daftykinswell, time to head into Monday with our heads held high!01:57
daftykinsg'night gang \o01:57
davefHappy return to the work week day!15:56
zxmpi... and there was no rejoicing15:56
davefMy morning kicked off with stuck Linux processes.. yey15:57
davefstrace gives me a headache15:57
daftykinsi'm barely getting started here, relaxed with coffee and a bit of TV down in my lounge beforehand :D16:10
davefIt's just the joys of being a Linux admin.16:11
daftykinsthankfully none of mine are serious enough that i have had to go that deep, i'd just turn it off and back on ;) (restart the service) 16:13
daftykinsthe other day though i logged into staff RStudio accounts and discovered that they keep open every job they've ever worked on, within their session - the way R works is it loads the datasets into RAM of every open file16:14
daftykinsso this poor VM was maxxed out despite having nigh-on 80 GB of RAM allocated solely 'cause they don't close things D:16:14
davefI had to dive into file locks, poking around /proc/<pid>/fd, strace, lsof.. 16:17
davefwe have an app, if a process has one of the DB tables open for writing, we can't kill it as it could corrupt the DB and files. (DB is old style BTree)16:18
zxmpishould have recommended an 80gb ramdisk :-P16:18
davef80GB, peanuts.16:18
davef# free -g16:19
davef              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available16:19
davefMem:            754          53           5           0         695         69716:19
davefSwap:             0           0           016:19
daftykinswell yeah but it's an 11 year old Dell R820 with 128 GB as the XCP-ng host, i got it for peanuts locally :)16:19
daftykinsbuilt that thing up as more of a proof of concept done on the cheap16:21
davefomg, I had my music on random.. and YT music starts playing "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang lol16:46
davefI've not heard this song in years16:47
daftykinsfun album, i'm gonna pop it on16:47
daftykinserk an old MP3 copy16:51
zxmpiaac is the future :-P16:54
daftykinsif you're poor and can't afford storage perhaps16:56
zxmpido sony still make memory stick16:58
daftykinsthey always were cheeky for their proprietary formats of all things, mmm16:59
zxmpiseems to have petered out about 2012 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memory_Stick16:59
zxmpii kinda wish minidisc stuck around as a super floppy16:59
zxmpi60mb a pop or 1 ms word documents :-P17:00
daftykinsah i loved mine back in the day17:01
zxmpisony build quality so really solid hardware wise17:02
zxmpibut really let down by sony software wise17:02
daftykinsah i had a Sharp mt877 for my second one17:02
daftykinsi think the first one didn't do LP modes perhaps, maybe that's what suckered me into a second17:02
zxmpii just slummed it back then with an argos special of a cd player that played mp3s off cd-r. 10 albums per disc17:05
daftykinsa similar early start to MP3 like LGR!17:07
daftykinsi'm tempted Murphy's law with a remote router + switch firmware update right now17:07
daftykinsremoving the travel from the job definitely makes life easier ;)17:08
zxmpiat least it isn't a friday :-)17:08
daftykinshaha yeah17:08
daftykinsi very nearly did drop in and do it on Friday, but i gave myself the day off instead17:08
zxmpismart. no job started on a friday ends well17:08
daftykinswoohoo all smooth, spotted a staffer VPN in halfway through, hah - what are you doing working after 5!?18:12
daftykinsamusingly i discovered the 'kick user' widget is broken18:13
zxmpiwipes users system still operational >:-)18:13
daftykinstroublemaker that one, had to roll back their office PC from Windows 1118:16
zxmpimaybe they needed adverts in their file manager :-P18:17
daftykinscould be18:18
daftykinsi tire of the alleged 'Windows news' of late, 'cause it's all commentary on preview editions that may not even make it18:18
daftykinsuntil things are truthfully 'shipping' i don't really need it on my radar18:18
zxmpithe previews are flying kites and seeing what gets a reaction and adverts in a frikking file manager deserves to be mocked far AND wide :-)18:20
daftykinsyeah, useful warning kind of... if things do get that bad, 2025 when win 10 goes EOL may be time to hang up my hat18:21
zxmpior dust of the windows 3.1 floppies you find on ebay :-P18:21
zxmpigem on top of freedos is where it's at 18:22
daftykinsclients are bad enough trying to hold onto EOL stuff, can't go enabling them further!18:22
zxmpii think windows 3.x on internet is safe as no one has been able to write a virus that doesn't require install instructions :-P18:24
zxmpiicloud, music and tv down for apple users... should have kept those minidiscs a little longer18:38
daftykinsi saw some pieces in the news about their new 'Studio' machine (the one that looks like several mac minis stacked high) which has a removable SSD, but it's software locked18:39
zxmpithey seem intent on going the sony route. really nice hardware that only they can touch18:39
zxmpikinda how they killed themselves in the 90s18:40
daftykinsi still don't see it as nice, their software standards have a really sharp downward trajectory too - even for those who like macOS18:41
zxmpithey do seem keen to remove features from software that people love18:41
zxmpiseem to be on a push to get one os ios running on desktop and mobile18:44
daftykinsdavef: do you know if your co. uses anything for managing staff BYOD smartphones?19:52
davefwhatever the MS solution is20:12
daftykinsah :( that's a shame, yeah InTune then20:13

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