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VIAhi all00:37
VIAmy sound just magically died .. im getting nada on any output i have no clue what happened00:38
VIAam i right asking here or is another channel better for this issue00:38
enigma9o7[m]This is the best place in the world.00:38
enigma9o7[m]But you will have to describe, as we cannot sense the magic.00:38
VIAi did, precisely00:39
VIAi have different outputs i use. everythign is on nothing mute i chcked and tried all00:39
VIAwas starting a tutorial video on youtube and ... no sound00:40
Bashing-om!sound | VIA00:40
ubottuVIA: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - https://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.00:40
VIAno sound coming out of mainboard chipset, no sound via hdmi on monitor speakers, no sound on headphones soundcard, no sound on usb soundcard00:41
VIAnothing is muted, i didnt touch a thing00:42
VIAonly on linux .. too much fun to be fun00:56
VIAafter intense research and troublshooting on my own ... once i get myself to bother others about the issue00:56
VIAthe problems disappears *poof* just like it appeared in the first place .. by doing nothing oO00:57
blasterhow do I remove a binary and remove all the relics of it throughout the system, if I have a binary in /usr/local/bin, if I just delete that, surely theres a bunch of other files somewhere that should be removed aswell?01:48
blasterit's not managed by aptitude either01:49
Bashing-omblaster: dpkg got a handle on it - ' ls -al /var/lib/dpkg/info/<your_package>.list ' ?01:53
blasterNo unfortunately, I think I got rid of it though.  There was a dot directory in my home directory containing most of the configuration files, so I just removed the binary.01:55
blasterAnd the dot directory.01:55
Bashing-omblaster: :D01:57
EriC^blaster: it really depends on the installation of the package, if it came with some sort of uninstall02:00
EriC^since it's a custom one and not one of the repo packages02:00
Nik00117I have a logitech G910 keyboard with G keys, anyone know how I can make those keys functional? Is there a way to bind those keys to certain tasks?02:01
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matsamanNik00117: g keys?02:12
matsamanNik00117: what does 'xev' say about them?02:13
matsamanwhat does your window manager's key mapper say about them?02:13
matsamanwhat does solaar say about them?02:13
Nik00117thats stuff I have to install?02:14
EriC^no you should have 'xev' installed already, just type it into the terminal then press the keys to see what it says02:15
Nik00117i used the g keys after typing xev and got this: ^[[15~^[OS^[OR^[OQ^[OP^[[15~x02:17
EriC^did you press enter after 'xev' ?02:17
jhutchinsThose would be key codes.02:17
matsamanthat sounds pretty weird, but if it's sending anything at all, then they work as keys, so you can map them02:17
matsamanmost likely your window manager will map them right now02:18
Nik00117nope don't let me02:20
Nik00117i'll play with this later02:20
matsamancheck out solaar first02:21
matsamanif your window manager isn't getting them02:21
Nik00117ah solaar won't work cause its not wireless02:24
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jhutchinsWired or wireless, keyboards send the same codes.02:29
jhutchinsIs there any support available for older versions of Ubuntu, or is it strictly upgrade/buy new hardware?02:31
matsamanjhutchins: https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle02:32
matsamanif you want support for a version that is EOL, you will probably have to find someone / pay for it02:32
matsamanyou can get support here as long as you don't tell anybody you're using an unsupported version and they don't figure it out themselves =)02:33
matsamanthat is: as long as it truly doesn't matter02:33
matsamanwhich probably won't be the case, but <shrug>02:33
jhutchinsYeah, "doesn't matter" doesn't seem to apply here, "don't get caught" sometimes works.02:37
publicdomainhello any one there?02:53
publicdomainsay something if you are a human02:57
publicdomainAre you a live?02:57
lotuspsychje!ask | publicdomain02:58
ubottupublicdomain: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:58
humanBirdhow do i get rid of snap docker?06:03
humanBirdi sudo snap stop docker06:03
humanBirdsudo snap remove docker and now it's hung at Save data of snap "docker" in automatic snapshot set #206:03
humanBirdthis docker crap has cost me more than 2 weeks of personal time06:03
humanBirdand snap i want to also remove06:03
humanBirdsnap packages are mostly garbage and buggy06:03
humanBirdi will never follow "pleas install via sudo snap "whatever bullcrap instruction that is.  it's ridiculous that ubuntu allows crap software to be installed on users os.06:12
humanBirdsudo apt-add-repository "deb http://apt.kubernetes.io/ kubernetes-xenial main"  now i'm doubting any sort of install instructions.  Is this the correct kubernetes repository?06:24
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blasterI plugged in a backup drive that had some data on it, and it appears to be completely empty.  What could have happened?08:11
ElliriaHey there, does anyone know what the current version of Python3 is in the most recent LTS of Ubuntu?10:28
lotuspsychjeElliria: 20.04 or 22.04?10:28
ElliriaThank you, both. It was for 20.04 and that link gave me the version. Now I just need to upgrade so I can use it.10:33
thyriaeni have no thumbnail previews in my gnome files - how can i enable them ? please note that the option is enabled in gnome-files settings menu for "all files"10:40
xu-irc92whelp applications lost black backgroud after upgrade10:48
xu-irc92walso disk utils wont ask admin permit10:50
xu-irc92wplz help10:50
arkanoidonce I've connected an smb share via gnome, how can I shell into it? I need to run md5sum on a file10:59
arkanoidis it mounted somewhere?10:59
ogralikely under /run/user/1000/gvfs11:00
EriC^arkanoid: try browsing to the dir, right click -> open in terminal11:00
ogra(or whatever is your UID)11:00
xu-irc92wcan anyone help11:00
arkanoidEriC^: thanks! It was mounted somewhere in /run/user11:01
EriC^arkanoid: no problem11:01
ograxu-irc92w, the disk tool will only ask for admin permission if it actually needs it for some action11:01
thyriaenNo advice for my missing thumbnail problem ? ;p11:02
xu-irc92wok but it lost the black backgroud after upgrade11:02
ograthyriaen, did it work before at some point ? then i'd wipe the cache by removing all contents of ~/.thumbnails11:02
xu-irc92widk how to fix11:02
ograwell, hang would here and be patient, perhaps someone who knows joins eventually ...11:03
ogra*hang around here11:03
thyriaenogra, i did clear the thumbnails - i don't think it worked before - i am not sure - i have the same identical system installed on another machine and it works there ;p11:03
lotuspsychjethyriaen: did you try my yesterdays advice, aka dconf-editor?11:04
thyriaenlotuspsychje, my internet crashed yesterday and i did not see any answers sadly11:04
lotuspsychjeany tweaks on your system, try see if you can find the dconf value there11:04
thyriaenlotuspsychje, any idea where to find it ?11:05
lotuspsychjethyriaen: dconf has a nice search function now, try 'thumbnails'11:05
thyriaengnome-files is nautilus, right ?11:06
thyriaenorg.gnome.nautilus.preferences is set to always11:06
lotuspsychjethyriaen: mine shows local-only11:12
thyriaenlotuspsychje, i tried both :p11:16
thyriaenlotuspsychje, on my other machine it also didn't work but then i did "something" to fix it11:17
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hottifanthi all12:19
lotuspsychjewelcome hottifant12:21
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lblume'afternoon channel14:42
confuzeusafternoon, god of world time14:44
lblumeI've installed Ubuntu 20.04 on a Proliant DL380p Gen8. There was no noticeable issue. When I tried the HWE kernel, 5.13, it started misbehaving: the keyboard input on the ILO console becomes horribly slow, about one char / second appears.14:45
ogralblume, why did you switch to hwe ? do you need it to enable some HW that is unsupported in the generic kernel ?14:46
lblumeogra: As a test, mainly.14:48
ogralblume, then i'd switch back to generic and report it on launchpad so it can be researched ... perhaps also ask in #ubuntu-kernel where the kernel guys hang out14:49
leftyfbthough, "keyboard on the ILO console"   that is completely out of band from the OS. The kernel running on the OS should have no affect on that14:56
jhutchinsWould this be an ILO instance that runs in parallel to a booted OS, or the kind that is an alternative to a normal boot/15:04
leftyfbILO is built into the server hardware, out of band from the OS15:04
jhutchinsleftyfb: Yes, but if it's running in the background of the OS, they can still be sharing hardware, and hence load sharing.15:10
lblumeleftyfb: I'm not in front of the server, so I don't know if it's the same being directly there. My guess is that it is.15:11
jhutchinsIt was a bad idea, I'm not sure you'd still find it alive in datacenters, but it was there.15:11
lblumejhutchins: The ILO has its own CPU and NIC, it's not sharing anything with the OS15:11
leftyfbjhutchins: BMC's run completely out of band of the OS. Separate from all of the hardware save for the network if it's shared.15:11
jhutchinsOne of the alternatives was OS native software that could access the ILO hardware & storage.15:11
leftyfbjhutchins: that's a client, not the ILO service running on their own hardware15:13
jhutchinsleftyfb: Duh.15:13
lblumeogra: I'll try to fetch more data and report there, thanks. At some point, the input got wholly stuck with a weird error message shown, I was in a hurry and did not screenshot, should have15:13
leftyfbjhutchins: with iDrac, it's a completely different card, basically it's own mini-computer plugged into the server15:13
leftyfblblume: a good test would be to turn off the server and use the ILO to move through the BIOS settings and see the response15:14
jhutchinsLet's see, if they're both running at the same time, they're sharing the same keyboard.15:15
jhutchinsWhat were we having possible conflicts with?  Oh yeah, keyboard input.15:16
lblumeleftyfb: Oh, the issue was only when running kernel 5.13, there's no issue in the BIOS or grub15:17
leftyfbjhutchins: the ILO console is out of band. As in, from a different computer over the network. The keyboard in this case is keyboard input from the remote computer, over the network, over the virtual console running within the completely out of band (mini-computer) having nothing to do with a keyboard plugged into the physical server15:18
lblumejhutchins: When starting the remote console, the ILO hardware connects a virtual USB keyboard to the server, which is detected and connected by the OS as any USB keyboard would be15:19
leftyfblblume: I would also see how a local keyboard performs on the tty15:20
lblumeI agree, I won't be able to check that for a few weeks though.15:22
lblumeI got the console hanged again, got the error this time:15:22
lblume[ 4085.792752] DMAR: DRHD: handling fault status reg 10215:22
lblume[ 4085.792819] DMAR: [INTR-REMAP] Request device [01:00.0] fault index 1e [fault reason 38] Blocked an interrupt request due to source-id verification failure15:22
leftyfblblume: https://forum.proxmox.com/threads/updated-to-ve-7-0-no-web-gui-dmar-errors-on-console.92022/15:25
jhutchinslblume: Did I miss the reason for switching kernels in the first place?15:25
leftyfblblume: looks like some people might have luck with "intel_iommu=on" as a kernel parameter15:26
leftyfblblume: and intremap=off"15:26
lblumeleftyfb: Hah, the web GUI bit threw me off on this15:28
lblumeleftyfb: Well, I confirm that does the trick, thanks! I should have read a bit more than the title on this page when I hit it, I was tired :)15:47
jhutchinsSo the kernel is interacting with the ILO after all.  Hmmm.15:50
lblumeNo, it really still isn't.15:52
lblumeIt's interacting with a virtual USB keyboard.15:53
jjakobthis is an apt-get question: why is dist-upgrade not upgrading a package that has a newer version and is not held (checked with apt-mark showhold)? https://termbin.com/f4v516:06
leftyfbjjakob: what if you just run: sudo apt install cciss-vol-status16:07
jjakobcciss-vol-status is already the newest version (1:1.10-1hwraid1).16:07
jjakobsources.list entry for it doesn't specify anything special like a priority either16:09
rfmjjakob, the installed package has epoch 1 and the abak.si one has epoch 0 (default).  epoch is the part before the colon, and trumps everything else16:17
jhutchinsjjakob: Do you have any third party/unofficial sources?16:20
imnogomenais this a channel where i can get help?16:23
jjakobrfm: and how can I change that16:24
imnogomenai'm trying to install ungoogled chromium and get the following message: https://paste.debian.net/1235139/16:25
jjakobjhutchins: I have my own go-apt-cacher (which is for the main ubuntu repos in sources.list) and then the hwraid.le-vert.net for those extra ones16:25
imnogomenai used Software and it installed Ungoogled Chromium flatpack but won't run from the start menu16:25
jjakoboh so it seems like the installed version with epoch 1 (which was installed in xenial from the hwraid.le-vert.net repo) is a higher version than the one from official ubuntu repo?16:27
jjakobbut that repo doesn't provide a 1.12 version for focal, but the installed version from xenial is still preventing the official repo version from installing16:28
jjakobso a uninstall and then install should probably work16:28
hansis ubuntu.com down for you guys? i just get 503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request.16:28
jjakobor a install with the version specified16:29
leftyfbjjakob: sudo apt install cciss-vol-status=1.12-216:29
rfmjjakob, yes.  and I'd remove the le-vert.net repo from sources.list to keep it from coming back in the next upgrade...16:29
jjakobleftyfb: yes I just did that and it worked :)16:29
leftyfbhans: https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ubuntu.com16:29
jjakobrfm: I need that repo for other packages, it just doesn't provide some packages that it used to for xenial16:30
hansleftyfb: it's not down in  a way that downforeveryone would pick up on, i'm getting a http response16:30
jjakobbut it still has some other ones for focal16:30
hansnvm ubuntu.com is up again now16:30
leftyfbjjakob: you're prettymuch on your own with 3rd party repo's16:31
ioriaimnogomena, are you using Wayland ? or X11 ?16:32
jjakobyeah I know16:32
imnogomenaioria, sorry i don't even know how to answer that question16:32
imnogomenai went to the menu, selected Software16:32
ioriaimnogomena, echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE16:32
imnogomenaand entered the sofware name i was looking for16:33
ioriaimnogomena, run in terminal : 'echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE'16:33
leftyfbimnogomena: the ungoogled flatpack is not in the software store16:33
ioriayou can enable the flatpak plugin, iirc16:34
imnogomenaleftyfb, i don't have a comment about that. i only clicked on install once it showed up as available16:36
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imnogomenaioria, idk now to do that16:38
ograimnogomena, which ubuntu release is that ?16:39
ogra20.3 ?16:39
ogrado you mean 20.04 ? (since there does not exist anything like a 20.3 release of ubuntu)16:40
ioriaimnogomena, just to be sure , paste   :  'dpkg -l | grep flatpak | nc termbin.com 9999'16:40
ograimnogomena, that sounds like you are using mint and not ubuntu16:40
ogra(which we can not really support here)16:41
leftyfbioria: "you can enable the flatpak plugin, iirc"   what do you mean by this? flatpak's aren't available in ubuntu or AFAIK, any app you can install through ubuntu official repo's. They would have had to install the flatpak though other, non-official means16:41
imnogomenaah ok,.. I didn't know16:41
ogra!mint | imnogomena16:41
ubottuimnogomena: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)16:41
ograthere is a link to a min channel in the bot reply 🙂16:42
ioriaimnogomena, yes , flatpak is installed, but you don't have the plugin ...16:42
imnogomenasorry could you explain a little?16:42
leftyfbimnogomena: are you running Linux Mint?16:42
imnogomenayes,.. as i said earlier i made a mistake16:42
ioriaimnogomena, gnome-software-plugin-flatpak16:43
imnogomenai should have gone to mint help16:43
leftyfbimnogomena: ok, please seek support from Mint. We cannot support Mint here16:43
leftyfbimnogomena: good luck16:43
ograyes, they pre-install different things (like flatpak) in different ways ... so it is hard to help with this here16:43
ioriaimnogomena, ah, mint, i see; anyway, you can't use software-center with flatpak without the plugin16:44
imnogomenahey guys could i ask a different kind of question?16:57
imnogomenanot entirely os related16:58
ioriaif you promise to install ubuntu, yes16:58
imnogomenalol,... i just wanted to know what kind of note taking app you use on ubuntu16:59
imnogomenai applicable16:59
leftyfbimnogomena: try #ubuntu-offtopic for opinions on software in ubuntu (not Mint)17:01
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jjakobI can't find where cciss-vol-status is packaged for Focal on Launchpad17:01
jjakobhttps://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cciss-vol-status/+branches doesn't have a Focal release17:02
jjakobneither does https://launchpad.net/debian/+source/cciss-vol-status/+publishinghistory but it does have the version avaliable for focal (1.12-2)17:02
leftyfbjjakob: sudo apt install cciss-vol-status   # itis 'in the universe repo17:02
jjakobyes but I'm trying to look at the source and maybe report a bug17:03
jjakobit's installing into /usr/bin but the init.d script is looking for it in /usr/sbin17:03
leftyfbjjakob: apt source cciss-vol-status17:03
leftyfbjjakob: there's usually a link in /usr/bin or /bin to the other17:04
jjakobso not all packages provided by the ubuntu repos have a launchpad page?17:04
jjakobyeah, the package should have installed that symlink, or just put it into /usr/sbin, so that's a bug IMO17:05
jjakobjust need to look if the upstream makefile has that bug or if the packaging is at fault17:05
leftyfbjjakob: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cciss-vol-status/+bugs17:05
leftyfbjjakob: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cciss-vol-status17:06
jjakobleftyfb: thanks. search did not find that page, at least not on the first 2 result pages17:06
jjakobthat is weird, the sources do not have a cciss-vol-statusd init.d script, but dpkg -L shows that /etc/init.d/cciss-vol-statusd is provided by cciss-vol-status17:13
jjakobis it possible that it's from the old version?17:13
jjakobeven grep -r statusd doesn't show anything in the sources, so it's surely not there - but dpkg -L says it is from that package17:15
ioriajjakob, https://packages.ubuntu.com/focal/amd64/cciss-vol-status/filelist17:17
jjakobyep I checked that (tar -tf cciss-vol-status_1.12-2.debian.tar.xz), so it's left over from the old package version and dpkg -L is lying17:18
jjakobor, well, not lying, but misleading17:18
webchat24I'm trying to do x11 forwarding into my ubuntu-server, but i'm not getting a $DISPLAY env var. I installed lightdm. What am I missing?17:28
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tgahello, just curious, does anyone actually like gnome?17:42
leftyfb!chat | tga17:44
ubottutga: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:44
tgaoh ok17:44
tgahello, can anyone help me like gnome?17:44
leftyfbtga: trolling is offtopic here.17:45
* tga sighs17:45
webchat24what's the proper way to run a remote application like firefox on my ubuntu-server? what do I need to install to get it to work? I've installed xquarts on my mac and that seems to be working.17:46
matsamanwebchat24: you want it to run on the remote, or run on the remote and be seen on your macOS?17:49
webchat24run firefox on the remove ubuntu-server and then use it on my macOS.17:50
webchat24lightdm _seems_ to be running, I think, on ubuntu-server, but there's no $DISPLAY var when I ssh in.17:50
matsamanyou can use DISPLAY and run commands and use ssh X forwarding, but17:51
matsamanyou might have a better time if you use VNC17:51
leftyfbwebchat24: why not just use the remote server as a proxy?17:52
webchat24yeah maybe proxy is better. what do i apt install for that?17:53
leftyfbwebchat24: you can do it without installing anything on the server. https://ma.ttias.be/socks-proxy-linux-ssh-bypass-content-filters/17:54
matsamanis that what you're trying to do, have your traffic move through the Ubuntu?17:54
webchat24woah. SOCKS5 is built into ssh? mind-blown.17:55
tgayeah, that's your -D17:55
webchat24hah. it worked. had to solve a gazillion captchas but it seems to be working. super easy. thanks!17:59
zen_coderhow can I check whether two libraries are identical?18:59
rfmcmp might be better than diff for binaries19:07
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TheLinuxNerdubuntu livepatched to newer kernel and NVIDIA proprietary stopped working\19:17
TheLinuxNerdnow I gotta dist-upgrade ... :-D19:17
TheLinuxNerdokay, fixed, by dist-upgrade & reboot19:23
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jhutchinsSometimes they force changes even though they don't work for everybody so they can flush out the failures.20:31
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Sven_vBhi :) I have an Ubuntu focal that has a high system load and reacts slowly to input, even though its CPUs are mostly idle, it has at least 200 MB free RAM, and iotop reports at most about 40 MB/s disk write, and about 15 MB/s disk read. what else should I check?21:35
sarnold200 megs "free" isn't necessarily good nor bad; it's probably more useful to look at the output of free -h or free -g as a whole, and also look at the output of 'vmstat 1' for a little while21:38
Sven_vBwill do, thanks!21:39
dubiousnessSven_vB: when you say 40MB/s what are we talking? Modern SSD or spinning ?21:39
Sven_vBoh I see, -g is just gigabytes and -h human. I had free -m; +/- caches there was even about 1 GB free.21:40
Sven_vBdubiousness, magnetic, about 10 years old21:40
Sven_vBand spinning yes21:40
Sven_vBjhutchins, I'll try and find that, thanks!21:41
jhutchinsSven_vB: You say it has a "high load", but your stats don't say that.21:41
dubiousnessSven_vB: USE, is this a recent thing? Has it been a gradual change? Can you clarify 'reacts slowly'?21:43
Sven_vBthe load numbers in htop say 6 to 8, and I only have 4 CPUs. iirc the load numbers should be at most the number of CPUs.21:43
sarnoldit depends what your system is doing21:45
sarnolda bunch of processes waiting for disk IO will show up in the load average21:45
sarnolda faster disk might help that21:45
dubiousnessyeah what sarnold said, can you stop the process doing 40MB/s and see if it magically stops?21:45
dubiousness40MB/s for a sub-par HDD is probably on the edge of clunky21:46
Sven_vBdubiousness, "reacts slowly" as in, typing a key into a local terminal with a local shell can suddenly take about 5 seconds for a character to appear. after half a minute or so, it goes back to nearly instant feedback, then soon it becomes slow again.21:46
dubiousnessAnd if the disk is very full you will start to see odd issues too.21:46
Sven_vBor switching to another window has the screen show an intermediate state for a few seconds21:46
sarnoldthat behaviour sounds a lot like a system that's swapping way too much on a disk that's far too slow21:47
Sven_vBI don't use a swap21:47
sarnoldfix that21:47
Sven_vBwhat benefit would I have from a swap, rather than more RAM? (or using less if you're saying I have too few free)21:49
dubiousnessI don't necessarily agree fully with sarnold, as there are valid use cases for disabling swap, but there are certain applications which behave... weirdly, if there's no swap (Xonotic springs to mind)21:50
dubiousnessAre you able to stop the heavy-write process Sven_vB?21:51
Sven_vBwhat kinds of "weirdly"?21:51
Sven_vBintuitively, writing RAM to a slow disk seems to only make stuff slowert21:51
Sven_vBdubiousness, I'll try and see which process is the heavy writer21:52
sarnoldSven_vB: having enough swap space for the kernel to push data that isn't used very often is a fantastic way to get more performance out of a machine that isn't powerful enough for the task at hand21:53
sarnoldSven_vB, you may find this useful https://chrisdown.name/2018/01/02/in-defence-of-swap.html21:53
Sven_vBsarnold, thanks!21:54
Sven_vBmeanwhile my random gut feeling it might have been apache, seems to have proven true. it didn't show up high in iotop, but maybe it had a gazillion low-intensity tasks. I stopped it earlier and now load is below 20%21:56
soloslingerWhat in gawd's holy name does it take to get python3 requests installed in an ubuntu container?!21:58
dubiousnessSven_vB: Apache is very tunable, I'd spend some time looking at sar and taking a quick look at B Greggs USE blog post if you haven't seen it yet21:59
Sven_vBsoloslinger, does it ship with install instructions?21:59
Sven_vBdubiousness, thanks, I'll have a look.21:59
Sven_vBdubiousness, the blog post about USE = Utilization Saturation and Errors?22:02
sarnoldSven_vB: yeah that's the one22:03
dubiousnessSven_vB: that's the one, sorry, I meant it was a good one for troubleshooting in general (not Apache specific)22:03
sarnoldeverything on his website is well worth reading :)22:03
betuxyhey guys, if  only some mount options are given, is the rest still on default?22:03
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Sven_vBI see now, sarnold's point about not using swap probably is the one about the kernel having to flush file buffers more often in order to reclaim RAM.22:05
Sven_vBso if I want to stay with no swap, I should probably utilize less RAM in average then.22:06
sarnoldyeah, eg it might need to get rid of 'bash' in order to keep storing some graphics that your browser never cleaned up, etc22:06
Sven_vB(or put in more RAM total)22:06
dubiousnessThere's a lot to be said for setting up a small server, then picking something (like a web server) and twiddling it to see how far you can push it with limited resources. You'll learn a lot.22:06
Sven_vBthat phenomenon would easily explain why it happened to apache.22:06
sarnoldalso very helpful :)22:06
Sven_vBthe proper solution in my case would probably be to replace certain ancient CGIs with a proper event-based server instead.22:08
sarnoldhah that'd be a good step forward, indeed :)22:09
craigbass76I have a webcam plugged in. Is there any kind of command I can run to see what the resolution is?22:17
craigbass76lsusb isn't showing anything22:18
Sven_vBcraigbass76, I use guvcview for that22:18
jhutchinsSven_vB: There are some good web pages on tuning apache, and a couple of good tuner scripts that will give you a real head start.22:19
Sven_vBcraigbass76, for CLI, maybe fswebcam can help22:19
jhutchinsTip: Do not configure Apache to use 900% of your ram.22:19
craigbass76Sven_vB, guvcview... Is that just available via snap? I'm on ubuntustudio, but I think it's 18.04 (can't confirm though -- I forget uname -a doesn't tell you that)22:22
Sven_vBI think it's a regular traditional package22:22
Eickmeyer[m]craigbass76: lsb_release -a22:22
Sven_vBI might have it from a PPA though22:23
craigbass76Aha, it is 18.0422:23
Sven_vBcraigbass76, to check which Ubuntu you're on, lsb_release -a22:23
Eickmeyer[m]18.04 of Ubuntu Studio is LONG EOL.22:24
craigbass76Eickmeyer[m], I figured. This one just sits in the basement as a file server. I own a lumber yard now, so very rarely get to play music. I'm not a big fan of XFCE anymore anyway, so I'll probably reinstall sometime in the next few months and throw MATE on. I cut my teeth on GNOME2, and miss it.22:26
Eickmeyer[m]craigbass76: Last version of Ubuntu Studio to use xfce was 20.04, starting with 20.10 it moved to Plasma.22:27
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Eickmeyer[m]!ubuntustudio-installer | craigbass7622:28
ubottucraigbass76: Ubuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, and/or add the !ubuntustudio-backports PPA. For more info, see https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/22:28
craigbass76Eickmeyer[m], really... I'll have to stop over to their IRC and have a chat. Never seen plasma. This rig has an actual, pretty much straight out of the box, ubuntustudio install.22:30
Eickmeyer[m]craigbass76: I'm the leader of Ubuntu Studio, so don't worry about that. :)22:30
craigbass76Oh, I've probably yacked with you before then. I just don't get to play much these days.22:32
Eickmeyer[m]I get that. I don't get to mix much these days. Either way, let's try to stay on-topic in this support channel. :22:32
dobbicorpwhich irc chan about squid caching proxy?23:08
dobbicorp#squid doesn't seem to be a correct place23:09
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»23:09
dobbicorptomreyn: Returning maximum of 64 channel names matching '*squid*'    but it doesn't show any23:10
tomreynthen there will be none. do you have an ubuntu support question?23:11
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dobbicorptomreyn: yes, how do i reconfigure squid package that way so that it supports socks523:24
dobbicorp"No changes are necessary to use Squid with socks5. Simply add the usual -Dbind=SOCKSbind etc., to the compile line and -lsocks to the link line. https://docstore.mik.ua/squid/FAQ-4.html"23:24
dobbicorpis it possible to do so without manualy compiling squid under ubuntu?23:25
tomreyni would not know, but if the document you fund there is current and reliable then this suggests that it's not possible.23:26
tomreyn(without recompiling, relinking, unless these options are used when the ubuntu packages are built - my guess is they are not)23:27
sarnoldI don't spot any 'socks' in there23:28
junebugNew linux version and wifi is not fixed on hp laptops. It's been a few months now23:33
tomreynhi junebug, do you have an ubuntu support question?23:33
junebugYes how do I fix the wifi. Last version that works is linux 5.11.0-46-generic23:34
tomreynwhich ubuntu release are you running there? which wireless chipset?23:35
junebugHow do I check this?23:35
tomreynlsb_release -ds23:35
tomreynlspci -knn | grep -EA3 '(Network|Ethernet) controller' | nc termbin.com 999923:35
junebugUbuntu 20.04.4 LTS23:36
junebugI'm currently on 5.11.9-4623:37
tomreyn20.04.4 has linux-image-generic-hwe-20.04 version
tomreyntry to bring it online by other means and install the pending upgrades23:39
junebugtomreyn, when you say install pending upgrades what do you mean?23:39
tomreynsudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade23:39
junebugSure. Let me try that23:39
dobbicorphow do i stop squid and make it not autostart after reboot?23:43
dobbicorpwell, i know how to stop ...23:43
dobbicorphow to make it not autostart23:43
dobbicorpupon reboot23:43
tomreynwhich ubuntu release are you running?23:44
tomreynprobably systemctl mask squid23:45
tomreynactually just disable, not mask23:45
junebugI tried the update and full upgrade tomreyn but still no wifi23:46
dobbicorptomreyn: thank you, systemctl disable squid seem to be worked23:46
tomreynjunebug: did you reboot? what's your kernel version now?23:47
junebugYes I rebooted23:47
tomreyncat /proc/version23:47
tomreynso that seems current. now you'll need to inspect your system log to understand what's not working about the intel wireless23:48
junebugHow do I do that?23:49
tomreynjournalctl -b23:49
tomreynlook for iwlwifi, that's the name of the intel wireless driver23:49
tomreynit defaults to 'less' as a viewer, where you can search for text by pressing /23:50
WaVDoes Ubuntu typically support newer hardware? Thinking of getting the Intel Raptor Lake when it comes out, and Ubuntu is my preferred Linux distro.23:50
tomreynjunebug: i'll head to bed now, but keep asking your questions here - good luck.23:51
ravage!hwe | WaV23:51
ubottuWaV: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack23:51
WaVThanks ravage23:53

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