Iamthehuman12I've been having a problem on the Jammy pre-release for a longer time that I can't start JACK. I looked up and looked at ~/.log/jack/jackdbus.log an the problem is probably a missing conf file which should be at ~/.config/jack/conf.xml. Studio Controls gets stuck at "Adding Bridges" and no audio. Do you figure the conf file should be there, but for some reason isn't?13:43
ZombyWoofIn Ubuntu Studio my monitor keeps blanking and put to sleep. I tried disabling it at the pawer manager - display, but no luck so far. Sugestions are welcome.15:12
EickmeyerIamthehuman12: Studio Controls doesn't use the .config/jack/conf.xml. Try deleting your ~/.config/autojack folder, reboot, and try again.16:20
EickmeyerZombyWoof: Sounds like a hardware issue.16:20
ZombyWoofEickmeyer: Maybe so. I can try boot with noacpi, but I think the cpu fan will run on max, which gives lots of noice.18:05
Eickmeyer[m]ZombyWoof: Maybe so, but we can't do hardware support here sadly.18:05
ZombyWoofok np18:06
ZombyWoofthanks anyway18:06
ZombyWoofThe screensaver was the problem here. Just wanted to tell here.18:34

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