/wyaw3zfz.tar.xz19:25
ravagei like them19:25
ravageoh. all credit to https://twitter.com/m_wimpress/status/1504393781747011590 but i guess most of you saw them already19:27
Maiktry these lotuspsychje https://twitter.com/m_wimpress/status/150439378174701159019:30
Maikoh, ravage already dropped a link19:30

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