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atolI wonder how hard it would be to produce Kernel driver to send CPU or GPU calculation request data to an other kernel on other machine?17:24
atolAnd ofc get it back to original17:24
dsmythiesReferring to yesterdays inquiry about the lowlatency builds missing for several weeks now from the Ubuntu Mainline PPA. As far as I have ever known (about a decade now) this is the correct place to ask about mainline build issues. One can observe in the build logs that the lowlatency mode is generated, but for unknown reasons the lowlatency flavour  build command is not generated. Example:18:00
dsmythiesflavours="debian.master/control.d/vars.generic debian.master/control.d/vars.generic-64k debian.master/control.d/vars.generic-lpae debian.master/control.d/vars.lowlatency debian.master/control.d/vars.lowlatency-64k";\18:00
dsmythiesflavours="debian.master/control.d/vars.generic debian.master/control.d/vars.generic-64k debian.master/control.d/vars.generic-lpae";\18:00
dsmythiesWhy is the lowlatency mainline kernel no longer compiled?18:01
dsmythiesreference: https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D18:02
cascardothe lowlatency kernel was going to be spun out to its own source package; so the implication is that the mainline builder would lose its ability to build the flavour18:18
dsmythiesFor the mainline PPA the source is the same, only the kernel configuration is different. So, I do not understand.18:41
cascardodsmythies, the source has the instructions on how to build, so it would be necessary to reintroduce those into the mainline source either ad-hoc, or by keeping some of them on the generic source from where those are derived19:55
dsmythiesO.K. then will there be a mainline lowlatency PPA? Or how does one get the, for example, kernel 5.17 Ubuntu low latency kernel configuration? 20:34

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