markoHy there! How is it going?13:03
markoNoticed that after a recent update I got multiple Gnome DE login options. I am running 21.10. Either I didn't notice that DE logo on the login screen or ...13:05
markoTo be clear having Gnome is not a problem. I am aware that Gnome is Budgie's upstream. :)13:06
fossfreedomSounds like you have installed something that has pulled in one or more session meta packages13:08
fossfreedommarko: confirmed on a clean setup that no recent updates causes what you are observing13:12
markoEstonian ID software then probably13:13
markoThey shipped 21.10 supporting version recently13:15
markoCan it cause issues? Having these metapackages I already see already that gnome has some additional updates which budgie doesn't13:17
fossfreedomSorry no idea what your software does. Best contact your vendor13:19
markoI understand. I meant the additional gnome session13:21
markoBut yeah.13:22
markoThank you for prompt replies13:22
markoActually I might know what it is. Pomodoro timer from the Software store. That's the last thing I installed13:24
fossfreedomThere is a budgie equivalent for pomodoro ... called take-a-break applet in menu - budgie-extras.13:27
markoI didn't know. I wonder if I delete pomodoro, will it take along the gnome session metapackages13:30
markoIt won't probably make sense on the second thought. It would then break the gnome session, if it did that.13:31
markoShould the applet appear in Budgie desktop settings?13:38
markoI'll log in and log out to see if it shows up. Have a nice day13:39

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