mortoh this is a fun situation, I can't apt-get upgrade because I have some old linux-image-VERSION-generic packages, they depend on their corresponding linux-modules-VERSION-generic packages which aren't installable; `apt --fix-broken install`'s solution is to uninstall those old linux-image-VERSION-generic packages which is reasonable, but after10:28
mortremoving linux packages apt wants to run update-grub; update-grub isn't working because it can't find libcrypto.so.1.1, because somehow libcrypto got updated to libcrypto.so.3 without grubcfg_proxy being updated to account for it10:28
mortand I can't upgrade grub because I would first have to uninstall the two broken linux-image-VERSION-generic packages10:28
mortin order to upgrade grub I have to let apt remove those linux packages, in order to remove those linux packages I need to upgrade grub10:29
mortI solved it by adding `exit 0` to the postrm scripts for those two linux image packages, but that was a hairy situation10:34
mortwelp, seems like there is no update which fixes grubcfg_proxy10:41
Maik22.04 is going to be a no-go on my T410, DMAR error issue when booting up and after clicking on the Try Ubuntu button the whole system freezes19:19
Maiknot only the main Ubuntu desktop but other flavors too19:19
oerheksmaybe your fix too .. Use 'intremap=no_x2apic_optout' to override the BIOS setting.19:21
oerheksnot sure you want acpi=off too19:21
Maiknot sure if it's even that19:22
oerhekssure you have the latest bios? sudo dmidecode -s bios-version19:22
Maikweird thing is that other distro's with the same kernel or newer work well19:22
Maikoerheks: there's no newer BIOS available for this 12 year old machine19:23
oerheks"intel_iommu=igfx_off" is an other answer? disable igp totally19:29
Guest43Hi, I would like to know if there's a means to revert an update from Jammy Jellyfish to 20.04; anything I might be able to do through firmware settings or BIOS?21:13
oerheksGuest43, the answer in #ubuntu is correct, no downgrade, do a fresh install of 20.04 or the beta 22.0421:14
Guest43And I suppose that means that I won't be able to recover any files on my drive.21:15
oerheksi think you can, boot a live iso?21:15
Guest43From a USB?21:16
oerheksand copy to an other usb device, or 2nd hdd something21:16
oerheksyou should have done this before upgrading, imho21:16
Guest43This might be my last resort. It's worth a try.21:16
Guest43I typically backup once every month. But that's on me.21:17
ravagemajor upgrades to beta releases with a backup are lame :D21:17
Guest43I was careless. I didn't realize 22.04 was a beta.21:17
Guest43My fuck-up21:18
oerheksyou must have used the -d option, development21:18
tomreynthe 04 in 22.04 stands for april, the 22 for 202221:18
Guest43I blindly followed these instructions here: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu-to-22-04-lts-jammy-jellyfish21:19
Guest43Lesson learned.21:19
tomreynbad article :-/21:19
ravageyep. really bad21:19
ravageuses all the wrong terms and no warnings21:20
Guest43If booting from a live ISO works to recover my files, that'll make up for it. That's all I can ask for at this point.21:21
guivercubuntu jammy is still in alpha; beta freeze 28-march, beta release is 31-march21:52
ravagei dont think the term we use for the next few days matters for his problem21:54
guivercno it doesn't (alpha/beta is just a label), but it's also an indication of the product; beta is more generally seen as more stable & it's not yet beta21:55
ravagethere is no upgrade path from 20.04 to beta too. so really does not change anything here21:57
ravageit was just a bad idea in general21:57
guivercfreeze exceptions/changes are more restricted once it's beta.. not all freezes yet apply - https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/jammy-jellyfish-release-schedule/2390621:57
guivercQA testing of the upgrade does occur; it's mostly 21.10 -> jammy currently (20.04 to jammy occurs after 22.04.1 is out months from now!)21:59
ravageyou are preaching to the choir here :)21:59

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