rootkeaalkisg, The file was /var/lib/polkit-1/localauthority/10-vendor.d/com.ubuntu.desktop.pkla where Ubuntu specific changes to polkit are stored. In "[Mounting, checking, etc. of internal drives]" section I changed value for `ResultActive` to `auth_admin_keep` from default `yes`. And now Ubuntu asks password while mounting drives! :)00:02
impermanenceI have one package complaining another being replaced is the wrong version, but the other complains about the same regarding the first00:24
sarnoldwhat's the problem?00:28
Bashing-om!xenial | impermanence00:28
ubottuimpermanence: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) was the 24th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 30th, 2021. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade00:28
impermanencethis is esm00:29
impermanencesarnold: the problem is in the bpaste.00:29
impermanenceunless I'm missing something.00:29
impermanenceor to be more specific:00:29
impermanencehere's one angle of the problem:00:30
sarnoldimpermanence: why are you trying to upgrade only one of them?00:31
impermanenceI'm trying to upgrade both00:31
sarnoldimpermanence: these packages are meant to be upgraded in lockstep00:31
sarnoldlets start over: what's wrong with "apt upgrade"?00:31
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impermanencesarnold: it says only 1 package to be upgraded.  not the ones that are being complained about when I run "the other tool" lol.00:34
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impermanenceproblem packages00:34
impermanenceif apt says they're upgradable why aren't they being upgraded?00:35
sarnoldexcellent question; try an apt install libssl-dev libssl-doc libssl1.0.0   and see if that does it?00:36
impermanenceworking :-|00:38
impermanenceI'm lost00:38
impermanenceI don't know why Chef would fail to do the same.  Strange :-)00:40
enigma9o7[m]Chocolate salty balls?00:43
sarnoldimpermanence: I wonder if chef's setting funny options that prevents the 'standard flow'?00:46
impermanencecould be yes00:46
impermanenceI'm going to keep cracking on unfortunately00:46
sarnoldgood luck ;) if you craack it I'd be curious to hear what it was00:48
sarnoldit feels like a frustrating experience00:48
impermanencethat's because it issss a frustrating experience00:50
impermanenceI have zero chef experience so the whole thing is utterly ridiculous00:50
sarnoldimpermanence: I wonder, can a system that old run execsnoop-bpfcc (from the bpfcc-tools package) ? it might be worthwhile to see the full commandlines that chef executes00:52
impermanenceI'm wondering why it was even trying to upgrade the libssl packages in *the first place*.  So I'm decrementing those package versions for a second.00:54
impermanencethis was the *original* problem00:54
impermanenceI cam upon a server and the chef-client was failing because it said it thought it needed to update libssl and then hit a dependency problem.  this is problem 0.00:55
impermanenceokay here's the juice00:55
impermanenceI don't know *why* it is trying to upgrade libssl1.0.000:56
impermanencealright turns out there is an openssl recipe :-|00:57
impermanencebut I'm not sure if that is related at all00:58
impermanenceyeah not sure01:01
sarnoldimpermanence: that "why the update?" might be easier, https://ubuntu.com/security/notices/USN-5328-201:05
impermanencesarnold you genius01:05
impermanenceI mean...that's it.01:05
impermanenceokay so here's how this works01:06
impermanenceand here's what's confusing me01:06
impermanenceimagine a file that has a bunch of pinned packages01:06
impermanenceand for libssl* all those packages are pinned to `1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.20+esm1`01:07
impermanencebut of course I guess the repos on the canonical side are like forcing it or whatever, via esm I guess.  okay fine.01:07
impermanenceso you would think that when I change `1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.20+esm1` to `1.0.2g-1ubuntu4.20+esm2`01:07
impermanencewe'd be gravy01:07
impermanencebut then that's when chef-client hits: https://bpa.st/4POQ01:08
impermanenceand then in the openssl::upgrade recipe the logic says:01:09
sarnoldimpermanence: package holds are kinda weird, I'm not *too* shocked that an openssl::upgrade recpie wouldn't be prepared to handle some of hte packages being held, others not01:09
sarnoldimpermanence: but it also feels like the recipe should be prepared to upgrade whatever binary packages are actually installed from the openssl source package01:10
sarnoldimpermanence: is there a newer version of the recipe? it's not a problem for you yet, but eg focal has libssl1.1 rather than libssl1.0.0 ..01:11
impermanenceno there isn't but obviously that is on the horizon01:11
impermanencebut I don't understand why it's breaking01:11
impermanencethis is xenial01:12
impermanenceso openssl::upgrade if after precise then libssl1.0.001:12
sarnoldput it on the list of things that probably needs investigating before too long01:13
impermanenceunfortunately this is breaking dev and thus deploys are broke so releases are broke01:13
impermanenceI mean I get why it's failing now01:16
impermanenceit runs recipe openssl::upgrade and of course it hits the esm backend which says "you must have esm2 version instead of esm1"01:16
impermanenceand for some reasoning despite us being *pinned* at esm1 it still tries to upgrade it anyway or something01:17
impermanenceand then it fails01:17
impermanenceit's like esm is overriding chef or something01:17
impermanenceor the logic of openssl:upgrade is faulty01:23
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ubottuUbuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) will be the 36th release of Ubuntu, scheduled for release April 2022 (https://ubottu.com/y/jj). Join #ubuntu-next for support and questions.03:37
wezI have mixed feelings about April. The next Ubuntu is released but also health insurance premiums go up :/03:42
notnowimbusynames *04:06
lotuspsychjecan we help you notnowimbusy04:07
notnowimbusyUbuntu bionic 18.04.  The other day the cursor which appears when my point enters an xterm changed from an arrow to a hand.  How did that happen?  How do I switch it back?04:10
notnowimbusyUbuntu bionic 18.04.  The other day the cursor which appears when my point enters an xterm changed from an arrow to a hand.  How did that happen?  How do I switch it back?04:37
Bashing-omnotnowimbusy: Did you hide the terminal ? - and then a right click to "move" ? what happens now if you drag the terminal ?04:47
notnowimbusyI have hid/revealed the terminal a bunch.  Just now I moved it and played with various buttons.  Dragging works exactly as previously.  When my point reaches the terminal border it switches to an arrow.  When I click to move it, it switches back to a hand.04:49
notnowimbusyIt just clicked that I had played around with the "settings" dialog playing with the "natural scroll" setting.  The value I saw for primary button looked wrong so I played with that, but it had been correct.04:51
notnowimbusyI am actually a moderately experienced user, it is gnome et al which are "new" to me.04:52
notnowimbusyAlso, how do I shut off the "joined" and "quit" messages?  I am having a devil of a time working my way thru "/help".04:53
notnowimbusyOoops.  Just saw "on notify".  Will try that.04:55
Bashing-omnotnowimbusy: Depending on your client - try in your status window ' /ignore <#channel> JOINS QUITS ' . I am not familiar with Gnome - I have no other to advise about that hand :(04:57
notnowimbusyJust typed "slash"ignore joins quits.  Moments before I saw that suggestion I typed /on -channel_signoff04:58
notnowimbusyFamiliar with gnome?  Oh wow, have I got some questions for you!   :-)04:59
notnowimbusyOk.  Just got a joined and 2 sign off notifications.04:59
notnowimbusyDrat.  "slash"on ^notify_signoff *   Did not work.05:15
ash_worksioerheks: thanks for looking06:19
amosbirdHello! How can I change my network interface name from eths0s1 to eth0 temporarily08:11
amosbirdI'd like to find some command to do it real quick without changing any configuration files08:11
GamaraHey I am running ubuntu server (latest version of ubuntu) and everytime I want to connect to github using ssh keys it says my keys are invalid (they arent because I have connected to it before). When I try to add the keys (when I get this to work sometimes it immediately forgets them) using ssh-add `~/.ssh/github.repo` it returns Could not open a08:20
Gamaraconnection to your authentication agent. How do I get my ssh client to properly read the keys in the .ssh directory its really annoying to have to add the keys every time I want to do a git pull08:20
Gamaraon new session start08:20
explodesDeja Dup is shitty software. Change my mind08:53
explodesthanks Backup!!! https://i.imgur.com/GGTWvJR.png09:03
morthow do you install the chromium package on ubuntu09:44
mortnot the snap, the actual package09:44
ravageubuntu does not provide that anymore09:44
mortthat kinda sucks09:44
mortsnap doesn't... really work09:45
lotuspsychjecant generalize statements like that mort09:45
mortI can and I will09:45
mortsnap is a decent tech demo, but there are just so many issues09:45
lotuspsychjenot in the support channel09:45
ravagethen please do it somewhere else09:46
mortalright, if you want something concrete: how do you get chromium from the snap to work on wayland09:46
ravagethere are support contacts onhttps://snapcraft.io/chromium09:47
mortthis would've just worked with the apt package you know09:47
mortsomehow, the chromium snap isn't able to connect to the wayland server09:48
mortpresumably because some containment bs is preventing it from connecting to the socket09:48
lotuspsychjemort: check the recent chromium bugs; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bugs?field.tag=snap&orderby=importance&start=009:49
mortthe whole snap experience is chock full of stuff that doesn't properly integrate with the system, doesn't respect your settings, doesn't provide the features it otherwise would, or just doesn't work09:49
lotuspsychjethen pick/use alternate browsers of you likings that doesnt snap, like falkon browser for example09:50
mortwhy should I have to pick a different browser just because canonical is incapable of packaging the one I want? There's nothing wrong with chromium here, canonical just doesn't provide a working chromium package09:50
lotuspsychjethere's no use to discuss it here mort volunteers cant help that fact09:51
mortthis is the official Ubuntu support channel is it not09:51
mortI'll just compile chromium myself09:52
ravageor you can google "chromium mint ubuntu". that may give some helpful information09:54
mortwould you happen to have a link? I'm not entirely sure what information could possibly be helpful at this point and when I try your search terms I just get articles about how to install the chromium snap on mint or how to run `apt install chromium`09:55
ravagehttps://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2020/11/chromium-browser-deb-available-linux-mint-20/ for example09:56
mortI'm not sure how comfortable I would be adding random other distros' repos to my system, that seems like the kind of thing which is bound to break at some point09:58
ravageThat is a good point09:58
mortmaybe it would be an okay solution for some people, but I've compiled chromium enough that it's not a huge deal09:59
ravageGreat 👍10:00
mortfwiw I looked at the bugs linked by lotuspsychje and it seems like the chromium snap hasn't ever worked on wayland: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/189745410:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1897454 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "[snap] Chromium has Wayland support disabled" [Low, Confirmed]10:05
NeoFAT32Ubuntu Touch, Ubuntu Touch ! Ubuntu Touch !!!10:06
NeoFAT32Come on guys, give them the money !10:06
ravage!ot | NeoFAT3210:08
ubottuNeoFAT32: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:08
NeoFAT32Give a new kind of touch for Ubuntu !!!10:09
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BluesKajHi all13:12
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jjavaholic_https://pastebin.com/jRDisAxy dvi-I-2 disconnected RX780/RD790 AMD14:05
ice9how can I determine nvme interface type (M.2/PCIe) from the command line?14:09
wezls /dev14:10
jjavaholic_xrandr --output dvi-i-2 --mode 1920x1080_60.00 warning: output dvi-i-2 not found; ignoring why?14:14
processwatchHaving installed celestia with snap, it's unable to find data/stars.dat, mostly because it didn't seem to get installed. However, since snap makes the filesystem readonly, I can't copy the data in, either. Why was the data not installed to begin with?14:18
processwatch@jjakob, does xrandr -q show a dvi-i-2?14:22
processwatch@jjavaholic_, does xrandr -q show a dvi-i-2?14:22
jjavaholic_as disconected, but yes it does14:23
processwatchI don't think you can change the settings of disconnected devices.14:24
jjavaholic_it is connected though but shows as greyed out once I checked with arandr14:25
processwatchTry 'xrandr --output dvi-i-2 --auto'14:26
ograprocesswatch, snap packages that ony exist in the edge channel are most likely still in active packaging development ...14:27
processwatchogra, where are snap bugs tracked?14:27
ograthere are some hints in the description though ...14:27
ograthey are tracked by their maintainers individually14:28
jjavaholic_warning: output dvi-i-2 not found; ignoring is the response to xrandr --output dvi-i-2 --auto14:28
processwatchThe description talks about extensions, not data.14:29
ogra(and seems this maintainer did not put a contact or bug address in ... else you would see it on the website on snapcraft.io)14:29
ograyou could start a thread on forum.snapcraft.io in the snap category ...14:29
processwatchjjavaholic_, did you try unplugging and plugging it back in? ;)14:29
ograprocesswatch, google to the rescue :) https://github.com/t4saha/celestia-snap/issues14:31
processwatchogra, thanks, but the strange thing is I'm pretty sure this used to work (in the previous few months), and that repo says it hasn't changed since 2020.14:33
ograprocesswatch, well, the latest snap is from this month ... (11 days old)14:34
ograit seems to be using an auto-build of the upstream git .... so likely something upstream changed but the packaging was not adjusted14:35
processwatchogra, I think I'll give up on using snap and compile it myself.14:38
ograprocesswatch, as you like, though it would be nice of you to file an issue so the maintainer is aware 🙂14:39
jjavaholichere is the output from xrandr --verbose: https://pastebin.com/txDQxBLN15:02
nunyahow do I disable mouse cursor animation? For example when editing a video in Avidemux and using the slider to advance the video forward there will be a clock or spinning wheel no matter what cursor theme I chooe in tweaks15:04
nunyaI have google and found no results regarding the cursor animations. I disabled animations in settings with gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface enable-animations false but that didn't do anything with the cursor animation. I logged out and back in. Nothing changed15:06
zteamHi all, does anybody here knows how to list the max capacity / limit from a wireless network card? (not just the speed of the current connection) ?15:11
nunyaleftyfb: I solved yesterday's question regarding alphabetizing desktop icons and auto arrange by using nemo-desktop instead of native desktop manager. I installed dash to dock to move menu button to left bottom aligned dock. It also has a nice feature for when I'm only using the laptod display instead of my large monitor. It lets you scroll if there are a lot of "favorites" on the dock. I couldn't get Ubuntu's native dock to do that.15:11
nunyaIcons would be all cluttered and stacked on top of each other with native dock15:12
nunyanever mind for now about cursor animation problem. It only seems to be happening in Avidemux scrollbars. I noticed while scrolling up and down in hexchat to see old messaes tha it didn't animate.15:16
zteamnunya, not sure if I read your question correctly since I just joined but an application can change the mouse cursor to indicate that the application is processing some data, I don't think there is any way to prevent that, you could try to change to a different cursor theme, but I doubt it will help15:18
nunyazteam:  yeah I've already tried every cursor theme that came installed with ubuntu 20.04 As per your question try https://linuxhint.com/check-nic-card-speed-linux/15:21
processwatchogra, I think the device names are case-sensitive. Try DVI-I-2 instead of dvi-i-2.15:22
nunyazteam: I've discovered that the cursor animation is only happening in avidemux. I am going to check avidemux configs to see if anything obvious is in there about the mouse.15:27
nunyazteam: Hopefully I pointed you in the right direction for dtermining max speed of your network card. I quickly scanned the content but didn't read in depth. Good luck!15:29
zteamnunya, oh my bad, yeah check the settings in avidemux first I readed to quickly, as a last resort you could try editing the cursor theme if you really wanted to, and if you find the clock there replace it with the the regular icon for your mouse pointer, but that's a really clunky workaround15:30
zteamnunya, well, that's the weird thing, none of those commands is able to tell me anything about the nice on this card :p15:36
nunyazteam: sorry man, hope I didn't waste your time15:38
zteamnunya, no you didn't, while it didn't work, in my case it did produce a an error message, that I can google around for, so it was still helpful :D15:40
xboxbmlhey all.. I've got home built windows PC in which i threw an old spinner drive i had laying around and installed Ubuntu 21.04 i think some time ago, and let it sit for a while unused. Fired it up and it wanted to upgrade to 21.10 so i let it.. Been trying to get itunes installed and run in wine on a vm inside my mac. nothing but black screen.. unusable. I just today decided to give it a whirl on the PC dual booted to the Ubuntu15:56
xboxbml 21.10 with Wine 7.. It actually works! I think it has something to do with having an actual video card in it.. unlike the VM. I had to go down to iTunes 12.4.3(arbitrarily selected this older version).. as the latest version would not work. black screen and only some characters visible on screen. HD videos will not display though.. itunes wants a monitor that's either built in or supports HDCP.. I had it connected to DVI monitor15:56
xboxbml when installed and run.. I disconnected and connected HDMI monitor but still says same thing.. I'm waiting for this movie download to finish then will reboot with HDMI monitor connected to see if that changes anything.. Anythoughts on this setup?15:56
leftyfb!wine | xboxbml15:59
ubottuxboxbml: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu15:59
zteamxboxbml, while I never tried (and have no reason to try it) myself, I know PlayOnLinux (and problably PlayOnMac) does have an installer for iTunes, maybe winetricks have an installer for that too16:04
xboxbmlno, i got it working with dry wine. 716:05
xboxbmlthe issue is it won't play HD movies..16:07
leftyfbxboxbml: movies you purchased?16:07
leftyfb... on itunes16:07
xboxbmli'm just now rebooting16:09
xboxbmlwith HDMI monitor connected16:09
zteamxboxbml, it could be due to some missing dll-files (while wine has replacement for many of those, some arent implemented yet), try launching wine from a terminal, and look for error messages16:10
leftyfbxboxbml: I use moviesanywhere.com. Tie your itunes account to it and then amazon, vimeo or google play and any movies you bought/buy on one service are then added to all the rest. This would let you watch all the movies you bought through itunes to play through your browser on amazon, google or vimeo16:10
xboxbmlreally.. i've never heard of that..16:11
xboxbmli thought itunes movies were an itunes/idevice/mac only thing..16:12
leftyfbyeah, it blows my mind that it works. I just bought the new Spiderman movie on itunes the other day and I now own it on all the rest of the services as well16:12
xboxbmlthat's why i've been playing around with linux vm's on my mac.. to try and see if i can move from mac/windows..16:12
zteamxboxbml, also you could try to configure wine to simulate it a separate screen instead, that might help16:12
xboxbmllots of $ invested in things apple..16:13
leftyfbxboxbml: give the service a try. This day and age there's really almost no reason to ever use itunes on a PC16:13
leftyfbespecially trying to get it to work in wine, which historically it hasn't16:14
xboxbmlyeah well.. i believe in having all my stuff locally and not having to stream everything..16:14
leftyfbxboxbml: then you might want to look at something like Plex and not rely on apple for such things.16:15
zteamxboxbml, try winecfg from terminal and select emulate virutal desktop and set the resolution of the virtual desktop to the same as your desktop resolution16:16
xboxbmlwell, it seems that with the HDMI monitor connected itunes in wine still will not play in HD16:18
xboxbmlas it thinks monitor does not support HDCP16:18
xboxbmlnot sure if it's a video card driver in ubuntu that's the issue.. i would think would work..16:19
leftyfb!wine | xboxbml16:19
ubottuxboxbml: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu16:19
leftyfbxboxbml: you should really /join #winehq   for help with applications running in Wine.16:19
xboxbmlyes i have.. i know what wine is..16:20
xboxbmli just thought someone here may have seen something like this before and i thought maybe it was an ubuntu video driver issue16:20
zteamxboxbml, you could try installing the native drivers for your video card if you haven't already (and make sure you use the most recent drivers, if that doesn't help I would check what happens if you launch the same movie with from Windows (connected to the same mointor)16:24
xboxbmlit's n AMD Radeon HD 7800 card..16:24
xboxbmlhas 2 miniDP, DVI, and HDMI outputs16:24
zteamxboxbml, okey, so do you have the proprioarity drivers installed ? :-)16:25
xboxbmlhmm.. so i booted windows with dvi monitor installed and same issue.. won't play HD..same coomplaint.. wants HDCP monitor connected..16:27
xboxbmlmaybe i've never played HD movies on that machine before...can't remember16:28
zteamxbox, you might be able to get around that with a HDCP striper, but I think it will reduce quality a bit16:30
xboxbmlok.. it works connected to HDMI on windows 1016:30
xboxbmlso i'm guessing i'd need some sort of updated driver for ubuntu for this video card?16:31
zteamxboxbml, search for driver in gnome-shells search bar go to additional drivers and check if you are using the driver it suggests there :-)16:32
xboxbmlfyi...i'm VERY new to Linux/Ubuntu....please don't assume i know things...sorry..16:33
zteamxboxbml, okey click on the nine squares in the downside of the left corner and type drivers in the search bar16:35
xboxbmlthank you for all your help/input...i really do appreciate your efforts!16:35
xboxbmlwell, hang on.. i gotta reboot into ubuntu16:36
xboxbmlsays no proprietary drivers in use.. and no additional drivers available in the middle of window..16:41
pi___Does anybody know of a tool where I can download all the files in a directory16:42
pi___from a web server.  it's hosting like 2000 ROM files and they're very small downloads, but I want to download them ALL at once16:42
xboxbmlzteam-any other suggestions? i'm assuming this is a driver issue regarding HDCP support16:47
oneoneinstall otr  ->  CHANEL GOGOGIRLS or TITANIUM-GOLDSTAR16:48
oneoneapt-get install hexchat-otr16:49
jhutchinspi___: Yes.16:49
jhutchinspi___: Then again, it depends on the web site.16:49
zteamxboxbml, okey, does it list your graphics card correctly? if it does to go to software for ubuntu and check make sure all checkboxes are selected it should prompt you to refresh or update (basically saying it wants to search for updates again)16:51
xboxbmli'm sorry, but where would it list my graphics card?16:52
xboxbmlwhen i searched on additional drivers and clicked on that, the software and updates window came up under additional drivers tab and nothing is in there16:53
zteamxboxbml, it should display the name of your grahpcis card under additional drivers (unless you are using some kind of virtual machine, like VMware or Virtualbox16:53
oneonelspci | grep vga16:54
xboxbmlthis is on a real AMD mb machine with that AMD Radeon HD 7800 card on it..16:55
zteamubottu, !list16:55
ubottuzteam: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:55
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zteamubottu, binarydrivers16:58
xboxbmlzteam-made mistake it's an ASRock MB 990FX Extreme417:00
xboxbmli'm in hardinfo and graphics shows as 1920x1200 (Unknown) The X.Org Foundation17:01
zteamxboxbml, umm, according to this page that's your motherboard and that doesn't seem to have any graphics unit built-in, if you are running ubuntu from some sort of virtual machine, you need specific drivers for that, if not, i'm not sure why hardinfo can't tell you which grahpics card you are using17:08
zteamxboxbml, reading your intial question again you state that you are using a VM, so refer to documentation for that particular VM, if you want to try to upgrade those drivers :-)17:12
xboxbmlas i said.. it's got an AMD Radeon HD 7800 card in the slot..17:13
xboxbmlthis is a real ubuntu machine..17:13
xboxbmlnot vm17:14
xboxbmlhardinfo shows this17:14
xboxbmlResolution1920x1200 pixels17:19
xboxbmlOpenGL Renderer(Unknown)17:19
xboxbmlX11 VendorThe X.Org Foundation17:19
oerheksradeon 7800 is supported by the openradeon driver, not AMDgpu, AFAIK17:32
oerheksso it works OOTB17:32
zteamoerheks, , is it only or is this community gudides for the radeon drivers not very outdated? (I couldm17:35
zteamoerheks, , is it only or is this community gudides for the radeon drivers not very outdated? (I couldn17:35
zteamoerheks, , is it only or is this community gudides for the radeon drivers not very outdated? (I couldn't find any recent docs about how to install the propripartiy driver on recent ubuntu releases). or for which cards the opensource drivers works17:37
zteamoerheks, also shouln't the hardifon and similair tools be able to print the name of the card correctly if the right drivers are in use ? (not that I know exactly which tools it relies on to gather this data but)17:43
nunyaI have a dual boot computer Ubuntu and Windows. I know Windows sucks! I still need it for a bunch of Sony Acid Projects I have 15 years worth of them. I haven't been able to get it to run under Wine. All that stuff was to head off any complaints that I have Windows on my system. Now for the question. How do I locate files on my Windows partition from Ubuntu. I have tried locate -i "file". I have tried cd / locate "file" thinking that17:57
nunyawould search the whole computer. It found a file with same name on Linux partition but not the one on the Windows partition. Everything I google about it tells me how to find my Linux partition, which I already know.17:57
zteamnunya, usually you can use just browse your windows volumes with Nautilus (gnomes file manager and search for your files from there)17:59
nunyazteam:I use nemo and I tried that. It still won't search the files on the Windows partition18:00
nunyazteam: I will try Nautilus18:01
goddarddoes kubuntu have a setting to have similar apps be the same window as tabs?18:01
oneonebfbs beats18:03
zteamnunya, also stopping to use Windows just becuase some people is complaining about you using Windows might not be a good idea, if you depend on a lot of software from Windows18:03
nunyazteam: it will find folders if I'm in the directoryt that coantain them. I need a recursive search of the whole computer Ubuntu partition and Windows partition.18:04
zteamnunya, searching filenames that way works great for me (of course if you can't even browse these files correctly you need to start  from there18:04
nunyazteam Nutilus wouldn't search for individual files unless I already have the folder that contains them open. If I knew which folder conatained the file I wouldn't need to search for it.18:06
oneoneck.ubuntu.com   not autho.18:07
oneoneget req18:07
nunyaI was hoping for command line locate -i (whatever other option need to search whole computer)18:07
xboxbmlwell, i've found a driver update process i believe for AMD Radeo graphics cards18:07
oneoneUbuntu ai computing18:09
xboxbmlwe'll see how this goes..18:10
zteamnunya, if those volumes is mountable so you can browse them, searching like this should work just fine (but don't use wildcard eg * then searching)18:10
ZombyWoofIn Ubuntu Studio my monitor keeps put to sleep, I don't want that. I tried disabling this function at the power manager -> display, but no luck so far. Sugestions are welcome.18:10
nunyazteam: Actually I was wrong. The filename had some underscores that I thought were space. Nautilus was able to locate the file from top directory when I had the underscores in file name.18:11
oerheksxboxbml, no, openradeon is in the kernel now. any other download can give issues18:14
xboxbmlso then HDCP is not supported?18:14
oerheksi guess not?18:20
oerheksthat would make it too easy to stream, illegally18:20
MaikZombyWoof: what version?18:21
Maiktest__: connection issues?18:22
zteamxboxbml, I guess implementing HDCP into an opensource driver is pretty hard, the information neccesariy to implement such a feature probably isn't open to find anywhere public about how that stuff works18:24
Maiktest__: please fix your connection18:24
xboxbmlzteam-I guess so.. it doesn't seem to work still.. i'm guessing i did something wrong.. i dunno... i think i give up for now..18:29
xboxbmlat least i know this mac works fine..18:29
oneone#Oliegthcomputing  #GOGOGIRLS  #TITANIUM-GOLDSTAR18:30
ZombyWoofubuntu studio 20.04 that's with xfce18:30
MaikZombyWoof: check the screensaver settings18:31
Maikoneone: mind stop that please, you're in a Ubuntu support channel18:32
oneonemike hihi18:32
ZombyWoofYes, I'm pretty sure the screensaver is the problem here. Thank for pointing out!18:33
xboxbmlzteam-others-thanks for the input!18:33
Maikoneone: if you just want to chit chat then please go to the offtopic channel18:33
xboxbmli'm out for now18:33
zteamxboxbml, I don't know whetever its possible to watch your iTunes movies from the web, if that's the case you can try to use google chrome just to rule out any issues with Wome18:33
Maik!ot | oneone18:33
ubottuoneone: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:33
zteamwine *18:33
oneonewine *18:34
Maik!ops | oneone keeps misbehaving18:34
ubottuoneone keeps misbehaving: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK DJones el Flannel genii hggdh ikonia krytarik mneptok mwsb nhandler Pici popey sarnold tomreyn Unit193 wgrant18:34
zteamMaik, that user is an obvious spammer he will not stop until some bans him18:35
Maikhence why i called for the ops. And now back to support18:36
zteamMaik, yep, saw that right after I send my comment :-)18:37
oerheksoneone, keep this channel free for ubuntu support. thanks.18:37
oemkimse yokmu la :D18:38
oerheks!ot | oem18:39
ubottuoem: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:39
Maikoem: do you have a Ubuntu support question?18:39
Maikthen please read the above and go to offtopic18:39
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Mathisenhttps://lubuntu.me/ is the offical lubuntu homepgae right ?18:41
MaikMathisen: yes18:42
Mathisenhmmm strange did download the 20.04.4 LTS version from there to use on an old laptop i found but when installing it it says it is 18.1018:43
oerheksyou probably clicked the wrong iso18:44
Mathiseni did not18:44
Mathisenthe iso is even named right18:44
Maik18.10 shouldn't be on there18:44
oerhekstry again?18:45
Mathisenmaybe yeah. was just curius if it was the right site18:45
MaikMathisen: did you verify the iso's checksum?18:45
MathisenMaik, nope18:45
Maikalway do that18:45
Mathiseni just downloaded and the dd it to my usb18:45
Maikmake sure the checksum matches before flashing it to usb18:46
MathisenMalin, sure you supose to but how many realy do that... ofc people that use it for work does it but not many else18:46
oerheksdoubtfull we serve the wrong iso, download again, good luck!18:46
Maikisos can get corrupted Mathisen so....18:47
Mathiseni know18:47
Mathisenthis is not my first rodeo18:47
Mathiseni will oerheks and thanks18:47
Maikwell then, good luck18:47
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Mathisenwell here is the proof > https://i.imgur.com/wfDORA7.png18:55
Mathisencheksum is right, iso is right, but splash screen shows 18.1018:56
MaikMathisen: then it's something the lubuntu team didn't pay attention to, contact them19:01
oerheksstill i doubt. just downloaded it, and it is oke.19:03
Mathisenif that is the case oerheks im realy confused... im realy am telling the truth here not after any drama.19:04
MaikMathisen: have a look in #lubuntu and see if someone of the team is there to confirm19:05
oerheksi took direct download, not the magnet link. also try the cdimage site.19:05
oneonewhere can i find a e musk filter in ubuntu ?  :-)19:11
krytarikoneone: I suggest you don't follow this pattern anymore right now.19:12
oerhekswhat is a e musk filter?19:13
krytarikNo idea either, but..19:14
lucas-argdont we have a plain gnome ubuntu=19:15
oerheksi know.. it is saturday support :-D19:15
oerhekslucas-arg, plain?19:15
oerheksubuntu desktop is gnome319:15
lucas-argplain gnome19:16
oerheksit is ..19:16
Eickmeyer[m]lucas-arg: sudo apt install vanilla-gnome-desktop19:16
pycuriousMy ubuntu machine just freezes its X at times and then stops to respond. After that I've to power it off and power it back on (When it turns to clean up the SSD etc). I've run memory tests on it - and no errors there. Any ideas on how to debug such an issue?20:10
tomreynswitch to tty when it seems to freeze, login and check error logs, or check them after reboot20:11
pycurioustomreyn: When it freezes, no tty, no ssh - just frozen.20:12
tomreynso check logs after reboot20:12
pycurioustomreyn: syslog?20:13
tomreynjournalctl -eb -120:13
pycurioustomreyn: Current time is 4:14. Journalctl -eb -1 shows 12:55:59 as the last line - is that normal? I see some programs connecting/disconnecting….nothing of an error…do i need to scroll long back from the last line of journalctl -eb -1?20:16
pycurioustomreyn: I dont see any serious errors in that command20:17
tomreyn-b -1 makes it show the previous runtime's log.. -e places the viewer at the end of what was logged. so no scrolling should be needed, and you should see the last logs that were recorded for the previous runtime.20:18
tomreynjournalctl --list-boots    shows when boots were recorded20:18
tomreynwhich ubuntu release are you running?20:19
tomreynpycurious: ^ and which kernel version and desktop?20:20
pycurious20.04 lts.20:20
pycuriouskernel = 5.13.0-35-generic. I installed ubuntu-desktop and run startx to start X20:21
tomreynit is unusual that you have nothing logged there for ~ 3h20m20:23
lucas-arggot a problem, trying to run nvidia 510 with Wayland, installed libnvidia-egl-wayland1 and added nvidia-drm.modeset=1 to kernel paramenters and still cant load nvidia with wayland20:55
lucas-argany ideas on how to load drm in ubuntu 20.04??20:55
lucas-argor at least run nvidia with wayland?20:56
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Guest43Hi, is this a good place to ask for advise on an OS issue/bug?21:05
goddardim trying to use my fingerprint sensor and it doesn't wanna work21:07
goddardit connects after the second swipe21:07
goddardany ideas?21:07
tomreynGuest43: it's worth a try, this is the ubuntu support channel21:08
Guest43I updated from 20.04 to 22.04 via command line and now I'm stuck with a black screen. I'm afraid this might be an unrecoverable situation. Is there any ways to revert the update?21:10
tomreynthere is not. also, there is no supported upgrade path to unreleased ubuntu versions21:11
ubottuJammy Jellyfish is the codename for Ubuntu 22.04. For technical support, see #ubuntu-next. For testing and QA feedback and help, see #ubuntu-quality.21:11
Guest43So I have no choice but to reinstall...21:11
tomreynunless you know how to recover from this situation or can convince someone to help you with it, that's probably so.21:13
Maximalistwhats the command to see your internal bluetooth device?22:05
Bashing-omMaximalist: ' lspci -nnk ' ?22:08
Maximalistthank you22:12
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winds0rhello world22:51
junebughello winds0r22:52
winds0rhow are you, friend ?22:52
ubuntu-matei hope there are no niggers in this chat23:10
rob0haha, nice bot23:11
rob0and a stupid troll!23:12
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webchat68What are some good alternatives to rsync?23:49
=== fling_ is now known as fling
matsamanwebchat68: for what purpose?23:51
rob0rsync is a very nice tool for what it does, why do you not want to use it?23:52
=== pong is now known as beaver
webchat68I want to use it, but CIS compliance won't let me23:53
matsamanwebchat68: why not?23:54
webchat68"it uses unencrypted protocols for communication"23:54
rob0uh, by default it uses ssh23:54
rob0people making decisions about technology they don't understand :(23:55
webchat68if network is not required, a simple firewall rule would help?23:55
codezwebchat68: https://github.com/gokrazy/rsync23:56
codezyeah just setup tailscale23:57
webchat68codez cool23:57
codez"Also… a tailscale ip address can’t be usable for rsync jobs at the startup of the server because the os run too late the tailscale service therefore the script that run at the boot can’t find any tailscale ip and the scheduled job is not executed."23:59
codezI'm sure your able to just manually start it though, not sure if fix has been found, I've never really had to use rsync23:59

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