guivercfreesoftwarrior[, if I was in your shoes, I'd likley 'upgrade via re-install'...   All Ubuntu flavors allow for it; boot media & install over your existing install without format.. The installer will note your installed packages (ie. those 'manually installed'), erase system directories, install system (from media), if internet is available re-install the noted 'manually installed' packages if available in Ubuntu repositories & ask to 05:03
guivercreboot.  I do this regularly as Lubuntu use it as a QA-testcase (& Lubuntu uses calamares installer too).. ie. on 21.04's EOL that install became a 22.04/jammy install without me losing my files & additional packages.. but I don't QA test install this for Ubuntu Studio 05:03
freesoftwarrior[<guiverc> "freesoftwarrior, if I was in..." <- Thanks for your reply! That sounds ace! How exactly would that work? Will I need to prepare a bootable USB as usual and the relevant "upgrade via re-install" option will pop up somewhere in the installer? Also, being in March '22, I'll probably wait for the next LTS before I go ahead. 😏 Will it be possible to upgrade from 20.10 straight to 22.04?11:21
guivercfreesoftwarrior[, I wrote about it in discussing the Lubuntu QA testcases - https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/testing-checklist-understanding-the-testcases/2743   It's the "Install using existing partition" case; that doc is intended for Quality Assurance testers (not end-users), but you'll find it documented in many places (inc. askubuntu by me & others...).   When 21.04 reached EOL; I upgraded an install I keep for support purposes to jammy 11:25
guiverc(what will be 22.04 on release.. then re-install that weekly instead of performing upgrades....)11:25
freesoftwarrior[ * I am currently still running 20.10 and I would like to upgrade. However, I cannot upgrade from 20.10 to the current version 21.10 without first going to 21.04. This version is no longer supported. Is there any way I can easily upgrade to 21.04 and then move on to 21.10? 🤔11:25
guiverceasy meant you needed to do it before 21.04 reached EOL & https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release was modified to say "Supported: 0" as it now does11:26
guivercyou've missed the easy window - https://fridge.ubuntu.com/2022/01/21/ubuntu-21-04-hirsute-hippo-end-of-life-reached-on-january-20-2022/11:27
freesoftwarrior[Yes, I am aware of that. I missed the easy bus. 😒11:28
MauroGaspari[m]freesoftwarrior[m]: I think this provides an answer to your question: https://askubuntu.com/questions/91815/how-to-install-software-or-upgrade-from-an-old-unsupported-release/91821#9182111:28
freesoftwarrior[It would have been a nice feature if the OS had the user notified about the imminent EOL.11:29
guivercfreesoftwarrior[, the software does warn users; however they have the power to "don't annoy me again" where they aren't told of the impending EOL again... 11:30
freesoftwarrior[Hmm... I must have missed it. Normally, I always upgrade right after I get notified.11:31
guivercIf you don't want it to not-annoy-you-again, don't respond that way; or if you just accidently-clicked-the-don't-tell-me-again issue; fix it then & there so you don't forget  (ie. manually edit the change away)11:31
freesoftwarrior[Where can I locate this option?11:32
guivercIt's a message that appears on screen.. if end-users are busy focussing on something it's rather easy to dismiss but dismiss-with-never-again changes it to 'never' appear again unless user changes it themselves11:33
freesoftwarrior[Btw, are you guys in the Dev Team? I'd just like to say I really LOVE this OS and I am really appreciative of your amazing work. This system rocks! 🤘11:35
freesoftwarrior[Best OS hands down IMO!11:36
MauroGaspari[m]freesoftwarrior[m]: I am not. I help out with some articles when I can and spreading some love. Also hang out here in Support to see if there is any question I can answer.11:39
freesoftwarrior[ilvipero[m]: Thanks for that! 👍️11:40
guivercfreesoftwarrior[, me; I'm no dev & am involved with another team (lubuntu; why I provided a lubuntu link)  but the Ubuntu Studio team will likley see this so I'll say thank you on their behalf11:44

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