pmjdebru1jnI just upgraded my 20.04->22.04 desktop, however I noticed my mouse speed being significantly slower as before13:04
pmjdebru1jnoooof, just did the firefox transition to snap... and it's painful :'(13:33
pmjdebru1jnstartup times makes my i9 feel like a 386 :)13:34
xu-irc41wHi, I need help in installing ubuntu on my lenovo 320 14iap.19:23
xu-irc41wI'm having trouble on an error about grub not installing.19:24
ofeliohello. I'm running Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS on a custom-built pc... It freezes randomly20:15
ofelioI don't know how to debug this error20:15
ofeliono indication of error in syslog or x in /var/logs/20:16
ofelioand I cannot get out of the freeze through the usual key combinations or ssh into the machine20:16
ofelioany ideas how to debug something like this?20:17
ofeliomemtest also reported no memory errors (user side, couldn't make metest86+ run on UEFI20:17
Bashing-omofelio: Memtest on EFI is proprietary; The offering is here: http://www.memtest86.com/ .21:20

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