tarzeauif i say automatically check for updates: never, but it still does it, it's a bug, right?08:13
lotuspsychjeaffected + confirmed bug #196523511:59
ubottuBug 1965235 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "list-oem-metapackages crashed with AttributeError in packages_for_modalias(): 'Cache' object has no attribute 'packages'" [Undecided, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/196523511:59
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eoli3nwhat will be the deployment method for 22.04 release ?13:43
eoli3npreseed still ?13:43
tarzeauwe switched away to that new other thing13:53
tarzeaubut still hacking it to not fail13:53
tarzeau(efi/non-efi was a problem, multiple devices were one, built-in card readers were another, and so on)13:54
tomreynthat new other thing will be "autoinstall", i assume15:28
eoli3ni tried autoinstall with ubuntu server, what a mess. I hope that it will work better with some improvments on desktop15:48
eoli3nwill preseed still be possible ?15:48
lotuspsychjeeoli3n: 22.04 is still in development, a lot of bugs needs resolving in this stage15:57
lotuspsychjetesting it early we agree to take the messy bits & breakage too15:58
eoli3ni need to start my migration early, because i have much work to port everything16:18
eoli3nthat's my fifth migration, started from 12.0416:18
eoli3nanyway, i need to port NFS installed apps and the whole ansible playbook16:18
eoli3nbut I don't need deployment to work for this, this will be the last part16:19
eoli3ni stay around and will notive any problem ;)16:20
tomreyneoli3n: you're aware that LTS to LTS release upgrades are usually not supported until *around* there is the first point release for the new LTS?16:27
tomreyni.e. 20.04 LTS -> 22.04 LTS would become supported *around* the time 22.04.1 releases.16:28
eoli3ntomreyn i just need a fresh install18:14
c355E3BIs there an upgrade path for moving off of needing the `libzfs2linux` for Ubuntu 18.04 to Ubuntu 22.04?20:10
oerheksrecieved in #xubuntu; 20:53
oerheks<xu-dev37w> Hey all... just testing the cdimage for 22.04 and noticed that when I install icebreaker it goes to "Other" in the menus, rather than "Games" (it's listed in Games in 20.04). I'm sure it's not a very big priority, but thought I'd mention it.20:53

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