milkiiVst over lv2? It's there not a problem with the vst3sdk licence n packaging, or does that not apply here?13:42
Eickmeyermilkii: It has nothing to do with vst3, these are vst2. It has more to do with space saving on the ISO image.16:18
RikMills\o/ you got a new dvd build!19:41
Eickmeyer[m]Yep! I'm soooo happy!!!!19:43
* RikMills zsyncs19:49
Eickmeyer[m]Getting ready to update the logo for consistency and add a Jammy variant of the desktop image, but that's all going to require a UIFe. I really wish the powers-that-be would've released the new Ubuntu logo with some notice to the flavor leads so that branding could've kept-up without the need for a UIFe.19:51
RikMillsFortunately I think the Kubuntu logo survives unchanged this time19:57
Eickmeyer[m]Well, yeah, it's optional for flavors, but I'm a huge fan of branding consistency.19:57
RikMillsI mean I think it is still consistent19:58
RikMillsenough, anyway19:59
RikMillsdon't like the rectangle either20:02
RikMillsthough if we end up looking stupidly the odd one out, then....20:03
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, that's what I'm thinking. Would rather not be the odd one out.20:04
Eickmeyer[m]The 2010 logos were designed with the consistency in mind, might as well keep up.20:04
RikMillsour gear wouldn't change, so doing the bare logo at least would be dead simple 20:06
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah, that's what I worked on and am working on implementing. The tape reel isn't changing.20:07
* Eickmeyer[m] posted a file: (80KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/lQVcguYqPKGhPcItdlTYUetf/UbuntuStudio_2022_Logos.pdf >20:07
RikMillswhat would yopu use in the about in systemsettings?20:08
Eickmeyer[m]The "tag" aka top bar.20:08
RikMillsand for kickoff menu button20:08
Eickmeyer[m]The kickoff menu will have a square version.20:08
RikMillssomething to ponder over the rest of the weekend......20:09
Eickmeyer[m]Yeah. The way I see it, I have this weekend and next Sunday since we're celebrating my son's 10th birthday on Saturday.20:10
Eickmeyer[m]So, if it's going to get done, the bulk needs to get done this weekend.20:10
Eickmeyer[m]Because Beta Freeze is a week from Monday.20:10

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